Wraxall Baptisms

Transcribed by Mary Mason.



1813                                                                        Parish/Occupation.

Jan 3    Henry John to John and Sophia Allen, Wraxall, Usher.

Jan 10 Joseph to John and Elizabeth Vowles,     ..       Farmer.

Jan 19  Sarah to Joseph and Sophia Crane,       ..  Parish Master.

Feb 1   Harriet to Richard and Hannah Puddy   ..       Farmer.

Feb 7 Elizabeth daug to Stephen and Jane Waterman ..   Soldier/Lab.

Mar 21 John to John and Elizabeth Ogborn,       Portbury       Lab.

Apr 4   Anne Susannah to Wm and Nancy Gallop, Wraxall, Lab.

May 9  Betty to Thomas and Sarah Braley,       Failand,     Lab.

Jun 6    Phabe to Wm and Grace Gane,                         Wraxall,    Lab.

Jun 13  George to Wm and Martha Hasle,        Backwell,   Lab.

Jun 23  William to John and Martha Haskins,               Wraxall,    Lab.

Aug 11 Sarah Louisa to Robert Lucus and Louisa Chance, Wraxall, Merchant, born 26 Jan 1813.

Aug 29 Charlotte to Wm and Mary Hitchman,               Wraxall, Butcher.

Aug 29 Eliza to Wm and Mary Vowles,                               ..       Farmer.

Aug 29 Jane to John and Esther Perry                 Wraxall, Farmer.

Oct 10 Sarah to John and Mary Purnell,                  ..             Lab.

Oct 24 Ann to James and Sarah Wade,                               ..             Lab.

Oct 24 Samuel to Samuel and Ann Alvis,               ..         Farmer.

Nov 7  Martha to Thomas and Sarah Fisher,       Nailsea, Supervisor.

Nov 7  Wm Young to Sarah Thorn,                     Wraxall.

Nov 7 Eliza to Edward and Ann Broom,                    ..        Gardener.

Nov 14 Mary to George and Martha Newton,       Wraxall,  Farmer.

Nov 21 Isaac to Wm and Ruth Crane,                          ..        Mason.

Nov 21 Charles to John and Jane Danton alias Davington, ..     Smith.

Nov 21 Charles to Samuel and Ann Badman                 ..          Lab.

Dec 12 George to James and Sarah Brown,                    ..         Lab. 


Jan 14  Elizabeth to Richard and Mary Vowles,             ..     Farmer.

Jan 14  Sarah to Thomas and Sarah James,                 Fayland,   Lab.

Feb 8   George to John and Sarah Brown,                  Wraxall,   Lab.

Feb 13 Ann to John and Anna Hines,                               ..       Groom.

Feb 13 John to John and Anna Hines (private bapt at Henbury 13 Sep 1812) ..

Feb 20 Elizabeth to Joseph and Sarah Eyers,             Wraxall,    Lab.

Mar 14 Henry Stephens Chilcot illegitimate to Mary Williams.

Apr 24 Ann to Charles and Sarah Pipe,                      Wraxall,     Lab.

May 8 Mary to Stephen and Jane Waterman, disabled soldier, lost his right hand at the battle of Busaco.

(The battle of Busaco took place on the 27 Sep 1810 during the Peninsular war when Wellington defeated Messena.)

Jul 3    Charles to John and Martha Davies,               Wraxall,     Lab.

Jul 3    George            ..          ..          ..                                        ..              ..

Jul 17 Mary Anne born Apr 2 1814 to Robert Lucas and Louisa Chance,                                                                                                                 Merchant.

Jul 31  Charles to Isaac and Mary Urch,                                Wraxall,      Lab.

Aug 2 Louisa to Thomas and Mary Purnell,                      ..      Miller.

Aug 7  Joseph to John and mary Gowing,                  Failand,   Farmer.

Sep 18 Harriet to George and Elizabeth Bassett,       Wraxall,       Lab.

Sep 25 James to William and Elizabeth Bunce,                    Failand,     Lab.

Oct 9   William to William and Sarah Beams,                           ..            Lab.

Oct 9   Mary Ann p.b. about 12 mths before, to Wm and Ann Ogborn, W   Lab.

