Portbury Burials

Transcribed by Mary Mason.





Dec 3 A poor man named William was buried.

Jan 26 Joane Russell widow late wife of Willm: Russell.

Feb 2 Thomas Hardinge.

Feb 9 William Gayton.



John Hill and William Coxe Church Wardens.

Apr 4 Johane Patch.

Apr 7 Johane Thomas wife of David Thomas.

May 9 Robert Yvans.

Jul 26 Robert Gadon.

Jul 27 Johane Yvans wife to Jenkyn Yvans.

Aug 6 William Godan.

Sep 14 Richard James.

Sep 17 Agnes Harris.

Oct 6 Richard Syms son of Nicholas Syms.

Oct 19 Isabell George wife of Bennett George.

Oct 22 Robert Grayle.

Nov 27 Joane Pickett wife of Robert Pickett..

Dec 16 Alice West widow.

Jan 16 Edward George son of Bennett George.

Jan 28 Johane Syms daughter of Nicholas Syms.

Feb 6 James Teage son of John Teage.

Feb 16 Johane Anderway daughter of John Anderway.

Feb 17 Thomas George son of Bennett George.

Feb 19 Johnae Durban daughter of John Durban.

Mar 6 Johane Baker daughter of John Baker.

Mar 23 Agnes Baker daughter of Thomas Baker.



John West and Jacob Pickett Church Wardens.

Apr 3 Agnes Powell daughter of Johane Willins.

Apr 9 ……ye Grayle wife of John Grayle. (Faded could be Jenye.)

May 23 Jane Dall daughter of Thomas Dall.

The last of May, Joane Hobes wife of William Hobes.

Jun 10 William Blanch son of John Blanch.

Jun 15 John Day son of William Day.

Jun 19 Joane Grayle wife of John Grayle.

Jun 23 John Grayle husbonde .

Jul 3 Robert Dowtinge a lad.

Jul 28 Alice Thomas daughter of John Thomas.

Jul Marteyne Hichins son of Robert Hichins.

Aug 23 William Passer.

Sep 5 William Hardinge husbandman.

Sep 13 Johne Baker son of Richard Baker.

Sep 25 Joane Payne wife of Edmond Payne.

Oct 5 John Smyth son of William Smyth.

Oct 20 Thomas Bryan son to Mathew Bryan vicker. (vicar)

Nov 17 John Perre son of Frances Perre.

Dec 1 Joane Baker daughter to William Baker.

Dec 17 Joane Demock, chrisomer.

The same day Agnes Teage, chrisomer.

Dec 20 William Colyins.

The same day Alice Baker daughter of John Baker.

Jan 8 Margaret Stibons.

Jan 18 Thomas Baker, youngman.

Jan 28 Agnes Richards young child.

Jan 19 John Hill, chrisomer.

Feb 4 Robert Leways.

Feb 15 Joane Spure, chrisomer.

Apr 7 John Stidman christened at home.



May 5 Johan Stybons daughter of John Stybons.

May 3 John Knight, chrysomer.

May 12 Alice Porter wife of Thomas Porter.

Jun 15 Joane Weaver.

Jul 17 Agnes Hardinge, chrisomer.

Aug 20 John Paschal,l chrisomer.

Sep 16 Frances Hawkins was borne, christened and buried.

Oct 22 James Netheway, chrisomer.

Ther same day Robert Grayle son to John Grayle.

Dec 4 Joane Pryan wife to Mathew Bryan, clark vicker here. (vicar)

Dec 20 Elizabeth Lullot daughter to William Lullot.

Jan 1 Joane Lullot wife of William Lullot.

Jan 6 John Picket Bachelor.

Jan 10 Joane Hiscoke wife of John Hiscocke.

The same day, Agnes Gooden daughter of Robert Gooden.

Mar 11 Andrew Lowle.

Mar 16 Isable Stibon.



May 8 Agnes Beney wife of John Beney.

Apr 16 Edith Wylshyer. (Wilshire)

Jun 22 Elizabeth Lullet wife of Richard Lullet.

Jun 27 David Thomas.

Aug 9 John Walis.

Sep 8 Elizabeth Acridge.

Oct 9 David Grayll.

Dec 5 John Stybyn.

Dec 14 Walter Payne.

Jan 1 Phillip Willys.

Jan 6 Isable Blanch.

Mar 3 Richard Grayle.

Mar 5 Margaret Feare wife to Robert Feare.



May 1 Isabell Crocke wife of John Crocke.

May 4 Thomas Sanders.

May 15 Alice Loke wife of Thomas Lok.

