Worle, St. Martins.

Transcribed by Mary Mason.



1813 Apr 13 Samuel Pipe, bachelor to Sarah Cole, spinster. Consent of Parents.


1814 Mar 27 William Watts, bachelor to Jane Sevier, spinster.

1814 Apr 3 James Wells, bachelor to Hannah Kington, spinster.

1814 Aug 15 Richard Tanner of Kewstoke, bachelor to Ann Baden, spinster.

1814 Oct 29 William Light, bachelor to Ann Sevier, spinster. Consent of Parents.


1815 Mar 30 William Barrett, bachelor to Frances Gill, spinster. Consent of Parents.

1815 Mar 30 William Haymans of Kewstoke, bachelor to Jane Palmer, spinster. Consent of Parents.

1815 Aug 26 Charles Wiltshire, bachelor to Elizabeth Palmer, spinster. Consent of Parents.


1816 Apr 14 Leonard Wood, widower to Jane Banwell, widow.

1816 Apr 18 John Lovell, bachelor to Elizabeth Tippets, spinster.

1816 May 27 Thomas Rattle, bachelor to Mary Horsington, spinster.

1816 Jun9 John Webber, bachelor to Elizabeth Parsons, spinster.

1816 Aug 25 James Harris, bachelor to Maria Pain, spinster. Consent of Parents.


1817 Apr 3 John Barrett, bachelor to Jane Hurley, spinster.

1817 Apr 19 George Wriden of Kewstoke, bachelor to Sarah Jeffery, spinster.   

1817 May 26 George Cole of Frampton Cotterell, Glou and Fortune Lovell, spinster.

1817 Jun 22 Isaac Burgh, bachelor to Sarah Webb, spinster.


1818 Apr 14 Joseph Davis, bachelor to Dorcus Lovel, spinster.

1818 Oct 24 George Warbriton of Kewstoke, bachelor to Mary Bailey. Consent of Parents.


1819 Apr 17 George Peters to Jane Andrews, spinster.

1819 Sep 27 William Frederick Morgan of St. Mary Redcliff, Bristol,bachelor to Marianne Price, spinster. Consent of Parents. Lic.


1820 Mar 1 William Day, widower to Anne West, widow.

1820 Mar 12 William Cavile, bachelor to Mary Hussey, spinster.

1820 Aug 12 William Cole, bachelor to Sarah Curry, spinster.

1820 Oct 16 Richard Moore of Kewstoke, bachelor to Elizabeth Tripp, spinster. Consent of Parents.  Lic.


1821 Jan 4 John Thomas Morgan of Westbury upon Trym, Glou, bachelor to Anne Francis Croft, spinster. Lic. Consent of Parents.

