Weston in Gordano Marriages

Transcribed by Mary Mason.

1694- 1751


1694 Apr 5th John Parsons of ye parish of Portishead and Mary ye daughter of John Wilmot of Weston were married.

1700 Jun 15th John Cradock and Elizabeth Fisher were married.

1703 Apr 8th Francis Craddock and Alice Dun were married.

1703 Jan 19th Francis Tinknel and Mary Hipsly were married.

1708 Apr 12th.Francis Craddock and Gertrude Barret.

1710 May 1st. James Clement and Grace Craddock.

1719 Mar 31st  Mr. Thomas Teast and Isabella Hawksford at Clapton.

            Apr 2nd Mr. William Hore and Mrs Eleanor Beyos at Clapton.

1727 Jul 17th James Hipsley and Mary Hilman.

1729 Jun 6th  Francis Tinklin and Jane Umphrey.

1730 Nov 17th John Clifton and Betty Tinklyn.

1735 May 23rd John Syms and Mary Smith.

1738 Feb 26th  Samuel Cullimore and Ruth Thorn.

1742 Jan 2nd Thomas Simons and Hannah Worley.

1746 Apr 17th William Higgins and Mary Elmes.

1747 May 4th Benjamin Coomb and Sarah Brian.

            Jul 12th William Hunter and Elizabeth Barnes.

1748 Nov 17th Ephraine Tucker and Jane Sommers.

1751 Apr 7th Richard Pruet and Hannah Withee.