Weston super Mare

Milton. St. Judes.

Transcribed by Mary Mason.

Marriages 1892-1915.


b=bachelor s=spinster F=fathers P=presence


1892 Feb 16 Charles Thomas Pepperell 24 b. Cashier of Brighton to

Annie Eliza Goodland 28 s. of Milton.

F. Charles Wm Pepperell, Bank Cashier and Daniel Goodland, Lab.

P. J C Goodland and M E Pepperell


1892 Jun 6 Robert Charles Blake 26 b. Mason of Milton to

Ellen Mary Sperring 25 s. of Milton.

F. Thomas Blake, Builder and Henry Sperring, Lab.

P Henry Sperring and Mary Ann Bailey.


1897 Feb 7 Walter Willie Harraway 24 b. Furniture Broker of W-s-M to

Bertha Alford 23 s. of Kewstoke.

F. Charles Harraway, Furniture Broker and John Alford, Gardener.

P.James Alford and Alice Alford.


1897 Jun 17 Arthur Monier Williams 56 wid Clerk in Holy Orders of W-s-M to

Annie Bisdee 39 s. of Milton.

F Arthur Yates Williams, Architect and William Bisdee, Yeoman.

P. Edward Gustance M D and James Day.


1898 Apr 28 Frank Wm John Hutchings full age b. Plumber to

Bessie Winter full age s.  of Milton.

F.Wm Hutchings, Plumber and Isaac Winter dec. Publican.

P. George Sprake and WilliamHutchings.


1899 Feb 18 Wm John Ford 25 b. Printer of 10 Seymour Terrace, Alfred St. W-s-M to

Lavinia Gertrude Beaven 23 s. of Quantock View, Milton.

F. John Ford, Engineer and Edgar Beaven, Carpenter.

P. John Harris Brooks Edyar Beaven and Annie Elizabeth Ford.


1901 Nov 9 Emos Brown 24 b. Collier of Ystradyfodwg, Glam to

Louisa Ellen Huish 21 s. of Milton, Kewstoke.

F. Thomas Brown, dec and John Huish Blacksmith.

P. John Huish and Alice Maud Mary Huish.


1902 Apr 2 John Charles Goodland 32 b. Gardener of Milton, Kewstoke to

Kate Denmead 37 s. of Milton Kewstoke.

F. Daniel Goodland dec. Lab and Samuel Denmead dec.

P. Alfred Griffin and Ella Wallis.


1902 Apr 2 Ernest Dunston 21 b. Haulier of Llanjenior, Glam to

Lily Puddy 22 s. of Milton,Kewstoke.

F. John Dunston, Lab and Alfred Puddy, Dealer.

P. Gilbert Williams and Rosa Susan Williams.


1902 May 19 Alfred Putt Martin 28 b. Grocer of Milton to

Clara Mercer Day 23 s. of Milton.

F. Edwin Martin, Grocer and Wm. Day, Farmer.

P. William Day and Edgar Martin.


1902 Sep 13 Wilfred Foster 26 b. Carpenter of London S.W. to

Alice Alford 23 s. of Milton.

F Edward Foster and John Alford, Gardener.

P. John Alford, Annie Alford, William Neate and Edith Maud Fear.


1903 Apr 11 Frances Henry Taylor, 20 b. Lab of W-s-M to

Ellen Mary Ball 21 s. of Milton.

F. Wm James Taylor, Lab and Wm Ball, Lab.

P. William Ball and Harriet Ball.


1903 Jun 1 Frederick Wm Dyer 29 b. Mason of WsM to

Phoebe Ann Young 28 s. of Milton.

F. Robert Dyer, Coachman and John Young, Gardener.

P. Henry Rufus Rogers and Louise Young.


1904 Jun 23 Frank Blake 22 b. Lab of Milton to

Rosina Anne Coles 22 s. of Milton.

F. Thomas Blake Builder and Henry James Coles, Lab.

P. Walter Harraway and Samuel Taylor.


1904 Feb 13 Harry Hinton 27 b. Market gardener of Milton to

Rosina Nelmes 30 s. of Milton.

F. Albert Hinton. Market Gardener and George Batten Nelmes, Farmer.

P. W Lowrey ? and Herbert Southeath?


1904 Sep 24 Sidney Fusyard 23 b. Mechanic of Milton to

Edith Edwards 25 s. of Milton.

F. Gabriel Fusyard, and Wm Edwards Lab.

P. Daisy Fusyard and A Dennett.


1904 Oct 11 Alfred Corfield 35 b. Clerk of Milton to

Olive Edith Mailes 24 s. of Milton.

F. Thomas Holbecke Corfield, Railway Agent and Richard Mailes. Farmer.

P. Charles Corfield and T H Corfield.


1905 Apr 24 Thomas O’Neil 28 b. Dock Lab of Milton to

Edith Eliza Payne 25 s. of Milton.

