Yatton Marriages

Transcribed by Mary Mason.




Apr 15 James Chapman, mason, married Jane Webb, consent of parents, spinster.

Witness. Iaen Hilman and Thos. Fowles.


Apr 15 John Hillman, yeoman, married Isabella Brock, spinster.

Witness. Frances Fowles and James Templer.


Banns only. James York, yeoman and Elizabeth Price of Naylsey, spinster.

Banns. Mar 31, Apr 7  & Apr 14. 


May 16 William Baber, yeoman, married Hannah Boyes, consent of parents, spinster.

Witness. William Read and William Lukins.


Jun 3 John Dix, yeoman, married Mary Kittchen, spinster.

Witness. Ann Page and James Webb.


Aug 14 John Thatcher, yeoman married Jane Moore, spinster.

Witness. Davy Davis and William Lukins.


Oct 7 John Parsons, farmer married Dorothy Taylor, widow. License.

Witness. James Bisdee and Edward Bisdee.



Jan 20 Samuel Ellis, labourer married Alias Vigers.

Witness. Pillip Barron and James Webb.


Banns only. John Tutton, yeoman and Mary Saunders of Banwell, spinster.

Banns. 2, 9, & 16 Feb.


Banns only. James Webb, carpenter and Hester Jones, spinster.

Banns. 9, 16 & 23 Mar.


Apr 17 Richard Harditch, day labourer married Hester Maskell, spinster.

Witness. Jacob Avery and James Webb.


Apr 21 Wm Dudding, labourer married Sarah Chapman, spinster, consent of parents.

Witness. Jos. Lukins and Jane Avery.


Dec 9 Jacob Cavell, yeoman married Mary Webb, spinster, consent of parents.

Witness. Edmund Wilkins and William Sperrin.


Oct 25 Robert Jones, carpenter married Lydia Edwards, spinster, consent of parents.

Witness. William Lukins and Jos. Lukins.



Jan 13 James Revell of Yatton married Hester Price, spinster. License.

Witness. Thos Hall and J Symes.


Apr 25 James Jones, labourer, married Mary Keyncoll, spinster, consent of parents.

Witness. William Lukins & Robert Bishop.


Banns only. Thomas Greenwood, labourer and Sarah Olliff  spinster, of Cromwell, Gloucester.Banns. 7, 14 & 21 March.


Apr 22 Arthur Hunt, labourer married Jane Cale, spinster of Kenn.

Witness. Richard Brimble & George Witherall.


Apr 20 Jn Kittchen, labourer married Ann Page, spinster, consent of parents.

Witness. William Lukins and Jo Lukins.


Banns only. James Neads, labourer and Sarah Keyncott, spinster.

Banns. 21, 28 Mar & 11 Apr.


Apr 20 Richard Hyghett, labourer of Congresbury married Mary Latch, spinster, consent of parents.

Witness. William Lukins & William Hewish.


May 11 William Spear, labourer of Kenn married Betty Coombs, spinster of Kenn, consent of Friends.

Witness. Ann Wilkins & Geo Witherall.


May 10 James Warren, farmer married Sarah Hillman, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness. John Butcher & William Lukins.


Jul 14 William Carter, labourer married Sarah Flew, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness William Lukins & Robt Read.


Oct 5 John Manfield of Easton in Gordano married Rachael Sperrin, spinster of Kenn.

Witness. William Sperrin and Henry Allen. License.


Nov 2 Stephen Keele of Batcombe married Francis Vowles, spinster.

Witness. William Vowels & Sam Baber. License.


Dec 22 Richard Parsons of Yatton married Sarah Shurbon.

Witness. Charles Smith & William Lukins.



Feb 15 Edward Hunt, labourer, married Mary Butt, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness. John Avery & William Lukins.


Feb 14 Joseph Hitchfield, labourer married Mary Howlett, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness John Avery & William Lukins.


Mar 16 Michael Needs, labourer of Kenn married Mary Biggs, spinster of Kenn, consent of Friends.

Witness. Geo Witherall and John Wallis.


Mar 27 John Mathews, labourer of Banwell married Mary Philips, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness. John Owld & William Lukins.


Jun 6 John Whiteing, labourer married Sarah Sprudd, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness. Robert Bishop & Joseph Sprudd.


Aug 17 James Sprudd, yeoman married Sarah Wood, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness. William Britten & William Lukins.