1821 Feb 13 James Wookey, bachelor to Anne Parsons, spinster.

1821 Mar 24 John Walker of Kewstoke, bachelor to Sarah Theyer. Consent of Parents. Lic.

1821 Jun 12 George Hunt, bachelor to Diana Hunt, spinster.

1821 Sep 8 Cornelius Day, bachelor to Elizabeth Peters.

1821 Sep 21 John Lovell, bachelor to Mary Cole, spinster.


1822 Mar 30 Walter Durbin, bachelor to Francis Harris, spinster.

1822 Apr 1 George Hawkins, bachelor to Jane Harle, spinster.

1822 Apr 13 Edmund Twitt, bachelor to Eliza Tripp, spinster.

1822 Apr 25 Daniel Wakley Day of Kewstoke, bachelor to Ann May, spinster. Lic.

1822 May 10 Charles Amesbury, bachelor to Christian Kington, spinster.

1822 May 18 Charles Harris, bachelor to Mary Tutton, spinster.

1822 Aug 31 John Davis, bachelor to Ann Young Salvidge. Consents of Parents.


1823 Mar 15 John Cook, bachelor to Ann Davis, spinster.

1823 Mar 31 James Halls Sampson, Clerk of this Parish, bachelor to Eliza Ann Croft, spinster.

1823 May 23 Thomas Kidner of Hutton, bachelor to Mary Kington, spinster.

1823 May 23 Samuel  Coombs, widower to Sarah Reeves, widow.

1823 Dec 13 George Tozer, bachelor to Elizabeth Waldron, spinster.


1824 Apr 1 Edward Urch, bachelor to Mary Wallice, spinster.

1824 May 16 William Gauf of Kewstoke, bachelor to Elizabeth Capel, spinster.

1824 Jun 1 John Palmer, bachelor to Elizabeth Rogers, spinster.

1824 Jun 28 Roger Harris, widower to Mary Rattle, widow.

1824 Sep 18 William Young, bachelor to Phebe White, spinster.


1825 May 25 James Young, bachelor to Betsy Broadbere, spinster.

1825 May 28 George Lee, bachelor to Louisa Hurle, spinster. Lic.

1825 Jun 25 John Bishop, bachelor to Anne Petheram, spinster.

1825 Jul 18 Henry Watts, bachelor to Elizabeth Naish, spinster.

1825 Sep 12 Thomas Capell, bachelor to Sophia Pimm, spinster.


1826 Apr 5 Edward Fry, bachelor to Elizabeth Tozer, spinster.

1826 May 4 William Hall, bachelor to Sarah Star, spinster.

1826 May 26 William Bodey, bachelor to Anne Broadbere, spinster.

1826 Jun 7 James Broakes of Puxton, bachelor to Hester Day, spinster. Lic.

1826 Dec2 George Phillips, widower to Betty Clegg, spinster.


1827 Apr 7 Thomas Rattle, bachelor to Mary Hurley.

1827 Sep 8 James Walker of Kewstoke, bachelor to Elizabeth Theyer. Lic. Consent of Parents.


1828 Feb 21 Thomas Clegg, bachelor to Mary Lloyd, spinster.

1828 Mar 29 James Lokyer of Kewstoke, bachelor to Mary Bailey, spinster.


1829 Feb 18 Joseph Miller, bachelor to Ann Simmons, spinster.

1829 Oct 31 William Wason of Chepston, bachelor to Harriet Day, spinster. Lic. Consent of Parents.

1829 Nov 25 Robert Mercer of St. Mary Redcliff, Bristol, bachelor to Maria Printer, spinster. Lic. Consent of Parents.


1830 Apr 17 Joseph Keats of Burnham, bachelor to Hannah Thayer, spinster. Lic.

1830 Apr 26 Thomas Williams, bachelor to Eliza Broadbear, spinster.

1830 May 4 David Rich of Ubley, bachelor to Maria Jay, spinster. Lic.


1831 Feb 19 William Pimm, bachelor to Maria Watts, spinster.

1831 Mar 10 John Puddy, bachelor to Maria Horsington, spinster.

1831 Apr 2 Thomas Lovell, bachelor to Elizabeth Baker, spinster.

1831 Jul 21 John Harse, bachelor to Elizabeth Ellis, spinster. Lic. Consent of Parents.

1831 Oct 5 Elijah Hookway, bachelor to Elizabeth Clegg, spinster.

1831 Dec 15 Thomas Lloyd, bachelor to Mary Ann Buckland, spinster.


1832 Apr 4 William Palmer, widower to Jane Knight, spinster.

1832 Apr 7 John Clegg, widower to Jane Watts, widow.

1832 Jul 14 George Bailey, bachelor to Betsy Tripp, spinster.


1833 May 14 Nathan Fry, bachelor to Pheobe Small, spinster.

1833 Nov 30 Thomas Cambridge Newman, bachelor to Sarah Clegg, spinster.


1834 Apr 1 William Sadler of St. Mary Redcliff, Bristol, bachelor to Jane Plaster, spinster. Lic. Consent of Parents.

1834 Apr 6 Joseph Norman of Uphill, bachelor to Phebe Cook. Consent of Parents.

1834 Apr 6 Joseph Weakley, bachelor to Eliza Woolf, spinster. Consent of Parents.

1834 Apr 11 John Tripp, bachelor to Eliza Greenwood, spinster.

1834 Apr 19 Robert Fear, bachelor to Jemima Binding, spinster. Consent of Parents.


1835 Jan 31 Sidney Tripp, bachelor to Sarah White, spinster.

1835 Mar 26 William Gill, bachelor to Ann Cable, spinster.

1835 May 2 Mary May Parsons of Wick St. Lawrence, bachelor to Mary Thayer, spinster. Lic. Consent of Parents.


1836 Feb 3 James Lovell, bachelor to Maria Fear, spinster.

1836 Charles

1836 Apr 13 Charles Bisdee of Kewstoke, bachelor to Adeliza Hewlett, spinster. Lic. Consent of Parents.

1836 Oct 9 William Rick, widower to Eliza Jane Panes, spinster. Lic.

1836 Dec 31 Thomas Starr, widower to Hannah Harman, spinster.


1837 Feb 19 John Parsons, bachelor to Arabella Hawkins, spinster.