Transcribed by Mary Mason.



Last day of June, Joane d of Wm Russell and Margaret.

Aug 4 Jane d of Samuel King and Sarah.

Aug 25 Susanna d of Edmund Higgins and Sarah.

Sep 29 Edmund s of Edmund Teague (deceased) and Sarah.

Oct 25 Abel d of George Bisielie and his wife.

 Oct 27 Ma…ine  (Mathew?) s of Thomas Barry and Frances.

Nov 14 Mary d of Wm Rumney and Mary.

Nov 16 Wm Cottrell s of Wm Cottrell and Rose.

Feb 16 Jane d of Richard Champneyes and Anne was born the 26 Dec about 4 of the clock afternoon and baptised on Feb 16.

Feb 23 Ye daughter of John Lockier and Mary.



Mar 29 Edward s of Edward Reeves and Mary.

……….. Mary d of Qwyn Wasik and Eliza.

Aug 7 Mary d of Richard Bysraker and Jane.

Oct 12 Anne d of John Chambers and Mary.

Nov 23 John s of Thomas Doughtie and Margerie.

Nov 27 Joane d of Wm Stanford and Mary.

Nov 28 Susanna d of Thomas Dyer and Margaret.

Feb 2 John s of Hugh James and Abigail.

Mar 4 Robert s of James Taylor and Joane.

Feb 16 Ekeliel s of John Barnes and Rose.



Jun 20 Joane d of Edw. Williams and Joane.

Oct 4 Geo. Bush s of Geo. Bush and Mary.

Oct 14 Sarah d of Wm Rumney and Mary.



Jan 23 Ye d of Jo. Lockyer and Mary.

Jul 10 Mary d of John Smyth and Joane.

Feb 19 Sara d of Thomas Doughtrie.

Mar 16 Edmund s of Edmund Brakes and Eleanor.



Jul 28 Joane d of Hugh Rumney and Mary.

Nov 16 George s of Wm Panes and Edith.

Nov 18 Griezel d of Edward Willnis and Joane.

Dec 27 John s of John Gough and Alice.

Mar 8 James s of James Taylor and Joane.

Mar 11 Jane d of Richard Byssacre and Anne.

Mar 12 Wm s of Wm Rumney and Mary, born Feb 20.

Mar 23 Rob s of Jo. Jones and Grace.



Apr 16 Willm s of John Jones and Frances.

May 17 Elizabeth d of Geo Bush and Mary.

… .. John s of John Lockyer and Mary was born Sep.

Jun 22 Charles and Joane s & d of Richard Stanford and Joane.

Nov 1 Anne d of Samuel Tucker and Edith.

….. Blanch d of Walter Morgan and Alice born Jan 2.

…. Willm s of John Gough and Alice born Jan 10.

………… d of Thos Russell and Hanna born Mar 10. (name lost in filming)



Henry s of Thomas Badman and Joane born Jun.

Thomas s of Thomas Williams and Elizabeth born … 8.

Elizabeth d of Thomas Mudge and Mary born Nov 3.

Charles s of Willm Davis and Agnis born Feb 1.

Annis d of Hugh Rumney and Mary born Feb 5.

Thomas s of James Taylor and Joane born Feb 11.

William s of George Bush and Mary born Mar 15.



Anne d of Jo Lyne and Jane born Aug 14.

John s of John Smyth and Joane born Aug 16.

Hanna d of Edward Williams and Joane born Dec 8.

Two twins sons of Richard Morgan and Margaret were born Dec 16.



Mary d of Richard Stanford and Joane born Mar 1.

Jane d of Richard Byss..re and Jane born Jul 23.

Mary d of John Waddington and Elizabeth born Jan 13.

Samuel s of James Russell and Mary born Feb 2.



Annis d of Hugh Rumney and Mary born May 1.

Richard s of William Stanford and Mary born Jun 2.

Thomas s of William Davis and Agnis born Jun.

Joane d of Thomas Philipps and Elizabeth born Jul 3.

Joane d of John Gough and Alice born May 15.

Frances d of Hugh Rumly baptised Mar 3 1662.

Samuel s of Richard Lulmis and Sarah baptised Jun 23 1661.



Apr 29 William s of William Davis and Agnis.

Apr 23 James s of James Russell and Agnis.

