Transcribed by Mary Mason.

Marriages and Burials

Marriages 1745-1754.

Burials 1750-1773




Apr 8 John Reed and Susanah Gooenor.

Aug 12 William Parker and Mary Hunt.



Apr 19 John Gore ? of Illminster and Ann Read.

Oct 16 John Caull and Jane Williams



Apr 22 George Cox and Mary Dibbings.

Feb 15 Edward Ball otp and Shusanah Houlder of Nailsea.



Feb 7 Samuel Morgan and Mathe Briand of Chelvey.

Feb 27 Thomas Nichols and Hester Young botp.



William Collins of Blagdon was married to Rebecah Stoks o t p Nov.

William Dolman of Chew and Sarah Filder otp married Oct.

Apr 8 James Cook and Mary Leea of Chelvey.



Apr 12 William Millard of Nemblet and Mary Smith otp.



Apr 23 Jon Lodge and Mary Sanders botp.

Apr 26 John Willcox and Mary Goodenow botp.

Jul 17 Jos Paul of Lampart and Ann White of Chelvey.



Jan 17 Dennis Lovell and Ruth Cox botp.

Mar 24 John Light and Nancey Romly of Chelvey.



Aug 23 Edward Williams of Portishead and Francis Brock of Butcomb.


1795 Feb 24 Elias Dowling and Joyce Purnell.





Jun 16 Samuel Balrib

Jul 29 Joel Goodernon

Sep 2 William Parker

Jan 9 Elisabeth Brock wife of Robert.

Jan 17 Joseph Belly

Jan 21 Stephen Tovey

Feb 21 William Archer son of William.

Mar 10 Mary Hacher.



Mar 31 Thomas Allin.

Apr 24 William Smart son of David and Mary.

Jul 11 Mary Peace daughter of Joseph and Aide.

Sep Edward cole son of William.

Sep Jane Weaite wife of Henry.

Nov Mary Norcot wife of John.

Dec Thomas Nickols.

Dec 21 David Bufry.

Dec Isaac Filer.

Dec Ann Naish wife of Jams.



Jan 8 John Blinman.

Jan 12 Thomas Wilcox son of William and Mary.

Feb 19 Jonathan Gifford.

Mar 8 John Griffin son of William and Mary.

Apr 28 John Lukins.

May 31 Mary Parker wife of William.

Jul 7 John Ouldfile son of John and Sarah.

Jul 12 Sarah Read daughter of John and Susannah.

Nov 12 Matha Morgan daughter of George and Matha.

Dec 6 Mary Wilcox widow.

Dec 27 Mary King wife of Robert.



Feb 14 Hanah Brock daughter of Robert.

Feb 18 William Chils son of John and Mary.

Mar 18 Mary Child ye wife of John.

Apr 8 Dianne Wiot widow.

Jul 12 Anne Alen daughter of Ed and Honor.

Nov 20 Betty Wekes wife of Frances.

Nov 4 Eidie Tovey daughter of John and Hester.



Mar 1 Jane Whiten widow.

Mar 5 Sarah Brean wife of Thomas.

Mar 8 Peter Griffin son of John and Sarah.

Mar 14 William Brean son of Thomas.

Mar 28 Sarah Hill wife of John.

Apr 4 Jane Belly daughter of Joseph.

May 3 Joseph Brock.

May Marget Shepherd wife of David.

Oct 3 William Pace son of Isaac and Mary.

 Oct 3 William Griffin son of John and Sarah.

Nov 14 Sarah Peace wife of Robert.



May Ann Yourk daughter of George and Grace.

May 14 Sarah Brean daughter of Samuel and Sarah.

May 31 Rachel Yoark daughter of George and Grace.

Jul 15 William Hill son of Joseph and Jane.

Jul 22 Mary Peace daughter of Joeph and Mary.

Oct 3 Isaac Peace.

Oct 10 Joane Yoark widow.

Dec 1 Sarah Tovey widow.

Dec Joseph Yoark son of George and Grace.



Jan 7 Frances Williams daughter of Olive widow.

Mar 7 Rachel Tucker? wife of Joseph.

Mar 31 Jane Clother daughter of Jane.

Apr 2 A traveling man.

May 28 Hester Archer daughter of William and Mary.

Jun 24 Mary Wilcox wife of John.

Jul 13 William Millard of Compen. (Compton?)

Aug 2 Hester Goodernon daughter of Joel and Mary.

Aug 15 Sarah Rease daughter of Benbe and Mary.

Sep 7 Samuel Read son of John and Susanna.

Nov Joannah Rodford daughter of John and Hanno.

Dec 19 George Willer.



Jan 2 William Lovell son of Dennis and Ruth.

Jan  Sarah Leea of Nemblet.

Jan Mary Willcox daughter of John and Ann.

Apr William Poole son of William and Diannah.

Apr 15 William King.

Apr 17 Richard Gad son of William and Hester.