Apr 23 John Canterbury, labourer married Mary Pim, spinster of Kingston Seamore, consent of Friends.

Witness William Lukins & Joseph Sprudd.


Mar 27 Robert Bishop, yeoman married Hannah Whiteing, spinster, consent of parents.

Witness. John Whiteing & James Whiting.


Mar 28 Joseph Hemens, widower of Winscomb married Christian Watkins, widow.

Witness. Charles Smith & Ephraim Thomas. License.


Banns only. John Edwards and Ann Crese.

Banns 26 Mar & 2 & 9 April.


May 21 Jacob Hayman, labourer married Priscilla Pool, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness. Sibil Avery & William Lukins.


Banns only. John Plaister and Betty Burt.

Banns. 17, 24 Sep & 1 Oct.


Banns only. George Hicks and Ruth Etherton.

Banns. 24 Sep & 1, 8 Oct.


Banns only Samuel Bristow and Ann Harditch.

Banns. 26 Oct & 2, 10 Nov.



Banns only. John Durban and Betty Blackford.

Banns. 18 Jan  & 4, 11 Feb.


Banns only. Richard Aish and Mary Parrett.

Banns. 4, 11 & 18 Feb.


Banns only. Daniel James and Betty Cottle.

Banns. 18, 25 Mar &  1 Apr.


Apr 16 Isaac Lovel, labourer married Ann Sprud, spinster, consent of parents.

Witness. Charles Baber & Joseph Sprudd.


May 5 William Read married Jane Norris, spinster.

Witness. John Thatcher & William Lukins. License.


Banns only. Jno. Day and Mary  Brock.

Banns. 10, 17 & 24 Jun.


Aug 19 William Poole, bachelor of Kenn married Ann Britton, widow.

Witness. Thos. Weeks & Wm. Lukins. License.


Sep 10 William Jones of Wick St. Lawrence married Elizabeth Hemens, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness. Ephraim Thomas & Wm Lukins.


Oct 8 John Cox, labourer married Jane Hillman, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness John Hilman & William Lukins.


Oct 29 Joseph Watkins, widower married Jane Avery, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness. Joseph Luins & William Duding. License.


Nov 21 William Cox, widower of Congresbury married Mary Baker, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness. James Batt & Jos. Lukins. 



Jan 6 Thomas Tutton, widower married Mary Badman, widow.

Witness. John Burges & William Lukins.


Jan 12 James Backwell, corwainer of Wrington married Anne Morris, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness. Cornelius Woodland & William Lukins.


Feb 4 Thomas Greenwood, widower married Anne Keyncott, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness. John Taylor & William Hunt.


Banns only. John Cook and Mary Bennett.

Banns. 24 Feb, 2 & 9 Mar.


Mar 13 Edwd. Hunt of Puxton but living in this parish, married Mary Pye.

Witness. John Weeks & William Lukins.


Jun 24 Hosea Henvill, blacksmith of Wyke St. Lawrence married Sarah Hemens, spinster.

Witness. Ephrain Thomas & William Jones.


Apr 8 John Cox, butcher of Backwell married Ann Broackes, consent of Friends.

Witness. William Gainsmeer & William Lukins.



Apr 9 John Hillman, labourer of Kingston married Margaret Hunt, spinster.

Witness. Samuel Cox & William Lukins.


Apr 20 Samuel Willmott, blacksmith of Congresbury married Betty Hunt, spinster.

Witness. William Hunt & William Lukins.



Feb 1 Richard Pitman of Whichchurch married Sarah Heale, spinster. License.

Wittness. Charles Smith & William Smith.


Feb 16 John Cook, cordwainer married Ruth Webb, consent of Friends.

Witness. John Taylor & Isaac Lovel.


Mar 24 Thomas Ainsworth married Diana Fowles, consent of Friends.

Wittness. Nath. Ainsworth & Joseph Wornell.


Apr 8 Thomas Greenwood, farmer married Hester Maning, spinster.

Witness. William Hunt & Isaac Lovell.


Banns only. Thomas Hooper and Susannah Vimpeny.

Banns. 5 12 & 19 Apr.


Sep 1 Thomas Tutton, blacksmith married Rachel Doggett, spinster.

Witness. Thomas Dogett & William Lukins.


Oct 4 Joseph Lukins married Ann Culliford, spinster, consent of Friends.