F. Thomas O’Neil,Dock Lab and Wm Payne, Mason.

P. W Barnstable Payne and Ethel Thomas.


1905 Jun 12 James Griffin 27 b. of Milton, Mason to

Emma Gill 30 s. of Milton.

F. George Griffin, Lab and George Gill, Lab.

P. George Gill and Lily Gill.


1905 Oct 21 Wm Henry Hacker 34b. Lab of Milton to

Edith Sarah Chaplin 32.s of Clifton.

F.Alfred Hacker, Collier and Phillip John Chaplin. Gardener.

P. William Henry James Crandon and Ellen Constance Crandon.


1905 Dec 25 Arthur James Collins b. Plumber of Milton to

Annie Taylor 20 s. of Milton.

F. James Henry Collins, Blacksmith and Wm James Taylor, Sweeper.

P. James Henry Collins and Rosa Taylor.


1906 Jan 17  Henry Parsons 29 b. Gardener of Milton to

Jane Eyre West 29 s. of WsM.

F. Edward Parsons, Bailiff and Walter John West. Farmer.

P. Walter Stanley Pollard and Annie Maria West.


1906 Jul 16 Harry Bidwell 28 b. Lab to

Agnes Burnell 21 s. of Milton.

F. John Biswell, Lab and Lewis Burnell, Gardener.

P. Frederick Burgess and Kate Burnell.


1906 Nov 27 Alfred Browing 50 wid Lab of Milton to

Mary Jane Hopkins 44 s. of Milton.

F. Alfred Browing dec. and Charles Hopkins dec.

P. Emily Browning and George Knight.


1907 Aug 17 Reginald Wm Ashley 25 b. Insurance Agent of Milton to

Alice Elizabeth Weakley 23 s. of Milton.

F. Oliver Alma Ashley, Builder and Edward Weakley. Lab.

P. Edward Wakley and Alice Elizabeth Mary Ashley.


1908 Mar 24 Arthur Henry Fear 24 b. Builder of Milton to

Caroline Kidner 20 s. of Milton.

F. Henry John Fear and Simon Kidner dec.

P. Mathew John Kidner and Bertram John Fear.


1908 Jun 8 Frank Norton 23 b. Collier of Thysybwl to

Violet Georgina Crandon 25 s of Milton.

F. John Norton, Shoemaker and James Crandon, Mason.

P. James Cranden and Elsie Florence Lloyd.


1908 Dec 25 Samuel Diamond 31 Widower Lab of Spring Vale to

Florence Annie Hearne 27 s. of Spring Vale.

F Charles Diamond dec. and Edward Hearne dec.

P. Alfred Edward Hearne and Elsie Newman.


1909 May 9 Charles Henry Starks 21 b. Lab of 9 Bathhurst Rd to

Elsie Vowles 23 s. of 9 Bathhurst Rd .

F. Wm Starks, Gardener and Wm George Vowles, Lab.

P. Frederick Charles Choulis and Nellie Vowles.


1909 Sep 13 Herbert John Alford 26 b. Carpenter of Rockfield, Milton  to

Edith Maud Fear 24 s. Dressmaker of Glen lea, Milton.

F.John Alford, Gardener and Henry John Fear, Builder.

P. Henry John Fear, Albert Alford and Elsie Fear.


1910 Jun 14 Alfred Price 30 b. Clerk Broad St. Ross to

Gertrude Harriett Mailes 27 s. of Milton.

F. James Price, Decorator and Richard Mailes dec.

P. Alfred Corfield and Oswald Bailey.


1910 Aug 1 Walter John Harris 19 b. Haulier of Tonypandy, S. Wales to

Sarah Elizabeth Densley 21 s. of Ewart Rd, Milton.

F. David Harris, Proprietor and James Densley, Furnace Builder.

P. Samuel James Densley and James Courtney.


1911 Apr 1 Lewis Grills 44 wid. Farmer of Welcombe N. Devon to

Kate Thirza Daffurn 30 s. Nurse of Milton.

F. Wm Grills dec. and Wm Paul Daffurn, Gardener.

P. Leonard Daffurn and William Paul Duffurn.


1911 Apr 18 Wm Mendelssohn Brown 37 b. Professor of Music of Milton to

Gertrude Gwendoline Mary Lock 28 s. of W-s-M.

F. Edward Brown dec. and Wm Henry Lock, Farmer.

P. Lucy Caroline …….? and Samuel F G Whitlake.


1911 Jul 22 Arthur Sperring 29 b. Painter of Worle to

Bertha Kate Lloyd 24 s. of Ewart Rd.

F. Charles Sperring dec. and Jabez Lloyd, Lab.

P. Jabez Lloyd,Elsie Lloyd and Albert Lloyd.


1911 Dec 25 Ernest Edward Crandon 24 b. Mason of Milton to

Elsie May Pullen 23 s. of Loxton.

