Transcribed by Mary Mason.

The writer of the entries, did not always know the Christian name of the wife, so a blank space was left.



Apr 1 Elizabeth d of Thomas and Elizabeth Smith.

May 18 Joseph Thompson.

Jul 22 Samuel Palmer.

Jul 27 Ann d of John and Mary Lott.

Sep 11 Thomas s of Mary Wooling.

Nov 30 Nathaniel s of Robert and Mary Newton.

Dec 7 Mary d of Robert and Mary Newton.



On Nov 1 1801, the Rector died the Reverend Robert Simpkinson. There is no record of his burial.


Jan 2 Ann James.

Mar 27 Sarah wife of George Hookway.

May 8 Sarah wife of Samuel Pool.

Jun 7 Thomas s of Abraham and Mary Bilbie.

Jul 23 Martha d of Thomas and Ann Sims.

Oct 4 John Kineton.

Nov 18 Mary Lavington.

Dec 18 Elizabeth Airy.

                                                                Entered by Mr. Sparrow.



Feb 7 Sarah Date.

Mar 11 Samuel Savage of Bourton.

Apr 2 Thomas s of the Rev. Richard William Hood and Bridget his wife.

Apr 6 Mary wife of John Davies.

Apr 16 Ann d of Samuel and Elizabeth Alvis.

May 2 James s of James and Mary Young of Bourton.

May 16 Frances wife of Joseph Swadell of Bristol.

Jun 30 Joseph s of Richard and Hannah Hide.

Sep 2 John Kilminster.

Oct 17 Benjamin Baker.

Nov 3 Mary d of Joseph Swadle of Bristol.

Nov 15 Martha Evans.

Dec 5 Elizabeth d of Joseph Swadle of Bristol.



Jan 23 Nelly Johnson.

Feb 6 Hester d of Hester Battle.

Feb 13 Martha Weare.

Mar 25 Elizabeth wife of Thomas Williams.

May 29 Celia Beacham.



Feb 20 Samuel s of Robert and Esther Baker.

Feb 24 Thomas Smith.

Apr 3 Martha d of Thos and………… Sims.

Apr 8 John Hall.

May 13 Eliza d of Samuel and ………… Pool.

Jul 17 James s of James and Sarah Brown.

Oct 7 John Baker.

Oct 17 Elizabeth Bishop.

Oct 28 George Woolcott.

Nov 1 Sarah Garner.

Dec 27 Robert Gowrly.



Jan 27 Ann Ogburn.

Feb 18 Naomi Roberts.

Apr 5 Jane Thompson.

Apr 14 Sarah Woolcott.

May 5 Samuel Hailstone.

Sep 1 James Baker.

Dec 15 Betty w of Felix Phillips.

Dec 29 Jane d of Edward and Ann Hawkins.



Mar 21 Elizabeth wife of William Bowles.

May 1 George Hookway.

Jun 5 William Weeks.

Jun 9 Sarah wife of William Purnell.

Jun 11 Mary Savidge of Bourton.

Jun 25 Rachel wife of Joseph Atherton.

Sep 13 Martha d of Mary Phelps.

Sep 14 Ann d of Sarah Hall.



Jan 25 John s of Robert and Edy Humphries.

Feb 22 Samuel s of John and Mary Bishop.

Feb 25 George Hookway of Bourton.

Mar 11 Louisa d of John Robert and Ann Lucas.

 Mar 27 Florence d of George and Elizabeth Bassett.

Apr 2 George s of George and Martha Newton.

Apr 3 James s of William and Ann Pearce.

Apr 12 George s of William and Hester Phillips.

Apr 15 Jane wife of Robert Pope.

Apr 21 Elizabeth d of Charles and Sarah Pope.

Apr 21 William s of Jeremiah and Sarah Vowles.

Apr 29 Robert s of George and Priscilla Price.

May 4 Mary Hookway.

Jun 16 Rebekah Bodmon.

Jun 20 Thomas Raylor, natural s of the above Rebekah Bodmon.

Dec 6 Sarah wife of John Legg.

Dec 17 Mary wife of Jas: Dyer.



Jan 19 Sarah wife of Henry Watts.

Jan 20 Joseph s of James and Sarah Brown.

Jan 24 Thos: Meade/Neade.

Feb 12 Jane Wrappel.

Feb 22 Wm s of Walter and Ann Wells.

