Wraxall Marriages

Transcribed by Mary Mason.



P=Presence of. Lic= License.


Wraxall Marriage Settlement.


1728    Marriage settlement of W. Vawer of Wraxall and Judith daughter of J. Clapp:

Capital messuage called Birdcombe Court; Mansion called Comb House and named lands.

                                          Ref: DD/X/BT3  C/1253. Somerset Record Office.


1754   Apr 22 George Pedder, yeoman to Sarah Bryant, spinster

            Jul 4    Edward Powell, yeoman to Anna Wilcox, spinster

            Oct 13 Thomas Turner to Mary Lott,spinster

            Oct 17 John Bridgman, lab. to Hannah Young, spinster

            Nov 1  Samuel Lowle, cordwainer to Hester Tucker, widow.

1755    Jan 24  Arthur Cross, St. George to Dinah Williams.

            Mar 6  William Weaver to Mary Warn, Lic.

            Oct 20 Robert Askey, farmer to Dorothy Killminster, spinster Lic.

            Nov 9 John Lott, tiler to Joan Emery, spinster Lic.

            Nov 12  John Edgell, tanner, Wrington to Mary Manfield,spinster Lic.

1756    Jan 1    Henry Hobbs, yeoman to Sarah Collier, wid.

            Feb 26 John Collard to Martha Maggs.

Apr 28 Thomas Collier o.t.p. to Ann Akers of the parish of Collingbourne Kingston, Wilts.

May 24 William Vater to Ann Davis.

Oct 18 Joseph Thomson to Jane Green, spinster

1757    Jan 25 Thomas Waite, lab of Portbury to Mary Page, spinster

            Apr 18 Samuel Bassett to Mary Price.

            Nov 1 Thomas Wedmore, lab to Mary Waite, spinster

1758    Feb 7  Edmund Williams, mariner to Elizabeth Lansdowne, spinster     

            Apr 10 William Gayden, bat to Mary Wiltshire, spinster

            Aug 28 Thomas Brooks to Sarah King, spinster

            Oct 15 James King, farmer to Sarah Brooks, spinster

            Nov 21 William Ball of Winford, B/Smith to Dorothy Sperrin.

1759    Apr 17 Edward Butcher and Mary Membery.

            Oct 1  James Waite to Mary Basset.

            Oct 7  George King and Sarah Evans.

            Oct 7   Francis Keele of Chewstoke and Sarah Vowles.

            Nov 5  George Hookway, lab to Ann Collard, spinster

1760    Oct 24 Samuel Noble, farmer to Betty Smith, spinster

1761    Aug 16 James Hale, lab to Judeth Walter, widow.

1762    Feb 7  Henry Weeks of Long.Ashton to Betty Lott, spinster

            Mar 28 William Hort, lab to Ann Stilman, spinster

            May 17 William Young, Clevedon to Ann Jenkins, spinster

1763    Apr 8 Thomas Smith of Kingston Seymour, bat to Elizabeth Emery, spinster

1764    Apr 24 Jacob Deale to Sarah Parker, spinster  

            Jul 9  William Cross to Betty Bouncer, spinster

          Oct 28 John Moore of St. Mary Redcliffe  to Rebecca Wade, spinster     

1765 Jan 14 John Clements to Ann King, spinster

         Mar 25 William Hunt to Ann Collard, widow.

1766 Apr 7  William Harvey, lab to Elizabeth Jones, spinster

         Apr 14 John Dodding to Grace Vowles, spinster

          Jun  3   John Horwood to Jane Lott, spinster

         Oct 20  Abraham Taylor of Abbots Leigh to Martha Bath, wid.

         Jun 28 James Buck of Nailsea to Elizabeth King, spinster

1768 Mar 21 Aaron Youmg of Corston to Sarah Needs.

         Oct 1 John Spencer of St. George to Hannah Russell. Lic.

         Dec 19 Robert Stevens and Mary Waite, wid.

1769 Apr 3 George Wall to Ann Brant of Wrington.

         Jul 4 Thomas Wilkins Morgan Esq of St. George to Mary Thompson. Lic.

         Nov 16 William Frappell to Ann Dogget of Clevedon.

