Portbury Records

Transcribed by Mary Mason.

Marriages 1612-1640

Baptisms 1607-1637

Burials 1623-1638


Much of this material was unreadable due to poor filming therefore many gaps in the transcriptions.



Mar Arthur Brinckwood to Joan Russel.

Nov Harrie Whitting to Grace Thomas.

Nov Thomas Webb to Alice Baker.

Jan Thomas Stevens to Elizabeth Smyth.

Jan John Arther to Judith Hillwydd/Picwydde.

Feb Richard Dando to Margaret Payne.

Feb Thomas Homes to Joan Clevedon.



April John Hill to Merin Romyis.

May  6 Cornelius Wellmo to Mary Hampton.

Jun 2 Phillipp Robbins to Grace Durban.

Sep Thomas Cooke to Elizabeth Gremster.

Sep 6 John Baker to Joan Peurie.

Jan John Adams to Alice Nethway.

Feb John Waite to Elizabeth Crosse the daughter of Christopher Crosse.

May 3 Andrew Rogers to Elizabeth Kinge.

May 9 William Rumney to Grace West.

Jul 6 John Parsons to Jane Parsons.

Oct 1 John Willmot to Agnes Wilcox.

Nov John Crossman to Alicia (Alice) Adams

Jan 20 ?orgive Bennet to Agnes Hill.

Jan 29 John Andersone/Oversone to Agnis Rowles.



Apr 10 Thomas Gore to Alice Romsey.

Apr 17 William Parker to Eady Dymery.

Apr 13 Thomas Welch to Elizabeth Percevale.

May 3 Anthony Watkins to Margaret James.



Jun 13 Amos Bamfield to Elizabeth Godman.

Jul 2 John Nethway to Agnes Hughes.

Nov 15 Richard Large to Margaret Llewellyn.

Apr 15 Thomas Romney to Eliza Lawrence.



Aug 7 Abraham Saunders to Joan Gregory.

Aug Robert Adams to Syluester Preist?

Aug 25 John Payton to Elizabeth Stevens.

Sep William Wigos to Mhirie Prison.

Oct Thomas Dawer to Edith Haslewood.

Jan John Phillips to Maria Davis.

Jan Arthur Russell to Elizabeth Nayler.

Jan Thomas Pirkham to Elizabeth Tyll..?



Apr Robert Watts to Grace Lullett.

Jun Robert Burden to Mary Whithand.

Oct Thomas Knight to Joan Lawrence.

Oct Thomas Wade to Rose Stibbins.



Jun John Davis to …….. Reed?

Jul John Parsons to Frances Shire?

Oct George ……… Mhirne Morris.

Nov George Voales to ……… Wallis.

Feb William Reason to Elizabeth Hiscox.



Aug John Hedges to Grace Romney.

Oct Edward Chorke to Elizabeth Morris.

Oct John Brin to Margaret Harbord.

Jan  John Slater of Tickenham to Marie Durban.



Jul 4 George Hillier to Elizabeth Weare.

Mar 1 John Headys to Sara Harris.



Apr 22 William Harris to Mary Jennings.

May 2 Arthur Bushe to Catherine Edwards.

Jun Robert Spure to Agnes Wallis.

Oct Nicolas Lane to Marie Parsons.

Feb 1 John Baker to Joan Wraxall.



May Roger Kinge to Mary Spore.

May William Smith to Elizabeth Cambridge.

Sep John Dodget to Elizabeth Brohune.



Apr 18 Markes Parcher to Agnes Hortz.

Jul 15 John Beak to Luice Parrie.

Oct 27 Thomas Davis to Alice Hiscox.

Jan 27 Edmund Simmons to Grace Baker.

Jan 31 Bartholomin Seward to Elizabeth Dun.



Apr 28 Robert Sparrow to Edith Skull.

Apr 28 William Paschall to Elizabeth West.

Jul 14 John Let to Jane Clevedon.

May Matthew Williamson to Katherine Wraxal.

