Walton in Gordano

Transcribed by Mary Mason.

Banns 1762 1853 and Marriages 1762-1812.



1762 Ralph Bassent and Mary Wyllimot botp Banns Jan 10,24 and Feb 7.


1764 Frances Wiles otp and Susanna Cole of Clevedon. Banns Jan 1, 15 and 29.


1764 John Jones of Long Ashton and Francis Jones otp. Banns Oct 28, Nov 4 and 11.


1765 George Bawdripp and Mary Winsor botp. Banns Mar 3, 10 and 17.


1769 Matthew Blackmore and Elizabeth Hill bptp. Banns Mar 5, 12 and 19.


1769 Edward Parton and Diana House. Banns Sep 24, Oct 1 and 15.


1775 William Plumly and Mary Blackmore botp. Banns Jan 16, 23 and 30.


1775 Thomas Harptrey otp and Christian Arney of Clevedon. Banns Jan 16, 23 and 30.


1776 Thomas Weekes of Clevedon and Dinah Besse otp. Banns Apr 7, 14 and 21.


1777 James Hack and Betty Blackmore botp. Banns Apr 20, 27 and May 4.


1778 Daniel Durbin of Clapton and Sarah Romly otp. Banns Nov 22, 29 and Dec 6.


1779 William Lane, bachelor otp and Hester Blackmore otp. Banns Nov 7, 14 and 21.


1782 William Plumbly widower otp and Sarah Moore otp. Banns Jun 30, Jul 7 and 14.


1783 Edward Dogget of Portishead and Sarah Arney otp. Banns May 11, 18 and 21.


William Hobbs and Ann Lewis botp. (Rest of the form left blank.)


1804 Thomas Priest and Mary Weeks. Banns Mar 30, Apr 1 and 8.


1826 John Cooling and Charlotte Phillips botp. Banns Dec 3, 10 and 17.


1827 William Brown of Tickenham and Nancy Harriett Bryant. Banns Jul 15, 22 and 29.


1828 James Mallard  and Mary Rogers. Banns Jun 15, 22 and 29.


1829 John Curry and Sarah Hack botp. Banns Mar 29, Apr 5 and 12.


1831 James Bevin and Anne Bacon botp. Banns Jun 26, Jul 3 and 10.


1831 William Hurdich and Mary Brown botp. Banns Oct 23, 30 and Nov 6.


1832 William Hobbs widower and Mary Mallard widow botp. Banns Dec 25 1831, Jan 1 and 8 Jan 1832.


1837 George Plumley and Elizabeth Knight botp. Banns 18, 25 Dec 1836 and Jan 1 1837.


1838 John Fuge and Mary Jane Smith botp. Banns Jul 29, Aug 5 and 12.


1841 George Jenkin and Elizabeth Pyne botp. Banns Jul 18, 25 and Aug 1.


No Year. Thomas Weeks and Ellen Phillips botp. Banns Aug 20, 27 and Sep 3.


1853 Andrew Nisbet bachelor otp and Lucy Davis spinster of Clevedon . Banns Apr 17, 24, May 1.



1762 Feb 8 Ralph Bassant and Mary Wyllimot.

Witness: James Camplin and William Plumly.


1764 Feb 9 Frances Wilis and Susanna Coles.

Witness: John Gosling and William Plumly.


1764 Nov 15 John Jones of Congresbury and Frances Jones otp.

Witness Mary Jones and William Plumly.


1765 Apr 10 George Bawdripp and Mary Winsar.

Witness: William Plumbly and Matt Clackmore.


1765 Oct 2 John Plumbly and Betty Morris.

Witness: John Durbin jun and William Plumbly.


1767 Mar 2 Joseph Griffin of Clevedon and Mary Holliman.

Witness: William Plumbly and John Hollyman.


1768 Feb 8 William Nye of Clevedon and Sarah Mallin of Btuton.

Witness: Joseph Griffin and William Plumly.


1769 Mar 30 Matthew Blackmore and Elizabeth Hill.

Witness: William Plumly and Mary Backwell.


1769 Oct 17. Edward Parsons and Diana House.

Witness: William Plumly and Henry Peckwell.


1770 Nov 5 Thomas Tovey of Clevedon and Jane Wiles.

Witness: William Young and John Gosling.


1771 Mar 31 Richard Andrews and Christan Magger.

Witness: William Plumly.


1772 Apr 19 William Plumly and Sarah More.

Witness: Matt Blackmore and William Plumly junior.


1774 Oct 3 Richard Tompkins and Betty Coles.

Witness: William Plumbly and Sarah Ofield.


1775 Feb 19 William Plumly junior and Mary Blackmore.

Witness: William Plumly senior and Matt Blackmore.


1775 Apr 30 Thomas Hartrey aotp nd Christian Arney of Clevedon.

Witness: George Battman and William Plumly.


1776 Mar 11 John Oldfield and Martha Battman. Licence.

Witness: George Battman and William Plumly.


1776 Apr 22 Thomas Weekes and Dinah Besse.

Witness: Thomas Wilmott and James Haiden.


1777 May 7 James Hack bachelor and Betty Blackmore spinster.

Witness: Thomas Tovey and William Plumly.


1778 Jan 13 John Blackmore and Mary Carvy.

Witness: John Oldfield and William Plumly.


1779 Jan 5 Daniel Durbin bachelor of Clapton and Sarah Romly spinster otp.

Witness: Benj: Romly and William Plumly.


1779 Apr 19 John Cole farmer of Clevedon and Ruth Capel spinster. Licence.

Witness: Harknup Rattle and William Plumly.


1779 May 8 Samuel Bassett bachelor of Kingston Seymour and Dinah Rombley spinster. Licence.

Witness Sam Hollyman and William Plumly.


1779 Nov 22 William Lane bachelor and Hester Blackmore spinster.

Witness: John Blackmore and William Plumly.


1782 Jul 15 William Plumly widower and Sarah Moore spinster.

Witness Drax Durbin and John Plumley.


1783 Jun 29 Edward Dogget of Portishead and Sarah Arney.

Witness: Johm Oldfield and Wm Newton.


1786 Dec 11 William Moon and Dinah Parsons.

Witness: Abraham Pritchard and Mary Blackmore.


1787 Mar 5 William Curry and Mary Blackmore.

Witness: Edward Curry and William Moon.


1787 Mar 5 Richard Roger and Dinah Rumly.

Witness: William Moon and Edward Curry.


1788 Sep 11 William Hobbes and Ann Lewis.

Witness: Richard Tonkins and Sarah Stone.


1792 Sep 24 James Little and Eleanor Carpenter.

Witness: Richard Tomkins and James Atherton.


1795 Apr 6 John White and Mary Morgan.

Witness: Susanna Trood, Wm Moon, Nancy Cole and Richard Tompkins.


1802 Feb 24 John Bacon and Ann house.

Witness: Samuel Oldfield and Wm Moon.


1804 Apr 17 Thomas Priest and Mary Weeks.

Witness: Cornelius Biss and Wm Moon.


1804 Oct 14 John Baker of Tickenham and Mary Williams. Licence.

Witness: Samuel Oldfield and Paul Williams.


1812 Aug 31 John S Harford junior of Henbury and  Louisa Davis. Licence.

Witness: Richard Hart Davis, Sarah Davis, Susanna Davis, Eliza Rawlins, Abr G Harford, Hart Davis, R V Davis and Clementine Davis.