Walton in Gordano

Transcribed by Mary Mason.






Apr 21 William Preston son of John Preston and Maroy.

Feb 6 John son of John Willmot and Elizabeth.



May 31 Elizabeth Diggings

Sep 23 John Carter.

Feb 26 Edward Perry.



Jun 22 Mary daughter of John Preston.



Feb 20 Mary daughter of John Wallis.



Apr 4 Samuel son of Joseph Purnell.

Apr 22 Catherine daughter of John Jones.

Aug 26 William son of William Doggat.

Oct 21 Hannah daughter of Moses Carter.

Nov 18 Ann daughter of George Camplin.



Nov 14 John son of John Wilmot.



Apr 27 John son of Moses Carter.

Sep 4 John son of John Jones.

Oct 26 Edward and Mary son and daughter of William Doggat.



Apr 11 Charles son of John Wilmot.

Oct 26 Charles son of James Scarlet.

Feb 3 Patience Camplin

Feb 12 Elizabeth daughter of George Camplin.



Apr 9 James son of William Doggat.

Apr 9 Susanna daughter of Moses Carter.

Feb 4 Elizabeth daughter of John Wallis.

May 1 James son of James Scarlet.

Mar 20 Robert base child of Elizabeth Davis.



Apr 15 Anna daughter of Joseph Purnell.

May 27 Joseph son of John Wilmot.

Feb 12 Richard son of Richard Camplin.

Feb 13 Susanna daughter of James Scarlet.



…. “ Elizabeth daughter of William Thorne.

Nov ……. Son of Edmund Haywood.

Jan ……. Son of George G…. (too faded)



May 10 Thomas son of William Sparrow.

Jul 5 James son of John Walis.



Nov 9 Philena daughter of James Scarlet.

Feb 23 …….. daughter of John Williams.



Mar 3 James son of James Camplin.

Jun 21 Elizabeth daughter of Daniel Young.

Mar 3 Joan daughter of James Stafford.

Mar 3 Elizabeth daughter of John Williams.



Dec 7 Thomas son of Daniel Young and Frances.

Dec 20 Elizabeth daughter of (alias Wid Camplin) ? Mary Nicholas was base.



Jul 6 Elizabeth Chambers daughter of William Chambers and Mary.



Dec 2 Samuel son of William Stevens and Jane.

Jun 22 Richard son of James Scarlett and Sarah.



Apr 4 Daniell Young son of Daniell Young.

Oct 6 James Scarrard son of James Scaffard.

Dec 2 Jhen Boollock daughter of James Boolock. (Jane)?



Apr 10 Mary daughter of Nickless Morgin and Mary.



Mar 17 Jhne daughter of John Willems and Jhen. (Joan or Jane)

Feb 24 Ann Williams daughter of Jhon Williams and Juen.

Dec 11 Ann Cumbers daughter of William Cumbars and Mary.

Apr 14 Mary Pronnel daughter of Samuel Pronnel. (Parnell)



Aug 12 Molly Beven?



Jun 21 James Turner.



Thomas son of John Carter.

Dec 1 John son of Hugh Giblett and Elizabeth.

Feb 21 Joan daughter of Frances Wil (rest in binding) and Pissilla.




Sep 23 John son of John Carter and Ann.

Nov 22 James son of Richard Ayres.



Apr 21 Mary daughter of Wm Chambers.



Oct 5 Hester daughter of Francis Wilde.

Dec 14 Jane daughter of William Chambers.

Mar 7 Henry son of John Carter.



Apr 22 Elizabeth daughter of Richard Ayers.



May 16 Joseph son of Hugh Giblet.

May 31 Nancy daughter of Francis Wilde.

Aug 21 Thomas son of Henry Bolton and Joan from Clevedon.

Sep 18 Elizabeth daughter of Robert Edghill and Lidia from Wedmore.

Oct 16 Martha daughter of Abraham Battman.

Mar 10 Charles son of John Carter.



Apr 16 John son of Joseph Wilmott.

Aug 27 Hester daughter of Mathew Blackmore.

Sep 19 Betty daughter of Francis Wild.

Jan 29 John son of Charles Hedges.

Aug 5 Samuel son of Samuel Priddy alias Weeks.

Oct 14 Martha daughter of Abraham Battman.

Nov 11 William son of Wm Chambers.

Dec 11 Mary daughter of Joseph Wilmott.



Jun 1 Hester daughter of Mathew Blackmore.

Jun 16 Thomas son of Charles hedges.

Nov 9 Mary base daughter of Joan Seaford.

Feb 8 William son of Thomas Young buried the 11.



Mar 29 John son of Uzell Holliman of Clevedon Court.

May 3 Mary daughter of Joseph Wilmott.

Jul 12 Betty daughter of James Cullimore.