Witness. Sarah Brown & William Lukins.


Nov 9 Barnabas Young, cordwainer married Betty Davis, spinster.

Witness. George Thomas & Mary Davis.



Jan 14 Jno Ray of Easton in Gordano married Mary Jones, spinster.

Witness. John Reed & George Thomas.


Feb 3 James Batt, mason married Betty Brown, spinster, consent.

Witness. Henry Butt & Edward Culliford.


Mar 1 James Jones, widower married Sarah Morry, widow.

Witness. Sibil Avery & Samuel Avery.


Apr 11 George White, labourer of Wyke married Joan Flatcher, spinster.

Witness. William Flatcher & William Lukins.


Banns only. John Perry and Betty Rumly.

Banns. 28 Feb, 7 & 14 Mar.


Apr 12 George Caple, bachelor of Banwell married Elizabeth Caple, spinster.

Witness. Charles Ozen and William Lukins.


Apr 11 Thomas Carey of Portishead married Elizabeth Camb, spinster.

Witness. Joanna Camm & William Lukins.


Apr 19 Richard Beecham, bachelor married Sarah Brown, spinster.

Witness. Mary Rumney & Sarah Rumney.


May 8 Robert Manning of Banwell married Ann Ould, spinster.

Witness. Thos Cottle & John Rattell.


Banns only. John Stone and Ann Snook.

Banns. 9,16 & 23 May.


May 31 Richard Jenkins married Sarah Cribb, spinster.

Witness. John Hilman & Thos Fowles.


Jul 12 Samuel Sage of Backwell married Hannah Oinion.

Witness. William Bailey & William Lukins.


Aug 23 Thomas Carter, labourer married Mary Brown, spinster.

Witness. Mary Hitchfield & William Lukins.



Mar 31 William Bennett of Nempnell married Sarah Maning, spinster.

Witness. George Caple & Joseph Warford.


Apr 11 Henry Wollen of Congresbury married Hannah Bailey, spinster.

Witness. John Taylor & Richard Durban.


Apr 11 William Estcombe of Bleadon married Susanna Philips, spinster.

Witness. Isaac Lovell & John Reed.


May 9 William Neads of Congresbury married Sarah Keyncutt, spinster.

Witness. Edward Fry & Robert Bishop.


Jun 14 John Jennings, bachelor married Frances Broackes, spinster, a minor with consent of her mother.

Witness. James Love & Edward Broackes.


Jul 28 Christopher Baker, widower married Sarah Day, widow of Long Ashton.

Witness. John Whitlock & Sam Baber. License.



Jan 13 James Ricketts of St. George married Mary Pomeroy, spinster.

Witness. George Pomroy & Joseph Lukins.


Feb 25 John Martin, widower married Mary Charley, widow.

Witness. Mary Avery & Joseph Lukins. License.


Apr 24 Robert Moss, labourer married Diana Flew, spinster.

Witness. Thos Fowler and Sam Avery.


Mar 26 James Taylor of Congresbury married Betty Durban, widow.

Witness. James Temple & Ann Taylor.


Jun 12 Samuel Blackford of Congresbury married Hannah Hayman.

Witness. James Taylor & Thomas Heath.


Apr 9 William Clark, labourer married Mary Heales, spinster.

Witness. Philip Peddle & Jos. Lukins.


Banns only. William Starr and Ruth Taylor.

Banns. 11,18 & 25 Mar.


Apr 19 James Wallis, yeoman married Mary Sprudd, spinster.

Witness. Isaac Lovell & Joseph Sprudd.


Apr 24 Arthur Beakes, yeoman of Banwell married Hannah Bennett, spinster.

Witness. William Onions & Thos. Fowles.


1765 (out of order) Dec 10 Samuel Sprudd, yeoman married Mary Young, spinster.

Witness. John Jones & Joseph Lukins.



Jun 11 Jacob Cavell, yeoman married Mary Cavell, widow.

Witness Samuel Baber & George Thomas.


Jul 28 William Ellis, cordwainer, a minor married Phillis Brock, widow. Consent of father Sam Ellis.

Witness William Evans & Daniel Durban.


Banns only. John Coombs and Ann Parsons.

Banns 26 Aug, 2 & ( Sep.


Jun 1 William Duding, widower married Hannah Sheppard, spinster.

Witness. Hannah Thomas & Joseph Lukins.


