Weston in Gordano.

Collated by Mary Mason.


1280 Pleas: Alan de Alston who brought an assize of mortdancestor about two parts of a messuage and of two carucates of land in Weston Gordyn against Simon de Ayston and John de Terico, does not proceed. Therefore he and his pledges for proceeding are in mercy namely Robert Nel of Buryton and Nicolas de Apperle.


1280: Anselm de Gordeyn seeks against Simon de Aston two parts of a messuage and two carucates of land, excepting half a virgate and two acres of land, and three acres of meadow in Weston Gordeyn which Robert de Weston held of him and which ought to revert to Aselm as his escheat because Robert died without an heir.

And Simon comes and he vouches to warranty thereon Alan son and heir of John de Aston who is under age and in the wardship of Nicholas de Apperlegh, by the charter of John de Aston, father of Alan, whose heir he is; which testifies that John gave, granted confirmed the aforesaid tenement to Simon his brother; And because Alan has an elder brother William who impleads Alan concerning the inheritance of John; Simon vouches to warrenty Alan as heir of John: Anselm cannot deny that Alan is under age; therefore the suit remains until he is of age.


1336 & 1337 John Perceval and Millicent his wife were parties to a suit concerning land at Weston in Gordano. Later John Perceval of Weston in Gordano, merchant acknowledged before the Mayor of Bristol that he owed 10s to John Talbot of Trowbridge, merchant. The debt was unpaid at the time of his death, soon afterwards.


 There is no evidence that the Perceval’s had any previous connection with Weston in Gordano although a belief arose that an ancestor had been buried there at an earlier period. An anonymous alter-tomb, now in the church yard was during the time of Edward 1 or 11 was accordingly appropriated before 1742 and made to bear an audacious inscription to a Richard Perceval. This mythical Crusader has been, much more recently portrayed in stained glass in the west window of the church.


1376 At Westminster in the octave of St Martin between John Forester querent; and Walter Laurens and Alice his wife and Ralph Perceval deforciants; for the manor of Weston in Gordano and the advowson of the church of the same manor. Walter and Ralph acknowledged the right of John as by their gift, for this John granted the same to Walter and Alice to hold for their lives and after their decease to remain to Ralph and the heirs of his body, and if he die without such heirs then to remain to Elias Spelly and Agnes his wife and the heirs of the body of Agnes, and if Agnes die without issue then, after the decease of Elias, to remain to the right heirs of Agnes.


1428 Richard Perceval returned as tenant of Weston.


1453 Ralph Percival presented a parson to the church of Weston in Gordano. His wife Joan owned two messuages and 30 acres of land at Tickenham.


1453 April 12. Institution of Sir John Brice, chaplain, as rector of the church of Weston in Gordano, vacant by the death of Sir Walter Tonker, on the presentation of Ralph Percyvale. In view of his present lack of knowledge the bishop, by Master John Pope, his commissary, enjoined on the said Sir John that he should study for two whole years in the schools at Wells and offer himself for examination in Easter week of each year.


1455 July 18. Institution of Sir William Kyngton, chaplain, as rector of the church of Weston in Gordano, vacant by the deprivation of Sir John Bryce, on the presentation of Alice Bucsty and Agnes Horne, patrons for this turn.


1466: At Westminster in the quinzaine of St Michael’s day between John Newton esquire, Richard Arthure esquire, Ralph Persyvale esquire, John Champneys, John Taverner and Richard Kayton querents; and John Persyvale and Joan his wife and John Poleyn and Joan his wife deforciants; for six messuages, one hundred acres of land, twenty acres of meadow, twenty acres of pasture and thirty acres of wood in Weston in Gordano. John Persyvale and John and Joan Poleyn and Joan acknowledge the right of John Newton and quit claimes for themselves and the heirs of Joan and Joan; for this John Newton gave then one hundred pounds sterling.


1784 Aug 28. Whereas the Game has, for many Years past, been almost annihilated within the Manor of Weston, in the county of Somerset, by poachers and other unqualified persons: Notice is hereby given, That all such persons (not duly qualified by Law) who shall in future be found killing and destroying the Game within the said manor; will be prosecuted: Signed Cann Wilkins, Esq Lord of the said Manor.


1896 Feb 15. Francis Coleman was charged on a warrant with unlawfully committing a trespass upon certain land in the parish of Weston in Gordano in search of game on October 20th without the license or consent of the owner. Sir Cecil Miles, or any other person having any right to authorise him. The defendant pleaded guilty to the trespass but denied being in search of game. John Hamley, game-keeper to Sir Cecil Miles, stated that on October 20th at about a quarter to five in the evening, he saw the defendant and another man walking through a coppice on sir Cecil’s land. The defendant had a gun on his shoulder and he had a dog with him. Frederick John Winslow, bailiff to Sir Ceil Miles, stated that where the accused was walking there was not a footpath within 30 yards. The defended said the gun he was carrying was not loaded and the dog was on a “slip”. Both he and his companion were walking on a footpath, which they understood to be a proper thoroughfare. It was stated that the defendant had been convicted several times before. A fine of 20s and costs, or a month’s imprisonment, was inflicted.