Weston in Gordano

Banns and Marriages

Transcribed by Mary Mason.




Jul 7 Mr John Rosewell of Portbury married Mrs Mary Vawer. Licence.

Witness: Samuel Chapman and William Thomas.



Oct 9,16 & 23. Banns between Henry Penn of Weston and Bridget Wilmot of Long Ashton.



May 12, 26 & Apr 2  Banns between George Brock and Mary Phillcox.

Married Apr 10. Witness: Wm. Thomas and George Thorne.



Jun 9 Edward Evans of Nailsea married Martha Chapman of Weston. Licence.

Witness: John Chapman and James Simmons.



Feb 15, 22 Mar 1 Banns between James Reed and Johannah Fisher.

Married Mar 23. Witness: Edward Evans and Wm. Thomas. 


May 1 James Bullock and Elizabeth Bradford both of Weston.

Witness: Wm. Thomas and Benj: Godwin.


Aug 27 John Stone of Chippenham and Ann Wilkins otp.

Witness: Robert Cann and Nath: Naugle.



11 Jul Obadiah Barret married Hannah Camplin otp. Licence.

Witness: John Chapman and Thomas Hedges.



Apr 22 William Bessant married Ruth Culimore.

Witness: James Camplin and John Wilmot.



Apr 2 Peter Lambell of Portishead married Mary Brock otp.

Witness: Obadiah Barratt and Mary Cotton.



Sep 2 Joseph Tagne of Portishead and Elizabeth Cook otp.

Witness: John Cook, James Mansion and Wm. Burgess his mark.



Apr 18 James Player married Mary Battman. Licence.

Witness: Wm. Burgess, Wm. Hedges and Sarah Wilmot her mark.



Oct 13 Henry Palmer and Elizabeth Bryant. Licence.

Witness: Wm. Burgess, Wm. Horsington, Joseph Bryant, Mary Cotton, Maria French and George Smith.



Sep Banns of Marriage between Nathanial Rosser of Wraxall and Hannah Bullock.

Oct 12 Nathaniel Rosser married Hannah Bullock.

Witness: William Wilmot and Joseph Bryant.



Banns of Marriage between Thomas Coale of Clevedon and Ann Brock otp were published on three Sundays.

Oct 9 Thomas Coale married Ann Brock.

Witness: Francis Wells? and Wm. Tandy.



Banns of Marriage Mar 2, 9 & 16 between Peregrine Stockdale and Jane Jones.

Mar 17 Peregrine Stockdale married Jane Jones.

Witness: William Battman and Wm. Burgess.



Banns of Marriage between William Gale and Elizabeth Browning, 3 several Sundays

Dec 4 William Gale married Elizabeth Browning.

Witness: Nathaniel Hemmens and Joseph Bryant.



Banns of Marriage between James Babbidge and Mary Lambell, 3 several Sundays.

May 24 James Babbidge of St. James, Bristol married Mary Lambell otp.

Witness: Mary Davies.



Aug 3 John Cooling of Portishead married Elizabeth Taylor otp.

Witness: Thomas Wilmott.



Thomas Baker married Hannah Vowles. Licence.

Witness John Wolfe and Joseph Atherton.