Transcribed by Mary Mason.


Baptisms Burials & Marriages





Mary to Richard and Edith Hardwicke, baptized 2 Apr.

Margaret to John and Margaret Jones, baptized 2 Apr.

Mary to William and Elizabeth Fluellin, baptized 7 Jun.

Robert to Robert Reade, baptized 6 Aug.

Edward to Edward and Elizabeth Panie, baptized 29 Oct.

Mary to Richard and Florence Quayle, baptized 7 Feb.

Mary to William and Francis Cox, baptized 18 Mar.



Mary to William and Margaret Frigeson, baptized 3 Jun.

Daughter of William Horsington, baptised May.

John to William Newton and Francis, baptized 1 Nov.

Marie to Edmund Reed and Joan, baptized 25 Mar.



Francis to William Hunt and Ann, baptized 7 Apr.

William to Francis Enenie (Emery) and Elizabeth, baptized 12 May.

Elizabeth to Morris Good and Elizabeth, baptized 26 May.

Maudlyn to John Davis the younger and Mary, baptized 27 Jan.

Charles to Anthony Day and Joane, baptized 5 November.



John natural base son of Annie Hedge, baptized 29 Mar.

William to William Wade and Alice, baptized 28 Aug.

Magdaline daughter to John Davis and Marie, baptized 30 Nov.

Maryet daughter to Edmund Reade and Joane, baptized 13 Dec.

Judith to John House and Judith, baptized Dec.

Edward to William Hunt and Anne, baptized 17 Jan.

George to William Cox and Florence, baptized 21 Jan.

Thomas to Thomas Phillips and Elizabeth, baptized 7 Feb.

Robert to Richard Graile and Florence, baptized 20 Jan.



William to William Horsington and Ann, baptized 1 Aug.

Adam to Joane Dowblye, baptized 16 Mar.



Thomas to John Shucke and Mary, baptized 28 Apr.

Elizabeth to Benjamin and Francis, baptized 3 Jul.

Hester to Richard Buee.. and Mary, baptized 3 Jul.

John to Henry Dynham, gent and Anne baptized 23 Jul.

Samuel to Robert Burndell and Mary, baptized 20 Aug.



Samuel to William Newton and Francis, baptized 6 Nov.

John to Rich Grayle and Florence, babtised 10 Jan.



Henry to Henry Dynham, gent and Anne, baptized 19 Nov.

Rachell to Wm Cox and Francis, baptized 24 Nov.

Dorothy to Walter Williams and Joane, baptized 15 Dec.

Judith to John House and Judith, baptized 19 Jan.

Edward to Robert Burndell and Mary, baptized 16 Mar.

Margaret to John Wylson? baptized 16 Mar.



Edmund to Edmund Reede and Jone, bapt 25 Mar.

Ann to Thomas Wornell the younger and Mary, baptized 24 Apr.

John to Thomas Phillips, baptized 8 Jun.

John to John and Elizabeth Haggatt, baptized city of Bristol, 13 Jul.

Elizabeth to Frances and Elizabeth Parsons, baptized 10 Aug.

Daughter of William Hunt and Ann, baptized Oct.

Henry to John and Mary Stark, baptized 20 Jan.



Dorothy to Thomas and Dorothy Shepherd, baptized 30 Apr.

Georg to John and Sarah Walker, baptized 20 May.

Mary to Wyllm Uprott and Mary, baptized 18 Jun.

Mary to Wyllm Hussell and Ann, bapt 28 Jun.

Jane to Wm and Elizabeth Shepherd, baptized 9 Sep.

Hanna to Robert and Mary Burndell, baptized 2 Nov.

Ellenor to Thomas and Elizabeth Stride, baptized 27 Dec.

Alice to Peter de Ashton, baptized 10 Jan.

Francis son of Rych and Frances Grayle, baptized 14 Feb.

John to Thomas Wornell, junior, bapt 9 Mar.

Hugh to John and Margarett Plarr, bapt 6 Mar.

Ann to Wym and Alyce Naril, baptized 11 Mar.

Ann to Roger and Elizabeth Porter, baptized 22 Mar.



John to Edward and Jone Reed, baptized 3 Apr.

Susanna to ……….baptized 26 Apr.