Nov 25 William base son of Elizabeth Young.

Mar 7 Susannah daughter of Abraham Battman.



Mar 28 Molly daughter of William Short.

Oct 31 Betty daughter of Charles Hodges.

Nov 28 Betty daughter of William Plumbly.



Aug 28 Charles son of Joseph Wilmot.

Aug 14 (private baptism) Allice daughter of John Carter and born Jul 31.

Jan 2 Mary daughter of Thomas Stedfall.

Mar 4 John son of Hugh Giblett.



May 13 Mary daughter of James Cullimore.

Jun 3 Mary daughter of Samuel Rumney.

Jan 15 Mary daughter of John Meager of Clevedon.

Feb 17 Charles son of Charles Hedgis.

Feb 17 William son of William Plumley.



Jun 13 John son of Abraham Battman.

Sep 22 Hannah daughter of Samuel Romney.

Nov 17 Daniel son of Thos: Stedfall.



Apr 27 Patience daughter of Edward Pomery of Clevedon.

Sep 14 Mary daughter of Benjamin Moore.

Dec 26 George son of William Plumly.

Dec 26 Betty daughter of Samuel Rumney.



Jul 5 William son of Charles Hedges.

Aug 4 William son of Wm Westlake of Clevedon.

Oct 21 Sarah daughter of William Wall of Nailsea.

Nov 8 Rachel daughter of Benjamin Moore.

Nov 9 Augustus son of Joseph Wilmot.

Nov 22 Ann daughter of Thomas Stedfall.



Oct 23 Thomas son of Hugh Giblet.

Feb 19 Sarah daughter of Samuel Rumney.

Feb 19 Stephen son of Mathew Blackmore.



May 7 Richard son of James Blackmore the younger.



Sep 9 Joseph son of Benjamin Moore.

Oct 7 Mary daughter of Thomas Hartze.



May 19 John son of James Blackmore.

May 26 James son of John Hack.

May 26 ……… son of Frances Willmot.

Dec Hannah daughter of Samuel Rumny.



Feb 22 Joseph and Mary son  and daughter of William Battman.

Mar 31 Mary daughter of Mathew Blackmore.

Apr 5 William Wooal son of William Woall.



Sarah daughter of John and Sarah Odfeld.

Apr 1 Joseph Moore and James More and John Moore sons of Benjamin More and Sarah.

Mar 31 George Romly son of Sammuel Romly and Gras. (Grace)



Jun 21 James son of Thomas Turner and Anne. (Out of Order)



Dec 25 Janes daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Nearhce. (Nurse)



Jan 11 William son of Samuel and Hanna Griffin of Tickenham.

Aug 15 Betty daughter of Wm and Sarah Wall.

Jan 21 Betty daughter of James Blackmore and Persilla.


Betty Plumly daughter of William Plumly and Mary was born 5 Nov 1742.

Mary daughter of William Plumly and Mary was born 22 Mar 1750.



Sep 13 John Hartry son of Thomas Hartry and Betty was born and baptised some time after.



Feb 8 Mary daughter of Benjamin Romly and Mary . She was 2 years and a quarter.

Feb 8 Sarah daughter of Benjamin Romly and Mary.



Apr 9 John son of John Blackmore and Matthew his wife.

Oct 10 Betty daughter of Thomas Hartry and Betty.



Jan 13 William Wallis son of William Wallis and Hester.

Jan 27 Persilo daughter of James Blackmore and Persilo.

Feb 17 Jacob son of John Hack and Betty.



May 4 Rebachea daughter of William Wall and Sarah.

Oct 10 Molly daughter of Edward Weslock and Flower.



Mar Dianna daughter of Benjamin Romly and Mary.

Jul 26 Joseph son of Francis Wilmot, base, being 5 and a half years old.

Jul 26 Charles son of Mary Hack, base.

Oct 4 Thomas son of Thomas Hartree and Betty.



Sep 12 Hanna daughter of Richard Tockey and Mary.

Sep 12 John son of Ralf Bassent and Mary.



Mar 5 Stephen son of James Blackmore and Persela.



Jan 6 Sarah daughter of Edward Weslock and Flower.



Sep 7 Mary daughter of Charles Hedg and Mary.

Sep 26 Love and Hatty was born.

May 3 Mary daughter of James Banfeld and Hannah baptised soon after.



Sep 3 William son of Dianna Hous, base was baptised.

Nov 19 John son of Samuel Nad…. (rest in binding) and Mary, of Clevedon.



Feb 6 Rebeckca daughter of William Veare of Clevedon.



Apr 4 Betty daughter of Charles Hedg of Tickenham and Mary. Being one year and a half, also Ann baptised the same time.

Apr 21 Mary daughter of William Veare of Clevedon and Dianna.


1772 (No entries)