Nailsea 1600-1625.

Transcribed by Mary Mason.

Baptisms, Burials and Marriages.


These pages are very, very faded. The ink in the older registers fades to a pale orange/brown and fades into the background when filmed.

The original registers needs to be looked at in order to obtain a clearer picture.


1600 Baptisms.

Apr 6 William son of Thomas Mudge baptized.

Apr 9 Thomas son of John Bryant baptised.

Apr 12 Roger son of Roger Wilmot baptised.

Apr 12 Fortune daughter of Gilles Prosser baptised.

Apr 2 Christine the daughter of Robert Sharpe baptised.

Jun 10 John son of John Barnes baptised. 

Aug 23 John son of George Cooke baptised.

Sep 10 Elizabeth daughter to William Godwin baptised.

Oct 5 Mary daughter of Robert Gaye baptised.

Nov 12 Walter son of John Baber baptised.

Jan 4 Joseph son of George Courte baptised.

Jan 12 Benjamin son to Thomas Dier baptised.

Church Wardens John Tucker and George Court.


1601 Baptisms

Apr Alice? daughter of William Tucker and Mary the daughter of the same William Tucker baptised.

May 10 Roger son of William Buck baptised.

May 10 Margaret daughter to Edmund Sperin baptised.

Jun 14 Mary daughter of William Perrin baptised.

Jun 19 John son of Thomas Whitinge baptised.

Aug Thomas son of John Willis baptised

Oct 20 John son to Edmund Welsh baptised.

Oct 28 George to Thomas Nash baptised.

Dec 6 John son to George Cooke baptised.

Jan John son of Giles Prosser baptised.

Jan 13 Joane daughter of Thomas Mudge baptised.

Jan 17 Richard son of John Dowell baptised.

Jan 23 Edith daughter of Roger Hedge baptised.

Church Wardens John Ball William Perin and Thomas Dier.


1602 Baptisms.

Mar 2? Maud daughter of John Wilmot jur baptised.

May 16 Mary daughter of Thomas Freeman baptised.

John son base born of Susan Locke baptised.

May 30 ……..daughter of Thomas Whiting baptised.

….. 13 Margaret daughter of Edmund Cade baptised.

Sep Anne daughter of John Rumney baptised.

Edmant Williams son of Edmant Williams baptised.

John Whiting the son of John Whiting baptised.


1603 Baptisms.

Elizabeth daughter of William Tucker baptised.

Marie daughter of Robert Sage baptised.

Edward son of John Evans baptised.

Johan daughter of William Godwin baptised.

Alice Bryan daughter of John Bryan baptized.

Margaret  daughter of Robert Hutchins baptised.

Richard son of Thomas Chester baptised.

Roger son of Thomas Whitinge baptised.

John son of Thomas Williams baptised.

May Elizabeth daughter of John Wilmot.

And Annies? daughter of Robert Barrie, both baptized.

Jun 26 Robert son of Robert Sharpe baptised.

Aug 5 Elizabeth reputed daughter of John Jacobb baptized.

Aug 21 Jane daughter of Edmond Chenen baptised.

Jan 4 John son of John Lane baptised.

Jan 22 Joan daughter of Edmond Welsh baptised.



Apr Edward son of John Williams baptised.

Apr William son of Roger Hedge baptised.

May Jane daughter of William Perry baptised.

Jul Thomas Tucker son of William Tucker baptised.

Jul 29 Margaret daughter of Richard Phillipps baptized.

Jan Anne daughter of Edmond Sperryn baptised.

Jan John son of Robert Benney baptised.

Mar John son of John Godwyn baptised.



Mar Joan daughter of William Godwyn baptised.

Mar Anne daughter of Thomas Whiting the younger baptised.

Jun William son of James Bunte baptised.

Jun Sara daughter of John Stretting baptised.

Jul George Rumney son of John Rumney baptised.

Elizabeth daughter of William Lane baptised.

Aug Richard son of King Cable and F (Too Faint to read properly)

Richard Cable King Cable was baptized.        ..