Aug 18 John Morris to Sara  (too faint)


Elias Whit……. to Susanna Hiscox.

Samuel …….. of Rowberrow to Anna Stibbens.

Feb 20 John Hiscox to Agnes Powell.

Feb John Hedges to Anna Nethway.



Jun 20 Christopher Gurnad to Margaret Watkins.

Jul 13 Robert Mairs to Maria Nayler.

Jul 17 Silvester Davis to Isabell Wallis.

Oct 2 Edward Hill to Joane Hobbs.

Feb 10 Robert Watts to Maria Willmot.

Mar 19 Nicholas Lanr to Amia Smith.



Apr 3 William Burke to Marie Beakes.

9 Aug William Hall to Elizabeth Wraxall.

Oct 15 Simon Penhall to Elizabeth Lott.

Nov 24  Thomas Cooke to Anne Merritt.



Aug 5 Morris Blanch to Elizabeth Baker.

Oct 3 Richard Truman to Joane Stamborn.

Nov 28 Edward Millard/Willard to Elizabeth Atkins.

Jan 29 William Freman to Rebecca Powell.



Jun 15 Mathew Bennet to Marie Grayle.

Jul 6 Thomas Horwood to Marie Champion.

Jul 22 Peter Jacob to Susan Shepherd.

Oct 22 John Harris to Agnes Fillis.

Oct 22 Roger Hedges to Frances Shriear.

Oct 5 Robert Grayle to Juliana Magothes.

Oct 12 John Andrews to Catherine Wakes.

Oct 12 John Crosse to Marie Vare.

Nov 9 William Jennings to Elizabeth Thringe.

Nov 24 Benedict Tyler to Elizabeth Grayle.



Apr 13 James Cooke to Alice Hiscox.

Apr 22 John Champion to Anne Baker.

Jun 22 William Hickman to Marie Rowberam.

Jul 8 Richard Lot to Margaret Palmer.

Sep 2 William Vigers to Marie Wakeham.

Sep 18 John Baker to Edith Wallis.

Nov 27 William Budding to Thomasina  Price.



Jun 30 John Wilmot to Edith Wallis.

Aug 11 John Davis to Joane Burriat.

Oct 30 William Rickets to Alice Boucher.

Nov 17 John Palmer to Marie Parker.

Jan 20 John Brookman to Jane Hardwicke.


1632  (too faint)

Apr 15……………….Francis.

Jun 11

Jun 20 William Brod….. Marie

Jul 9  William  Evans to  Margaret

Sep 11         Thomas to Ann Parker

Oct 25 John Roche to Francis Baker.



 Nov 28 Richard Park to Joane Waters.

Jan 30 Richard Thringe to Maria Roch.



Jul 21 Richard Ellis to Maria Crocker.

Aug 14 John Roch to Elizabeth Kemys.

Nov 17 Lawrence Wesmir? to Joyce Hock?



Jul 6 John Lilliwhite to Sara Grayle.

Jul 16 John Gilford to Elizabeth Wallis.

Feb 20 John Horsington to Marie Grayle.



Jul 22 Thomas Jones? to Grace Parker.

Aug 10 Thomas Hiscox to Sara Antonie.



Jun 29 George Sampson to Frances Kemys.

Jul 13 Thomas Cooke to Elizabeth Upcot.

Jul 20 John Crocke to Katherin Wallis.

Jul 24 William West to Joane Cribbs.



Apr 2 Henry Upcott to Barbara Tucker.

Apr 16 Thomas Paschall to Marie Godman.

May 24 Cornelius Powell to Edith Thringe.

Jul 30 John Cooke/Cocke to Marie Griffin.

Oct 18 John Harris to Alice Bucke.

Oct 29 Thomas Phillips to Elizabeth Stambourne.

Nov 20 Richard Lardge to Agnes Crosman.



Apr 27 William Daniell to Joane Grayle.

Aug 15 John Pearce to Elizabeth Rock.

