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1856 Aug 7. Valuable Freehold Manors, Advowson, Farms, Lands, Cottages and Estates, late the property of the late James Adam Gordon, Esquire deceased by order of the Trustees subject to such conditions as will be then produced and in the lots hereinafter set out, or such other lots as may be determined on at the time of the sale.

Lot 1. The Mansion of Naish with its Pleasure, Grounds, Gardens, Woods and Appurtenances together with the Home Farm, situate in the several parishes of Clapton, Portbury and Wraxall and containing together according to the Tithe Admeasurement 22A 1R 28P.

The mansion of Naish is surrounded by delightful pleasure grounds, about eight miles from Bristol, contains capital suites of rooms and all suitable and convenient offices, is in complete repair and fit for the residence of a family of distinction. The views from the house and grounds beautiful beyond description; they overlook the rich and fertile Vale of Portbury, the confluence of the rivers Avon and Severn, the Bristol Channel and the Welsh Hills.

Lot 2. All that the manor or reputed manor of Clapton and the Mines and Royalties thereto appertaining; also the several capital farms, known as Sperring’s Farm, Court Farm, New Farm, Wick Farm, Welley’s Farm and Standbury’s Farm, the Black Horse inn at Clapton and several Cottages and Gardens all situate in the parish of Clapton, contiguous to Lot 1. and containing 591A 1R 20P also the advowson of the Rectory of Clapton, which comprises the Rectory House 35 acres of Glebe and the tithe rent charge, which stands commuted at £200 per annum. Mines of Coal, Iron and Manganese have been found in this lot.

Lot 3. 

1862 Oct 25 North Somerset Agricultural Association.

The annual ploughing match and dinner came off on Tuesday. The ploughing match took place on Ashton-hill in two fields, the property of Sir J H Grenville Smyth, Bart and in the occupation of Mr George Nichols of Longwood farm. There were no less than 51 ploughs entered for competition, 50 of which started; in the champion class, 7, in the first class 33, second class 6, farmers’ class 5. The ploughing was exceedingly well done in all the classes, particularly in the farmers’ sons class. The judges of the ploughing were; First and champion class, Mr William Gibbs of Wick, Gloucestershire; Mr Reed of Chewton Keynsham and Mr Chas. Young of Redhill; Second and farmers’ classes-Messrs; T W Hancock, Long Ashton, and Abraham Davies, Portishead. Horses- Mr T Meecham of Wrington. Roots- Mr C Hardwick, Long Ashton; and Mr Alfred Winter, Wraxall.

List of prizes.


Champion Class-Prizes given by Sir A Elton, Bart;

To the manager of the best plough drawn by two horses, who shall best plough half an acre of land within a specified time; 1st prize £3 George Bunce, ploughman to George Gibbs esquire, Wraxall. (Savory) 2nd £2 John Sparks, ploughman to Mr Robert Wilcox, Nailsea. 3rd £1 Joseph Froud, ploughman to Mr Israel Froud, Long Ashton.

To the manager who shall best plough half an acre of land. 1st prize John Winslow, ploughman to Sir Wm Miles, Bart, M.P. Leigh Court. 2nd Thomas Parsons, ploughman to Mr Abraham Parnell, Portbury. 3rd £1.10s George Edwards, son of Mr Edwards, Backwell Mill; 4th £1 John Vowles son of Mr Vowles. Backwell Mill. 5th 10s Wm Williams ploughman to Mr James Cox, Portbury. A silver cup value £5 to the employer of the best ploughman in this class; Sir William Miles, Bart, Leigh Court. A pair of back bands presented by Mr H Thompson, Redcliff-hill, Bristol to the employer of the winner of second prize, Mr Abraham Parnell, Portbury.

Second Class; To the manager of the best plough, not being a farmer’s son  and under 21 years of age. 1st prize, £1 10s W Jenkins ploughman to Mr Harding, Long Ashton. 2nd £1 Wm Eyles ploughman to Mr Gage, Chapel Pill, 3rd 10s Samuel Hodge, ploughman to Mr Reynolds, Barrow.

Farmers Class- To the manager of the best plough being the son of a farmer and under 21 years of age. 1st prize £2 Walter French son of Mr French, Failand. 2nd a pair of backbands, presented by Mr R Long, Redcliff-hill, Bristol, Isaac Cole son of Mr Cole, Portbury; highly commended, Henry Edwards and John Adams.

Industry and Good Behaviour.

Class 1. To Labourers in Agriculture- To the two servants in husbandry who have worked for the same families or on the same farm, the greatest number of successive years £2 each. 1st William Bride, 46 years in the employ of Sir Wm Miles and his family; 2nd John Hill, 40 years in the employ of Sir Greville Smyth, Bart, Ashton Court and his family.

Class 2. To the two labourers in husbandry by whom the greatest number (not less than five) of their own legitimate children have been brought up to at least seven years of age in habits of honesty and industry, without parochial relief £2 each. 1st Wm Yates of Barrow Gurney (eight) 2nd Thomas Edwards of Barrow Gurney (nine).

Class 3. Yearly Servants in Agriculture-To the male servants under 21 years of age who has lived in the same family or on the same farm, the longest period.1st £1 10s. William Bessant five and a half years with Mr and Mrs Walker, Weston in Gordano; 2nd Samuel Harwood, three years and nine months in the employ of Mr R Marshall, Barrow Gurney.

Class 4. To the unmarried female servants having lived the longest period in the same family or on the same farm. 1st £1 10s MatildaBessant, four years and seven montjs in the employ of Mr A Davies, Portishead; 2nd 15s Elizabeth Taylor, three years and eleven months in the employ of Mr George Nicholls, Wraxall.

Class 5. Female servants not to Agriculture-To the unmarried woman who has lived the greatest number of successive years under the same master or mistress. 1st £1 10s Hannah Charlton, nine years with Mrs Duckinfield, Portishead; 2nd 15s Mary Cambridge, nine years with Mr J Mordaunt, Ashton.

A silver cup, value £5 given by G & W Gibbs, Esquires to the tenant farmer owning the best pair of cart mares, they having been in his possession and kept and used on his farm for not less than six calendar months, Mr A Wilcox, Chelvey. A silver cup value £5 5s by Sir J H Grenville Smith, Bart. For the best cart mare and foal, the property of a tenant farmer, Mr T W Hardwick, Long Ashton. A silver cup value £5 5s given by Mr John Watts for the best two acres of swedes, grown solely with Messrs. Norrington’s manure, Mr Wm Baker, Wraxall; weight per acre 22 tons 3 cwt.

The Dinner was held in the afternoon at the Royal Oak, Nailsea under the presidency of H L Bean Esquire and there were present about 80 gentleman amongst whom we observed the Rev F Brown rector of Nailsea, Mr J Paull (of Brockley Hall) Messrs. Trenchard, G Nichols, Bowen, R Newton, Robertson, T Nichols, Winter, Withey, T W Hardwick, C Hardwick, Jollef, Sperrin, J Davis, Wilcox; Batt, secretary etc. The dinner was of a good and substantial character and was generally approved of.