Apr 3 John Dudding.

Apr 11 Martha wife of Edward Bond.

Apr 24 Robert s of Thos and Hannah Baker.

Apr 25 Mary Ann d of Geo and Ann Puddy.

May 12 Thomas s of Sarah Whitworth.

May 26 John s of Geo and Ann Puddy.

May 29 Martha Hunter.

May 29 Sarah wife of James Hazle.

Jul 10 Charlotte Pollard.

Aug 12 Robert s of Samuel and Hannah Baker.

Sep 20 Hannah d of Wm and Ann Baker.

Sep 28 John Newton.

Nov 3 Ann d of Richard and Mary Vowles.

Dec 1 George s of Wm and Ann Gallop.

Dec 29 Betsy wife of John Baker.



Jan 5 James Vowles.

Jan 8 James s of James and Elizabeth Sims.

Jan 23 John Pope.

Jan 29 Peter Griffin.

Feb 26 Elizabeth Smith.

Mar 12 Mary d of James and Elizabeth Sims.

Apr 9 Elizabeth d of Richard and Zipporah Gillett.

Jun 1 Thomas Williams.

Jun 11 Frances d of Edward Bond.

Jun 25 John Stevens.

Aug 22 William Madgwick.

Aug 10 Mary d of Thomas and Sarah Brely.

Aug 13 William s of William and Ann Ogburn.

Sep 4 William Stephens.

Sep 15 Thomas s of Thomas and Mary Purnell.

Oct 5 John s of John and Betty Ogborn.

Dec 10 John Weeks.



Jan 12 John Badman.

Jan 29 Joseph Mainard.

Feb 11 Thomas Stone.

Feb 25 Ann wife of Wm Ball.

Mar 18 Hester wife of Robert Baker.

Mar 22 Betty wife of William Harvey.

Apr 8 William Jane.

Apr 8 Jane d of Samuel and Hannah Hailstone.

Apr 15 Thomas s of Edward and Elizabeth Thompson.

May 6 Joseph s of Joseph and Hannah Knight.

Jun 28 William Page.

Jul 12 Hannah wife of Nehemiah Rogers.

Jul 22 Thomas Roberts.

Jul 22 Susannah d of Ann Jane.

Aug 20 Hester d of Robert Pope.

Aug 21 Charles s of Samuel and Hannah Hailstone.

Oct 7 Elizabeth Griffin.

Nov 11 Louisa d of George and Elizabeth Bassett.

Dec 4 Samuel Kilminster.

Dec 14 Elizabeth wife of George Crossman.

Dec 31 Drusilla d of James and Sarah Lott.



Jan 16 Mary Perry.

Jan 28 Elizabeth wife of Samuel Alvis.

Mar 14 Nehemiah  Rogers.

Mar 21 James Stephens.

Apr 7 Robert Baker.

Apr 9 Mary d of John and Elizabeth Phillips.

Apr 14 Charles s of William and Sarah Emmett.

Apr 20 George s of William and Rebekah Honeyford.

Apr 28 Ann Cook.

May 7 William s of Wm and Ann Ogborn.

Aug 7 William Birch.

Sep 8 James s of James and Sarah Brown.

Sep 8 George s of Joseph and Hannah Knight.

Oct 28 Mary d of John and Mary Knight.

Oct 31 William s of William and Susannh Stone.

Nov 5 Thomas Sims.

Nov 8 Mary d of George and Martha Newton.

Dec 29 Hannah wife of Samuel Hailstone.



Jan 14 Mary d of William and Hannah Cole.

Feb 16 Sarah d of James and ……….. Wade.

Mar 4 Charles Brown.

Jun 2 Betty wife of Henry Burgess.

Jun 3 Elizabeth d of John and Elizabeth Squires.

Nov 10 Ann Bayly wife of Thomas Bayly.

Mar 4 Charles Turner Bowen.

Ann Young widow of William Young.

The above entry was not made at the proper time by the officiating Minister. But I have now made it under the fullest conviction that Ann Young was buried in Wraxall Church and at the end of November or the beginning of December 1812. I was away from home at the time of the burial but I had visited her in her illness, and knew that she was buried with her Father’s family in this Parish. James Vaughan. Rector.


See inscription to Ann Young’s memory on Tomb Stone belonging to the Jenkins and Young Family in Wraxall Churchyard.