Dec 16 John Whiteing, yeoman married Hannah Hartleys.

Witness. William Templar & Joseph Lukins.



Mar 9 Thomas Hunt, yeoman married Anne Tripp, widow.

Witness. RobertJones & Isaac Lovel.


Banns only Charles Beacham and Sarah Rogers.

Banns. 10, 17 & 24 Mar.


Apr 17 Thomas Vowles, labourer of Brockley married Sarah Smith, spinster.

Witness. Thomas Fowles & Samuel Smith.


Banns only. Thomas James and Ann Raynes.

Banns. 24, 31 Mar & 7 Apr.


Apr 29 James Bishop, yeoman and Mary Hazle, spinster.

Witness. Robert Bishop & Richard Hazel.


Aug 5 Edward Jones married Mary Day.

Witness. Arthur Hancock & Joseph Lukins.


Sep 12 William Starr, widower married Mary Martin, widow. License.

Witness. Joseph Watkins & Joseph Lukins.


Aug 18 Edward Culliford Jun, bachelor married Anne Escombe, widow. License.

Witness. Arnold Phillips & Joseph Lukins.



Apr 15 Richard Hazel, smith married Jane Sims, spinster.

Witness. John Taylor & Robert Bishop. Banns read in Sep & Oct 1765


Feb 10 Benjamin James, bachelor of St. Cuthberts, Wells married Betty Baber, spinster.

Witness. John Hollier & Samuel Avery.


May 15 John Tailor, bachelor married Catherine Fowles, spinster.

Witness. William Vowles and John Taylor.


Oct 16 Richard Durban, bachelor of Wraxall married Ann Hippesley, spinster.

Witness. Joseph Watkins & Tho Williams.


Oct 13 Thomas Cook, bachelor married Hannah Stevens, spinster.

Witness. Thomas Alford & John Reed.



Banns only. John Norwood and Mary Smith.

Banns. 8, 15 & 22 Mar.


Banns only. Samuel Noble and Betty Smith.

Banns. 15, 22 & 29 Mar.


Apr 7 James Brown, labourer married Mary Williams, spinster.

Witness. Ann Bristow & Joseph Lukins.


Apr 27 Joel Hazel, bachelor married Sarah Alford, spinster.

Witness. James Bishop & Richard Hazel.


May 4 William Raines, bachelor married Sarah Williams, spinster.

Witness. John Smith & Joseph Lukins.



Apr 21 John Hellin, labourer married Jane Martin, spinster.

Witness. James Jones & William Knowles.


Apr 11 Robert Jones, yeoman married Betty Plumley, spinster.

Witness. William Plumly & Arthur Beakes.


Apr 21. Samuel Smith married Betty Dodd, spinster.

Witness. Ann Bristow & James Webb.


May 2 Benjamin Hunt, farmer of Banwell married Ruth Ball, spinster. License.

Witness. William Gill & Harriet Bayly.


Jun 27 Thomas Jones, labourer married Ann Stone, spinster.

Witness. James Templer & James Jones.


Banns only. Arnold Phillips and Sarah Sheppard.

Banns. 14, 21 & 28 Aug.


Sep 27 John Butcher married Mary Avery, spinster.

Witness. Thos Ainsworth & Jno Taylor jun.


Oct 15 Richard Cooper, labourer of Congresbury married Anne Wolf, spinster. License.

Witness. John Smith & Robert Bishop.


Banns only. Richard Keyncoll and Sarah Pool.

Banns. 12, 19 & 26 Feb.


Banns only. John Weeks and Patience Mearks.

Banns 9, 16 & 23 Apr.



Apr 9 William Knowles, bachelor married Elizabeth Dean, spinster.

Witness. Job Hutchison & Joseph Lukins.


Mar 14 John Manning, bachelor of Brockley married Ann Stedfall, spinster.

Witness. Thos Vimpenny & Joseph Lukins.


Banns only. Thomas Vimpenny and Sarah Bennett.

Banns. 1, 8 & 15 Apr.


May 28 George Bennett, bachelor married Betty Raines, spinster.

Witness. Arthur Beakes & Thos Fowles.


Oct 15 William Davis, widower of Wrington married Mary Wood, spinster.

Witness. George Cook & Maria Holdship.


Oct 13 William Counsel, bachelor married Mary Hunt, spinster. License.

Witness. William Avery & Joseph Lukins.