Sep 12 William Wilkes to Lettice Lacie.

Nov 9 Richard Champion to Jane Rumsey.

Nov 30 Rice? Credland to Grace But…ts.

Jan 30 Robert Nicholls to Elizabeth Harding.

Feb 1 John Robins to Elizabeth ……?

Feb John Wakeham to Joane Thomas.



May 14 …… Baker to Margaret Baker.

Oct 2 Ralfe Jenkings to Grace Doget.

Oct 29 John Hort to Elizabeth Russell.

Oct 30 John Weekes to Marie Buthe.

Feb 20 Richard Purle? to Agnes Hedges.



May 6 Richard Stanford and Joane Hiler/Filer.

May ……………………and Elizabeth Wilmot.

Light in the fiche.





Nov 19 Edwardus Fisher to John Fisher.

Nov 22 Ricus to John Ayton.

Dec 13 John Hylsey to John Hylsey.

Dec 28Margareta Roche to William Roche.

Jan 3 Rose Stibbens to George Stibbens.

Jan 6 Ricardus Baker to Edmund Baker.

Jan 6 Elnora Baker to Emdund Baker

Jan 24 Thomas Evans to Robert Evans.

Jan 28 Maria Millard to Edward Millard.

Jan Arthurus  Orchard to John Orchard.

Feb 12 Abraham Clement to William Clement.

Feb 17 Maudelen Godman to Edmund Godwan.

Feb 24 Thomas Lowle to Persival Lowle.

Feb 28 Joheis Johnes to John Jones.

Mar 16 Jana Davis to Thos: Davis.

Mar Thomas Bucke to Thomas Buck.



Apr 3 Editha Parker to Mhrokes Parker.

Apr 10 Abraham Champion to William Champion.

Apr Rose Holbrook to John/Thos Holbrook.

May 12 John Headges to John Headges.

June Robertus Payne to Myles Payne.

Jul 9 Agneta (Agnes) Morgan to Edmundus Morgan.

Oct 28 Agneta Ramsey to Richard Ramsey.

Nov 12 Josep Andrews to Robert Andrews.

Dec 11 Thma (Thomas) Powell to Hugh Powell.

Dec 20 Davidus Morris to John Morris.

Elizabetha James to Ricardus James.

Jan 10 Elizabetha Johnes to Lodovicus (Lewis/Louis) Johnes.

Jan 22 Grace Hill to John Hill.

Feb 5 Anna Hardwell to John Hardwell.

Feb Thoma (Thomas) Russel to John Russell.

Mar 7 Joan Baker to William Baker.

Mar 12 Grace Howard to John Howard.



Apr 1 Joan to Editha Dymery, illegitimate.

Apr 13 Anna Hobbes to John Hobbs.

May 4 Rosa Pill to William Pill.

Jul 23 Elizabetha Blanche to Lenardi Blanche.

Jul 7 Elizabetha Newman to Jacobi Newman.

Sep 10 Elizabetha Stibins.

Oct 1 Jana (Jane) Ducwyn to William Ducwyn.

Oct 22 Agneta (Agnes) Dabid  to  Howell Dabid.

Oct 25 Thomas Hasell to Rici: Hasell.

Nov 12 Elizabetha Lullett to Thomas Lullett.

Nov 22 Francesta? Godwyn to William Godwyn.

Dec 24 John Roach to William Roach.

Jan 6 John Hedges to Thos Hedges.

Jan 6 Gerardus to Percivale Lowle.

Jan 13 John Doggett to Tho Doddett.

Jan 24 Elenora Baker to Edmund Baker.

Jan 28……… Pycott to ….. Pycott.

Jan 30 John Fisher to John Fisher.

Mar 8 Ed: David to John David.

Mar Alice Morgan to Edmunde Morgan.



May Susanna Burk to Thom Burke

May 13 Anna Baker to John Baker.

May 23 Margaret Thorne to John Thorne.

Aug William Aitou to John Aitou.