The Rev. James Vaughan succeeded the Rev. Robert Simpkinson, who held the living for about 20 years. Mr Simpkinson seems to have been non-resident.

The Parish was served by Curates, Messr: Phelps, Fallowfield and others.



Jan 19 Flower Roberts aged 82 years. Wraxall near the poor house.

Feb 28 Elizabeth Baker aged 17 years of Nailsea.

Mar 7 Ann Stephens aged 75 years of Wraxall.

Mar 21 Thomas Needs aged 31 years of Yatton.

Apr 11 Mary Newton aged 55 years of Wraxall.

May 25 James Warden aged 1 month of Keen.

Jun 20 Eliza Morgan aged 4 years of Failand.

Jul 8 Ann Perry aged 7 years of Wraxall.

Jul 13 Thomas Waterman aged 33 years of Wraxall.

Jul 14 Charlotte Gale aged 21 years of Wraxall.

Sep 23 George Williams aged 80 years of Wraxall.

Oct 17 Simon Berry aged 27 years of Wraxall.

Dec 12 Esther Battle aged 70 years of Wraxall.



Feb 8 Ann Brown aged 2 years of Wraxall.

Mar 13 Elizabeth Thomas aged 8 weeks of Bristol.

Apr 15 John Kington Esq aged 38 years of Wraxall Lodge.

Jul 12 Elizabeth Avis aged 15 years of Wraxall.

Aug 17 Robert Baker aged 56 years of Nailsea.

Sep 2 James Warden aged 6 weeks of Kenn.

Oct 13 Samuel Hailstone alias Ridley aged 52 years of Wraxall.

Oct 25 Ann Stedtall 3 weeks of Failand.

Nov 16 Esther Perry aged 35 years of Failand.

Dec 11 Jane Windsor aged 70 years of Wraxall Poor House.

Dec 23 Mary Anne Kington eldest sister of Thos. Kington Esq aged 36 years of Berkley Square Bristol.



Feb 26 Isaac Merryfield aged 59 years of Nailsea.

Feb 26 Thomas Bayley aged 28 years of Wraxall.

Feb 27 Samuel Avis aged 17 months of Wraxall.

Mar 15 Mary Butler aged 3 weeks of Wraxall.

Apr 4 Harriet Basset aged 8 months of Wraxall.

Apr 12 Ann Wells aged 36 years of wraxall.

Apr 30 Elizabeth Vowles aged 72 years of Wraxall.

May 11 Mary Ann Ogborn aged 18 months of Wraxall.

Jun 30 Samuel Warden aged 82 years of Kenn.

May 15 Robert Haskins aged 9 days of Wraxall.

This funeral was omitted to be entered at the proper time. Jas. Vaughn Rector.

Aug 22 Hannah Griffin aged 93 years of Walton.

Sep 4 Morris Avery aged 35 years of Nailsea.

Sep 11 Hester wife of John Wolfe aged 47 years of Backwell.

Nov 5 Hester wife of William Phillips aged 44 years of Wraxall.

Dec 3 Edward Williams aged 58 years of Wraxall.

Dec 3 Elizabeth Winmill aged 17 years of Nailsea.



Jan 5 Louisa d of George and Anne Puddy aged 10 weeks of Yatton.

Jan 11 James s of George and Ann Puddy aged 16 months of Yatton.

Feb 4 William Harvey aged 86 years of Wraxall.

Mar 6 Thomas Parnell aged 40years of Wraxall.

Mar 31 Joseph s of Francis and Hannah Mountain aged 7 weeks of Nailsea.

Apr 16 James Brown aged 40 years of Wraxall.

Apr 26 John Rockwell aged 33 years of Nailsea.

May 5 James Rogers s of Sarah Rogers, widow, aged 8 years of Nailsea.

May 9 Ann d of William and Mary Vowles aged 7months of Barrow.

May 26 Charles s of John and Elizabeth Ogborn aged 6 weeks of Failand.

Jun 24 Hester Baker d of the late Robert and Hester Baker, aged 10 years? of Bourton.

Aug 14 Curtis Knight aged 35 years of Wraxall.

Aug 29 William Vowels aged 63 years of Wraxall.

Dec 18 Thomas Hazail aged 57 years of Wraxall.



Jan 15 Joanna Good? aged 86 years of Wraxall.

Jan 15 Mary Windy aged 84 years of Nailsea.

