Portbury Burials.

Transcribed by Mary Mason.



1774 No Burials entered.


1775                    William Drew.

                            Thomas Drew.

                            Mary Drew.

            Oct 3rd   Priscilla Hayward.

            Nov 21st John Weaver.

1776  Aug 8th   James Yeels.

         Aug 22nd Hannah Yeels.

            Oct 13th James Carter.

            Oct 15th Sarah Warman.

1777  Jan 12th Jane Stock.

         Jan 22nd Mary Warman.

            Feb 2nd William Hodges, a child.

            Apr 1st Ann Webber.

            Apr 29th Thomas Stacey.

            Jun 3rd Ann Manfield.

            Jun 3rd George White,a child.

            Jul 10th Ann Cook.

            Sep 17th Betty Hardwick.

            Oct 23rd Dinah Watts, a child.

            Nov 4th Thomas Stacey, a child.

            Nov 19th Mary Stacey, a child.

            Nov 22nd Sarah Main, a child.

            Nov 28th ……. Main, a child.

            Nov 28th ……. Main, a child.

1778  Feb 12th William Phipping, a child.

         Mar 29th Margaret Reed.

            Apr 14th William Parnell, a child.

            May 12th William Wilds.

            Sep 28th Joseph Cox.

1779  Jan 19th John Dowling.

Jan 29th William Atherton.

Mar 1st Thomas Yeeles, a child.

Apr 4th Ann Moore.

May 21st  Thomas Tompson.

Aug 7th Ann Knapper.

Sep 26th Mary Moore.

Oct 3rd John Davis.

Oct 17th Thomas Moore.

Oct 17th John Stedfall, a child.

Dec 3rd Susannah Williams.

Dec 19th Lucey Stacey.

Dec 19th Richard Young, a child. 

Dec 29th Betty Drew.

1780  Feb 7th Ann Cooling.

         Feb…  Mary Mattock.

            Feb 27th William Long, a child.

            Feb 29th Sarah Simmons, a child.

            Mar 8th Rebeckah Hobbs.

            Mar 29th Margaret Reed.

            Apr 2nd Mary Watts.

            Apr 14th William Parnell, a child.

            Jul 17th Mary Manfield.

            Nov 7th Joseph Tippet, a child.

1781  Jun 29th Mary Yeels.

         Nov 20th Mary Ballard.

            Nov 27th Samuel Stokes.

            Nov 27th Mary Russel.

            Dec 12th Hannah Rowles.

1782  Jan 13th William Canter.

         Feb 3rd Elizabeth Colver.

            Jun 17th John Rowles.

            Jun 23rd Sarah Avis.

            Jun 28th Elizabeth Atherton.

            Aug 25th Elizabeth Griffin.

            Sep 29th Stephen Stokes.

            Oct 13th Hannah Mattocks.

            Dec 1st Mary Dyer.

            Dec 10th Sarah Adams.

1783 Jan 2nd Mary Morgan.

         Feb 12th Thomas Shepherd.

            Apr 2nd Hester Davis.

            Apr 9th George Willis.

            May 2nd Betty Wayte.

            Jun 8th John Stokes.

            Jun 12th Robert Rowles.

            Sep 25th John and Samuel Perinton.

            Dec 29th John Jordan.

1784  Apr 1st Cordelia Mary Ballard.

            Apr 16th Sarah Phipping, a child.

            May 2nd Elizabeth Stokes.

            May 15th Thomas Edwards.

            May 26th George Rowls.

Jun 3rd John Griffin, a child.

Aug 14th John Stokes.

Sep 10th George Bird.

Sep 28th George Carter, a child.

Oct 14th John Perington, a child.

Nov 7th George Culver? poor.

1785  Jan 28th Jonas Stokes.

         Mar 16th John Hardwick.

            Mar 16th Samuel Parnell.

            May 1st Elizabeth Brown.

            May 3rd William Lilly.

            May 7th Sarah Carter.

            Jul 31st Thomas Moore.

            Aug 3rd Martha Mattocks.

            Sep 16th Ann Hardwick.

            Oct 9th Daniel Stedfal.

            Dec 29th Lady (Henrietta) Erskine.

