Tickenham Wills

Collated by Mary Mason.


1497 William Russell.

The second day of April 1497, I, William Russell make my testament in forme following;

I bequeath my body to be buried in the parish church of Tikenham.

I bequeath to the church of Wells 4d.

To the church of Clyvedon 4d.

To the churches of Walton, Weston, Clopton and Wraxhale, 4d each.

To the bildying of the tower to the chuch of Tickenham, 3s 4d.

To John my son, my tenement in Midell Tickenham durng the terme of yeres as it apperith by mine endentures.

To Isabel my daughter, I leve and bequeath a close of pasture lying within the lordship of Kenne and parisshe of Yatton called yest North you, during my terme of yeres.

I gif and bequeath to John Russell and to John Preest my tenement called Persevals in the parisshe of Tickenham, during my terme of yeres.

To the said John Russell, my son before named, 2 brewyng leddis; 2 paire of wheles and a corn wayne; half a dosen silver spoons and a ring of gold.

To my daughter Isabel bifore named, six spoons of silver and a ring of gold; and also all the hole apparel that belonged to Alice my wife to her body.

I geve and bequeath to my 4 yonger sonnes one dossen of silver spoons equally to be amongst them deuyded provided that if any of theym dye within the yeres of discretion, that then the portion of thym or them so deceased to go to the fynding of a priest within the church of Tikenham.

The residue of my goods not disposed I will that myne execotors after named divide equally amongst my 6 children above named; and I ordeyne and make to be myne executors John Russell and John Preest, and to every of them I bequeath for their laboure 5 maerke.

In witness of John Hervie, John Nethway and others.

Proved 3rd May 1497 and administrated committed to the executors.


1554 April 6 John Higgans, husbandman of Tykeham.

To son Richard, William and Thomas, sons of Richard, Johan daughterof Richard, Agnes daughter of John Overseer, John Reyney.

Witness: John Bailey, John Gibb, Nicolas Davis, John PhillipsJohn Burk, John George and Robert Headell.

Proved Sep 10 1554.


1573 Richard Higgins of Tickenham.

To sons Thomas, John the elder, John the younger, Richard, Robert, Willam; daughter Edith and wife Agnes.

Overseers; John Phillips and William Hedges.

Witness: John Burke, John Payne and John Bann.


1598 Aug 24 Matthew Williams alias Gwynn of Tickenham, Somerset, Gent.

To each of my cousins, daughters of Elizabeth Dyer, 10s and to my cousins John Ashe and John Halse, my two best suits of apparel. My cousin David Williams, Joyner. Katherine Gwynn, my sister’s daughter, 40 s and to every one of my sister’s sons 10s. I wholly assign over  an d give to my cousin Elizabeth Dyer, all my right, title etc, in all my tenures, lands etc in West Gower, Glamorganshire, which were given by or from uncle Owen Glynn, father of the said Elizabeth, to her and her heirs for ever. I am wholly satisfied for all accounts and reckonings betwixt me and my cousin Francis Dyer and Elizabeth his wife. Residue to my cousin Owen Ashe, executor.

Witness William Davell, Clerk.

 Proved 4 April 1599 by Owen Ashe.


1596 Dec 17 Anthony Halls of Ticknam, Somerset, Esq.

My body to be buried by my beloved wife as her best means shall be. To my four daughters Marie, Elizabeth, Florence and Johan Hals, £200 among them, to be paid at my now dwelling house of Ticknam. To my son in law John Ashe a diamond ring and a bay ambling colt and to my son John Hals all my books and a ruby ring and to my son in law Owen Ashe a ruby ring and a bay trotting colt, as a token of my love for their mother and them. To my cousin Mary Halls £10 upon her good behaviour. To my brother Hals my colt with a white star, bought of Whittingham. My cousin Sarey Holland. My cousin Mathew Williams. To my brother William Hals my best suit. My wife Elizabeth Hals, Exix. My brothers Warwick and William Hals to be Overseers.

Proved Feb 10 1596/7 by Elizabeth Hals the relic.


1638 Aug 28 Rice Davis of Tickenham, Somerset.

My wife Mary deceased. To be buried in the Chapel at Backwell, between my late wife Dorothy, daughter of Maurice Rodney, and my late wife Isobel Lygon. To my daughter Eleanor Poyntz and her husband Nicholas Poyntz all my manor of Tickenham and they to pay£300 of debts etc. Money owing to the Exors of Sir Daniel Norton. My daughter Joan Browne. My daughter Elizabeth Williams, her husband Roger Williams and her son Rice Williams. Thomas Smyth and William Winter, Exors. My daughter Cox. A codicil witnessed by John Baber.

Proved 1649 Apr 23 by Eleanor wife of Nicholas Poyntz.

Notes. Rice Davies Esq of Tickenham married:

1st Dorothy daughter of Maurice Rodney Esq and sister of Sir George Rodney, by whom he had three daughters Elizabeth married to Roger Williams, Monmouthshire. Joan married to Richard Browne of Backwell and Margaret married to …. Cox.

2nd Isabel daughter of Henry Lygon of Colne, Gloucestershire, widow of Edward Basset.

3rd Mary Pitt widow of Robert Owen of Bristol, merchant by whom he had one daughter married to Nicholas Poyntz. Their daughter Eleanor married 1st Major William Goodriche and 2nd ……Glanville.


1638 Aug 14 James Keene of Tickenham, Clerk.

To be buried in the Chancel of Winford, Somerset, my native place. My son James £70 at fourteen. My son John. My daughter Elinor. My wife Mary. Poor of Tickenham 1/6d.

Proved 5 Oct 1638.


1674 Jun 22

Mary Vawer, of Tickenham, Somerset, spinster. My kinsman Thomas Vawer, £20. My kinswoman, Mary and Martha Vawer, when they kum to agge. My sister Wilmot. My kinswoman Gwylliam. For my burial, £20. My kinswoman Hannah Vawer, Evecutor.


Proved 3 Sep 1674 by Hannah Vawer.          


1729 Apr 15 Samuel Bave of Tickenham, Gent.

All my goods, lands etc to my wife Elizabeth Bave for life and after to my youngest son Samuel Bave. My daughter Elizabeth Ann Mary now the wife of Reuben Holliman. To my son Anthony Bave my Capital House of Barrow Court. To my daughter £100 and my plate. My wife Elizabeth, Exix.

Proved 4 Sep 1731 by his relict.