Oct 16 Joseph to John and Hannah Butcher,              Failand, Farmer.

Oct 16 George to William and Martha Hazel,                       Wraxall,    Lab.

Oct 30 Hannah to William and Jane Keen,                Failand,     Lab.

Nov 13 Henry to William and Hannah Morgan,                          ..           Lab.

Nov 13 George Vincent to George and Purcilla Price      Wraxall,                                                                                                        Wheelwright.

Nov 20 Maria to William and Mary Hitchman,                     Wraxall, Butcher.

Dec 12 Joseph aged 16 yrs to William and Esther Phillips,  ..   Shoemaker.

Dec12 John aged 14 yrs                      ..                      ..                      ..

Dec12 Fanny aged 12 yrs                   ..                      ..                      ..

Dec12 Eliza aged 8 yrs                       ..                      ..                      ..

Dec12 George aged 6 yrs                                            ..                      ..

Dec12 Charles aged 4 yrs                   ..                      ..                      ..

Dec12 James aged 2 yrs                      ..                      ..                      ..


Jan 8    Wm Shumer to Joseph and Sophia Crane,          Wraxall.    Lab.

Jan 8    Mary to William and Ann Stokes,                              ..          Lab.

Feb 5   John to James and Mary Young,                                            ..          Lab.

Feb 12 Joseph to John and Esther Wedmore,                  Failand, Tanner.

Feb 15 Mary about 4yrs of James and Elizabeth Sims,      Wraxall, Glassmaker.

Feb 15 Thomas about 2 yrs                ..          ..                                  ..

Feb 15 Martha about 6 mths               ..          ..                                  ..

Feb 26 Henry to James and Sarah Brown,                       Wraxall,   Lab.

Mar 5  James to James and Martha Pearce,                            ..          Lab.

Apr 2   Wm to Wm and Ann Gallop,                                      ..          Lab.

Apr 30 James to Wm and Ruth Crane,                                               ..     Mason.

Apr 30 Ann to James and Elizabeth Baden,                           ..          Lab.

Jun 11  Hannah to John and Martha Haskins,                         ..    Sawyer.

Jun 18  James to John and Elizabeth Vowles,                        ..    Farmer.

Jul 16  Hetty Anne natural child of Elizabeth Rogers.

Aug 1  Sarah Emma born 15 Sep in Bristol to James and Sarah Vaughan, Rector of this Parish.

Aug 13 Timothy to Timothy and Joanna Hill,           Failand, Blacksmith.

Aug 20 Mary to Mary and David Dunbar.     Bailiff to Thomas Kington.

Aug 20 Mary to John and Sarah Brown,                            Wraxall,   Lab.

Aug 27 Wm to Wm and Ruth Rogers,                               Wraxall,   Lab.

Aug 30 Robert to George and Martha Newton,                                  ..     Farmer.

Sep 5   Clara Phillippa born 13 Apr 1814 to Philip John and Clara Nash. Gentleman.

Sep 10 Charlotte to John and Jane Daunton,             Nailsea Blacksmith.

Oct 1 Mary Smith to Thomas and Sarah Williams     Wraxall, Shoemaker.

Nov 6  Richard Evans to James and Anne Watson         ..            Farmer.

Nov 19 Anne to Samuel and Jane Kington,                     ..                 Lab.

Nov 27 Elizabeth to Robert and Anne Baker,             Nailsea,      Farmer.

Dec3 Abraham to Abraham and Martha Wade,                     Failand,           ..

Dec 31 Eliza to Isaac and Jane Wade,                              ..               Lab.



Jan 7  Samuel to Charles and Sarah Pope,                 Wraxall,      Lab.

Jan 9    Charlotte to Richard and Mary Vowles,               ..       Farmer.

Jan 21  George to Stephen and Jane Waterman,                           ..            Lab.

Feb 3   Sarah to Thomas and Sarah Braley,                     ..             Lab.

Mar 17 George to Virture Bilby,                                                  ..        Servant.

Mar 17 Editha to John and MaryGowan,                        ..              Lab.

