Tickenham Burials


Transcribed by Mary Mason.


Jun 16 Ed… Teague.

Dec 24 A…… wife of Richard Morgan.



Apr 11 Rose Barnes, widow of Clevedon.



Jun 3 Joane Stanford, widow.

Jun 13 William  Cottrell.

Jun 17 Richard Burriatt.

Jul 19 Edith wife of William Witchfield.

Sep 8 Mary d of Wm Hedges.

Oct 1 Charles s of Wm Stanterd?

Oct 11 Mary wife of Ed: Russell.

Dec 25 Sarah wife of Wm Stanford.

Jan 23 Edmund Higgins.

A …….. man whose name was unknown was buried the same day.

Feb 1 Sara wife of Edmund Barrow of Clapton.

Feb 8 Jo: Stanford.

Mar 2 John Gough.

Mar 3 William Higgins.

Mar 5 Xtian Lloyd, widow.



Dec 16 William Howes.

Jan 7 Samuel Lukins.

Jan 16 Robert Russell.



May 4 Joane wife of Walter Fenrott.

Dec 6 Elenor d of Walter Morgan and Alice.

Dec 10 Mary wife of John Chambers.

Dec 29 Thomas Doughtye.

Jan 18 Anne d of John Chambers.

Jan 19 Richard s of Richard Bissarne and Jane.

Jan 21 Rice Per.nison?



Sep 27 Mary Rayney.

Oct 9 Thomas Manndrell.

Oct 30 Mary d of Richard Bissarre and Jane.

Dec 1 Giles Doggatt.

Feb 24 William Rusell.



May 11 Mary Burriatt, widow.

Sep 30 Jane d of Richard Bissarre and Jane.

Nov 20 Elizabeth d of Judith Higgins, widow.

Jan 27 John Jones als Branner.



May 25 John Philipps.

Jun 10 Thomas Flower.

Jul 14 Robert Wale s of Debora Wale, widow.

Jul 21 Mary d of Owen Wale and Elizabeth.

Aug 25 William Evans.

Sep 3 Mary w of John Lockyer.

Sep 14 William s of George Bush and Mary.

Oct 16 Joane wife of Thomas Badman.

Oct 21 William George of Clevedon.

Nov 5 Mary Evans, widow.

Nov 5 John s of John Smyth and Joane.

Nov 7 Margaret wife of Christopher Batten.

Nov 13 Hanna d of Edward Williams and Jane.

Nov 22 Widow White.

Nov 30 Edith wife of William King Dyed.

Dec 4 Deboro d of William Davis.

Dec 18 William Hix.

Dec 19 Jo s of William Davis and Anne.

Dec 20 Francis White.

Dec 17 Two twin sons of Richard Morgan and Margaret.

Jan 12 Thomas s of James Taylor and Joane.

Jan 14 Joane wife of Edward Williams.

Jan 20 Elenor wife of Walter Morgan.

Feb 16 Frances Sage.

Feb 23 The s of Frances Jones als Brannor.

Feb 23 Richard Morgan.

Mar 8 Jane wife of John Waddington.



Mar 25 Rose Doggatt, widow.

Mar 28 Charles Stoball of Wraxall.

Apr 28 Annis d of Hugh Rumney and Mary.

Apr 30 Thomas Russell.

May 23 Anthony Reyney.

Jun 10 John Beale.

Jun 15 ……… Brent, widow.

Jun 19 Elizabeth wife of John …….. of Clevedon.

Jul 3 Richard Maundress.

Jul 13 William s of John Gough and Alice.

Jul 18 Anne wife of William Witchfeild.

Aug 18 William Hedges.

Aug 31 John Brak.

Sep 22 Esther? wife of John Chambers.

Nov 2 William Panes.

Nov 28 Frances wife of John Kenn.

Dec 17 John Bayley.

Feb 5 Mary wife of James Russell and Samuel their son dyed and were buried.



May 26 Samuel King.

Jun 11 Edward Williams.

Jun 16 Mary d of Hanna Russell.

Jun 28 Edward Williams.



May 11 John s of ………. Batten.

May 16 Walter Morgan.

Jan 26 Joyce Cole.

The twin sons of Thomas Mudge.

Mar 12 Rose Cotterell, widow, drowned.

Mar 13 Joane wife of John Burnell.



Apr 6 Sarah d of Margery Douting.

Apr 15 Christopher Batten son.

May 3 John Chambers.

May 8 Elizabeth Williams.

Feb 12 John Lockier.

Feb 17 Anne the daughter of Robert Higgins.

Nov 10 John Kenn.



Nov 25 ………. kin……d of Lawrence.

Feb 6 Christopher Kenn s of John Kenn.

Feb 2 John Gough s of John Gough.



Sep 31 Mary Mudg wife of Tho? Mudg.



Jun 3 Elizabeth Hill d of James Hill.

Nov 11 John Barber s of John Barber.

Nov 24 John Wilmott s of John Willmot and Joane.

Dec 14 Joseph Sherborne.

Dec 24 Moses Sawer.



Jul 26 Richard Stanford.

Jan 12 Ann wife of James Persivall.

Mar 12 Richard Broome.

Jun 2 Elizabeth Smith wife of Thomas Smith of ye parish of Clifton .

Jun 7 Thomas Barber.


A gap in the registers here.


Jul 19 Christopher Phillips was buried 1695.

Dec 8 Edith Bennett, 1695.

William Line.

May 3 Thomas Jones, 1697.

Thomas Barber 1697.



Jun 24 Elizabeth wife of William Fuller.

Oct 28 Elizabeth wife of Joseph Smith.



Apr 16 Edmond Hill.

Oct 8 Mary Philips, widow.



Jul 18 John Badman.

Sep 2 Bridget Doggett, widow of Clevedon.

Nov 14 Mary d of John and Ann Tewksbury.

Dec 27 Thomas Philips sen.

Feb 16 John Jones of Clevedon.

Feb 27 Mary d of John and Joan Barber.