1786 Jan 8th John Morgan, poor.

    Feb 19th Elizabeth Mattocks.

      Mar 17th Thomas Wayte, poor.

    Jun 18th Elizabeth Hulbert an infant.

      Jun 22nd Elizabeth Vowles from Portishead.

      Sep 12th Alice Willis.

      Dec 8th Mary Davis.

1787  Jan 29th Catherine Brown from Pill.

         Feb 23rd Mr. John Ballard, died Feb16th

Feb 25th Mary Stacey, a child.

Mar 20th Rebekah Moore from Pill.

Mar 20th Ann Yeeles, a child.

Mar 28th Mary Ann Davies from Lodway.

Jun 24th James Rowles.

Jun 27th Mary Rowles.

Jul 10th Dinah Williams.

Jul 23rd Rose Carter.

Aug 4th Fraser Davies from Lodway.

Aug 26th John base of William Periton and Sarah Rosser.

Oct 11th Mary Simmons.

Nov 14th John Rowles (son of John Rowles.)

Nov 18th Hannah Tippet.

1788  Jan 10th Ann base child of Thomas Philips by Ann Lilly.

         Jan 10th Mary base child of Cornelius Biss by Ann Lilly.

            Apr 21st John Manfield.

            May 23rd Charles Milson alias Meagre, poor.

            May 28th Frances Atherton, jun.

            Jul 8th Sarah Atherton, wid.

            Jul 10th Thomas Davies from Lodway.

            Jul 25th William Jordan an infant.

            Sep 28th John Morgan.

            Oct 13th Jane Culverwell, a poor child.

            Oct 17th James Davis from Henbury, Glou.

            Oct 19th Elizabeth Hall, mother of Joseph Hall.

            Oct 22nd Margaret Wright, wid. from St. George.

            Nov 9th Thomas Loscombe.

Nov 26th Edward Dnn? poor.

Dec 23rd Humphrey Atherton, senr.

1789  Jan 5th Hannah Parsons from St. George.

         Mar 12th Betty Beaven.

            Mar 22nd Ann Mattock.

            Jun 10th Elizabeth Rowles.

            Jul 19th Elizabeth Hodges.

            Aug 12th John Atherton, senr.

            Oct 18th Sarah Manfield, a child.

            Oct 29th Frances Atherton, senr.

            Nov 8th Sarah Wilde, a child.

1790  Feb 24th Joseph Young a child from Ham Green.

         Mar 16th Thomas Perington. A Lad.

            Mar 30th Sarah daughter of Alexander Carter.

            Apr 4th James son of George Carter,of Wraxall.

            Apr 6th Elizabeth Ballard.

            Jun 8th Sarah Atherton.

            Jul 8th Mary Perington.

            Aug 8th Betty Watts of Clapton Wick.

            Sep 12th Hannah Carter of Failand.

            Sep 12th Elizabeth Hardwick.

            Oct 17th Jane Watts a child from Ham Green, poor.

            Dec 8th Thomas Stacey an infant.

1791  Jan 13th  Mary Bateman, poor.

         Jan 19th  Sarah Loscomb.

Jan 23rd  Samuel Stacey, Clerk.

Feb 20th  George Simmons, and infant.

Apr 6th  John Dowling from Ham Green.

Apr 28th  A stranger, poor.

May 6th  Thomas Tippet a child from St. George.

June 16th  James Phipin, poor.

Oct 23rd  Esau Manfield a child from Ham Green.

Nov 11th  Betty Jordan a child from Pill.

Nov 23rd  John Collins an infant.

Aug  9th  Jonathan Hayward.

1792  Jan 3rd  Thomas Edwards from Ham Green.

         Feb 19th  Thomas Simmons, poor.

            Feb 27th  Samson Williams.

            Apr 24th  William Porter.

            May 9th  Thomas Hunt.

            May 16th  John Atherton a child of John Atherton.

            May 21st  John Atherton from Yeaton/Yatton.

            Jun 7th  James Merefield from Portishead.

            Jun 20th  Mary Cox.

                  14th  John Jordan from Pill.

            Dec 13th  Wolf a child.

            Nov 2nd  Richard Maine.

