Wraxall Marriages

Transcribed by Mary Mason.



1653 Feb 20 John Wornell, yeoman of Wraxall and Sarah Newland of Long Ashton.

1654 Mar 30 John Selwood, husbandman of Wraxall and Mary George, single woman of Wraxall.

1655 Jul 11 Thomas Hort, carpenter of Wraxall and Frances Pope, widow of Wraxall.

1655 Apr 7 Richard Cooke, yeoman of Wraxall and Francis Tailor, of Long Ashton.

1656 Apr 7 John Wallis, miller of Wraxall and Ann Jones of Wraxall.

1656 May 4,11,18 Banns only Frances Wornell, yeoman of Wraxall and Mary Prattant, single woman of Puckson.

1658 Apr 27  Richard James and Joane Whiting.

1659 Dec 26 Richard Porter and Elizabeth Good.


1663 Feb 10 John Jacob of Nailsey and Mary Morgan of Wraxall.

1663 Feb 10 Samuel Lemmon and Anne Dowell both of Wraxall.

1664 Jan 16 Thomas Selwood and Elizabeth Stowy.

1665 John Baker and Bridgett

1665 May 15 Edward Jones and Mary Grale.

1668 Jul 31 William King and Alice.

1668 Jul 31 George Lee and Elizabeth Bagnell.

1668 Aug 10 Thomas Griffen and Judith.

1668 May 4 John Willy and Rachell Methin.

1668 Oct 5 John King Cable and Anne.



1671 May 10 Francis Parsons and Eleanor Hitchman.

1676 Feb 25 William Cullimore and Mary Douting, both of Clapton.

1677 Jun 4 Thomas Vimpeny and Anne Godwin of Nailsey.

1677 Jun 7 Morris Barry of Tickenham and Joane Godwyn of Nailsey.

1677 Jul 22 Nicholas Dyx of Clapton and Mary Sharp of Failand.

1677 Aug 2 John Chatterton and Maria Isgae.

1678 May 8 Samuel Godwin and Maria Godwin of Nailsey.

1679 Sam Stillet and Argentine Anketyll daughter of Edward Anketyll, rector of Wraxall.

1679 Apr 21 Jacob Brean of Wembdon and Elizabeth Porter of Wraxall.

1679 Apr 27 Robert Tucker and Frances Porter.

1679 Jul 13 Henry Stark and Hanna Williams of Wraxall.

1679 Jul 31 William Watkins and Maria Chester of Failand.

1679 Aug 18 Richard Wilson and Martha Hunt of Failand.


1681 May 23 Thomas Walter and Rebecca Welch.

1681 May 9 John Kenne and Judith Everest.

1682 May 11 Joseph Sparrow and Anna Phelps.

1682 May 11 Hugo Greenfield and Maria Cook.

1683 May 16 Thomas Barber of Tickenham and Maria Tucker of Nalsey.

1683 May 22 Joseph Cox  of Failand and Dorothy Morgan of Pill.

1684 Apr 3 Lewis Donn gent and Maria Ancketyll daughter of Edward Ancketyll, Rector of Wraxall.

1684 Aug 28 Thomas Vinpany and Sarah King.

1684 Jul 24 Joseph Browning and Sarah Brockman.

1684 Oct 16 Robert Lovell and Hannah Hicks.

1685 Sep 10 William Short and Patience Smith.

1685 Sep 22 Edward Haines and Hester Hilsey.

1685 Sep 24 William Sperring and Maria Young.

1687 May 1 Thomas Griffen and Maria Wallis.

1687 Jul 7 Mr Bethell Walter and Mrs Catherine Winter.

1688 Dec 14 William Morgan and Martha Horte.

1688 Apr 23 John Hart and Bridgett Brown.

1689 Jun 14 Griffon Richards and Mary Jons.

1689 Dec 2 Edward Godwin and Mary Abraham.


1690 May 11 Edwatd Godwin and Ann Wornell.

1690 Apr 15 Thomas Barren and Jane Daneghs.