Apr 28 John s of John and Joan Smith, widow.

Jul 29 John s of Richard Byssare and Jane.



Jan 25 William s of Alice Morgan, widow.

Feb 8 John base s of Annie Flower.

Mar 2 Anne d of Robert and Elizabeth Higgins.

Mar 25 William s of John and Alice Gough.

Richard Higgins s of Robert Higgins and Joan, born Jul 18.

Feb 24 William Morgan s of Richard Morgan and Margaret.

Oct 22 John Doggatt s of Edmond Doggatt and Elnor.

Sep 22 Mary d of James Russell and Agnes.

Sep 24 John Lukins s of Richard Lukins and Sarah.



Mar 23 Ann d of John Phillips and Mary.

Mar 20 John s of Thomas Pillips and Elizabeth.



Robert Higgins s of Robert Higgins and Joan was born Jan 24.

Dec 23 James Higgins s of John Higgins and Elizabeth.

May 1 George Bavey.

Dec 20 William Marks s of James Marks.

 Mar 5 Ann Knight d of Larence Knight and Mary.

Margget d of William Dawes and Agnes born Feb 5.

Jun 11 John ……. s of Thomas and Mary.


William Chambers and John Higgins Churchwardens 1667.



Jun 30 Mary Meacks d of James Meacks and .nnis.

Nov 30 William Higgins s of Robert Higgins and Johnes, born 3 Sep.

Dec 24 Ann Tayler d of William Tayler and Ann.

Feb 24 Mary Higgins d of John Higgins and Elizabeth.



Apr 26 William Sheppard s of John Sheppard and Ellenor.

Jun 23 William Hedges s of Charles Hedge and Als.



Nov 1 Jane Hedge d of Charles Hedge and Als.



James Higgins s of Robert Higgins and Joan was born 2 Aug 1671.

William s of John Westlake and Sarah was baptised 25 Mar 1670.

Feb 14 William Welmet s of John Wilmet and Jone 1673.

Elizabeth d of William Umphrey and Elizabeth was baptised May 26 1785.

William s of Will Umphery and Elizabeth was baptised Apr 10 1688.

William Sherborn s of Joseph Sherborn and Jone was baptised Aug 6 1690.



Sep 2 Mary d of John Wornell and Joane.

Oct 13 Alice d of William Russell and Elizabeth.

Oct 18 Joane d of William Tayler and Ann.

Dec 16 William Phillipps s of Thomas Phillipps and Elizabeth.

Mar 12 Ann d of James Meackes and Agnis.



Dec 15 John Gooddanew base s of An Gooddanew.

Jan 10 Elizabeth d of Charles Hedge and Als.



Thomas s of Mathew Barber and Elisabeth was baptised 28 Jan 1681.



Aug 27 Christopher s of Thomas Phillips.

Mar 13 John s of Richard …………….

Nov 21 Ann d of William Stevens .

Nov 18 Ralph s of John Burgess.

Jan 16 Mary d of John Wesly.

Apr 16 James s of Edward Feke and Susan.

Apr 26 Jone? Ruikews d of Thomas Ruikews.



Feb 21 Charles s of Charles Hedges.



May 11 Thomas Brock s of Thomas Brock, born Apr 27.

Jul 18 Mary Burgess d of John Burgess.



May 21 Thomas s of Thomas Kencott.

May 13 Thomas s of Edmund Sdage.

Jul 22 Edward s of Thomas Brock.

Aug 12 Mary d of Henry Moody.

Aug 6 William s of William Stevens.

Mar 3 Borvest? s of Edmund Ashfeill, esquire.



Jan 6 Edmund s of John Westlake and Sarah.



Mar 18 John s of Thomas Brock and Hannah, born Mar 4.

Sarah d of John Papwell, mariner of Bristol and Ann, born 9 Sep and baptised the same month in the year 1684.

Dec 17 Mary d of Nicholas Dukes, of Clapton by Mary.

25 Sep Elizabeth Boyen d of Richard Boyen Kinge in the year 1676.

Jone d of Thomas Hanford of Porbury and Mary was born 23 Jan and baptised 30 day 1677.

John Bennet s of Thomas Bennet was baptised 30 Jan 1677.


No more baptisms recorded until 1685.