Aug 24 John Radford.



Jan 29 John Horler son of Aron and Merion.

Feb 14 John Harres son of James and Mary.

May 4 Sarah Yoark wife of John.

May 30 John Owen son of Bettey.

May 31 Zebro Cox daughter Samuel and Mary.

Jun 6 George Yoark.

Jun 11 Sarah Reade daughter of Henrey and Alse.

Jun 18 William Filder son of Bettey.

Jun 25 John Pool.

Jun 23 ?engeman Hill son of Mary.

Jul 31 Samuel Child.

Sep Sarah Radford widow.

Oct 4 Edward Bale.

Nov 6 John Tovey.

Nov 8 Joseph Belly.

Nov 22 Mary Barber wife of Edward.

Nov Sarah Morrey.

Nov 23 Hester Barber.

Dec 14 Mary Wilcox.



Jan 14 Jobe Lodg son of Christofer and Mary.

Jan Avigal Wever daughter of Peter and Paishance.

Mar Aran Wallis.

May Macey Wallis daughter of timothy and Frances.

Jun 6 Robart Brock.

Jun William York son of John and Hannah.

Jun 2? Hannah York wife of Thomas.

Jun 2? Mary Tovey wife of John.

Jul William Wilcox.

Jul William Bale of Bourton.

Jul 31 Mary Harler daughter of Moses and Debro of Wrington.

Sep Susannah Read daughter of John and Susannah.



Mar 4 Elizabeth Bearber.

Mar 26 Mary Tovey daughter of Robeart and Ann.

Mar 31 Bettey Pool widow.

Apr 9 Peter York son of George and Grace.

May 18 Ann Young daughter of John and Mary.

May 22 Mary Balle widow.

Jul 22 Edward Owen son of Elizabeath.

Nov 12 Peter York.

Nov 23 Thomas York.

Dec 19 Benjemen Gad son of William and Hester.



Jan 11 Jams Barns.

Jan Susannah Read wife of John of Ubley.

Jan 29 Sarah Dolman wife of William.

Apr 19 John Tovey.

M…. Ann Betman daughter of Richard and Ann.

Sep 28 Anne Hunt of Chewstoke.

Hannah Berriman of Chewstoke made oath that ye above Anne Hunt was buried wrapped up in wool as appears by ye copy of ye affidavit.

Nov Mary Walles daughter of  Timothy and Francis.

Nov 19 Received no affidavit in relation to ye body being wrapped up in woolen…the same day omission rectified to ye church warden.

Nov 2? William Hill son of John and Sarah. Nov 29 Received affidavit.



Jan 5 Wm Pool son of Wm and Sexey.

No affidavit ye omission notified to ye Church Wardens Jan 14.

Feb 2 Anne ye daughter of Wm and Hester Hork.

No affidavit notified by Feb 12.

Feb 8 Chs Plomer of Bristol.

No affidavit notified by Feb12.

Feb 20 Paishance Griffin daughter of John and Sarah.

Received an affidavit.

Feb 28 Hannah Young.

No affidavit ye omission notified to ye Church Wardens Mar 8.

Jun John Wilcox.

Jun 23 Deaived Shipard. No Affidavit.

Aug 2? Ann Morgan wife of George. Received an affidavit Aug 30.

Oct 11 Rebeakah Keen.

Nov 3 Elener Stoks wife of Jonas.



Jan 30 Bettey Ball widow.

Mar 10 John Tovey.

Apr 21 Bettey Stalard wife of James.

May 31 Betty Brean daughter of Thomas and Sarah.

Jun 22 Sarah Lukins wife of Henery.

Aug 17 John Hill.

Nov 18 Sarah Hill wife of John.



Feb 16 Mr Charles Plomer.

Mar 19 John Pool.

Apr 8 Obadiah Curnick.

Apr 9 Matha Williams wife of Joel.

Jun 4 Mr John Godwin.

Jun 13 Sarah Clement daughter of Ephrim and Rebekah.

Dec Ann Pool.

Dec 28 Bengimen Griffin.



Jan 24 Mary Griffen wife of Joseph.

Jan 7 Paishance Frebe daughters of Ann.

Apr 25 William Pool.

May 2 George Margen.

Oct 16 James Holbrock natural son of Sarah Holbrook and Stephen Young.

Oct 20 Mary daughter of James Thompson and Mary baptized 29 Sep.

Oct 24 William Phippen Yorke son of John and Hannah Yorke.

Oct 31 Joseph son of George and Mary Morgan.

Dec 9 ….. York daughter of John and Hannah.

Dec 11 Thomas Hains.

Dec 26 Ann Tovey wife of William.



Jan 6 Peter Clark.

Jan 8 Elizabeth Williams wife of David.

Mar 18 John Pool son of John and Sarah.

April  Elizabeth Bendel daughter of Edward and Elizabeth.

Apr 20 George Collier.

Apr 24 Grace Collins wife of James.

