Yatton Marriages Baptisms & Burials.

Transcribed by Mary Mason.




May 1 Richard Shipherd to Joan Smith.

May 15 Thomas Gastell to Julian Cradock.

Jun 9 John Webb to Elizabeth Hathway.

Aug 13 William Marchant to Eleanor Mannings.

Feb 3 George Kinge to Mary Hort.



Mar 29 John Bushell to Joyce Rooe.

May 1 William Burgis to Joane Wilde.

May 8 Matthew Webber to Susanna Warr.

Sep 8 Edward Moore to Ann Taylor.

Sep 25 John Wathell to Hannah Harries.

Oct 9 Nicholas Manning to Mary Nethway.

Nov 23 Edmund Vinpeney to Joan Burgess.



May 21 John Panes of Congresbury to Mary Creed of Yatton.

Jul 26 William Hammons junior to Joane Addis.

Dec 10 Joseph Court of Backwell to Elizabeth Sellwood.

Jan 28 Joseph Wilde to Mary Michell.

Feb 6 Samuel Willet of Wrington to Hester Hammond.



Apr 29 Richard Wanfield to Margaret Brook.

Apr 22 Henry Horte to Ann Jenkins.

Jan 17 John Tucker of Nailsea to Christian Irish.


1679 May 1 John Anthony to Mary King.





Apr 9 John to Sybell Morris.

May 31 Humphrey to John Smith.

Jun 4 Joan to John Wilde.

Jun 28 Mary to William Lawrence.

Aug 10 Agnes to John Taylor.

Sep 7 Phillippa to John Wornill.

Sep 13 Anna to John Bennett.

Sep 14 Susanna to Mr. John Pollett Esq.

Sep 16 John to Thomas Beakes.

Sep 16 Alice to Thomas Warr.

Dec 7 Thomas to Thomas Stevens.

Dec 14 William to William Moore.

Dec 21 Edmund to William Coleman.

Dec 28 Mary to Nicholas Perrington.

Jan 6 Mary to Richard Taylor.

Jan 8 Robert to William Neighbours.

Jan 18 Edmund to John Irish.

Jan 25 Joan and Hester to Christopher Mascall.



Apr 6 Judith to John Walker of Kenn.

May 29 Ann to Thomas Vincent.

Jun 14 John to John Beale.

Jul 24 Leonard to Henry Reeve.

Sep 11 Benjamin to Joseph Wornell.

Sep 21 John to John Corte.

Nov 27 John to Thomas Kettines.

Jan 15 Elizabeth to Joseph Lawrence.

Feb 5 Katherine to Jacob Avery.

Feb 22 Edward to Edward Brock.

Mar 5 Richard to Richard Grimsteed junior.



Apr 22 Joan to Mathew Webber.††

Apr 25 Sarah to Thomas Harris.

Apr 30 John to John Harris.

May 5 John to Edmond Morcom.

Jun 25 Rachel to Thomas Clapham.

Jul 20 Edward to Christopher Irish.

Aug 12 William to Richard Marchman.

Sep 24 Elizabeth to William Tucker.

Jan 7 Thomas to John Morris.

Jan 21 John to James Vimpeney.

Feb 4 William to Richard Bullocke.

Feb 8 Elizabeth to Richard Grimstead.

Feb 10 Nicolas to Nicholas Conway.

Feb 25 Mary to John Bussell.



Apr 2 Lancelot to Henry and Joane Baber

Apr 14 Josias to John and Bridget Gallton.

May 3 Charles to Charles and Mary Moore.

May 24 John to John and Elizabeth Lane.

Jul 15 Francis to Francis and Mary Beale.

Sep 4 John to Francis and Ann Taylor.

Sep 13 Edmund to Thomas and Elizabeth Brock.

Nov 4 John to Richard and Elizabeth Hobbs.

Nov 25 Samuel to Edmund and Jane Moore.

Dec 27 Samuel to John and Anstace Willatt.

Jan 17 Elizabeth to James and Mary Willatt.

Mar 4 Edmond to John and Elizabeth Markham.

Mar 7 Mary to John and Mary Ussman.

Mar 21 Sarah to Jonathon and Jane Tayler.



