Portbury Marriages.

Translated from Latin by Mary Mason.

1592-1612 Marriages



Apr 20 John Hunt and Alice Cooeke.(xx)

Apr 21 Arthur Brock and Elizabeth were married.(xxi)

The same day Howell Davies and Johane Badman.

May 23 Thomas Hylsie and Johane Frances?(xxiii)

Jun 8 Richard Trewman and Alice West.(viii)

Jun 27 John Fesher and Agnes Serch? (faded) (xxvii)

Jul 31 Robert Pattersonne and Elizabeth Stebins.(last of July)

Aug 17 Robert Lullet and Christian Sheward.(xvii)

Sep 26 Richard Knowles and Joane Forde.(xxvi)

Sep 26 Richard Saunders and Elizabeth Hayward.(the same day)

Oct 20 William Snelling and Joane Lemon. (xx)

Nov 29 William Marshe and Susan Atkins. (xxxix)

Feb 8 Thomas Huke and Elizabeth Willmot.(viii)



May 14 John Walker and Margaret Jamies.

Sep 3 Robert Meredeth and Joane Willies.



Apr 15 Robert Londie and Elizabeth Bukins.

Sep 22 Thomas Gibbyn and Elizabeth Watte.

Nov 4 Richard Norrott and Elizabeth Sandies?

Nov 7 John Sochfield and Julian Neathway.

Jan 9 John Davies and Alice Andrews.

Mar 3 John Bye and Johanne Champion.



Oct 30 Richard Knowles and Margaret Laffie.

Aug 18 Thomas Prout and Mary Butler.

Jan 9 George Stephens and Elizabeth Harries.

Jan 9 John Palmer and Agnes Pool.(the same day)

Feb 23 Walter Allen and Johanne Lundye.



Nov 18 Henry Mye and Faith Cwik.



J.. 10 Thomas Hasell and Edith James.



May 1 John Greene and Elizabeth Plomer.

May 15 William ?edan and Elizabeth Hiscox.

May 29 Edmond Baker and Christian Browne.

Sep 26 John Baker and Joane Alen.

Nov 9 Thomas Stephens and Katherine Pascall.

Nov 23 John Tanson and Margaret Cleavdon.

Nov 30 Robert Dygens and Alice Blanch.

Dec 11 John Come and Elizabeth Baker.



Apr 16 John Hardinge son of Richarde Hardinge were married.

Apr 30 Symond Gilbord were married. (nothing else)

Jun William Carenbye and Joane Williams daughter of Joan Williams. (faded)

Jul 2 George Stibbins and Rose Lardge.



Jun Edward Taylor alias Griffiths and Elizabeth Lippinger?

Sep 18 Thomas Bar… and Alice .eth..re (too faded)

Nov 20 ………. Lockier and Agnes Durban.

Nov ……….. Willis and Agnes  Jennings? (these entries are faded.)



Oct 1 Robert Andrews and Cristion  ………

Feb 4 John Clement was married.



May Morrise Payton and Elizabeth Palmer.

Thom: Headges and Sara Millard.

20 Mar Henricus Martyn and Johanna Griffen.

Myles Ph….and Margerie Cox.

Feb 20 John Addams and Elizabeth Thomas.



May 16 William Reynds? and Alice Griffen.

Jun 27 Richard Wake and Alicia Symes.



Apr 19 Richard Bright and Agnes Bowman.

May 1 Lodovicus (Lewis) Johnes and Margareta Bryan.

Jun 11 John Taylor alias Fisher and Catherine Galey.

Jul 26 Abraham Stevens and Maria Howle.

Jul 30 Henry Knight and Elnora Morris.

Aug 21 William Baker and Grace Hardinge.

Sep 13 Thomas Johnes and Margeria Richardes.



Jun 18 Edmundus (Edmund) Godman and Johanna (Joan) Bearot.

Nov 18 Thos: Gilford and Margareta Russell.

Dec 1 Elizens Godman and Elizabeth White.



Jan 13 George Norman and Agneta Hiscox.

Oct 9 John Davies and Alicia Knight.

Apr 13 William Clements and Maria Chedsey.

Oct 27 Robert Freeston and Elizabeth Legatt.

Nov 14 John Taylor and Caterina Gose.

Jan 22 William Roche and Agnes Hyscox.

Feb 16 Edwardus Morgan and Joana Cooke.



Apr 13 George Evans and Elizabeth Whyte.

Apr 21 Lawrence Pascoll and Margareta Adams.

Apr 23 Thomas Bucke and Agneta Hiscox.

Apr 27 William Neathway and Alice Russell.

May 7 John Wakes and Agneta Weeks.

Aug 4 John Ayton and Agneta Prison.

Aug 27 Jacobus (James) Newman and Joan Russell.

Sep 3 John Hardwell and Christiana Dorney.

Oct 1 John Fisher and Agneta Baker.

Nov 2 John Heaward and Elizabeth Lovell.

Jan 18 John Cooke and Maria Banckes.

Jan 28 Richard Romsey and Alicia Hardinge.

Dec 1 John Morrie and Cornelis Palmer.



Apr 26 Nicolas Sandiver (Sanders?) and Joan Austyn.

Oct 3 Thomas Doggot and Elizabeth Stevens.

Oct 20 John Younge and Elnora Hillsey.

Dec William Dunnynge and Joan Bateman.



May 1 Thomas Batholomon and Margeria  married

May 18 Thomas Cooke and Elizabeth Burknell.

Jun 24 Thomas Lullet and Joan Durban.

Jul 27 William Willen and Elizabeth Parsons.

Aug 16 Roger? Millard and Edith Smart.

Aug 21 George Lyne and Maria Thomas.

Sep 28 Ricus Graile and Agneta Jenings.

Nov 2 William Purke and Marianna Turner.

Jan 15 John Thomas? and Maria Hyscox.



May 7 ………. ………. and .rliala Milton.

May 8 William Biggs and Thamsina Knight, wid.

Oct 10 Walter Coxe and Maria Baker.

Oct 22 Christopher West and Elizabeth Mascoll.

Nov 6 John Bassett and Maria Parsons.

Nov 22 Robt: Freehouse and Isabella Pauiey?

Jan 6 Thomas Co… and Elizabeth Coome, wid.

Mar 1 Edmundus Godwin and Maria Trewaira.



Jan 3 William Morgan and Joan Lyllywhite.

Oct 10 John Brown and Francis Horl.

Sep 25 John P.cley and Elizabeth War… wid.

Oct 20 William Lullett and Grace Harris.

Nov Egidius alias Giles Smyth and Elizabeth Dubis.

Dec 16 George Parsons and Margeria Payne, vidua. (widow.)