Mar 24 Wm to John and Mary Hines,                              ..     Coachman.

Mar 31 Joseph to Francis and Hannah Mountain,           ..    

Apr 6   Jane to Robert and Sarah Pope,                                       ..                Lab.

May 19 Sarah Sabina to John and Sophia Allen,            ..     Accountant.

Jul 28  Anne Jane to Edward and Ann Broom,                      Failand, Gardener.

Jul 28  Eliza to Isaac and Hannah Jenkins?                    ..                 Lab.

Sep 1   Wm to Wm and Sophia Vowles,                                Wraxall,           Lab.

Sep 8   Elizabeth to Wm and Elizabeth Bunch,                      Failand,           Lab.

Sep 8   Edmund to Wm and Grace Gane,                   Wraxall,           Lab.

Oct 13 Thomas to Robert and Lydia Weare,                   ..          Servant.

Dec      Abraham to James and Sarah Wade,             Failand,           Lab.


Jan 12 Frederick to Isaac and Mary Urch,                 Wraxall,           Lab.

Jan 12  Mary Ann illegitimate to Elizabeth Gould,                  Spinster.

Feb 2   Mary to John and Hannah Butcher,                Failand,           Lab. 

Feb 9   Hannah to Joseph and Sophia Crane,             Wraxell.

Feb 9   Benjamin to Abraham and Martha Wade,      Failand,     Farmer.

Feb 9   Rosa to Robert and Sarah Main,                   Nailsea,  Supervisor.

Feb 16 Mary to Samuel and Elizabeth Stokes,                       Wraxall,           Lab.

Feb 16 Harriet to George and Elizabeth Bassett,             ..                Lab.

Feb 23 Mary to Isaac and Sarah Dyer,                                         ..                Lab.

Feb 23 Charles to Wm and Ruth Crane,                                       ..           Mason.

Mar 16 Samuel to Wm and Hannah Morgan.

Apr 9   Mark to James and Mary Purnell,                         ..                Lab.

Apr 20 Thomas Smith to Thomas and Sarah Williams,                ..    Shoemaker.

Apr 27 Samuel to John and Martha Haskins,                    ..         Sawyer.

Jun 15  George to David and Mary Dunbar,               Charlton,    Farmer.

Jun29   Mary to John and Martha Pearce,                   Wraxall,           Lab.

Jul 6    Harriet to John and Jane Daunton,             Nailsea,   Blacksmith.

Jul 8    Thomas to Robert and Mary Purnell               Wraxall,    Miller.

Jul 13  Robert to Robert and Ann Baker,                                      ..       Farmer.

Jul 27  James to Wm and Ann Gallop,                                         ..                Lab.

Aug 24 George to John and Elizabeth Ogbourne,             ..                Lab.

Oct 13 Martha to George and Martha Newton,                            ..          Farmer.

Nov 30 Thomas to Stephen and Jane Waterman,                          ..                Lab.

Dec 6   Mary Ann to Wm and Hannah Cole,                    ..                Lab.

Dec31  Harriet to Richard and Mary Vowles,                  ..          Farmer.


Jan 26 Robert to Robert and Sarah Pope,                               Wraxall,           Lab.

Feb 15 Edmund to Thomas and Mary Shipstor.                    Charlton, Gardener.

Mar 1  Wm to Wm and Martha Hazell,                                  Wraxall,           lab.

Mar 6  John………..the rest left blank………………

Mar 6  Edward to John and Sarah Milton,                             Wraxall,    Farmer.

Entered by mistake instead of the buriel register. (Refers to the above entry.)

Mar 15 John to John and Mary Perry                                         Wraxall,        Lab.

Apr 5   Mary to Sarah and James Marchank,                                  ..              Lab.

Apr 5   Wm illegitimate child of Sarah Knight,                             ..

Apr 12 James to Edward and Elizabeth Bees,                                        Failand,       Lab.

May 3  Ann to Wm and Ann Stokes,                                           Wraxall,      Lab.

May 6  Sarah to Wm and Elizabeth Burch or Bunce,                        ..           Lab.

May 10 Thomas to Hezcheat and Martha Lott,                                 ..           Lab

May 10 Harriet            ..                      ..                                              ..