Dec 20 James Jones, seaman of Kingston married Sarah Dyer, spinster.

Witness. George Bennett and Jane Wornell.



Jan 31 Thomas Hollyman, bachelor of Clevedon married Martha Taylor, spinster.

Witness. John Taylor & John Hollyman. License.


Apr 2 Thomas Cook, widower married Betty Darby, spinster.


Richard Kengcott & Sarah Howell.


Apr 1 James Rogers married Ann Spering, spinster.

Witness. John Sperrin & Betty Sperrin.


Apr 8 John Morris, bachelor of Kenn married Jane Bullock, spinster.

Witness. William Avery & Thomas Reed.


May 7 Samuel Avery, bachelor married Anne Wilcox, spinster.

Witness. Joseph Hulstone & Thomas Plumbly.


Apr 22 John Taylor, bachelor married Hannah Thomas, spinster.

Witness. Mary Bishop and Thomas Reed.


Jun 2 William Helps, gent of Bristol married Hester Howldy, spinster. License.

Witness. John Smith & Mary Smith.


Sep 18 William Peters, bachelor of Kenn married Elizabeth Barnes, spinster.

Witness. Sarah Reed & Joseph Lukins.


Sep 17 John Hill, bachelor married Elizabeth Beacham, spinster.

Witness. John Beacham and Joseph Lukins.



May 23 Joseph Corfield, labourer of Congresbury married Hannah Vigors, spinster. Wittness. William Bird & Thomas Hollyman. License.


Apr 6 John Harris, labourer married Susanna Durban, spinster.

Witness. Thomas Vimpenny & James Kinkell.


Banns only Samuel Tilley and Sarah White.

Banns. 22, 29 Mar & 5 Apr.


Aug 3 Samuel Plumbey, bachelor married Sarah Parsons, spinster.

Witness. Thomas Plumly & Joseph Lukins.


Sep 14 William Ingram, labourer of Banwell married Mary Onion, spinster.

Witness. John Gage & Thomas Abraham.



Feb 11 John Denis Sherman, cordwainer married Ann Lovel, widow.

Witness. George Thomas & Joseph Lukins.


Banns only. William Banwell and Ann Sperrin.

Banns. 7, 14 & 21 Mar.


Banns only. Thomas Thatcher and Elizabeth Read.

Banns. 14, 21 & 28 Mar.


Aug 17 Peter Old, bachelor married Mary West, spinster.

Witness. George Thomas & Thomas Abraham.


Oct 4 James Squire, bachelor of Naylsey married Rebecca Lane, spinster.

Witness. George Thomas & Joseph Lukins.



Jan 5 Thomas Purnell, widower of Congresbury married Hannah Atherton, widow.

Witness. William Wolfe & Sarah Baber. License.


Mar 25 David Biffin, bachelor married Mary Lee, spinster.

Witness. Joseph Day & William Avery. License.


Apr 14 James Taylor, bachelor married Ann Bristow, spinster.License & consent of parents.

Witness. Samuel Bristow & John Taylor.


Banns only. Robert Flinger and Betty Walter.

Banns 9, 17 & 24 May.


May 5 James Parsons of Congresbury married Mary Bristow, spinster.

Witness. Robert Bristow & William Avery.


Jun 16 Samuel Hart, bachelor married Ann Hunt, spinster.

Witness. George Thomas & Joseph Lukins.


Banns only. William Vicaridge and Ann Hillman.

Banns 21, 28 Aug & 4 Sep.



Feb 27 William Simons, labourer married Mary Slye, spinster.

Witness. Samuel Avery, Samuel Smith & Betty Sly.


Banns only. James Knowles and Susanna Vincent.

Banns. 26 Feb 5 & 12 Mar.


Mar 28 Arthur Hunt, widower married Mary Earl, widow.

Witness. George Thomas & Thomas Reed.


Mar 23 John Hill, bachelor married Jane Ellis, spinster. License and consent of Friends.

Witness. Jno Smith & Jno Dean.


Apr 19 William Tilly, bachelor of Yatton married Sarah Howell, spinster.

Witness. Corn. Wilkins & Thomas Abraham.


Apr 26 James Keyncoll, yeoman married Sarah Beecham, spinster.

Witness. John Reed & Jno. Baber.


Jul 9 William Hitchins, carpenter married Betty Vimpeny, spinster.

Witness. Hannah Vimpeny, John Hitchins & William Tinklin.