Titanic Deaths.


William Bessant born William Edward Lowe Bessant  on the 8th Aug 1871 in Netley, Ealing was the son of Ellen Bessant. William married Emily Ellen Cull on the 25 Dec 1893 at St. Mathews, Netley. They had five children. The first child was born in Eling and the other four at Southampton.


Edward Bessant was born on 15th June 1880 at Southampton, he was the son of Henry Bessant and Elizabeth Ann Meech who married on the 25th Oct 1867 at Millbrook. Edward married Mary Jean Gear on the 2nd Sep 1908 at Southampton. Edward had five brothers and sisters, Edward being the youngest.


Edward’s family line can be traced back to 1799.


With thanks to Brenda Davis for providing the family trees of William and Edward.


William and Edward both worked on the Titanic, William being a Fireman and Edward a Baggage Master.