Jun 18 John Hanncson.

Jul 28 John Watte.

Aug 1 John Hurtan.

Oct 23 John and Joane Yvans, chrisomars.

Oct 30 Richard Lowle.

Dec 3 John Nethway.

Dec 27 Marye Werne.

Jan 2 Alice Spure.

Jan 24 George Dabney, a stranger.

Feb 4 John Heichclive.

Feb 18 William Baker, chrisome.

Feb 20 Agnes Denys.

The same day Alice Lyrence, chrisome.



Apr 20 Joane Coke, chrisome.

Apt 27 Edith Lullet, chrisome.

Jul 3 Roger Hill.

Jul 16 Mathew Bryan late vicare.

The same day William Handdy.

The same day Mathew Fysher.

Jul17 Edieth Cylly daughter of John Cylly.

Jul 18 Alice Cylly wife of John Cyllye.

The same day Richard Arther.

The same day Richard Lawrence a servant of Thomas Dale.

Jul 20 Joane Smyth wife of William Smyth.

Jul 21 Joane Baker daughter of John Baker.

Jul 23 Joane Hodge wife of Thomas Hodge.

Jul 28 John Cilly son of John Cilly.

Jul 29 John Cilly.

Jul 30 Allice Cottrell.

Aug 6 Thomas Dale.

Aug 11 Joane Stevyns daughter of William Stevyns. (Stephens)

Aug 13 Alice Hodges and Agnes Hodges daughters of Tho: Hodges.

Aug 21 Wlliam Stevyns son of William Stevyns.

Aug 22 William Deygh son in law of William Stevyns.

Sep 3 Thomas Stevyns son of William Stevyns.

Oct 19 John Powell.

The same day Edith Chamber.

Nov 4 Catherine Chamber daughter of John Chamber.

Nov 6 Joane Chamber daughter of John Chamber.

Nov 24 Thomas Heysell. (Hazel)

Dec 13 Margaret Lullett wife of William Lullett.

Dec 16 Joane Lullett daughter of William Lullett.

Dec 19 William Pickereil son of Robert Pickereil.

Jan 1 John Hurne son of Thomas Hurne.

Jan 2 Grace Heydon daughter of M Heydon.

Jan 4 Agnes Lullett daughter of William Lullett.

Jan 8 William Lullett.

Jan 15 Robert Pickarde.

Jan 18 Joane Hurne.

Jan 26 John Tucky.

Jan 28 Robert Pyckerde son of Robert Pickerde.

Feb 5 John Pickerde son of Robert Pickerde.

Mar 21 Lucy Sweat wife of John Sweate.



James Williams son of John Williams.

May 15 Joane Thomas wife of John Thomas.

Aug 12 John Wyte.

Aug 15 Jane a childe of newmans.

Sep 15 Luce Baker.

Oct 26 Cisly Smyns.

The same day Joane Coope.

Dec 5 Francis Pers. (Pearce)



Aug 10 John Averie son of Thomas Averie.

Aug 18 Elizabeth Grayle daughter of Robert Grayle.

Apr 20 Thomas Halyiard son of Paule Halyiard.

Jun 10 Edmond Payne.

Nov 2 John Russell.

Aug 16 John Mulgreie son of William Mulgreie. (Mulgery)

Sep 1 William Weste son of John Weste.

Feb 2 John Cope.

Jan 4 John Cope son of John Cope.

Jan 10 William Cooke son of John Cooke.

Feb 12 John Richards.

Mar 10 John Cooke.

Sep 10 Agnes Humphery.



The last of May, Elizabeth Hitchins.

Jun 4 ?Thomas Gardener.

Jun 28 John Payne son of Edmond Payne.

Aug 2 John Gardener son of Thomas Gardener.

Aug 5 Thomas Whitehande.

Sep 1 William Lullet son of Richard Lullet.

Sep 28 Joane Andrews widow.

The last of Oct, William Russell son of Thomas Russell.

Nov 4 Joane Lowle wife of Richard Loule.



Aug 8 Joane Baker daughter of Thomas Baker.

Sep 10 Joane Davis a kyns woman of John Whelses. (kins woman)

Nov 18 Thomas Taylor.

Mar 16 Elizabeth Thomas daughter of John Thomas.



Mar 28 Marye Lewys wife of Lewys.

The Last of March, Margaret Williams daughter of John Williams.

Apr 11 Joane Baker wife of John Baker.

May 20 John Cotrell.

The last of August Joane Corbet widow.

Sep 1 Joane Smyes.