Feb 3 George Bryan son of John Bryan baptised.

Feb 26 William Whiting son of John Whiting baptised.

Mar 2 Jane Wilmot?daughter of Thomas Willmot? Baptized.



Apr 25 George son of John Willis baptised.

Apr 31 John son of Steven Tippitt baptised.

Sep 29 Edward son of Edward Wolfe.

Nov 9 Roger son of John Willmott.

Dec John Phillips? son of Thomas Phillips baptised

Dec William son of Elizabeth ………. baptised

Feb 25 Edmond son of Robert Barty baptised.

Feb 7 Roger son of Roger George baptised.



Apr Elizabeth daughter of John Dowea baptised.

Apr 12 Ann daughter of Thomas Bresye baptised.

Apr 19 Isabell daughter of James Hunt baptized.

Aug 30 John son of Robert Wedmore/Withing baptised.

Sep 6 John son of John Stabbins? Baptized.

Sep 13 Mary daughter of Tho…. baptised

Nov John son of William Godwyn baptised.

Jan Roger son of Roger Cooke baptised.

Jan 31 Mary daughter of Thomas …….. baptised

Feb Roger son of Thomas Willmot baptised.

Mar 10 Thomas son of George Jenkin baptised.



Apr 22 William son of John Rumney baptised.

Apr William son of John Godwyn.

May William son of William

Jun Robert son of Robert Tully/Tilly

Jul 31 John son of John

William son of William Lane.(these are too faded to read)


Aug George son of

Sep Jone daughter of James Hunt.



Apr 2 John son of John Joyne.

May William son of John Dowell.

Jul Elizabeth daughter of John Ch……

Aug Edward son of John Wilmott.

Dec Edmond son of Richard King Cable and Mary daughter of Edward Welshe.

Feb John son of Thomas Doulting.

John son of Thomas Whiting.

Feb Robert son of John Willyams.

Feb Roger son of John Porter.



Mar Lewis son of Robert Tilly.

May John son of Richard Hipesly.

Jun John son of Lewis D

Jun Elizabeth daughter of George ?orkes.

Jul Johan daughter of John Bribnt.

Oct William son of William Howlore.

Dec Elizabeth daughter of William Lane

Dec George Stretinge son of John Stretinge.

Feb Garteryd Williams daughter of Thomas Williams.

Feb Elizabeth Reede daughter of Richard Reede.



Apr Elizabeth daughter of John Whitting.

Jul  Amies daughter of …………..

Sep Margery daughter of …….  …

Oct Isabell daughter of Richard Cable.

Dec John Shtens son of John Shtens.

Thomas Lepiat son of Stephen Lepiat.

Feb John son of James Lymee.

Feb John son of Thomas Douttinge.

Mar Elizabeth daughter of John Porter.

Mar Jefrey son of William Bayly.



Jul An daughter of Edmond Welsh.

Aug Raulph son of John Dowell

Aug Margaret daughter of ? Davis.

Sep 20 Richard son of Edmond Godwyn.

Oct 10 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Willis.

Nov John the youngest son of John Willmott.

Dec Johana daughter of Hugh Rumny.

Jan Julian daughter of Bartholomew Foord.

Feb 7 William son of William Godwin.



May 3 Mary daughter of William Bayly.

Oct 3 G (faded)  son of James Hunt.

Oct Jane daughter of Richard King Cable.

Oct Robert son of John Whiting.

Nov 6 Agnes daughter of John Blitten.

Dec William son of Lewis Chestors.

Church wardens William Hodge and Edmund Godwyn.



Jul 20 Thomas son of Lewis Chester.

Sep Elizabeth daughter of Edmond Williams.



May 28 Robert son of Edward ……..

John Tucker son of William Tucker?




Jun 20 Sara Lullet buried.

Jun Marie wife of John Lane.

Aug John son of John Barnes.

Sep John son of George Cooke.

Oct 10 Isabel Dowell buried.

Dec 4 William Rummi.

Feb 10 John Stretinge.