May 22 Judith Stokes daughter of Jonas and Eliner.

Jun 8 William Collier.

Jul 10 Elizabeth Ball wife of William of Flax Bourton.

Oct 4 Ann Thiery spinster.

Oct 12 Richard Thiery.

Oct 16 Mary Goodenough.

Nov 10 Joseph Griffin.

Nov 17 Ann Williams widow.



Jan 6 Henry Lenkins.

Jan 23 Margery Brock widow.

Jan 29 Stephen Tovey.

Apr 7 Betty Hedges wife of William.

Apr 19 Frances Young widow.

Apr 19 Betty Cavill spinster.

Apr 24 John Clothier infant son of John and Jane.

Apr 27 Rose Vowles infant daughter of Charles and Honor.

May 13 Charles Broad infant son of James and Susanna.

Jun7 Jane Pool wife of Joseph.

Jun 26 Honor Hardwick an infant.

Jul 23 Joyce wife of Benjamen Walker snr.

Aug 27 Elizabeth wife of Edward Bendall.

Sep 19 Mary wife of William Pedder.

Oct 11 Robert King Clerk of parish.

Dec 1 Sarah Tucker.



Jan 17 William Cox son of Sam.

Jan 24 William Parker.

Feb 21 Nancy Morgan infant daughter of Thomas and Anne.

May 8 Hesther Wallis widow.

May 17 Nancy York infant daughter of Christopher and Mary.

Aug 1 Joseph Pearce sen.

Aug 11 William Pedder.

Sep 23 Benjamin Walker sen.

Nov 2 Betty Hill of Bristol.

Nov 20 Thomas York.



Jan 3 Mary Burton.

Apr 3 Thomas Allen sen.

Apr 10 William Tovey sen.

Jun 18 John Thiery.

Jul 27 John Child.

Aug 13 Elizabeth Child.

Sep 6 Sarah Stokes infant daughter Giles and Mary.

Sep 22 Wm Web infant son of Michael and Betty.

Sep 24 John son of Martha Thomas an infant.

Nov 16 Mary Griffin infant daughter of Joseph and Mary.

Nov 30 Sarah wife of George Broad.

Dec 10 Sarah Pool infant daughter of John and Sarah.



Jan 4 Diana Pool daughter of Joseph.

Jan 19 Thomas Morgan.

Jan 25 Betty Stokes daughter of Giles and Mary.

Feb 4 Francis Weeks.

Mar 9 Hannah daughter of Joel and Jane Williams infant.

Mar 14 Charles Williams.

Mar 29 Samuel Maggs infant son of Samuel and Sarah.

Jun 12 William Williams.

Jun 18 Deborah Gray of Burton.

Jun 26 Robert son of Moses and Mary Wallis.

Sep 5 Hesther wife of James Cole.

Nov 12 William Griffin.

Nov 26 Thomas Ven.



Jan 3 Elizabeth wife of Paul Williams.

Mar 18 William Cox sen.

Apr 11 Joseph Williams.

May 15 Catherine Wilson widow.

Jun 17 Sarah Horler infant daughter of Moses and Deborah.

Jul 14 Mary daughter of late Joseph and Hesther Williams.

Aug 17 Mary wife of John Morgan.

Sep 15 Betty wife of Michael Web of Chewstoke.

Sep 17 Deborah Griffin widow.

Oct 15 George Brock of Hounslowe.

Dec 12 Anna Thiery widow.

Dec 19 Thomas Allen.



Feb 14 Mary wife of John Allen.

Feb 27 Mary wife of George Broad.

Mar 22 John son of late Joseph Williams.

Mar 30 Deborah daughter of Dennis and Ruth Lovell.

Apr 24 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Sarah York.

Apr 26 William son of Richard and Sarah Pitman.

Jun 21 Elizabeth Stokes widow.

Jul 12 Christian wife of Wm Gray.

Nov 12 Anne daughter of Wm and Anne Radford.

Nov 22 Mary Brock widow.

Dec 13 Samuel Whippy.

Dec 17 Hephzibah wife of Robert Tovey sen.



Feb 22 John Smart from Kingdown.

Mar 15 Christian daughter of Dennis and Ruth Lovell.

Apr 18 Richard Pitman sen.

Apr 18 Hannah Vowles infant daughter of John and Betty.

Apr 21 John York sen.

May 23 Sarah wife of Richard Pitman.

May 27 Elizabeth daughter of Wm and Mary Owen of Burton.

Jun 3 James Pitman infant son of Richard and late Sarah.

Jul 5 George Broad sen.

Jul 23 Sarah wife of John Pool.

Jul 23 Edward son of Wm and Mary Owen.

Aug 2 Moses Tovey.

Sep 30 Sarah daughter of Wm and Mary Owen.

Nov 15 Mary Theiry widow.

Nov 21 George son of John and Jenny Ball.

Nov 22 Samuel Barnes.