Weston in Gordano Wills.

Collated by Mary Mason.


1539 Oct 8 Raff Mulgrey. (Wells Wills)

To be buried in churchyard of Weston:

Church of Wells 2d: Church of Weston 2 bushals of barley: my son Richard my best hosys:Residue Issabel my wife.

Witnesses: Sir Wylyam Adams, parson, Master Edm: Percevall, John Bonoway, Richard Wylcocke.

Summa 5 12s 8d.


1594 Mar 23 James Percevall of Weston in Gordano Somerset.

My daughters Elizabeth, Gartred, Ann, Florence, Sara, Grace, Alice and Mary, 100 each. My son John 300. My son and Heir James Percevall, residuary legatee. Edward George, George Rodney, Edward Horner and Edward Arthur, Esq: Overseers. My brothers Edmund and Thomas 10.

Proved 31 Aug 1594.

Notes. His 5th wife was Elizabeth daughter of Sir Maurice Berkley, she was baptised at Bruton 20 April 1558 and married there 16 Dec 1579.

Florence Perecvall married at Bruton 11 April 1611toi Tobias Pierce, gent.

Grace Percevall married at Bruton 30 April 1619 to James Dugdale, gent.


1645 Sep 2 James Percevall of North Weston, Somerset

Money to my two daughters Ann and Mary. Thomas my heir, lands in Butcombe, Hampnet, etc. If my children die lands etc to Maurice Berkley, son and heir of Sir Christopher Berkerley of Somerset. Richard Morgan an Overseer.


1647 May 18 Christopher Percevall, of Weston in Gordano, Somerset.

My child 10 at age of twenty one years. The residue to my wife.

Proved: 13 July 1647.

1670 Mar 1 Thomas Parsyvall of Weston in Gordano, Somerset Esq.

To be buried at the discretion of my wife in the Church or Churchyard of Weston, the buying place of my ancestors. My only daughter Ann Lloyd, wife of 10 and her husband Evan Lloyd 5. My wife Katherine Persyvall, above her jointure in Weston and Portshutt (Portishead) the inheritance of my land at Kingston Seymour, 35 acres, also the inheritance of Barber`s tenements, value 14 annually, in Tickenham etc. all my plate, jewels etc. My friends William Mohun of Wraxall and George Chapel of Portshutt, gents, Overseers, a ring each.

Admon 6 Jun 1692 to his daughter Ann Salisbury alias Lloyd, wife of Thomas Salisbury, esq. Catherine Percevall having died.

Furthur admon 13 Jult 1736 to Elizabeth Salisbury spinster sole Extrix to the Will of Ann Salisbury, otherwise Lloyd, deceased.