Feb 4 Bridget wife of Roger Wilmot.

Feb Elizabeth Jones.

Feb Thomas Burnnett/Burnell.

Mar John Wilmot the elder.

Mar Elizabeth Clarke vidua.

Church wardens John Tucker and Georg Court.



Apr Margaret daughter of Edmund Cable.

Jun Joane wife of Edmund Williams.

Aug Agnes James.

Dec Richard Mandrill.

Jan John son of Giles Prosser.

Church wardens John Ball and Wm Perin.



Apr 22 Maude daughter of John Wilmot.

Apr 24 Giles Prosser.

May 1 Thomas Parsons.

Jun 1 John base child of Susan Lokey.

Oct Joane Whiting.

Nov Mary Gay.

Nov John Williams son of Samuel Williams.

Nov Robert Paire.



Feb 7 Elizabeth wife of Robert Hunt.

May 9 John Dowtinge.

William Whitinge by the elme was buried.

Joan Baber wife of John Barber.

Agnes wife of Giles Prosser.

… 7 George Cooke son of John Cooke.



Jan Edith wife of William Lane.

Jan John son of Edward Cale?

Jun Sislie wife of Thomas ………(could be Parsons)

Feb 21 Fortune Pritser?

Feb 22 Lewis Parssons?

Apr Johan Godyne.

Apr Margaret Hayse.

Apr John ….

Apr Joan Price widow.

Mar Elizabeth Williams wife of Edmond Williams junior.



Apr Johan Griffyn daughter of George Griffyn.

Jun 2 Joseph Lawrence.

Jul Sara Stretting daughter of John Stretting.

Jul George Horsington.

Elizabeth Lane daughter of John Lane.

Nov John Whytting.

Nov Grace? Lane wife of William.

Dec Mary Lane daughter of William Lane.

John Benty son of Robert Benty.

Mar Edward son of William Burke.

Mar John Cable.

Mar John Godwin.

Agnes P……

Mar 4 Alice Bussye wife of Thomas Bussie.

Mar 23 Agnes Whiteing wife of John Whietinge.



Mar 29 Garthred Williams wife of Thomas Williams.

Alice Day wife of Thomas Day.

….. son of Robert ………….. (too faded)

John A……….

Feb William Whitinge.

Dec Edith wife of John Willmott.

Mar William Huelyn?

Mar Thomas Parsons.



Mar 25 Thomas Parsons.

Mar 27 Fortune Cable.

Apr 5 William son of William Burke.

 John Ball

Rogyer Cooke.

Aug 3 William son of John Whitinge.

Sep William Puxton.

Oct Ann daughter of Thomas Be..

Feb Alice Cooke.

Nov Edith A…. widow.

Feb Alice Cooke.

Feb 23 John son of Thomas Whiting.

Mar Isabell Cabell.

Jone wife of Hugh St…...

Mar Thomas son of ……. Horle.



Apr  Mary daughter of Thomas ………

Apr William Tucker.

May William Burke.

May William son of William Woodruffe.

Jun 20 Roger Hodge.

Jul Elizabeth wife of Robert Tilly.

Nov ……… son of Peter Hardwgde.

Dec Elizabeth Elizabeth Godwyn.

Robert Woodruffe.

Feb 9 Margaret Nashe.

Feb 18 Margaret Bailiy.

Feb Elizabeth Beesy.



Apr Edward Magge.

May John Byde

Jul Joan Romney.

Aug 6 Isabell wife of Roger White.

Oct 2 William Woodruffe.

Oct 20 John Manndrell.

Nov 10 Edward Cli…. (lost in binding.)

Dec Mary daughter of … Wolfe. (lost in binding)

Feb 2 Joane Godman.

Feb Agnes Romney.

Feb Thomas Sharpe.

Mar John son of Thomas Whit…. (lost in binding)

Mar John Wilmot the elder.

Mar John son of Thomas Wh……(lost in binding)



Apr 7 Jone daughter of George ……. (faded)

Oct Robert ………….

Oct William Rumney.