Abigall to ………Jenkins, bapt 9 Jun.

Elizabeth to John Wylson, baptized 13 Jun.

Dorothy to John and Amy Harris, baptized 20 Jun.

Mary to Thos Wallis, baptized 13 Jul.

Sarah to Henry Uprott of Owner (Honour) in Portbury, baptized 9 Sep.

John to Thos Phillips, baptized 26 Sep.

Frances son to Frances Parsons, baptized 23 Dec.

John to Wyllim and Ann Hunt, baptized Feb 10.

Bridget to Thos and Dorothy Shepherd, baptized 17 Feb.



Florence to Wm and Elizabeth Shepherd, bapt 26 Mar.

Sarah to Wm and Mary Uprott, baptized 10 May.

Mary to Mr Young and Ann Dyn…….. baptized 22 May.

John to Walter and Joane Wylliams, baptized 23 Jul.

Rychard to John and Ann Maye, baptized 31 Jul.

Mary to Joseph Cox, baptized 1 Aug.

Mary to John and Mary Stark, baptized 30 Mar.

Wm to Richard and Jane Bythran, baptized 20 Jan.

Mary to Robert and Mary Burniett, baptized 8 Feb.

Mary to Thomas Warnell, baptized 27 Feb.

Thomas to Walter and Joane Williams, baptized 15 Jan.



Hester to Lewis and Sarah Chester, baptized 8 Apr.

Ann to Edmund and Joane Reed, baptized Jul

Elizabeth to Roger and Elizabeth Porter, baptized 2 Oct.

Joan to John and Margaret Place, baptized 8 Nov.

Mary base to Bastard Moyher, baptized 15 December.

Richard to Francis Parsons, baptized 1 Jan.

Richard to John Wylson, baptized 13 Feb.

Mary, Ann and Elizabeth daughters of Wm and Ann Hunt, baptized 20 Feb.

Rychard to Mr Richard Arthur, baptized 28 Feb.

Sarah to ………Haynes, baptized 3 Mar.

Wm to John Howe, baptized 4 Mar.

Edith to Richard Cooke baptized, 30 Aug. (Written on the side of the page.)



John to John and Rebecca Warre, baptized 6 June.

Robert to Robert and Francis Wylmont, baptized 7 Jun.

Agnes to Lewis and Sarah Chester, baptized 25 Aug.

Thomas to Frances Young, baptized 15 Sep.

John to John Cyllingful,baptized 3 Nov.

Sarah to Robert and Mary Burndull, baptized Nov 17.

Jane to Mr Young and Ann Dynsul, baptized 6 Dec.

John to ………. of Portbury, baptized 2 Feb.

Daughter of Thomas Sandy, was baptized by ye name of Mary, 13 Feb.

Wm to Wm Hedges of Portbury, baptized 16 Feb.



Thomas to Thomas Stephens, baptized 16 Jun.

Wyllm to John Varden, baptized 9 Aug.

Mary to John and Amy Harris, baptized 2 Nov.

Francis to Robert and Francis Wylmut, baptized 8 Dec.

Edith to Robert Phiye of Bourton, baptized 8 Feb.



Mary to Samuel and Bettress (Beatrix) Cox, baptized 25 Mar.

Mary to Robert and Mary Chappell, baptized 10 May.

Ann to Wm and Mary Bolton, baptized 9 Jun.

George to John Wylson, baptized 10 Jun.

Mary to John and Ellenor Cottle, baptized 13 Jun.

Daughter of Edmund and Joan Reed, baptized 8 Aug.

Joseph to Wm Cox, baptized 27 Oct.

Joane to Charles Hardwycke,of Bourton, baptized 10 Oct.

Edyth to Samuel Porter of Bourton, baptized 30 Oct.

Mary of Lewis and Sarah Chester, baptized 13 Nov.

Robert of Robert Brendall, baptized 12 Feb.



Jane to Benjamin Adams, baptized 3 Apr.

Robert to Mr Henry Dynham, Gent, baptized at Bristol 21 May.

Richard to Thomas Haynes, baptized 8 May.

Thomas to John Cheston, baptized 1 Aug.

John to Wm Hylsey of Burton, baptized 7 Aug.