Feb 7 John Thompson aged 41 tears of Wraxall.

Mar 27 Elizabeth Young aged 44 years of Wraxall.

Apr 20 John Henry s of James and Sarah Turner aged 10 months of Nailsea.

May 8 Anne Vowles aged 82 years of Bedminster.

May 8 John Warden aged 58 years of Kenn.

May 20 Thomas Emery aged 77 years of Tickenham.

Jul 2 Elizabeth Eyers aged 26 years of Wraxall.

Jul 2 Henry s of John and Sarah Brown aged 7 weeks of Wraxall.

Jul 9 Martha Haskins aged 37 years of Wraxall.

Sep 11 Sarah wife of James Turner aged 40 years of Nailsea.

Jul 16 Richard Salisbury an infant of Nailsea.

Jul 16 Samuel Haskins s of John and Martha an infant of Wraxall.

Aug 7 Elisabeth Salisbury wife of Richard aged 33 years of Nailsea.

Oct 14 Hannah Little, widow, aged 88 years of Wraxall.

Oct 19 Anne wife of Thomas Newton aged 45 years of Wraxall.

Oct 26 Benjamin s of Abraham and Martha Wade aged 9 months of Wraxall.

Nov 17 John Lucas s of John Robert Lucas Esq aged 33 years of Westbury.

Oct 29 Elisabeth Bush wife of James Bush aged 48 years of Yatton.

Dec 7 Richard Hyde aged 79 years of Nailsea.

Dec 21 John Allen aged 32 years of Wraxall.



Feb 7 Charles Pope aged 46 years of Wraxall.

Mar 6 Edward s of John and Sarah Milton aged 2 years of Wraxall.

Mar 9 Ann Badan aged 2 years of Wraxall.

Mar 15 Hannah Lott aged 21 years of Wraxall.

Mar 24 Louisa Brown aged 2 months of Wraxall.

Apr 5 Sarah Marchant aged 24 years of Wraxall.

Apr 10 Mary Dyer aged 14 months of Wraxall.

May 6 Sarah Bunch aged 3 weeks of Wraxall.

Jun 28 Jacob Weaver aged 5 months of Failand.

Aug 8 Mary Marchant aged 18 weeks of Nailsea.

Sep 27 Simon Berry aged 56 years of Wraxall.

Oct 4 James Smith aged 5 weeks of Wraxall belonging to Bath.

Dec 9 Abraham Bilbie aged 79 years of Failand.

Dec 20 William Hedges aged 71 years of Wraxall.



Jan 6 Mary Thomas aged 26 years of Wraxall.

Mar 28 William Pearce aged 78 years of Wraxall.

Apr 4 Sarah Williams aged 78 years of Wraxall.

Apr 11 Robert Baker aged 29 years of Mont House Farm, Wraxall.

Jun 27 Uriah Crane aged 5 months of Wraxall.

Aug 11 Ann Rogers aged 72 years of Yatton.

Sep 12 Ann Sykes aged 86 years of Nailsea.

Sep 15 John Wells aged 45 years of Walton.

Oct 10 Mary Ann Thomas aged 8 years of Bedminster.

Oct 11 Elizabeth Wells aged 8 years of Walton.

Dec 5 Molly Crane aged 63 years of Wraxall.

Dec  12 Mary Dyer aged 64 years of Wraxall.



Jan 23 Hannah Cook aged 82 years of Wraxall.

Mar 17 Elizabeth Baker aged 46 years of Banwell.

Mar 19 Robert Newton aged 26 years of Nailsea.

Apr 2 Mary Lundberry aged 13 months of Nailsea.

Apr 12 Mary Sevier aged 76 years of Charlton Farm.

Apr 30 William Whitworth aged 41 years of Backwell.

May 30 James Turner aged 46 years of Wraxall.

Jun 8 Mary Urch aged 25 years of Wraxall.

Aug 20 William Williams aged 21 years of Wraxall.

Sep 14 Samuel Vowles aged 39 years of Worle.

Sep 24 Ann Burland aged 21 years of Wraxall.

Oct 11 Jacob Weaver aged 4 months of Failand.

Oct 25 Catherine Psleyuer/Psleiguer aged 23 years, Wraxall Parsonage, a Native of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Nov 5 Rachel Stokes aged 1 month of Wraxall.

Nov 19 William Cook aged 67 years of Wraxall.