1447: Oct 1. Institution of Sir Thomas Heynes, priest, as rector of the church of Wroxhale, vacant by the death of Sir William Stevenes, on the presentation of Theobald Gorges, knight.

1448: April 12. Commission to Master John Stokys, commissary-general at the instance of Sir Thomas Haynes, rector of the church of Wroxhale, to enquire as to the defects which have arisen in the chancel of Wroxhale church, the dwelling house of the rectory there and the other buildings and things belonging to the said church, through the fault and negligence of Sir William Stevens, the last rector.

1450: Sep 16. Notarial attestation of an ordinance and decree by the bishop, with the consent of Theobald Gorges, knight, patron of the parish of Wroxhale, Sir Thomas Haynes, priest, rector thereof, with the counsel and assent of the request of Master John Storthwayt, chancellor and canon of Wells, who by his petition has represented to the bishop that he is earnestly desirous that certain masses may be celebrated daily in future at the altar of the Holy Cross erected on the north side of Wells cathedral and has prayed that a pension of 10 of the fruits, proceeds and offerings of the said parish church may be imposed by the bishop for that purpose with the assent of the said patron and rector and others interested, that the present rector of Wroxhale and his successors shall pay a yearly pension of 10 to the dean and chapter of Wells.


1455: May 25. Institution of Sir William Prout, chaplain, as rector of the church of Wroxale, vacant by the death of Sir Thomas Haynes, on the presentation of Theobald Gorges, knight, after he had made oath touching payment of a yearly pension of 10 assigned by the bishop, for certain reasonable causes, to Wells cathedral.


1636: Sessions. Differences between the parishioners of Wraxall and Worle. (See references under Worle.)

1637: Sessions. Johan Helder to be settled at Wraxall.

1860: Nov 17. William Winstone and Moses Battle of Wraxall were summoned for trespassing in pursuit of game, on the 31st of October, on lands belonging to Captain Pilgrim, of Nash House. Winstone was fined 1 10s and Battle a 1, including costs.

Nov 5 at Wraxall, Somerset, Matilda, widow of the late Charles L Gee Esq, formerly of Kensington, Middlesex, aged 74 years.

1870: Sep 24. John Steadfall, an old man 67 years of age was charged with setting fire to two hay mows, the property of Mr David White Blair of Wraxall. A woman named Maria Goodlock deposed that on the Tuesday afternoon she was passing near the ricks when she observed some smoke arising from them. She looked through the hedge and saw one of the mows on fire and the prisoner trying to extinguish the flames. Abraham Way said he went to the mows and saw that one of them was burning. The accused was there trying to put the fire out. After rendering assistance he found that the second rick had become ignited. Both mows were burned down and between 10 and 12 tons of hay were destroyed. Acting sergeant Lang deposed to the apprehension of the accused about three hours after, and said he thought the man had been very drunk, and was just getting sober. It was stated in court that just before the fire was discovered the prisoner was seen lying underneath one of the ricks, smoking. The magistrates did not think the charge of arson was proved, but as they had evidence that the accused was continually sleeping out at night, and had no visible means of assistance they treated him as a rogue and a vagabond, and sentenced him to a months imprisonment.