John to Robert Willmatt, baptized 14 Oct.

Ann to Richard Arthur, baptized 20 Feb.

Thomas Wornell and Richard Arthur, Church Wardens.




Margaret of John and Margaret Jones, buried 13 Apr.

Mary wife of Wm Sheperd, buried 28 Aug.



Margaret wife of John Jones, buried 16 Apr.

Jane Hiled, buried 1 Oct.

Alce Jones daughter of John Jones, buried 15 Sep.

James Holbrook, buried 10 Nov.

Gamaliell  Hardwicke, buried 10 December.

Robert ……. 12 Dec.

John Puerrell, buried 18 Jan.

Richard Wilcox, buried 19 Feb.



Elizabeth Payson wife of Francis, buried 27 Apr.

Christopher C…, buried 2 May.

Margerrie Lott wife of Richard, buried 23 May.

John Brian buried 14 Jun.

Edmond Hade buried 18 Jun.

John Chappell of Langton Court buried 5 Dec.

Jane wife of Wm George buried Jan 16.

Madlyn daughter of John Davis ye younger buried 1 Feb.

Richard Parsons buried 21 Oct.



Marie daughter of Jones Jones buried 26 Apr.

Marie daughter of William Fuellen buried 16 Nov.

Judith daughter of John House and Judith buried 26 Dec.

Robert Willmatt buried 20 Aug.

John Wornell buried 14 Mar.



George son of Wm Cox buried 3 Jun.

Ann daughter of Robert Breeme buried 18 Jun.

Richard Lott buried 1 Dec.

Mawdlyn Reed buried 17 Mar.

Joseph Eyrle buried 4 October.

Mary Lang of Burton widow buried 4 Nov.

Martha wife of Wm Eyll buried 27 Feb.



Joane Symes alias Eyrle buried 30 Mar.



Rachell daugher of Edward House jun buried 7 Dec.

Widow Jennings of Burton buried 12 Dec.



Frances Payton buried at Backwell 17 Oct.

Wm. Earsington of Failand buried 10 Apr.

Ann wife of John Mayes of Failand buried 12 Apr.

Joan wife of Edmund Vow…. Buried 19 Oct.

Joane James alias L? buried 29 Dec.

Ye son of Thomas Bu… buried 14 Jan.

Thomas Zylt of Fayland buried 2 Jan.

George son of John Starke buried 31 Jan.



Henry son of Henry Dynham buried 2 May.

James son of Nycolas Butler of ye city of Bristol merchant buried 7 Jun.

The Lady Dorothy George of Robert George, Knight buried Aug 27.

Alice Zyll buried Jan 10.



Wm George buried 2 Apr.

Elizabeth Wylmut buried 14 Apr.

John Walker buried 16 May.

Ann Gruwell buried 18 Jul.

Edward son of Edward Payne buried 7 Sep.

Edmund son of Edmund and Joane Reed buried 6 Jan.

Elleanor daughter of Tho and Elizabeth Sandy buried 6 Jan.

Thomas Allen buried 23 Jan.

John Abraham buried 24 Jan.

Wife of John Phylputt buried 24 Feb.

Wife of Thomas Perie of Backwell buried 24 Mar.



Wm Hardwick of Burton buried 14 Jul.

Phillippa Hardwycke widow buried 31 Jul.

John Abraham buried Dec 4. (crossed out.)

Edward son of Thos Wornell buried November.

Edward Abraham buried 4 Dec.

Edmund Fowles buried 7 Dec.

Roger Green buried 7 Jan.

John Gaynor of Fayland buried 15 Jan.


1648 Wm of Robert Plypps of Burton buried 3 Jul.

Dorothy daughter of John  ?arne buried 8 Jul.

Richard Morgan buried 21 Jul.

Margaret Wornell, widow buried 25 Sep.

Rychard Moore buried 7 Oct.

Mr Charles Youg clerke buried 23 Jan.

Joane wife of John Pryce buried 15 Feb.



Jane Allen daughter of Tho buried 9 Jul.

Mary daughter of Robert Brtidall buried 10 Jul.

Thomas Wornell son of Thomas buried 15 Nov.

John son of Joseph Cox buried 24 Feb.