1770 Jan 1 John Redman of Winford, farmer to Sarah Vowles. Lic.

1771 May 26 William Thomas to Mary Vowles.

         Oct 14 George Hookway to Mary Chancellor. 

1772 Jun 13 Richard Needs, farmer to Honor Knight.

         Dec 28 Thomas Martin to Hannah Coombe. Lic.

1773 Apr 20 Charles Morgan of Portbury to Sarah Denham.

1774 Feb 23 John Moon of Churchill, farmer to Anna Hardwicke. Lic.

        Mar 29 Samuel Stone of Nailsea, cordwainer to Hannah Bevan.

        Apr 10 Edward Osman to Mary Powell.

        Apr 25 Richard Milson of Clapton to Elizabeth Tacy.

        May 1 Samuel Pool to Sarah Toby.

        May 4 John Brimble of Nailsea to Martha Newton.

        May 15 Samuel Bishop to Mary Cook.

        Sep 26 Stephen Vinpany to Hester Lott.

        Oct 18 Luke Hollister, Gent to Mary Dudding.

        Oct 23 Isaac Newton to Mary Hazle.

1775 Apr 11 William Weeks of Portbury and Ann Newton.

         Jul 2 William Simmons to Hannah Avery.

        Sep 11 Philip Daniel to Ann Newman.

        Oct 11  Thomas Williams to Elizabeth Trump.

1776 Mar     William Vowels farmer to Rachel Griffin.

        Apr 4 James Tucker farmer to Martha Stokes of Nailsea. Lic.

        Apr 23 Joseph Manfield of Abbots Leigh to Hannah Williams.

        Oct 10 Peter Goodgrom to Martha Tucker.

1777 Apr 21 Nehemiah Rogers and Hannah Johnson.

        Apr 24 James Morgan, coachman to Elizabeth Wallis.

        Apr 24 John Dunn of Abbots Leigh to Elizabeth Hunt.

       Jun 23 James Stanbury of Clapton, farmer to Elizabeth Griffin.

1778 Dec 16 Thomas Emery to Mary Bestland.

1779 Jan 31 William Lang to Betty Clitsome.

        Apr 5 Joseph Brian to Betty Lane.

        Apr 8 Joseph Vowles farmer of this parish to Mary Vowles of Tickenham.

       Apr 12 James Hazle to Sarah Warden.

       Jun 13 William Hartrey otp to Elizabeth Sperrin of Bourton. Lic.

       Sep 27 William Tucker  to Mary Weaver.

       Oct 11 William Evans to Sarah Tucker.

1780 Sep 18 John Cooke to Sarah Thompson.

        Oct 19 Cornelius Haskins to Mary Ford.

        Oct 23 Henry Luchwill to Betty Durbin.

        Nov 7 Nathaniel Moorsom, Gent to Elizabeth Vallete Pedder.

1781 Mar 22 William Griffin of Portbury to Sarah Dudding. Lic.

         Apr 2 Charles Moore to Rose Bush.

         Apr 2 George Woolket to Sarah Clements.

         Apr 18 Rev`d Samuel Seyer, clerk of Westbury, Glos to Elizabeth Turner.


1782 Sep 5 George Rodgers to Mary Basset.

         Nov 10 John Bateman of Clapton to Sarah Lewis.

1783 Feb 25 James Lott to Sarah Cook.

        Mar 31 Charles Derecourt to Mary Whitehouse.

        May 14 Cornelius Eyers to Betty Brooks.

        May 23 William Lott, carpenter to Mary Phillips.

        Dec 2 Samuel Newman, Gent of Westbury, Glos to Anne Mugleworth. Lic.

1784Apr 12 William Pearce to Anne Wilkins.

         Oct 25 James Clements to Elizabeth White.

         George Wall to Hester Vinpaney.

1785 Apr 4 William Adams of Abbots Leigh to Nancy Viner.

          Jun19 John Crane to Mary Hewlett.

1786 Mar 26 Georhe Hayman to Mary Hancock.

        Aug 21 John Viner to Mary Holiday.

        Oct 15 John Doggatt to Martha Tomkis.

        Nov 19 Thomas Parsons to Betty Lang.

1787 Nov 12 Samuel Hailstone of Backwell to Hannah Date.

1788 Mar 24 John Kilminster to Mary Stanbury.

         Jun 26 John Day of Nailsea to Ann Vinpany.