Mar 25 Mary to James and Joan Vimpeney.

Jul 23 Mary to George and Elizabeth Hitchins.

Sep 28 Rachel base of Hannah Clapton.

Sep 30 Thomas to Samuel and Ann Plenty.

Feb 22 Katherine to John and Mary Uzman.

Mar 7 Anthony to Francis and Ann Sayler.





May 14 William Hort of Cleeve.

May 31 William son of Thomas Taylor.

Aug 1 John son of Edmund Hamons.

Aug 8 Mary Price widow.

Sep 13 Mary Ford.

Sep 24 Edmund Willett.

Nov 22 Katherine Webb widow.

Dec 2 John Sevall.

Dec 11 Thomas son of Thomas Stevens.

Dec 18 Joan Reinold widow.

Dec 28 William Taylor junior.

Jan 8 Agnes Derick widow.

Feb 12 Mary wife of John Tripp.

Mar 6 William son of Henry Gostin.

Mar 10 Anna daughter of Roger Hickman vicar.

Mar 10 Isabel wife of Edward Beale.

Mar 17 Cicely daughter of Jane Earle widow.

Mar 22 Joan daughter of Jane Earle widow.



May 18 Christopher Brodmore.

Jun 4 Katherine wife of John Beale.

Jul 23 Joane Tucker.

Aug 24 Charity Lawrence widow.

Aug 24 Joseph son of Joseph Taylor.

Sep 28 Henry Webb.

Oct 10 William Burgiss.

Nov 1 Son of Francis Wilde.

Feb 5 John Uske.

Feb 7 Mary Horiell.

Feb 8 Mary daughter of Henry Reeve.

Mar 1 Edward son of Edward Brock.

Mar 1 Christian daughter of Christopher Irish.

Mar 4 Sarah daughter of Thomas Midlaham.



Mar 29 Elizabeth Wall widow.

Apr 6 Frances and Thomas Clapham.

Apr 12 Elizabeth Stevens.

Apr 23 Margery wife of William Hort.

Apr 25 Elizabeth Key.

Apr 27 Ann wife of John Avery.

Apr 30 Susanna daughter of John Avery.

May 1 Erasmus More.

May 3 Richard Baeth.

May 10 Edward Brock.

May 16 Philip Edwards.

May 17 Samuel Collman.

May 18 John Harris.

May 26 John son of Edmund Morcom.

Jun 3 Stephen Berrier.

Jun 21 Agnes wife of Blasť Gamball.

Jul 15 Agnes daughter of Thomas Rumney.

Jul 21 Mary daughter of David Norcott.

Aug 10 Agnes Bradmore.

Sep 3 Edmund Crace of Huish.

Sep 24 Elizabeth daughter of William Tucker.

Oct 19 Edmund Vimeny.

Dec 25 Mary daughter of Thomas Middleham.

Jan 4 Samuel Tucker.

Feb 17 Mary daughter of Joseph Lawrence.

Feb 22 Madlin Crase of Huish.

Mar 5 William son of William Moody.

Mar 23 Joane Williams.



Mar 29 Francis Hotkins.

May 25 Samuel son of Samuel Plenty.

May 26 Samuel son of Robert Brook.

Jun 5 William Nethway.

Sep 24 Mary King of Sellton widow.

Nov 1 Ann daughter of John Davis.

Nov 26 Isabel wife of George Barker.

Dec 16 John Barnes.

Feb 1 Eleanor wife of Isaac Warr.

Mar 25 Thomas Stokes.



Jun 8 Mary Vimpeney.

Jun 12 Mary daughter of Henry Bowles.

Sep 16 Joan Moore.

Oct 26 Ann daughter of Peter Cuffe.

Nov 5 Elizabeth wife of John Lane.

Nov 19 Agnes Vimpeney widow.

Nov 20 Alice Kencott widow.

Nov 27 Ann daughter of Richard Brooks.

Jan 29 Joan daughter of Joseph Moore.

Feb 27 John Harris.

Mar 14 Mary wife of John Warr.

Mar 23 Joan wife of John Harris.

Mar 24 Mary daughter of Thomas Bradmore.