Ferdinando son of Sam George Esq buried 22 Feb.

Dorothy daughter of Sam George Esq 25 Feb.

Ann daughter of ? Browne of Bristol buried 10 Mar.

Mary and Elizabeth ? buried 7 Mar.

Margaret Cambridge widow buried 24 Mar.



The wife of John Davis buried 16 Apr.

Dorothy wife of Tho Shepherd buried 28 Apr.

Edward son of Walter Wylliams buried 10feb.



Edith wife of Rich Hardwick of Clapton buried 30 Oct.

Michaell son of Wm Allen of Bristol buried 30 Oct.

Son of ……Browne of Bristol buried 4 Jan.

Sarah wife of Thomas Hayne buried 31 Jan.

John Collingham buried 15 Mar.

Jane wife of David Tylly buried 24 Mar.

Grace wife of ….. Twytt buried 24 Mar.



Alice wife of Wm Ward buried 5 May.

Ann Parsons widow buried 18 Jun.

Elizabeth Reynolde widow buried 27 Aug.

Thomas  Horsington buried 23 Sep.

Jane wife of  Ezechiel Pownell Rector of Wraxall buried 5 Oct.

Frances wife of Wm Newton buried 13 Nov.

An daughter of Edmund Reed buried 1 Apr.

Ann wife of Thomas Porter buried 14 Apr.

Mary wife of Sam Rooch buried 16 Apr.

Thomas Porter buried 28 Apr.

Wm Newton buried 6 May.

Henry Durnell of Nalsey buried 8 Jun.

Ann Lovell buried 14 Jul.

Ann wife of Samuel Porter buried 8 Dec.

Thomas Griffin of Burton buried 22 Dec.

Edith daughter of Robert Phippes buried 2 Feb.





John Jones and Annie Kmye marries 20 Apr.

Edmund Woules and Joane Swat married 28 Apr.

William Newton to Francis Perrin married May.



Josiah Councell and Alice Jefferies married 5 Oct.



Richard Hardwicke and Edith Porter married 12 May.

Thomas Porter and Marie Goodale married Aug.

John Edmund and Joane married 2 Jan.



John Greene and Joane Payton married 1 May.

William Shepherd and Mary Wornell married 8 May.

William Davis and Margery Reade married 21 Sep.



George Jones and Frances Collyer married Apr.

William Hunt and Anne Cox married 22 Jul.



William Whitfield and Joane Mastroll married 22 Apr.

William Ratle and Elizabeth Baily married 21 oct.

Anthony Day and Joane May married 8 Aug.

Wm Sadler and Mary Wate widow married 13 Feb.



John Starke and Mary Allen married 26 Nov.

Richard Gibbons and Florence Adams married 24 Jan.

George Blanche and Elizabeth Lane married 22 Jan.



Henry Dynham Gent and Ann daughter of Robert Hodgson, Gent married 14 Oct.

William Lyne and Joane Reynolde married 14 Oct.

Wm Davis and Elizabeth Payne married 22 May.

George Cox and Mary Love married 6 Sep.

Richard Breene and Mary Wykes married 4 Oct.

John Walter and Sarah Coxe married 7 Oct.



Robert ?brendell and Mary Lawrence married 7 Jul.



Thomas Wornell sone of Tho Wornell and Mary Wallis married 24th.



Roger Porter and Elizabeth Whyt? married 1 May.

Joane Arthur and Thomas Phyllipps married 2 May.

Peter Arnold and Fortuna Hayward married 10 Apr.



Henry Sperring and Ann Whyte married 28 Apr.



John Plane and Margaret Davis married 9 May.



Richard Thomas and Margaret Jones of Portbury married 26 Sep.

Wm Cooke of Barrow and Grace Martin of Long Ashton married 8 Oct.



Lewis Chester and Sarah Abraham married 28 Apr.

Wm Briant and Kathrin Steyland? married 17 Jul.



Robert Wylmutt and Francis Wheeler married 2 Apr.



John Lockier and Ann Payne married 2 May.



Samuel Wornell and Edith Steephens married 5 Sep.

William Godwin and Margaret Perin married 26 Sep.

Mr. Edward George and Mrs Grace Winter married 22 Sep.