Oct John Doget.

Nov Johan Baber.

Dec Hedy Rumney.

Dec Thomas Freeman.

Jan Ann daughter of William Lane.

Jan Thomas Price.

Jan 30 Johan daughter of John .okes.

Feb Elizabeth Williams daughter of Thomas Williams.

Jan William Rumney son of Hughe Romney.

Apr 30 Robert ………

May 1 George Romney.

Jun John Willyes. (Willis)

Jun Isabell Forty.

Nov Margery daughter of Peter H...mye.

Jan George Whittinge.

Feb John Williams son of Edmond Williams.

S.….   daughter of William Godwyn.



Apr Robert Tylley.

May 31 Johane wife of Edmund Williams being WhitSunday.

Aug Servant to Mr Richard Cole.

Sep Johane daughter of James Hort.

Oct Johan wife of Thomas Willis/Williams.

Oct Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Willis/Williams.

Dec 6 Ann Woodruffe widow.

Dec Thomas son of Steven Lypyeat.

Jan Johan daughter of Bartholoman Ford.

Feb Bartholomen Ford.



Mar 20 William Perrin.

May 10 William Lane.

Oct Joan Bayly wife of William Bayly.

Dec 15 William son of William Godwyn.

Jan John Ryall.

Feb 5 Mary daughter of William Bayley.

Mar 1 John Rumny.



Elizabeth Sharp daughter of John Sharp.

Mar Edith Burges.

Apr William Porter.

Jul 3 Joan Wilmott widow.

Jul 27 Joane Baily daughter of … Baily.

Aug 5 John Whitting.

Oct 19 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Williams.

Oct 24 Joane daughter of John Sharpe.

Nov 16 John Horkins/Hopkins.

Apr 26 Ferdinando Douuting.

Sep 22 Rachell Heale.

Sep 30 John Tucker.

Jan 13 Thomas son of Lewis Cuthemore

Jan 15 Maudalen Cathsbury.

Jan 17 Richard Hawkins.

Jan 20 Richard Cabell.



Feb 6 Agnes Whitinge wife of Lewis Whitinge.

Jan 18 Thomas Hedges.



Sep Jane Cable daughter of Richard Cable.

The next two are two faded to read.

Joan wife of Roger Jones.

John Lane.

Roger Bucke son of Wm Buck.

Joan the wife of John …….

Mar 15 Mary Bu.. widow.

Mar William son of Edmond Welsh.



Jan Joseph son of James Horwell.

Jan Edith Jacob wife of Henry Jacob.

Mar Jeffrey son of Jeffrey Rumny.

Apr Roger Whiting of Kingshill.

May Hugh S….ey.

Jan 14 George Whitmore son of John Whitmore.

Feb 7 John Welsh son of Edward Welsh.

Feb 15 Isabel Mudge wife of Thomas Mudge.

Jan 25 Henry Baily.

Roger Whilmot.



Mar 20 Henry Jacob.

Mar 20 …. Williams son of Thomas Williams.

Mar 28 Robert son of Edward Parr?



Mar 29 John son of William Tucker.

Jun 29 John Greenfeild son of John.

John Godwn son of Edmond Godwyn.



Oct 5 John Hedges.

Nov 20 Margaret Sharp wife of John Sharp.

Feb Elizabeth wife of Roger Chapman.

Feb 18 Samuel son of John Whitmore.

John Williams and Giles Dogget. Church Wardens.



Mar John Bishop son of William Bishop.

Sisley daughter of John Rodger.

Apr Mar Marie daughter of Agnes Woodruffe.

Apr 24 John son of John Greenefield.

Thomas son of Francis Wh..y.

May Jane Dangerfeild widow.

Oct 2 Jane D wife of John D……

Dec 2 Richard son of Marcus Copland.

Dec 16 George Combe.

Mar Joseph son of Thomas Williams.

Mar …… daughter of John Jacob.



Apr Thomas Sharpe and Katherine Dangerfeild married.

Jun 1 Thomas Mudge.