         Aug 10 James Payne to Mary Buck of Nailsea.

         Sep 1 John Jackways to Sarah Murford.

         Dec 31 William Weeks,wid of Nailsea to Betty Pocock.

1790 Dec 14 William Young Coker of St. Nicholas, Bristol to Elizabeth King. Lic.

1791 Jun 6 Samuel Sage to Mary Briant.

        Oct 25 Henry Hill Harvey of St. Luke, Chelsea to Mary Harding. Lic.

1792 Jul 31 Charles Young of St. Stephen, Bristol to Sarah Adam. Lic.

         Aug 26 Charles Windmill to Virtue Buck.

1793 Jan 28 James Currington of Nailsea to Margaret Morgan.

         Apr 22 John Weeks to Mary Dyer.

1794 Nov 19 William Carden to Mary Allanson.

         Dec 5 Thomas Watts to Mary Slade.Lic.

1795 Apr 23 Joseph Atherton of Portbury to Rachel Vowels.Lic.

         Apr 23 Elisha Gosling of Kenn and Sarah Vowels. Lic.

         Apr 23 William Baker of Tickenham to Elizabeth Vowles. Lic.

         Sep 27 George Vowles to Hannah Purnell. Lic.

         Oct 12 John Squires and Betty Newton. Lic.

1796 Jul 10 Henry Jarman to Sarah Bishop.

1798 Mar 26 Jacob Kington to Nancy Cox.

         Dec 10 William Weeks to Susanna Pool. Lic.

1799 Mar 31 Samuel Badman to Ann Kineton.

         Oct 14 Robert Dyer of Nailsea to Mary Bishop.

1800 Apr 2 William Burland to Rachel Bassett,spinster

         Jul 14 William Hyatt to Hannah Cox.

         Oct 12 John Ogborn,Nailsea to Betty Waterman.

         Dec 8  James Brown to Sarah Battle.

1801 Apr 7  James Bishop of Worle to Nancy Vowles.

         Jun 2  William Smart of St. George to Mary Napper.

         Jun  5  William Vowles bachelor to Mary Needs, spinster

         Oct 19  John Carter of Portbury to Martha Bennett.

1803  Mar 24 Henry Burgess of L.Ashton to Betty Waterman.

1804  Jan 29 John Brown of Portbury to Sarah Lott.

          May 28 Charles Cox of Backwell to Betty Williams.

1806  Mar 17 William Cole to Hannah Stokes of Nailsea.

1807  Apr 20 William Davies and Hannah Bennett of Portbury.

          Nov 22 William Parker to Mary Moss.

1808  Apr 19 Samuel Kington to Jane Badman.

1809  Aug 7  Joseph Crane and Sophia Sherman.

1810  Apr 2  Samuel Hodges of St. George to Francis Bateman.

          May 28  Richard Banwell of Wedmore to Sarah Newton.

