Portbury Marriages

Translated by Mary Mason.




Mar 2 Charles Goldsmith, bachelor married Mary Rumbold, spinster.

Witness. Thos Rumbold, Thos Runbold jur, Ed Goldsmith and ? Pearce.


Apr 10 Samuel Russel, b married Sophia Tippett, s.

Witness. Sam Tippetts, John Newton and S A At?



Mar 29 Benjamin Weaver, b married Elizabeth Newton, s.

Witness Thomas Pool, Deborah Sitwall and John Newton.



May 26 Samuel Tippet, b married Sarah Hardwick, s.

Witness Sam Tippet and John Newton.


Jul 15 William Moore, b married Mary Ann Cook, s.

Witness. John Newton and Elizabeth Rowles.


Dec 8 James Clyst married Elizabeth Stokes.

Witness. John Williams



Apr 29 Samuel North Hall, b married Sarah Hall, s.

Witness. James Hall and Elizabeth Hall.


1818 Jul 19 Richard Baker b married Sarah Loscombe, s.

Witness. James Loscombe and Hannah Herbert.


Aug 17 Samuel Windsor b married Mary Lilley.

Witness John Newton and Robert Blake.



Apr 3 William Haskins b married Hannah Herbert, s.

Witness Charles Carey and John Newton.


Apr 8 James Gywn b married Eleanor Williams, s.

Witness. John Gwyn and Joseph Williams.


Jun 19 Josiah Whitehead b married Jane Hannah Deacon, s.

Witness. John Newton and Jane Short.


Oct 12 James Gage b of Kingston Seymour married Mary Wild.

Witness Sam Wallis, Geo Wild and James Wild.



Mar 29 Charles Carey married Elizabeth ?

Witness. Sarah Williams and Joseph Williams.



Jul 1 James Loscombe b married Hester Stokes, widow.

Witness. Sam Loscombe and John Newton.



Mar 31 John Butcher b of Wraxall married Mary Rew.

Witness. John Gwyn and Ann Gwyn.


Apr 28 Robert Weedon b married Hannah Cooling, s.

Witness. John Newton and Jn. ?



Jul 12 William Lambert b of Wraxall married Sarah Williams, s.

Witness. Jos. Williams and Susannah Williams.



Nov 23 William Vinnicombe of Clevedon married Ann Butcher.

Witness Sarah Phillips and Mary James.



Sep 30 William Horrel married Esther Young.

Witness. Mary Parnell and Charles Hedges.


Oct 8 Wm Blake married Hester Lilley.

Witness John Lang and John Blake.


Oct 8 John Lang married Rachel Lilly Blake.

Witness. John Newton, Louisa Blake and John Blake.



Feb 5 Joseph Young married Hannah Shipley.

Witness. Andrew Dunwin and John Newton.


Aug 31 William Flower b of Bedminster married Caroline Salvidge, s.

Witness. John Phelps Salvidge and Elizabeth Flower. License.



Jan 27 Thomas Stokes married Rachel Tippets, widow.

Witness James Short, Jane Short and John Newton.


Mar 23 David Sellick married Mary Young.

Witness. Aaron Young, Mary Young and Robert Moorman.


Mar 31 Thomas Baker Drissell of Yatton married Mary Pain.

Witness. John Stokes and Eliza Pain.



Oct 18 Robert Moorman married Harriet Young.

Witness. Hester Young, Jn. Pulling and Aaron Young.



Mar 17 Joseph Leaver b married Ruth Ball, s.

Witness. Thos W Rawle and Martha Leaver.


Apr 6 Henry Griffin b married Mary Ann Rowles, s.

Witness. Joseph Rowles and Eliza Hobbs. License.



Sep 9 Edward Dimick married Harriet Short, s.

Witness John Newton and James Short.



Feb 18 William Baker b married Mary Watts, s.

Witness. Harriet Dimmick and John Newton.


May 13 Joseph Emery b married Prudence Sanders.

Witness. John Linton and Harriet Linton.



May 3 John Lane b married Mary Davis.

Witness. James Vowles and Eliza Davis. License.



Nov 24

James Maynard b of Bedminster married Eliza Davis.

Witness. John Lane married Sarah Davis. License.