Winford Marriages & Banns.

Transcribed by Mary Mason.




May 19 May George King and Mary Breene.

Aug 4 John Burd and Charitie Tovie. Banns 13, 20 & 27 July.

Joseph Griffin and Mary Roe. Banns 14, 21 & 28 Sept.

John Norville of Winford and Dorritie Grinfield of Wrinton. 21, 28 Sept & 5 Oct.

John Greene of Winford and Joane Kencut of Tickenham. 16, 23 & 30 Nov.



Leonard Murford of Winford and Martha Purnell of West Harptree. 12, 19 & 26 apr.

Thomas Nerott of Winford and Elinor Webbe of Chewstoke. 4, 11 & 18 Oct.

John Heale of West Harptree and Mary Allen of Winford. 18, 25 Oct & 1 Nov.

William Collins and Aliz Bush both of Winford. 10, 17 & 24 Jan.

George Allen and Mary Griffin both of Winford. 24, 31 Jan & 7 Feb.

Thomas Collins and Elizabeth Andrews both of Winford. 7, 14 & 21 Mar.



Apr 18 Joseph Collins and Elizabeth Voules.

May 6 Aaron Page and Ann Collyer.



Oct 2 Samuel Brock otp and Dorothie Cornwell of Nempnett.

Nov 10 Thomas Hedges and Mary Purches botp.


1663 May 14 Isaac Haskins and Martha Cole botp.



Apr 28 Robert Batt jun and Sara Baker botp.



Mar 14 Jonas/ Tobias Hort (smudged) of Nempnett and Edith Godwyn of Naylsey.


1667 Apr 11 Walter Smyth of Chew Magna and Thomasin Brookman of Winford.

May 24 Richard Brookman and Penelope Green.



Apr 6 Wm King of Hown and Hester Wykes of Compton Martin.

Jun 12 John Tovey otp and Sarah Newland of Long Ashton.

Jun 18 Frances Fry and Susan Fowles otp.

Oct 12 Robert Walker of Chewstoke and Jane Collyer.



Apr 19 Joseph Griffin and Martha Allen.

Sep 27 Simon Sims of Radstock and Sarah Sims of Barrow.



Apr 23 John Miller and Praxie Awens/Stevens?



Apr 20 Charles Wood and Elizabeth Brock.



Apr 5 Samuel Hook and Mary Dowling.

Apr 8 William Griffin and Sarah Walker.

Nov 15 John Peaw and Anne wid of Sam Page.

Dec 2 George Stokes and Mary Hughes.



Apr 21 Thomas Wilcox and Jane Poole.

May 12 Henry Wilcox and Mary Stokes.

Feb 29 Joseph Poole Senior and Elizabeth Stokes.



Apr 1 Joseph Brock and Mary Perryn.

Apr 4 John Trip of Shipham and Han: Hippisley.

Nov 18 John Larkham of Batcombe and Mary Haskins otp.

Feb 13 William Pool and Mary Allen.



Apr 14 Christopher Boucher of Bristol and Elizabeth Hunt widow otp.

Jun 29 Abraham Guy and Sarah Garlick.



Aug 10 Edward Williams of Portishead and Frances Brook.

Jan 8 Thomas Vowles of Henton Bluett and Mary Hort of Backwell. Licence.

Feb 12 Edward Fuller of Axbridge and Anne Saunders of Wringford.



May21 Tobias Jowles of Barrow Gurney and Jane Hort of Backwell.

Jul 1 William Jowles and Elizabeth Badman botp.

Dec 13 James Naish otp and Elizabeth Roe of Compton Bishop.



Apr 7 Mordecai Stokes and Agnes Warford.

Jan 9 George Backwell and Anne Hasell of Weston super Mare. Duty not paid.

Mar 26 Elias Dowling and Joyce Purnell.



Apr 12 Nathaniel Brock and Jane Wilcox widow botp.

Apr 13 Edward Jowles and Mary Fulbrook.

Nov 5 Richard Wheeler and Sarah Guy widow botp.

Dec 28 William Jones of Congresbury and Mary Purnell of Winford.

Dec 31 Richard Clark of Litton and Joyce Tovie otp.



May 11 James Hasell and Mary Hunt of Barrow Gurney.


1698 May John Cooke of Nempet and Mary Tovie otp.



Jan 22 Richard Jurner of Brockley and Sarah Griffin both of Barrow Gurney.

Feb 6 Edward Owen of Merthyr, Carmarthan and Joane Batt otp.