1811  Nov 12 John Allen to Sophia Jones.

1812  Jan 2  John Miles to Ann Page, wid.

1813 May 11 Robert Baker of Nailsea to Anne Newton. Lic.

P. Sam Baker and M Newton.

1814 Apr 11 John Pearce bachelor to Martha Thomas spinster.

P. William Thomas, Martha Thomas and Ann Shore.

1814 May 9 James Bawden bachelor to Elizabeth Fluck spinster.

P. Charles Fluck and Samuel Sage.

1816 Apr 8 Mark May of Buxton to Sophia Doggett.Lic.

P. Samuel Alvis, Harriet Doggett, George Wyatt and James Wallis.

1816 May 16 George Wyatt of Kingston Seymour to Harriet Doggett. Lic.

P. Sam Alvis, Hester Alvis and Mary Doggett.

1816 May 28 Abraham Oliver of Flax Bourton to Mary Vowles. Lic.

P. Sam Alvis, Wm. Vowles and John Cox.

1816 Jun 13 James Giles of Westbury to Jane Hancock.

P. William Parker and Mary Manley.

1817 Jan 28 Samuel Urch to Elizabeth Sleep?

P. Sophia Vowles and James Lott.

1817 Feb 18 Susannah Bayly widow to John Whetham bachelor of Clifton.

P. Thomas Kington jur and Sarah Kington.

1818 Jan 26 Hezekiah Lott bachelor to Ann Poole.

P. Hannah Eyers? and James Lott.

1818 Apr 12 Joseph Stokes and Rebecca Newton.

P. John Heblin and James Lott.

1819 Apr 4 Thomas Eniers to Counsel Shepston.

P. Cornelious Shepston and Wm. Durbin.

1819 Apr 13 Mark Lott to Elizabeth Stephens.

P. Shadrack Weeks and Mary Manley.

1820 Feb 27 William Brown to Ann Bassett.

P. James Lott and Thomas Knight.

1820 Apr 9 William Eyers, widower to Lucy Phillips, spinster.

P. Hannah Eyers and James Lott.

1820 Jun 12 James Burge bachelor to Susannah Jenkins, spinster.

P. William Jenkings and Shadrack Weeks.

1821 Feb 8 John Philips Mather bachelor of Walton on the Hill, Lancashire to Elizabeth Vaughan, spinster. Lic.

P. Ellen Vaughan, Emma Vaughan, Georgina Protheroe, Charlotte Vaughan, Philip Vaughan and Janet Sarah Simpson.

1821 Jun 17 Abraham Thomas bachelor to Sarah Caritt widow.

P. Ann Jenkins and William Hemmings.

1821 Aug 12 Robert Pring of Nailsea to Ann Band.

P. James Lott and Richard Haskins.

1821 Aug 13 John Thomas to Ann Pearce.

P. Thomas Littles and N. Bishop.

1822 William Pearce widower to Jane Davies spinster. Lic.

P. William Parker and James Lott.

1822 Mar 31 John Weeks bachelor to Sarah Vowles, spinster. Lic.

P. John Cox and Wm. Vowles.

1822 Apr 25 Joseph Medford jun bachelor of St. Augustine, Bristol to Louisa Cam Seymour spinster. Lic.

P. Caroline Baker and Harriett Seymour.

1822 Jul 1 Charles Hodges bachelor to Sarah Berry spinster.

P. Shadrak Weeks and Susan Wells.

1822 Aug 11 William Hitchman jun bachelor to Harriet Vowles spinster. Lic.

P. John Vowles and Elizabeth Vowles.

1822 Oct 6 Nathaniel Warren bachelor to Elizabeth Honniford spinster.

P. Elizabeth Knight and Mary Hanniford.

1822 Oct 21 George Pope bachelor to Sarah Stitfall spinster.

P. James Lott and Hester Stidfall.

1822 Dec 22 John Rains bachelor to Mary Wilkins spinster.

P. Wm. Bunce and James Lott.

1823 Mar 3 Micaiah Malton/Malbon bachelor of St Pauls, Bristol to Eliza Dyer.

P. Mark Lott and Deborah Lott.

1823 Apr 30 Richard Biggs bachelor to Mary Vowles spinster.

P. Jn. Vowles and Ann Green.

1823 May 7 Richard Cannington bachelor of Nailsea to Sarah Young. Lic.

P. Sam Jones and Eleanor ?

1823 Aug 18 Moses Battle bachelor to Elizabeth Knight spinster.

P. Samuel Bassett and James Lott.

1823 Oct 20 Daniel Ambrose bachelor to Harriet Badman spinster.

P. Shadrack Weeks and Ann Badman.

1823 Nov 9 Isaac Urch widower to Hannah Maria Miles spinster.

P. Shadrack Weeks and Susan Wells.

1824 Feb 8 Thomas Reece widower of Clifton to Dorothy Mills spinster.

P. Shadrack Weeks and Susan Wells.