Sep Elizabeth Baber to Thomas Baber.

Sep George Parker to William Parker.

Oct 19 Christopher Heaward to John Heaward.

Oct 25 ………Thomas to John Thomas.

Nov 20 James Graile to R…. Graile.

Nov 25 John George to John George.

William Andrdoss to Robert Andrdoss.

Jan 3 …….. Godman to Edmunde Godman.

Feb 20 Elizabetha Harding to William Harding.

Mar Elizabeth Morris to John Morris.

Mar 17 Edward Lowle to Percival Lowle.



Apr 13 Jacob Lullett to Jacob Lullett.

Ap3 28 Thomas King to John King.

Jan 28 A…. West to John West.

Jul 2 Elizabeth Hill to John Hill.

Oct 13 Maria Thorne to …… Thorne.

Nov 5 Thomas Basset to John Basset.

Nov 23 Grace Goer to Thomas Goer.

Nov Alice Baber to John Baber.

Nov John Clilford to Robert Chilford.

Feb 16 Mary Arthur to John Arthur.

Feb 23 William Reede to Robert Reede.

Sep Edward Morgan to Edward Morgan.



Apr 6 Anne Johns to Lewes John.

Apr 8 Mary Hayward to John Hayward.

May John Lillewhit to John Lillewhit.

Jul Margaret Wyrott to Lawrence Wyrott.

Aug 5 Margaret Horrod to Thomas.

Sep 20 Sara Parsons to George Parsons.

Sep Elizabeth Hampton to …… Hampton.

Nov Agnes to Elizabeth Hiscox illegitimate.

Jan 5 Mary Hedges to Thomas Hedges.

Jan John Davis to John Davis,

Jan Margaret Harbort to Symon Harbort.


Apr 1 Joan Brinckworth to Anthony Brinckworth.

May Agnes Teyne? to William  ?

Jun 10 Thomas Bassett to John Bassett.

Jul 8 Francis daughter to William Hasell.

Sep 6 William Thomas to John Thomas and Mary

&  the same day was baptized Mary Hobbs the daughter of John Hobbs

& Ezerhiell son of John Manvile 10 September.

Sep Mary to John Caighine to John ?

Oct 7 Agnes Whiting to Henry Whiting.

Oct 8 John Brown to John Brown.

30 Sep Mathew to John Bamie.

Oct 25 Simon to John Ranes.

Oct 31 John Beale to Thomas Beale.

Dec 6 Thomas Dogget to Thomas Dogget.

Jan 2 John  (too faint)

Jan Elizabeth Arther of John the Younger.

Jan 10 Thomas Baber Tho: Baber.

Feb 6 Thomas Porter to Thomas Porter.

Feb Richard Morgan to Edmond Morgan.



Mar John Cooke to Thomas Cooke.

Mar Joan Lylywhite to John Lylywhite.

May 22 George to Thomas Homes.

May 29 Leonardus to Leonardus Blanch.

Jun 12 ………. John Thorne.

Jul 13 Robert to Mary Parker.

Jun 27 Margarita to Lodobig Jones.

Jul 17 Grace to Thomas Butler.

Jul 24 Franscisus

Aug 4 John to John Doubting.

Jul 20 William to William Duninghay.

Aug 19  Petrus to Perceval Lowle.

Oct 16 Robin to Joseph Parsly.

Oct 16 Alicia to William Romney.

Nov 2 William to John Puxly.

Nov John to George Parsly.

Nov Alicia to William Romny.

Jan 6 Sarah to Richi Grayle.

Jan 8 John to Gregory Parsons.

Jan 10 Joan to John ? Hayward

Feb 12 John to John Parsons.

Mar 6 Martha to Thomas Doggett.

Mar 30 Strongman Wraxall to John Wraxall.

Apr 7 Christiana to Thomas Hedges.

Apr 24 Agneta Fisher to John Fisher.

Apr Ricardus West to Xpoferus (Christopher) West.