Sep 10 Agnes Dymock daughter of William Dymock.

Feb 10 John Hicke.

Oct 1 Myles Payne son of John Payne.

Feb 2 Alice Gayner wife of Lewys Gayner.



May 15 Joane Cronie.

May 18 Agnes Paschalle daughter of Thomas Paschall.

Aug 19 John Jones wife of David Jones.

Sep 11 Agnes Blackdon wife of John Blackdon.

Sep 13 John Gardener son of Richard Gardener.

Sep 18 Mathew Baker son of John Baker.

Sep 29 Joane Williams.

Dec 1 John Thomas.

Nov 28 John Payne son of John Payne.

Jan 3 Isable Bynye.

Mar 1 Thomas Atwood.

Mar 5 Joane Russell daughter of Thomas Russell.



May 24 Alice Burnam widow.

Apr 23 William Score the minister.

Mar 18 John Taylor the mason.



May 20 Joane Blysse wife of Harye Blysse.

Dec 20 Joane Russell alias Smyth wife of Thomas Russell.

Dec 26 Joane Blanch.

Jan 26 Alice Woodward.



Apr 13 Richard Kinge.

The last of June Katherin Evans daughter of Thomas Evans.

Jun 10 Agnes Nethway.

Oct 20 Julian Coope daughter of John Coope.

Jan 10 Thomas Mydwynter.

Feb 20 Robert Lokyer.

Feb 25 William Lokyer son of William Lokyer.

Mar 10 Richard Adams.



Apr 3 Maude Thomas wife of Richard Thomas.

Apr 10 William Robins son of John Robins.

Apr 28 Thomas Rothe son of John Rothe.

May 15 Agnes Griffin wife of John Griffin.

Jun 5 John Came a servant of Richard Lowle.

The same day Welthian Gefferys a servant of John Payne.

Jun 12 Ellyn Cronine servant of David Jones.

Sep 7 Agnes Willys wife of Richard Willys.

Sep 1 Margaret Lowle daughter of Richard Lowle.

Oct 2 Joane Basset wife of one Basset.

Oct 5 Margaret Dale widow.

Oct 6 Rose Joyner wife of Lewyes Joyner.

Oct 21 John Hiskox.

The same day Agnes Lullet.

Oct 29 Elizabeth Dymocke wife of one William Dymock.

Dec 3 Joane Paschall daughter of Thomas Paschall.

Jan 13 Richard Paschall.

Mar 15 Richard Browne.

Feb 14 Mary Holbrocke.



Apr 10 Richard Habynton.

Jun 1 Elizabeth Pickerd.

Nov 3 Joane Simber wife of Nicholas Simber.

Nov 10 Joane Durban daughter of William Durban.

Feb 12 Isable Crome.

Feb 21 Mrs Alice Perryvall.



Apr 2 Phillip Gawdyer wife of William Gawdyer.

Apr 7 Alice Bynye daughter of John Benye.

Jun 23 John Philpot.

Sep 22 Alice Hardinge daughter of Richard Hardinge.

Nov 18 Elizabeth Geninge wife of Thomas Geninge.

 Jan 26 Thomas Hamons.

Jan 20 Edith Burnam daughter of Richard Burnam.

Jan 30 Juliana More daughter of Thomas More.

Mar 13 Alice Gardener daughter of John Gardener.



Apr 19 Richard Durban cosen to Richard Thomas. (cousin)

May 29 Joane Willis widow.

Jul 20 Katherin Evans daughter of Thomas Evans.

Aug 1 William Standford servant of William Godwyne.

Sep 28 Alice Thomas daughter of Richard Thomas.

Oct 18 Alice Hichinge daughter of Robert Hitchinge.

Oct 21 Alice Andrews daughter of Robert Andrews.

Nov 8 Joane Baker daughter of William Baker.

Feb 18 Robert Smyth.

Feb 28 The wife of John Hobe.



May 8 Agnes West.

May 28 Mary Habinton.

Jun 8 William Morgan.

Jun 10 Jane Jeyne.

Jun 13 Richard Hill.

Jun 15 Frannce Gayne wife of James Gayne.

The same day Thomas Cokoerye and his wife.

Jun 18 Cisly Lullet.

Jun 25 John Neytway.

Jun 29 Joane Champlyn.

Aug 13 William Evanice.

Sep 3 Elizabeth Evance daughter of Evance Bonaventer.

Sep 20 Joane Blane servante to William Dymocke.

Sep 19 Joane Graylle daughter of John Graylle.

The same day Ellyn Hamons.

Sep 24 Lawrence Powell.