Jun Emmanuell son of John Whitinge.

Jul 7 Thomas and Joan son and daughter of Thomas Cooke.

Jul 21 Daniell son of John Meadye.

Jul 16 Joan daughter Thomas Cooke buried.

Sep John Godwin son of Edmond Godwin.

Sep Thomas Whiting the younger was buried.

Sep 16 Joan daughter of John Porter.

Oct Elizabeth daughter of Richard Reede was buried.

Nov Agnes daughter of John Porter.

Sep 20 Edmond Court and Joan Whiting were married.

Sep 25 Roger son of Lewis Chester.

Non Richard son of Thomas Ogburne.

Nov Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Sharpe.

Dec 25 Roger son of Lewis Chester.

Dec Elizabeth daughter of James Edwards.

Jan John son of John Hedges.

Dec 30 Thomas Parsons and Ales Tucker were married.



Jan Steven Lyppiet and Margery Gibs were married.

Thomas Hooke? and Ales Johnes were married.

Jun Roger Whitinge and Margaret Hardwich.

Jun 30 John Tucker and Agnes Whittinge.

Aug 10 Thomas son of …… Caxton.

Aug Thomas son of ……. Lypyell.

Aug Maria daughter of Thomas Doubtinye.

Oct John son of John White.

Nov George son of Edward C…..

Dec 10 …….. daughter of L

Dec Thomas son of William Bishop.

Dec Joan daughter Judith Langley.

Dec Chrisiana uxor (wife) Lodovin (Lewis)Whiting buried.

Dec Johanna relick (widow) of Thomas Whiting buried.

Edmundus Williams buried.

Margaretta Parsons daughter of Thomas Parsons.

Johanna Whiting wife of Thomas Whiting buried. 

Mar 1 Elizabeth daughter of Edward Pitts baptised.

Mar Maria daughter of Hugo Rumney baptised.

Church wardens Edward Court and Jon Godwin.



Apr Sara daughter of John Streating buried.

Apr Matilda Hutchins buried.

 May Thomas Coxe buried.

May Rogeus Jones buried.

Jun 5 Thomas Busir.

Aug Agnes Nash wife of Thomas Nash buried.

Sep Thomas son of Thomas Mudge buried.

Nov 7 Rosa Hedge buried.

Jan 25 Elinor Gay wife of George Gaye buried.

Mar Richard ?orey buried.

Mar James Hunt buried.



Mar Johanna Whiteing buried.

Apr Edith Bailey buried.

Apr Johannes ? buried.

Apr 10 William Hedges son of George Hedges.

May 14 Elizabeth Chester buried.

Jun 3 Margarita Willis daughter of Johanis Willis.

Jun 9 Edith Mudge wife of Johani Mudge.

Jun 20 Henry son of John Mudge.

Sep 2 Joane Rumney daughter of Galfridi (Geoffrey) Rumney.

Sep 15 Robert Sharpe buried.

Nov 27 Margaret Perry (Faded) buried.

Dec 9 Anthonye Bushe

Dec Annis ..otkins buried.

Maria Godwyn buried.

John son of Mai… Copland buried.

Jan 30 Susan Hodgson daughter of Robert Hodgson buried.

Jan 30 John son of William Lockier buried.

Feb Margaret daughter of Lewes Tovie.

Feb Joan wife of John Leazaby ? (very faded) buried.

Mar 21 Thomas son of Edmund Godwyn buried.





Apr 11 Edmund Stevens of Bourton and Joan Harris.

Aug 2 Edmund Welch and Agnes Jexbese.

Nov 29 John Cox alias Clark and Joane Lewlyn.

Feb Edmund Spear and Isabel Cable.

Church Wardens. John Tucker and George Cowrie.



May Roger Cooke and Alice Jardise.

Sep Edmund Williams the younger and Elizabeth Whitinge.

Oct 11 Roger Chapman and Elizabeth Gregory.

Church Wardens John Ball and Wm Perin.



Jul 8 William Horsington and Jane Longman.