Jun 25 Elizabeth Stevens to Thomas Stevens.

Jul 23 Abraham Harrold to Thomas Harrod.

Jul 23 Sara Morris to John Morris.

Aug 13 Alicia Holmes to Thomas Holmes.

Sep Elizabeth Aithuis to Thomas Aithus?



Mar 14 Thomas Knight to Thomas Knight.

Apr 11 Maria Thomas to John Thomas.

May 23 Elizabeth Hedges to John Hedges.

June Maria Turner to Edward Turner.

Jun 5 Elinor West to Richard West.

Jul 30 Fortune Hayward to Philip Hayward.

Dec 27 Elizabeth Welsh to Thomas Welsh.

Jan 9 John Par to John Par.

Jan 30 Edmund Hardwicke to Thomas Hardwick.

Feb 2 Robert Parsons to John Parsons.

Feb 13 Joane Lane to Nicolas Lane.



Apr 10 William Baker to William Baker.

Apr 20 William Thorne to John Thorne.

Jul 31 Grace Danis to Thomas Danis.

Sep 3 Maria Weeks to George Weeks.

Oct 23 John Pearce to James Pearce.

Oct 30 Jane Simons to Edward Simons.

Nov 5 Silvester West to Christofer West.

Nov 5 Jnhana Dogget daug to Thomas Dogget.

Nov 6 Roger Thomas to John Thomas.

Nov 24 Bridget Saunders to Abraham Saunders.

Dec 4 Maria Durban to John Durban.

Dec 13 Elizabeth Wakeham was baptized.

Jan 1 John Nethway to Richard Nethway.

Jan 15 John Spoore to Robert Spoore.

Jan 25 James Wilmot to Edward Wilmot.

Feb 5 John Hedges of John Hedges.

Mae 2 Maria Wolcot to William Wolcot.

Mar 5 Jane Worme to Lawrence Worme.



Mar 26 Ester Wilmot to John Wilmot.

Apr 29 Anthony Lacie of Richard Lacie.

May 3 Richard base child to  Annie? Hapburn. ( very faint)

May 18 Bridget Curtz to Richard

Jul 23 William Welsh to Thomas Welsh.

Aug 25 Thomas ( too faint)




Mar 26 Grace to John and Elizabeth Browne.

Apr 11 Martha to Richard and Margaret Lott.

Apr 13 Bridget to John and Mary Durban.

Apr 17 John to Robert and Francis Davis.

Apr 23 Samuel to John and Mary Wallis.

Apr 23 John to John and Mary Palmer.

Jun 18 William to William and Susanna Woolcock.

Jun 18 Joane to Richard and Margaret Lacie.

Jun 18 Edith to Thomas and Sarah Fisher.

Jul 9 William to John and Ann Hiscox.

Jul 9 Dorothy to John and Dorothy Jennings.

Jul 16 Ann to John and Elizabeth Harris.

Aug 13 Mary to John and Ann Champion.

Sep 24 Elizabeth to William and Mary Stacie.

Oct 22 William to Richard and Elizabeth Leech.

Jan 7 John to William and Alice Hixe.

Jan 15 Hannah to John and Joan Hill.

Feb 11 Mary to Robert and Anne Spoore.

Feb 15 Gertrude to Richard and Joane Purle.

Mar 11 William to William and Elizabeth Jennings.

Mar 11 Bridget to  John and Catherine Crooke.

Mar 15 Elizabeth to William and Elizabeth Hall.





Nov Bridget Welsh the daughter of Thomas Welsh.

Dec John Hobes.

Alice Rumnie the daughter of William Rumnie.



Apr 20 Marie Parcher.

May 19 Marie Vicars the wife of William Vicars.

Jun 16 Thomas Wallis son of John Wallis.

Aug 24 William Lilliwhite.

Sep 25 William Hardwicke son of Thomas Hardwicke.

Oct 3 Thomas Knight.

Dec 3 Marie Thomas daughter of John Thomas.

Jan 9 Roger Millard.

