Transcribed by Mary Mason.


Aug 3 William Hedges and Edith Howell.

Oct 13 Thomas Rumny and Elizabeth Hach

Jan 2 John Donchett and Margaret Hedges.

Feb 5 William Bradford and Katherine Price.

Feb 15 John Bayle and Edith Sims.

Oct 10 Richard Latre and Johan Wilmot.


Mar 10 Edmond Briant and Elizabeth Wigkes. (Wickes)

Mar 12 Edmond Willmot and Agnes Wigkes.



Oct 20 Raph Wickes and Elizabeth Whiting.

George Rumney and Agnes Court.

Roger Everley and Elen Jacob.



John Shepter and Johan S..ske.

Oct17 Edmond Briant and Elizabeth ? faded



Mar 26 John Fryman and Alse Whiting.

Jan 28 John Wilmot and Agnes Porter.



Mar 25 John Warde? And Alse Courte.

Dec Edmond Williams and Elizabeth Tucker.



Jan Harry Hoy and Alse Freeman.

Jan William Whiting and Joan Forbes.

Oct 20 Thomas Mandrell and Johan Wattes.



Nov 23 Tobe Swat and Johan Dowell.

Thomas Jer and Agnes Evans.



Jan 14 George Whyting and Amy Wade.

Feb 8 John Wilmot and Margaret Whiting.

May 18 Robert Tyler and Agnes Wade.

Jun 25 John Parsons and Ellen Phillips.

Nov Harry Jacob and Clemence.

Nov Thomas Evans and Elizabeth Whiting.

Sep 2 John Baber and Johan Burke.



Oct 6 Thomas Sams and Blanch Lippot.

Nov 13 John Cooke and Julia Wykes.



Jan 15 John Williams and Alse Fisher.



Sep 23 Thomas Hedges of Portbury and Agnes Evans.

Nov 18 John Hedges and Rose? Ball.

Feb 1 William and Edith Byfield.



Jun 8 John Twite and Agnes Whiting.

Nov 17 Robert Cokes and Agnes Burke.

Dec 2 Robert Brydg and Johan Crase.

Sep 3 Edmond Porter and Rachell Webb.



Sep 13 Roger Whiting and Johan Bria.

Oct 11 Robert Gyllon and Johan Wade.

Oct 8 Robert Price and Johan Hauking.

Oct 3 Robert Hyll and Blanch Frances.

Jan 29 John Knight and Johan Lewis.



Jan 2 John Martyn and Agnes Atwill.

Jun17 Thomas Ray and Margaret Basset.

Aug 23 Thomas Chester and Elizabeth Hoale.

Nov 27 Roger Freman and Margaret Whiting.

Jan 22 John Hayward and Johan Freman.



Jul 17 Roger Chapman and Johan Sayler.

Feb 13 John Cary and Margaret Briant.



May 3 George Cowell/Powell and Alse Haule.

May 31 Edmund Willia (Williams) and Johan Rumney.



Jan 12 Henry Capper and Isabel James.

Jan 14 John Carey and alse King.

Apr 30 John Wilmot and Edith Greatsills.

Jun 17 Joh Perrington and Christian Jeffries.

Oct 4 Roger ..rrbey (Romney) and Johan More.

Oct 20 John .. and Joan Parsons.

Sep 24 William Baylise and Margaret Ray the late wife of Thomas Rays.

Oct 4 John Dawson and Alse Burke.

Jan 9 John Whiting and Johan Nethway.



Apr 4 Hugh Warren and Johan Webb.

Apr 17 Thomas Manndrell and Johan

May 13 John Briant and Edith Ball.

Jun 19 William Perrin and Margaret Whiting.

Jan 5 John Courtis and Mary Courte.

Jan 8 Ellis Goodman and Ellen Rumney.



Sep 30 William Cayne and Agnes Tyler.



Apr 10 John Lewis and Edith Gr.ane.

Nov 3 Hugh Powell and Johan Symmes.



Oct 4 William Hedges and Sysley Perryn.

Oct 13 John Hyll and Felix Pasty.



May 4 John Shameus and Margaret Cotton.

Jun 23 William Cayne and Maude Pasty.

Oct 30 William Tucker and Agnes G.rues.



Jan 9 John Laterey and Agnes Courte.

Jul 22 William Paine and Agnes Tyler.

Jan 20 William Huchins and Maude Kenns.

Mar 11 Robert Sharp and Isabel Berkes.

Jun 6 Roger Johnes and Johan Courte.

Feb 29 John Present and Margaret Malsome.



Apr 30 George Court and Margery Baber.



May 18 William Hedges and Marie Dowell.



Oct 29 Thomas Lott and Margaret Willmote.

May 6 Edmond Kinge and Johan Willmote.

Oct 12 Roger Rumney and Margery Typper.

Nov John Wilmote and Edith Briant.

Nov 28 John Allen and Edith Lewis.

Dec 2 Richard Manndrell and Agnes Clarke.

Feb 19 John Evans and Agnes Persons.



Nov 28 William Lane and Edith Manndrell.

Nov 30 Christopher Willis and Agnes Swat.



Jan 17 John Dowell and Marie Horsyington.

May 27 John Horkinges and Agnes Everley.

Jun 21 Roger Willmot and Bridget Morse.

Nov 7 John Briant and Edith Busher.

Nov 18 Roger Freman and Agnes Ball.

Jan 13 Thomas Manndrell and Johan Fouler.



Jan 13 John Rumney and Elizabeth Prickel.

Jan 24 Nicolas Laurance and Alse Rumney.



Nov 27 John Whiting and Agnes Whiting.

Nov 27 William Tucker and Johan Atwill.



Jan 13 Morris Smith and Margaret Wedmore.

Jan 16 William Bayle and Johan ( faded)



Jul 22 John Willis and Maud Cox.

Oct 6 Roger Hedges and Agnes Rumney.

Sep 16 Roger Ball and Johan Smyth.

Oct 4 Robert Lowles and Jane Cake.

Feb William Whiting and Agnes Baber.



Aug 20 Robert Hedges and Agnes Laten.

Oct 17 John Harris and Johan Godding.



Jun 28 John Burbis and Edith Lane?

Aug 15 Thomas Cox and Alse Burke.

Aug 30 Edmond Clevedon and Margaret Lott.

Sep 15 Samuel Perryn and Margaret Twite.

Nov 20 Edmond Cottrell and Ellen Godwine.



Feb Thomas Bayly and Johan Cooke.



Sep 1 Edmond Williams and Johan Manndrell.

Oct 29 Robert Gray and Mary Hedges.

Feb 4 Thomas Nash and Margaret Lewis.

Jan 28 Thomas Bysie and Alse Sharpe.

Feb William Godwin and Edith Cox.

Feb 22 George Cook and Agnes Cox.



May 22 John Ball and Johan Manndrell.

Jun Thomas Whitinge and Edith Cable.

Jul Robert Sesse of Conresbury (Congresbury) and Agnis Walle.



Jul 2 Nicolas Bilston and Agnes Freman.

Nov 29 Gyles ..ossen and Agnes .sons.

Thomas Porter of Wraxall and Agnes Whitinge of Nailsea.