Walks & Rides in Bristol .

Collated by Mary Mason.

A Contemporary Report 1824.


Including the points of most common resort on the way.


Walk One.


Commencing from either Corn Street, Broad Street or Wine Street.

                                    High Street

Left Hand                                                                                Right Hand.


Chilcott, printer and bookseller. No. 6.                                  St. Nicholas Market.

Barry & Son, booksellers and librarians, No. 21.                   Weds. & Saturday.

McDowall, printer & bookseller. No. 24.

                                                                                                 St. Nicholas Street.

Bridge Street                                                                            St. Nicholas Back.


                                    The Bridge & Parade

Savings Bank                                                                            Pitt & Co`s Bank.

                                        Redcliff Street

Red Lion Inn                                                                      Two or three Printing offices

Queen`s Head Inn                                                                 & Stationery warehouses

                                                                                                  on either side.

 St. Thomas` Church lane                                                       several avenues to

Old Fox Inn                                                                                Redcliff Back.

Portwall lane.   

                                       Redcliff Pit

Angel Inn                                                                               

Pile Street                                                                                   St. John`s Lane.


                                       Redcliff Parade

Wellington Place                                                                      Ferry to the Grove.

                                        Guinea Street

Wesleyan Chapel

                                        Redcliff Hill

                                                                                               The Church & Colston`s Parade

                                                                                                  A lane at the east end to

                                        Pile Street

The School house & Chatterton`s birthplace.

The Glass houses

George Inn                                                                                Saracen`s Head Inn.

                                    Site of Temple Gate

                                        Pipe Lane

                                        Rose Street

                                       Church Lane

                                                                                                  TEMPLE CHURCH   

                                      Temple Street

Long Row leading to

                                     St. Thomas Street


                                     Bridge Parade and the Bridge      


                                     All Saints Row and Lane

                                                                                               ALL SAINTS CHURCH

                                   Corn Street and the Exchange



Walk Two or Ride.


                                High Street & the Bridge.

                                         Bath Street

Tucker Street

Mathews Directory Office                                                   The Talbot Inn & Coach Office

Hawkins`s Coach Office

Bristol Dispensary

                                       Temple Street

Countess Slip and a

Baptist Chapel                                                                        Old book shop

Beer Lane                                                                                   Long Row

Water Lane

Church Lane                                                                               Mitchel Lane          

Cart Lane

Pipe Lane                                                                                   Portwall Lane

                                      Temple Gate

George Inn                                                                                  Pile Street

                                                                                                    Red Lane

                                                                                            Saracen`s Head Inn.

                                       Bath Parade

New Road, Bridge & Feeder

                                       Hill`s Bridge

Redcliff Crescent            left hand bank of                        New Cut of the Avon

Coronation Road to Ashton

                                       Harford`s Bridge

                                      Commercial Road

New Prison                                                                          Bathurst Basin

                  Ride over Prince`s Street Bridge or walk to           The Ferry

                                        The Grove

Avenues to Queen Square

King Street                                                                          Welsh Market house    

                                        The Back

Crow Lane

Baldwin Street

St. Nicholas Church steps

                                      High Street.



A Walk


                                  Montague Parade

                                                                                       Marlborough Hill

                                  Kingsdown Parade

                                                                                        Montague Street

                                 James`s Parade---James`s Place

                                    Dame Pugsley`s Well Field

                                        Somerset Street

                                         Spring Hill

Dove Street                                                                      Dove Street

                                     King Square Avenue

Stoke`s Croft (road to Gloucester)

Back Fields & Wilder Street                                         Charles`s Street

Full Moon Inn                                                                Cherry Lane

                                         North Street       

                                       Cumberland Street

                                       Brunswick Square

Wilder Street                                                                       York Street

Unitarian Burying Ground                                            Gloucester Street

                                        Surrey Street

Cave street                                                                      Pritchard Street                                                

                                       Portland Square

                Dean Street-ST.PAUL`S CHURCH-St. Paul Street

                                     St. Paul Street

Wilson Street                                                                  Norfolk Street

Orange Street

                                  Newfoundland Street

Charlotte Street

Clark Street                                                                      Mills`s Place

                                           Milk Street

                                                                                       Pritchard Street

Callowhill Steps                                                             Gloucester Street

Leek Lane                                                                             York Street

                                         Square Avenue

                                      St. James`s Square

Wellington Terrace                                                       St. James`s Terrace

                                      St. James`s Barton

                                           Barrs Street

                                                                                     White Horse Inn

Milk Street                                                                        Horse Fair

                                        Old King Street

Baptist Chapel                                                               Ebenezer Chapel

Rosemary Street                                                                    Broadmead

                                        Merchant Street

Black Friars                                                              Merchant Tailors` Alms House

Broad Weir                                                                       The Castle Mill

                                       Castle Mill Street

Castle Green                                                                       Site of Newgate Prison

                                       Narrow Wine Street

Mitchell`s Waggon Warehouse

Dallimore`s Van Warehouse                                              The George   Tavern

Chequer Lane

Dolphin Street                                                                      Union Street

                                             Wine Street