Feb 3 Sara Hedges.

Mar 17 Edward Pac.



Mar 29 Faith Mairs widow.

Apr 5 Joan Bankes wife of Samuel Bankes.

May 10 Thomas Fear.

May 23 …… Morris wife of John Morris.

Jun 29 Joan ….. widow.

Jun 28 Joan Davis daughter of Howell Davis.

Aug 10 Edward Robbins.

Aug 1? Roger  Th?

Aug 30 Margert Baker wife of William Baker.

Sep Hugh Phillips.

Sep 15 John West.

Sep 17 Marie Lane? wife of Nicolas

Sep 26 Marie … daughter of Richard ?

Oct 3 William Crook son of Richard Crook.

Nov 1 Marie Turner daughter of Edward Turner.

Nov 25 John Harwood.

Dec 3

Dec 6 William Andrews son of Robert Andrews.

Dec 11 John Harwold son of Simon.

Jan 17 Elizabeth Mugg.

Jan 18 William Jaine.

Jan 20 Joane Coburne.

Jan 22 James Wilmot son of Edward Wilmot.

Jan 24 Richard Jaine.

Feb 13 William Lokier.

Feb 21 Jihn Hedges son of John Hedges.

Feb 25 Edeth Dawes wife of Thomas Dawes.



Apr 10 John Overton.

Apr 12 Widow Maies.

Apr 19 Robert Thringe.

Apr 27 Margery Heath wife of Thomas heath.

May 2 Alice Davis.

May 5 Thomas Parsons son of George Parsons.

May 5 Richard Haiburne base child of Anne Haiburne.

May 9 Anne Haiburne.

Jun 3 Margaret Jones wife of Lewis Jones.

Jun 13 Alice Garbies.

Jun 25 Jane Harnord.

Jun 27 Lewis Jones.

Jul 1 Elizabeth Cooke. Wife of Thom Cooke.

Jul 14 Margaret Ball/

Jul 15 Widow Simons.

Aug 5 William Welsh son of Thomas Welsh.

Oct 1 Marie Wilmot daughter of Edmund Wilmot.

Oct 3 Widow Biny.

Nov 12 Thomas Padth?

Dec 8 Thomas Lansdon.

Dec 19 Joane Morgan.

Jan 2 James a Glasse Carrier.

Jan 11 David Morris.

Jan 18 John Jaine.

Dec 19 Bednego Jolard.

Jan 22 Elizabeth Davis.

Jan 28 Jone Lane.

Feb 1 Agnes Grayle.

Feb 12 George Williams.

Mar 6 Frou Maies.

Mar 9 Margaret Crossman.

Mar 13 John Par.

Mar 20 Christian Baker.



Apr 8 Edmund Baker.

May 2 Edmund Morgan.

May 10 William Slaughter.

Jul 2 Hellene wife of Edward Millard.

Aug 27 John Thorne.

Jun 22 Thomas Powell.

Nov 10 Grace Lullet.

Feb 8 Edeth Thomas.



May 7 Thomas Cooke. Son of Thomas Cooke.

Aug 9 Joane daughter of John Pac.

Aug 25 Alice Hiscoxs.

Oct 8 Robert Benny son of Robert Benny.

Oct 29 Elizabeth Grayle daughter of Richard Grayle.

Nov 29 William son of Richard West.

Feb 15 John Mathews.

Feb 18 Margaret Rock.

Mar 7 William Whiting.

Mar 14 Elizabeth Hickman wife of William Hickman.

Mar 23 Marie the daughter of William Hickman.



May 2 John Let.

May 7 Margaret Worner.

May 25 Christian Davis/Dawes.

Jun 24 Samuel Bankes the elder.

Jul 18 Thomas Cooke son of Thomas Cooke.

Aug 3 Joane Baker wife of John Baker.

Aug 5 Henry Burriat.

Dec 8 Agnes Worlock.

Dec 11 Thomas Paine.

Dec 22 Marian Jones.