1692 Feb 18 Thomas Meredy and Elizabeth Phelps.

1692 May 1 Nathanell Bush and Alse (Alice) Cabell.

1694 Aug 5 John Bennet alias Blinsey and Sarah Collins.

1694 Jan 4 John Young and Grace Newton.

1694 Aug 5 John Bennett alias Brinsey and Sarah Collins. (entered twice)

1694 Dec 23 Robert Brown and Maria Tilly.

1695 May 12 Edward Godwin of Nailsey and Abigail Hipsley.

1695 Sep 22 Abraham Taylor and Sara Brookman.

1695 Feb 20 John House and Ann King Cable.

1696 Jan 7 James Wilson of Failand and Ann Copner.

1697 Apr 4 Thomas Brinsey and Ann King.

1697 Jan 17 John Mills and Mary Parsons.

1697 Feb 24 John Parsons and Dorothy Sperrin.

1698 Easter Day Nicholas Rogers and Gartred (Gertrude) Jennings both of Nailsea.

1698 Easter Day Stephen Winsor and Dorothy Jennings same time same place.(entered in Nailsea book)

1698 Apr 25 Samuel Willy and Elizabeth Goodman both of Wraxall, Easter monday.

1698 May 2 William Watts and Elizabeth Willing both of Wraxall.

1698 Sep 29 Robert Willmot and Elizabeth Young of Bourton.

1699 Apr 9 John Sawyer and Martha Porter, Easter day.

1699 Feb 20 John Saunders of Tewton, Keynsham and Ann Parsons of Wraxall were married in Redcliffe Church.

1699 May 18 John Briant and Elizabeth Anthony.

1699 Dec 27 William Everard and Mary Watts.


1700 Apr 9 William King and Angel Hardy.

1701 May 19 John King of Ashton and Elizabeth Dowling.

1702 Jan 31 William Durbin and Joan Cook of Nailsea.

1702 Apr 19 John Tucker and Hannah Brian of Nailsea.

1703 May 23 Nathaniel Newton of Wraxall and Joan Daniel of Nailsea.

1703 Jul 31 John Day and Hannah Lockyer.

1703 Dec 9 William Hossington and Mary Porter.

1703 Dec 30 Thomas Haines and Ann Harris.

1704 Jan 3 Richard Craddy and Mary Bishop of Nailsea.

1704 Jun 19 Thomas Sharp and Ann Fisher.

1705 May 3 Isaac Hort and Charity Cradock.

1705 Jun 4 John Bristoe and Dorothy Davis.

1705 Aug 13 Thomas Tiler and Mary Brodmore.

1706 Mar 28 Thomas Harris and Sarah Craddy.

1706 Apr 1 George Cullimore and Ann Browning.

1707 Feb 13 Mr William Jeffres of St George and Mrs Amy Anckelyl of Wraxall.

1707 Feb 23 William Brodmore and Ann Norfield.

1707 Apr 13 Samuel Sharp and Martha Peek of Nailsea.

1707 Apr 17 John Barrow and Mary Vare.

1707 May 18 John Daniel and Isabel Pope.

1709 Jul 7 James Porter and Ann Lott.

1709 Sep 26 John Codrington of Didmarton and Elizabeth George of Wraxall.

1709 Oct 30 John Basset of Clutton and Jane White of Wraxall.

1709 Jul 13 Hugh Hardy and Martha Godwyn both of Wraxall.


1711 Oct 1 Isaac Martindale of Wraxall and Rachel Sparrow of Bourton, were married at Bourton.

1711 Oct 31 William Thorne of Weston and Mary Vawer of Wraxall.

1712 Sep 8 John Vimpany and Elizabeth Jones of Nailsey.

1712 Sep 30 Thomas Moor and Elizabeth Vimpany of Nailsey.

1712 Sep 30 Frances Brodmore and Sarah Whiteing of Nailsey.

1717 Apr 23 Samuel Sperrin and Elizabeth Young both of Wraxall.

1717 Apr 23 John Edwin and Anne Barry both of Nailsea.