1758 Militia List North Somerset.

Collated by Mary Mason.


It was during the reign of Henry VIII that bands of men were trained to defend the realm in case of invasion. These men would be in addition to the regular army and was a necessary backup, especially if the army was fighting abroad.  These men became known as the Militia.


Men aged between 15 and 50 were chosen by compulsory ballot. Substitutes were allowed and individuals could hire someone else to take their place, that is if they could afford to pay. Each County paid the cost of the Militia budget out of the rates.



                        Capt. Smyth`s Comp.y


The A B List of Men Sworne and

Parishes where they lived.                                                                                               Time & Place when Sworn.

                 Ballotted-Substitute-for whom Substituted-Parishes where they live.

Thomas Burge----Tickenham Tything.

Joseph Lock-------Bedminster.

Thos. Leonard-----Do.

Wm. Hawkins-----Upper & Lower Knowle Tyt.

Wm. Holder-------Long Ashton.

Geo. Holder--------Do.

John Davis---------Fayland Tyt.

Wm. Brunt---------Butcombe Tyt.

Abraham Purnell--Backwell Tyt.

Joseph Garland----Do.

Henry West--------Chelway Tyt.

Ralph Bessent-----Clevedon Tyt.

John Ford----------St. Georges.

Benjamin Cavel---Do.

Geo. Porter--------Abbotts Leigh.

James Dryall------Bedminster.--------------Richard Withy--------Bedminster --------------------------at Long Ashton

Wm. Room--------Bishport.-----------------Wm. Whippie---------Bishport----------------------------14 Nov. 1758.

Joshua Clark------Bedminster.--------------Nathaniel Browning---Bedminster.

Wm. Murford-----Long Ashton.-----------Cornielius Anthony--Long Ashton.

Patrick Linch------Do. -----------------------Geo. Murford----------Do.                                    

Rich. Musts------Pill.------------------------Richard Dasle----------Portbury.

John Parsloe------Pill.-----------------------John Hardwick Junr-----Do.

Charles Peirce----Redghilbury Tyt--------John Poole Junr---------L. Ashton.

Wm. Wines-------Backwell.----------------John Baker--------------Flax Bourton.

Wm. Hyatt--------St. George.--------------Thos. Porter-------------St. George.

Daniel Hazele-----Wraxall.------------------Richard Williams-------Nailsey.

Wm. Fry-----------Nailsey.-----------------Thos. Vimpany---------Do.

Wm. Bessant-----Clevedon.----------------Wm Hort-----------------N. Weston.

Joseph Adlam-----Long Ashton.-----------James Dean-------------Portishead.

Samuel Maggs-----Butcombe.--------------Joseph Hazel------------Barrow.

James Tovey------Bedminster.

Wm. Lyne---------Do.

Amos Murford-----Long Ashton.

Joel Parker---------Chew Magna.

Robert Sansom----West Dundry.

Wm. Tozier--------North Elm.

Thomas Cheeves--Bishop Sutton.

John Raynor-------Chewstoke.

Wm. Earl---------- Do.

John Wheeller-----Do.

John Brook--------Do.

Wm. Lee-----------Do.

Cornelius Hellier--Kingston Seymour.

Simon Martin Cotterell-Keynsham.

John Cotterell------Keynsham.

Lewis Hord--------Brislington.

Cain Sweatman----Do.

James Robins------Staunton Drew.

James Davis-------Do.

Joseph Pow--------Do.

Rich. Chancellor--Keynsham.

James Cavill-------Kenn.

Geo. Edghill-------Congresbury.

Joseph Taylor-----Wick St. Lawrence.

Rich. Norton-------Kenn.

James Webb-------Yatton.

Thomas Edwards-Do.

Wm. Urch---------Do.

John Pussey-------Broadfield.

Thos. Corpfield---Congresbury.


Lloyd’s Evening Post and British Chronicle

Bristol 1758 Nov 24th.

On Wednesday night the Militia for the Hundred of Hartcliff, with Bedminster and Portbury, were sworne at Long Ashton, by Jarrit Smith, Thomas Fane, and Abraham Elton, Esqrs. Deputy Lieutenants, when they had all money given them to drink his Majesty’s health. The Officers are John Hugh Smith, Joseph Farell and Samuel Baker, Esqrs.



                                    Mary Mason.