Oct 3 Evance Bonaventure his wife and two children.

Nov 18 James Philpot son of John Phillpot.

Nov 26 Robert Pinsyphy.

Dec 7 Joane Grove wife of Edmond Grove.

Dec 13 Agnes Bishope wife of Robert Bishope.

The same day Elizabeth Holbrocke daughter of Thomas Holbrocke.

Jan 3 Phillip and his two children.

The same day Agnes Grove.

Jan 8 John Grove son of Edmond Grove.

Feb 20 John Holbrocke.

Jan 10 Edith Molgray daughter of William Moulgraye



Mar 25 Edith Love wife of Robert Love/Lone.

Apr 10 John Andrewes son of John Andrewes.

The last of August, Joane Katkins wife of John Katkins.

Sep 6 Tobye Katkins son of Thomas Katkins.

Sep 19 Daniel Mason a child.

Dec 24 Alice Nethwaye wife of Richard Nethway.

Dec 10 Agnes Langford daughter of M Langford of Bristol.

The same day Alice George widow.

Feb 1 Wother Dymocke.

Mar 4 Cornelius Gardener.



The last of July, Joane Nicholas widow.

Aug 13 Joane Harding.

Aug 13 John Champion son of William Champion.

Aug 16 Joane Jones daughter of David Jones.

Sep 2 Harry Duckes.

Oct 13 Saray Dymock daughter of William Dymock.

Nov 7 Edith Andrewes.

Nov 30 Lewys Gaynard.

Dec 4 Richard Stevens.

Mar 24 William Come.



Apr 15 Richard Gardener.

Apr 15 Richard Gardener.

Apr 26 Richard Weare.

Jul 1 John Welshe.

Oct 10 John Powell.

Sep 10 Margaret Williams.

Dec 30 Joane Grayle.

Jan 9 Alice Hichins.

Jan 18 Robert Greene.

Feb 18 John Haterthacke.

Feb 28 Thomas Whitting.

Mar 9 Alexander Sheppard.



Apr 21 Margaret Baker wife of William Baker.

Apr 22 William Baker.

Apr 25 Edith Russell.

May 4 John Atkins son of John Atkins.

May 7 John Russell.

The same day Florence Smyth.

May 10 Alice Hicssetor.

May 24 Grace Robbins.

Jul 2 William Sheppard.

Jul 20 Mary Norton.

Aug 5 William Russell.

Aug 15 Joane Messenger.

Aug 20 William Goddine.

Aug 26 John Andrews.

Sep 4 Alice Greene daughter of John Greene.

Oct 13 John Hardinge.

Oct 17 Elizabeth Lawrence.

Nov 17 Julian Russell.

Dec 6 A poore mans child.

Jan 13 Joane Perryne the bastard.

Feb 9 Robert Grayll.

Feb 23 Jane/James Pickear.

Mar 14 Alice Whightinge. (Whiting)



Apr 10 Alice Burnam.

Jul 4 Alice Butler wife of Edward Butler.

Jul 15 William Hawkins.

Jul 18 Richard Coke.

Jul 24 James Williams.

 Jul 25 Alice Smyth.

Aug 28 Agnes Willet.

Nov 20 Agenes Lawrence.

Nov 27 John Feare.

Nov 27 Christopher Taylor son of Christopher Taylor.

Mar 24 John Surat.



Mar 27 Thomas Russell.

Apr 4 Joane Mulgraye.

Apr 5 John Dymry son to John Dymry.

Apr 20 Agnes Haule widow.

May 2 Thomas Harding son of Richard Harding.

May 5 Joane Symber.

Jul 21 Margaret Phillipps widow.

Sep 4 Julianis Feare.

Oct 6 Richard Hardinge son of Richard Hardinge.

Jan 2 John Durban.

Jan 3 Edmond Hardwick.

Jan 8 William Richards.

Jan 21 John Tringe.



Mar 28 Joseph Randle.

Feb 14 John Lawrence.



Apr 15 Alice Sweat widow.

Jun 15 Joane Norcot.

Jul 10 Margaret Welsh.

The last of June Alice Willsonne.

Jul 3 John James.

Jul 10 Agnes Randall.

The same day Robert Edsonne.

Aug 20 Edyth Schore widow.

Aug 28 Agnes Merton.

Sep 20 Thomas Hanrze.

Oct 2 Christopher Taylor son of Christopher Taylor.

Oct 3 John Streynbon.



Jul 3 John Coope son of Robert Coope.

Mar 6 David Jones.

Mar 10 Robert Andrews.