F. James Crandon, Mason and George Edward Pullen, Blacksmith.

P. George Edward Pullen and Adelaide Pullen.


1912 Feb 3 Walter Pike 25 b. Road Maker of 6 Furland Rd. to

Elizabeth Mary White, 23 s. of 6 Furland Rd.

F. John Pike, Road Maker and Thomas White, Lime Burner. 

P. Thomas White and Edith White.


1912 May 27 Ernest John Dredge 24 b. Coachman of Milton to

Clara Pippin 24 s. Clifton Villa, Milton.

F. Uriah Dredge, Coachman and Howard Pippin, Carpenter.

P. Howard Pepper, William Thomas Dredge and Uriah Dredge.


1912 Jul 3 Edwin Jennings 51 wid. Solicitor of Devizes to

Edith Eliza Wigmore 33 s. of Milton.

F. Henry Jennings dec. and Charles Wigmore, Market Gardener.

P. Charles Wigmore and Frances Wigmore.


1912 Aug 12 Gerald Herbert Cottle 30 b. Grocer of Milton to

Eliza Mary Norville 25 s. Teacher of Milton.

F. Wm Cottle dec. and Thomas Norville, Carpenter.

P. Francis Parkey Cottle, Lilian Norville and E Norville.


1912 Aug 15 Sam Vincent Hyssett 28 b. Master Printer of WsM to

Edith Mary Brimble 29 s. Governess of W-s-M.

F. Henry Hyssett,Master Printer and Edward H Brimble, Commission Agent.

P. Edward H Brimble and Alice Hyssett.


1912 Sep 23 Thomas Nelson 27 wid. Agent of Witton. Lancs. to

Rosina Josephine Towning 44 s. of Milton.

F.James Nelson, Agent and John Jackson Towning. Master mariner.

P. W Dawson, H H Birbeck and Frederic Clements.


1912 Oct 5 Henry Walroud Summerhayes 24 b.Gell Maker of Ashcombe Park Rd to

Elizabeth Minnie Warboys 25 s. of Milton.

F. Wm Summerhayes, Gardener and Jabez Thomas Warboys, Carpenter.

P. Jabez Thomas Warboys and Lucy Jane Warboys.


1912 Dec 4 Arthur James Edward 27 b. Woodman of Chillington, Som. to

Alice Elizabeth Arkwell 25 s. of Milton.

F. Anthony Edwards, Woodman and John Arkwell dec.

P. Edward Gudge and Annie Elizabeth Edwards.


1913 Aug 4 Thomas Henry William Granger age 25 bachelor, sailor to

Kate Elizabeth Burnell age 22 spinster of 2 Bathurst Rd, Milton.

F. Thomas Grainger, labourer and Lewis Burnell, gardener.

P. Lewis Burnell and Rosie Granger.


1913 Dec 25 Gabriel Packer age 31 bachelor, butcher of 35 Osborne Rd, W-s-M to

Elsie Florence Lloyd age 28 spinster of Ewart Rd, Milton.

F. Gabriel Packer, deceased and Jabez Lloyd, mason.


1915 Mar 20 Percival Edward Hyssett age 28 bachelor, clerk sergeant S. Midland R.E.

of Braintree Essex  to

Doris Margaret Agnes Brimble age 23 spinster.

F. Harry Hyssett, journalist and Edward Henry Brimble, gentleman.

P. Harry Hyssett, Muriel Feirly Trevild, E. H. Brimble.


1915 Jun 1 Vincent William Hooper Masters age 30 bachelor, assistant schoolmaster

of Ventnor Villa, Milton to

Fanny Lucy Vandeleur Burton age 27 spinster of Ivy Lodge, Worle.

F. Frederick George Masters, deceased and Brindon Francis Vandeleur Burton. M.D.


1915 Aug 10 Herbert Prior Boulton age 30 bachelor, clerk in holy orders of

Sunnyside, Bristol Rd. Milton to

Elsie Rhoda Hooper age 26 yrs spinster of Kelso Victoria Park W-s-M.

F. Frederick Joseph Boulton, gentleman and David Hooper, D…… of Law.

P. David Hooper, Frederick J Boulton, Ellen P Boulton and Rhoda Mary Gregson.


1915 Sep 20 Henery Fox age 48 widower, builder of Little More Camp Preston to

Ellen Takel age 45 spinster of 1 St Jude Terrace, Milton.

F. Joseph Fox, builder and John Takel, engineer.

P. George Dredge, Uriah Dredge and William Takel.


1915 Nov 20 Joseph James Jones age 25 bachelor, window cleaner of Ashcombe Park Rd to

Ethel Gertrude Fear age 23 spinster of Milton.

F. John Jones, gardener and Henry John Fear, builder.

P. Henry John Fear and Jon Jones.


1915 Dec 25 George Gill age 21 bachelor, fireman of 1 Spring Terrace, Milton to

Emily Perris age 24 spinster of Bristol and Exeter Hotel, W-s-M.

F. George Gill, carter and William Perris, cutler.

P. George Gill and Edward Gill and Emily Turner.