Nov Richard Dubeas and Fortune Lane?



Feb 10 Robert Barrie and Johan Freeman.

Sep 27 Robert Beenie and Elizabeth Tweet.



Aug John Streatring and Grace Welch.

Sep James Hunte and Joan Porter.

Oct Peter Morgan of Wells and Christiana Walter.

Nov Harrie Manndrell and Joan Wells.

Feb John Whiting of Yatton and Annis  Doggett otp.

Jun John Davis of Tickenham and Joan Cable of Nailsea.

Jun Stephen Lippiatt and Joan Hutching.




May John Whitinge and Joan Cable.

Jul 21 Thomas Bry…. and Julian ….

Oct 16 William Willmot and Alice Whiting.

Oct Thomas Payne? and Agnes Bry.. (in binding)



Apr 16 Thomas Williams and Johane Payne.

Apr Wm Newt.on? and Grace? Whiting.

Jul 3 William Woodruffe and Johan Cooke.

Oct 22 William Lane and Mary Buell?

Oct 29 Thomas Ansten of Long Ashton and Mary Doublinge.

Jan John Sharpe and Joane Vowles.



Apr John Locke and Agnes Tucker.

Apr John Jayne and Joan Manndrell.

Jul Samuel Martyn and Ales Huyhes.

Jan Richard Cable and Magaret Russell.

Feb 2 George Shirbyn and Agnes Whitinge.

Feb Richard Godwyn and Agnes Hasell.



Apr 20 Lewis Whitinge and Agnes Briant.

Jul Richard Hipsley of Yatton and Joan Wilmott.

Oct John Burke of Tickenham and  ?

Nov Thomas Doultinge and Elizabeth Batten.

Feb 1 John Willym? and Helen Tucker.



Apr Roger Whitting and Agnes Sharpe.

Nov William Bayly and Johan Bigges.

Jan Edwards Been and Margery Pomry.



Apr Thomas Whittinge and Johan Tucker.

Apr John .

Jan Edmunde Williams and Fortune  ?

Feb Hughe Romney and Johan Tucker.

Feb Thomas Smyth and Agnes Pirre/Price.



Jan John Braig and Jhane Coulston.

Jan Thomas Porter and Margaret Stinchcomb.



Apr Thomas Cash and Agnes ?

Jul Thomas Boggs and Ann Court.

Nov 4 Edward Horler and Grace Forde.

Dec Thomas Williams and Margaret Bush.



May William Lockiere and Alice Manndrell.



…. 18 Thomas Cooke and An Doultinge.

Feb John .en..yet and Marie Perrin.

Feb 13 William Tucker and Joan Whiting.



Jun 16 Geffery Rumny and Johan Hippesly.

Jun 30 Thomas Sharp and Margery Hunt.

Nov Edward Welshe and Margery Briant.



May 2 Margnis Copeland and Julyan Mandrell.

Jun 1 Nicholas Davis and Agnis Kinge. abell.

Nov 27 Thomas King and Eliz: Godwin.

Oct 1 Richard Panes? and Agnes Tucker.

Nov John Jacob and Agatha Hawkins.



Jul 7 William Bishop and Johane Stoker?

Jul 31 Thomas Osburne and Agnis Willmot.

Oct Thomas Freeman and Agnes Billsom.

Dec William Bayly and Johan Whiting.



Feb 1 Joseph Dowell and Elnor Hanam.

May   John

May Lewis Whiting and Christian Sharp.

May Thomas Cooke and Joane Cable.

Jul Roger Chapman and Elizabeth Burges.

Jul 25 George Whiting and Alice Chance?

Oct 1 John Sharp and Marie Lyell.

Oct Richard Lewis and Francis ?

Nov 3 Edward Jeford and Isabell Sharp.



May 1 Lodovicus (Lewis) Whiting Aliciium D……

May 2 Johem Mayne and Frances ………

May Johem Humprey and Elizabeth Hedges.

Oct Johem P….. and Elizabeth Willis.

Oct Richard Culey and Anna Whiting.