1793  Jan 6th  Mary Wilde a child.

         Jan 13th  Nancey Johns.

            Jan 20th  Andrew Pollard from Ham Green, poor.

            Apr 11th  Joseph Wilde a child.

            May 2nd  John Davis, poore.

            May 19th  William Charley, poore.

            Jun 2nd Esau Manfield a child from Ham Green.

            Jun 16th  Ann Johns a child.

            Jul 17th Ann Davis from Haperton.

            Jul 31st  Sarah Hunt.

            Sep 1st  John Lane from Ham Green.

            Nov 19th  Samuel Durbin a child.

            Dec 18th  John Hakes from Pill.

1794  Jan 20th  Thomas Harding a child.

         Feb 19th  Sarah Marshall a child.

            Mar 5th  David Lakeir a child.

            Mar 14th  Allin Lane.

            Aug 21st  Mary Loscomb, poor.

            Oct  16th  James King, poor.

            Oct 26th  John Durbin.

            Oct 26th  Elizabeth Simmons.

1795  Jan 11th  A child of George Simmons, a son.

         Jan 25th  Thomas Tippet of St. George.

            Jan 28th  Ann Yeeles.

            Feb 22nd  Richard Youngs` child.

            Feb 25th  Daniel Durbin a child.

            May 8th  Elizabeth King of Ham Green.

                            Jane Trevilian, poore.

                  30th  Mary Leech.

            Jun 3rd  Ratchell Rowles.

            Jul 22nd  Martha Doughting.

            Sep 22nd A childe of Jonas Stokes, es son.

            Oct 2nd A childe of James Parsons, es daughter.

            Oct 11th  A childe of Samuel Wild, es son.

            Dec 13th  A childe of James Parsons, es son.

            Dec 14th  John Cox.

1796  Jan 5th  Mary Moore a childe.

         Feb 3rd  Elizabeth Hardwick.

            Feb 7th  Abraham Tippet a child burnt to death.

            Mar 14th  Betty Millard.

            Apr 17th  William Perrington.

            May 20th  John Yeeles.

1797  Jan 27th  Henry Howe of Pill.

         Feb 5th  Elizabeth How of Pill.

            Feb 27th  Sarah Carter.

            Mar 12th  Ann Wilde a child.

            Apr 2nd Sarah King.

            Apr 5th  Samuel Carter.

            Apr 21st  A child of James Mattock es daughter.

            Jul 7th  John Holms.

            Sep 17th  Johm Doughting.

            Nov 6th  Mr. Oxford of Bristol.

            Dec 25th  A child of James Hunt es daughter.

1798  Feb 4th A childe of Daniel Durbin, daughter.

         Mar 4th  Edward Mattock.

            Mar 7th  A childe of Thomas Maine, daughter.

            May 22nd  Mr. Roberts of Ham Green.

            Aug 7th  Elizabeth Mattock.

            Aug 12th  John Roberts of Ham Green.

            Sep 5th  Thomas Durbin.

            Sep 14th  Mr. Lankestive of Ham Green.

            Sep 26th  A childe of George Carter, son.

            Oct 6th  A childe of Richard Coombs, son.

            Oct 28th  A childe of William Blake, daughter.

1799  Jan 7th  Patience Ballard.

         Feb 6th  William Maine.

            May 7th  Sarah Manfield.

            Jun 1st  A childe of Benjimin J Mayes, daughter.

            Jun 28th  William Williams.

            Nov 13th  Sarah Brown from Pill.

1800  Jan  5th   Mary Waterses Father, Haperton.

            Jan 19th  Joseph Manfield.

            Feb 14th  Israel Mainard from Bishport.

            Apr 18th  A childe of Stephen Davis of Clapton, daughter.

            May 1st  Hannah Atherton.

            May 3rd  Stephen Davis.

            May 12th Betty King.

            Jun 1st  Ann Hardwick.

            Aug 5th  Richard Blakewell.

            Aug 14th A childe of Jiles Lantern, daughter.

            Sep 18th  Bettey Williams.

            Dec 14th  Ann Shepherd.

            Dec 19th  A childe of William Maynard of Bishport, son.