May 14Thomas to John and Sarah Brown,                                        ..          Lab.

Jun 25  Mary Ann to Isaac and Jane Wade,                                  Failand,     Lab.

Jun 25 Wm to Wm and Ann Ball,                                                 Wraxall,    Lab.

Jul 6    Maria Agatha to John and Susanna Whetham,    Wraxall Lodge, Gent.

Aug 16 Wm to John and Elizabeth Vowles,                              Wraxall, Farmer.

Sep 13 Ann to Isaac and Hannah Simkins,                       Charlton Farm,      Lab.

Oct11  Elizabeth to Mary and David Jones,                                 Wraxall,     Lab.

Oct 18 Hannah to Eleanor and James Parsons,                                   ..         Lab.

Dec 13 Louisa to John and Charity Card,                                           ..          Lab.

Dec 20 Henry to George and Mary Jarrett,                                   ..   Blacksmith.

Dec 20 Wm to Wm and Ann Ogburn,                                           ..               lab.

Dec 20 May an illegitimate child of Mary Williams.

Dec 25 Edith to John and Hannah Davis,                                  Failand,   Farmer.

Dec 25 Wm                 ..          ..                                                          ..          ..


Jan 10 Ann to Richard and Rachael Mills,                             Wraxall, Shepherd.

Jan 17 Richard to Richard and Mary Vowles,                             ..         Farmer.

Feb 21 James to David and Mary Dunbar,                                  ..         Bailiff.

Mar 7  Mary to Andrew and Keziah Lundbury,           Nailsea, Excise Officer.

Mar 7 Uriah to Wm and Ruth Crane,                                       Wraxall,  Mason.

Mar 7 Ann to Elizabeth and James Baker,                                      ..             Lab.

Mar 21 Sarah to Abraham and Martha Wade,                          Failand,        Lab.

May 9 Wm to John and Hannah Butcher,                                          ..          Lab.

May 16 George to Joseph and Rebecca Stokes,                        Wraxall,        Lab.

May 16 Bethia? An illegitimate child of Elizabeth Gould,                ..

Jul 25 Ann to John and Sarah Milton,                                                            ..     Farmer.

Jul 25 Sarah to Wm and Ann Gallop,                                                 ..          Lab.

Aug 11 Arthur John to John and Susanna Whetham,         Wraxall Lodge, Gent.

Aug 15 Thomas to Wm and Hannah Morgan,                             Failand,      Lab.

Aug 29 John to Mary Mitchell, an illegitimate child.                  Wraxall.

Aug 29 Louisa to John and Jane Daunton,                           Nailsea, Blacksmith.

Sep 26 Mary to Joseph and Sophia Crane,                            Wraxall,            Lab.

Oct 3   Elizabeth to Wm and Sophia Vowles,                              ..                Lab.

Oct 7   Robert to Robert and Hannah Newton,                      Nailsea, Carpenter.

Oct 24 George to Wm and Elizabeth Bunch,                         Wraxall,           Lab.

Dec 5   Ann to John and Martha Pearce,                                       ..                Lab.


Jan 7    Charles to Samuel and Elizabeth Stokes,                   Wraxall,          Lab.

Feb 13 Samuel to David and Mary Jones,                                    ..           Farmer.

Apr 9   Elizabeth to Mark and Elizabeth Lott,                             ..                Lab.

May 24 Thomas to Moses and Ann Smith,                                  ..           Farmer.

Jun 4    Sarah to George and Mary Jarrett,                                    ..    Blacksmith.


Jun11  Drusilla to Wm and Ruth Crane,                                       ..           Mason.

Jun 11 Eliza to Wm and Ruth Crane                                        Wraxall,   Mason.

Jun 17  Emma to James and Jane Giles,        Westbury on Trim, Glou.Gardener.

Jun 18 Hamell to John and Elizabeth Ogburn,                           Failand,       Lab.

Jul 2    Robert to Robert and Hannah Canpbell,                          Wraxall,      Lab.

Jul 2   Thomas to James and Eleanor Parsons,                                 ..            Lab.