1824 Feb 23 James Winstone bachelor of Bavon to Elizabeth Vowles spinster. Lic.

P. John Vowles and Harriet Winstone.

1824 Oct 3 Thomas Vowles to Jane Evered.

P. John Knight, Mary Evered and James Lott.

1824 Oct 4 John Brooks of Nailsea to Hannah Blackmore.

P. Wm. Hutton and Thos. Brooks.

1825 Jan 30 James Harding bachelor to Hannah Denton spinster.

P. Thomas Harding and James Lott. 

1825 Mar 25 James Moore to Sarah Jenkins.

P. Shadrack Weeks and Charles Moore.

1825 Apr 17 William Hunniford to Nancy Rue.

P. John Hunniford and Samuel Edwards.

1825 Jun 26 Robert Thomas to Sarah Williams.

P. Samuel Thomas and Wm. Thomas.

1826 Mar 2 William Cooper bachelor to Eliza Watkins spinster.

P. John Weeks and James Lott.

1826 Mar 13 Benjamin Pearce bachelor to Margaret Vowles spinster. Lic.

P. John Vowles and Edith Pearce.

1826 Apr 22 John Griffin bachelor of Clevedon to Edith Pearce spinster. Lic.

P. Joseph Pearce, Mary Ann Griffin and Mary Pearce.

1826 Aug 20 John Hunniford bachelor to Elizabeth Kilminster spinster.

P. Thomas Hunniford and Charlotte Read.

1826 Sep 26 William Rogers widower to Mary Pomroy spinster.

P. Isaac Urch and James Lott.

1826 Sep 25 Isaac Blackmore bachelor of Bourton to Hester Brown spinster.

P. Joseph Buttel and James Lott.

1826 Oct 4 Richard Flower widower of Nailsea to Sarah Wells spinster.

P. Shadrack Weeks and Susan Wells.

1826 Nov 12 Charles Wedmore Coombs bachelor of Wrington to Hester Vowles spinster. Lic.

P. Wm. Vowles and Hester Cox.

1827 Jan 23 Joseph Garland bachelor of Backwell to Mary Weeks. Lic.

P. Edmund Weeks and John Weeks.

1827 Jun 5 William Henry Bould bachelor of Clifton to Rachel Morgan spinster.

P. William Johnson and Jane Bould.

1827 Sep 2 Thomas Thatcher bachelor of Midsummer Norton to Louisa Thatcher spinster. Lic.

P. Daniel Thatcher and Robert Purnell.

1828 Apr 27 Joseph Hookway bachelor of Nailsea to Hester Moore spinster.

P. Charles Moore and James Moore.

1828 Dec 1 James Blackmore bachelor to Mary Howland spinster.

P. Shadrack Weeks and Mary Proud.

1829 Apr 1 James Wade bachelor to Mary Wait spinster.

P. Hannah Cox and James Lott.

1830 Sep 19 James Hobbs bachelor to Hannah Bryant spinster of Clifton.

P. John Parker and James Lott.

1831 Jan 11 John Cook Lott bachelor to Sarah Rushen spinster.

P. George Crane and Ann Lane.

1831 Aug 18 Henry Heaven bachelor to Elizabeth Philips spinster.

P. James Heaven and Hannah Heaven.

1831 Sep 4 William Burgess bachelor to Mary Woodrow spinster.

P. Christopher Humble and Mary Proud.

1832 Apr 8 William Perry bachelor of Nailsea to Jemima Andrews.

P. Edward Phillips and Ann Phillips.

1832 May 24 John Hassell widower to Elizabeth Barron spinster. Lic.

P. Joseph Ham and Mary Newton.

1834 Jan 1 George Wood widower of Long Ashton to Hannah Stidfall spinster.

P. John Pimm and Sopia Pimm.

1834 Mar 23 Charles Hembling bachelor to Elizabeth Butcher spinster.

P. Mary Ann Pearce and James Lott.

1834 Dec 20 Samuel Brown of South Brewham to Kitty Hayter. Lic.

P.George Goff and Rachel Goff.

1835 Feb 4 John Evans bachelor to Ann Nichols spinster.

P. Hannah Jarrett and Samuel Jarrett.

1835 May 17 Richard Haskins widower to Anne Thorn spinster.

P. George Goff and Rachel Goff.

1835 Jul 30 John Spiller bachelor to Susannah Attewell spinster.

P. Thomas Attewell and Grace Attewell.

1835 Aug 23 William Newton of St. George to Ann Edwards.

P. Thomas Poole and James Lott.

1835 Dec 25 John Hookway bachelor to Bridgett Dulley.

P. George Dulley and Elizabeth SelLick.

1837 May 21 George Vincent Price bachelor to Ann Whitehead spinster.

P. Joseph Williams and Jane Norman.