Mar 1 Samuel Bankes the younger.



May 5 William Thring.

Jul 10 Marie Thomas.

Aug 7 Robert Dalton.

Aug 17 Thomas Thomson.

Oct 20 Elizabeth Hayword.

Dec 28 Thomas Heath.

Feb 21 Isabell Russell.

Feb 25 William Lewellin.



Mar 27 Salina Purle.

Mar 30 Margaret Potter.

Apr 3 Bridget Purle.

Apr 7 Parnell Qureton.

Apr 14 James Parsons.

Apr 25 John Rasehall.

Apr 29 Marie Purle.

May 24 Elizabeth Tyler.

Jul 1 John Browmane.

Jul 3 John Smith.

Jun 1 Thomas Hardwicke.

Jul 4 Grace Vigars.

Aug 21 Anne Hedges.

Oct 18 John Palmer.

Feb 10 Richard Dandy.

Feb 10 James Wilmot.



Apr 1 Joane Zirling.

May 21 James Yeeles.

Jun 12 William Hall.

Jun 6 Joane West.

Jul 12 Richard West.

Jul 28 Edith Thomas.

Aug 2 …….. ?

Nov 10 Agnes Fisher.

Nov 21 John Morgan.

Nov 30 Katherine Wocner.

Dec 13 Francis Rock.

Dec 16 John Palmer.

Jan 25 Agnes Smyth.

Feb 23 Richard Hiscox.

Feb 26 Elizabeth Hiscox.

Mar 12 Anne Lacir.



Apr 19 Elizabeth Stamborne.

May 24 Margaret Barrow.

May 25 Henry Crocke.

May 30 Margaret Hiscox.

Sep 18 John Wraxall.

Sep 28 Joane Purle.

Oct 23 Thomas Doggett.

Nov 1 Cornelius Paschall.

Nov 21 Henry Blanch.

Nov 25 Katherine Orchard.

Dec 3 John Browne.

Dec 14 Richard Vowles.

Jan 13 Thomas Evans.



Mar 30 Martine Morgan.

Apr 13 Abraham Jones.

Apr 10 Lewis Jones.

Jun 10 Merire Hill.

Sep 3 Joane Russell.

Sep 22 Agnes Bucke.

Nov 20 Richard Grayle.

Nov 20 George the Mooke.

Dec 19 Ann Far.

Dec 20 Julian Dogget.

Dec 25 Joane Hill.

Dec 28 John Parsons.

Jan 3 Grace Hiscox.

Jan 22 Agnes Grayle.

Feb 3 William Russell.

Feb 14 William Hobbs.

Feb 22 John Grayle.



Mar 30 Elizabeth Knowles.

Apr 20 Agnes Seanall.

Apr 28 John Parker.

May 7 Roger Hall.

Jun 11 Robert Dimmerin.

Jul 7 Marie Porker.

Jul 14 Margaret Crier.

Jul 22 Thomas Hedges.

Jul 29 John Harbord.

Aug 6 James Budding.

Nov 28 Agnes Cooke.

Nov 28 Elizabeth Rumny.

Dec 1 Lawrence Upcot.

Jan 12 Judith Vigors.

Feb 10 John Raines.

Feb 21 William Hall.

Light spoilt the film on the rest of this page.



Mar 28 Joane base born daughter of John Woodman and Grace Ricketts.

May 2 Margerie Skinner.

Jul 25 William base born son of Sarah Banks, widow.

Sep 19 Ann Harris.

Jan 25 John Rumney.

Feb 8 Edmond Wilmot.

Feb 8 Robert Binny.

Feb 15 Elizabeth Rumney.

Feb 26 Hannah Hill.



Mar 29 Elizabeth Baker.

Apr 24 Marie

Oct 25 Marie Hill.

Nov 5 Thomas Browning.

Nov 27 Margaret Powell.

Dec 13 Elizabeth

Dec 25 Anne Paine.

Light through this page, many unreadable.