Jul 9    John to John and Hannah Hines,                                           ..Coachman.

Aug 20 Michael to Andrew and Kesiah Lundberry,                     Excise Officer.

Aug 20 Susanna to Isaac and Jane Wade,                                  Failand,       Lab.

Oct 22 Wm to Wm and Sarah Hailstone,                                   Wraxall,      Lab.

Oct 29 Harriett to John and Sarah Brown,                                        ..          Lab.

Nov 5  Charles to Isaac and Hannah Simkins,                                    ..          Lab.


Mar 18 John to John and Charity Card,                                             ..          Lab.

Mar 25 Hannah Caupting? to John and Hanah Butcher,                    ..          Lab.

Apr 22 James to James and Elizabeth Wallis,                              Failand,     Lab.

Apr 22 Charles to        ..          ..          ..                                              ..          ..

Apr 22 Walter to Wm and Ann Brown,                                        Wraxall,    Lab.

Apr 29 Abraham to Amos and Elizabeth Hillier,                               ..          Lab.

Apr 29 Amos to          ..                      ..          ..                                  ..          ..

May 15 Elizabeth Augustus to John Hugh and Ann Smyth, Wraxall Lodge, Gent. Born 6 Dec 1820.

Jun 17 Harriet to John and Jane Nicholas,                                      Failand,   Lab.

Jun 19 Mary to Robert and Ann Bryant,                                    Wraxall, Farmer.

born Kingston Seymour, 10 Dec,1820.

Jul 29 Eliza to John and Sarah Milton,                                               ..     Farmer.

Jul 29 Elizabeth Ann to Luke and Elizabeth Lott,                       Ashton,     Lab.

Aug 5 Charles to James and Susanna Burge,                               Wraxall,    Lab.

Sep 2 Keturah to John and Jane Daunton,                                 Nailsea, B/Smith. 

Sep 23 Ann to Thomas and Sarah Braley,                                   Failand, Farmer.

Sep 23 Elizabeth to Joseph and Rebecca Stokes,                       Wraxall,       Lab.

Oct 7   Sarah to Wm and Grace Gains,                                        Failand,     Lab.

Oct 7 Henry to John and Ann Hailstone,                                     Wraxall,      Lab.

Nov 4 George to James and Dorothy Mitchell,                                  ..          Lab.

Nov 11 Magnus to Andrew and Keziah Lundbury,            Wraxall, Ex. Officer.

Nov 18 Rachael to Wm and Ann Stokes,                                      Wraxall,    Lab.

Nov 18 Elizabeth to George and Mary Jarrett,                                   ..   B/Smith.

Nov 25 Mary to Wm and Ann Gallop,                                               ..          Lab.

Nov 25 Wm Henry to Edmund and Harriett Winstone,                     ..    Farmer.

Dec 30 Lucy to Wm and Lucy Eyers,                                                ..     Mason.


Feb 3 Collin to Collin and Hannah Campell,                             Wraxall,      Lab.

Feb 10 James to Richard and Mary Vowles,                                      ..     Farmer.

Feb 10 George to David and Mary Jones,                                          ..          ..

Feb 24 Joseph to Joseph and Sophia Crane,                                       ..          Lab.

Feb 27 Wm to Wm and Ann Crane,                                                               Lab.

Parents formerly lived at Nailsea, the baptized person was 68 when baptized and lived at Wraxall, his mother was a Quaker. (refers to the above entry)      

Mar 31 John to Moses and Ann Smith,                                  Charlton,Farmer.

Mar 31 Robert to Mark and Elzabeth Lott,                      Wraxall, Shopkeeper.

Apr 14 Harriet to Wm and Elizabeth Bunce,                         Charlton,         Lab.

Apr 28 Henry to James and Elizabeth Baden,               Wraxall,      Lab.

May 5 Hannah to John and Sarah Brown,                        ..                Lab.

May 19 Charles to James and Nelly Parsons,                  Wraxall,      Lab.

Jul 7 Sarah to Isaac and Jane Wade,                               Failand,       Lab.

The child was born after the fathers death. (refers to the above entry)                                 

                                                                                      J.Vaughan. Rector.