Collated by Mary Mason.

Memorandum there are in ye Custody of Robert Ladler Clerk the writings and remains.


Discharged Sarah Wales from ye parish of Chewstoke.1684.

And returns of Joan Brookman to  Widow  Halston. 1685.

Discharged Wm Haskins from Chewstoke. 1688.

Discharge Matthew Prele from Chewstoke…Mrs King

Order for removal of Aaron Sage. 1689.

Indentures of Mary Hill to Thomas Hasell 1691.

Order for removal of Ann Tucker to Barrow. 1692.

Four parchments relating to ye parish ground at Walmeads containing Peaws (Pughs) assignment to Robert Page. This Conveyance of Walmeads for parish of Winford this Lease 3 years to ye said parish.

The frefees declaration of Trust. 1690.

Discharged Thomas Sledge/Ledge? his wife and family for Backwell.1697.

Deeds containing ye …dal leases of ye Churchouse. 1701.

Discharge for Sam Smyths and his family from Chew. 1708.

Certificate for Wm Ball and his family from London. 1710.

Certificate for John Williams and his family from Bristol. 1710.


Money collected in the Parish towards Other Redemption of the poor Prisoners Captives at Algiers. 1680.


Item John Snead Curate gave 2s-6d

Item Mark Biggs gave 1s-6d.

Mr Samuel Nicholls gave 1s-6d.

Farmer William King gave 1s.

John Griffin gave 1s.

John Norcott 6d.

Robert Norcott his son 4d.

Mr William Hunt 6d.

Mrs Lydia Hunt his wife 2d.

Tamer Hunt their maid 1d.

John Miller 6d.

John Brookman 6d.

Joseph Sanger 6d.

John Smith 6d.

Richard Webb 4d.

Widow Griffin at ye Mill 4d.

John Murray 3d.

Samuel Page 3d.

Thomas Hodge 2d.

Richard Brookman 2d.

George Dickenson 2d.

Mrs Longman 2d.

Jonas Stokes 2d.

William Purnell 2d.

Thomas Davis 2d.

Jane Poole 2d.

Thomas Fowles 2d.

William Abbott 2d.

Widow Wallis 1d.

Samuel Liness 1d.

Farmer King of Felton 1s.

Jane King widow 2s-6d.

John Tovey and his mother 6d?

Widow Youl 6d.

William Sanders 4d.

Widow Sanders 2d.

Richard Harris 6d.

Robert Poole 6d.

Robert Fisher 6d.

Robert York 4d.

John Yong 4d.

James Peaw 4d.

Joseph Collins 4d.

William Holbrook 4d.

Robert Page 6d.

Laurence Holbrook 2d.

John Lane 2d.

William Collins 2d.

Jane Marsh 2d.

Jane Loquier 2d.

William Cooke 1d.

Thomas Pearce 1d.

Mary Powen 2d.

Sum Total £1-4s-6d Returned unto the ArchDeacon of Wells November18th 1680.


Collected in ye Parish of Winford towards ye ……….. of slaves in Algiers, Sally and Barbary 1692.


Item Robert Sadler clerk 5s.

Mr Benjamin Griffin 2s-6d.

Mr John Norcott 2s-6d.

Mr John Griffin 1s.

Mark Biggs 1s.

James Smyth and J Barber 6d.

Abraham Adams 6d.

William Childs jun 6d.

Alexander Tovey 6d.

William Purnell 6d.

Nathaniel Brock 6d.

John Blinman 4d.

William York 2d.

Richard Blackman 6d.

Mrs Vaughan 6d.

Mary Tovey widow 6d.

James Vowles 4d.

John Downing 3d.

Grace Hiscox widow 3d.

Widow Wallis and Wm Hill 3d.

Thomas Hill 2d.

Henry Wilcox 1d.



John Muery 3d.

Bartholomew Weeks 3d.

William Kitchm 4d.

James Cook 4d.

Susanna Webbe 6d. William Stokes 6d.

Mr George King 2s-6d.

John Peaw 6d.

John Snooke 3d.

Robert Batt 3d.



Mr William King 2s-6d.

Joseph Brock 1d.

Samuel Sage 3d.

Robert Poole 6d.

Robert Page 6d.

Edward Sanders 6d.

Robert York 6d.

Richard King 6d.

John Young 3d.

James Peaw 4d.

James Lockyer 4d.

Hester Collins widow 4d.

William Sanders 4d.

Margaret Lane widow 1d.


Collected in ye Parish of Winford ye sum of One pound ten shillings and ten pence.


Mr. William King and John Peaw Church wardens.


Memorandum. It is agreed Between John Hort

of Winford and William Hill jun one of the Overseers of the

poore of the Parish that ye said John Hort for ye sum of

Twenty shillings to him in hand paid by the said Wm

Hill for ye use of the parish ye said John Hort is freely

Contented and both agree and give free power and Authority

To Mary Binson or other parishioners of Winford aforesaid

To pull down let fall or take away that part of the

House which is called the shop where Mary Binson

Now dwelleth or belonging to that part of the

House that Mary Binson and Ann her sister now

dwell in Winford aforesaid. In witness therefore

the said John Hort did set his hand and received the said 20s the 4th day of January Anno Domini 1698. John Hort.



John Norcott. Wm Purnell. Stephen Whitwood. Stephen Tovey. John Snooke.

T. Child.


Transcribed by Mary Mason.