1782 Militia List.


Extracted by Adrian Ballard and transcribed by Jane McCredie.



Hundred of Hartcliffe with Bedminster and Hundred of Portbury.

List of men balloted with their substitutes.

Men balloted 5 June 1782  / 


Men Balloted.   Name.   Occupation.   From.     Substitutes sworne 5 June 1782.

1.      Harry Baber, Victualler, Bedminster. Jon Carter of Paulton, Som.

2.       Francis Parret, Labourer,   Ditto.       Henry Hellings of Milverton, Weaver.

Geo. Webb of Bedminster, chairmaker.

3.    Wm. Rennolds, Coalminer. Ditto.     Discharged having 9 children.

Thos. Tovey of Chew. Mendip substitute for Tho. York of Butcomb. Farmer.

4.      Wm. Harris,    Labourer.    Ditto. George Rob. Mandevil.

5.      Wm. Ballard. ------             Ditto. Runaway (crossed out) sworne himself.

6.      SamWhitlock. Labourer.---Ditto. Wm. Rawlins of Stogumber, sworne 7 June 82.  

7.      James Horrod. Labourer. Long Ashton. Joshua Evans of Cheddar.

8.      Richard Bath (Batt) jun. Blacksmith. Barrow. Geo. Parfit of Chirton, Coalminer.

9.      George Vowles. Carpenter. Backwell. Wm. Cochran of South Molton.

10.  James Spear. Labourer. Winford. George Perry of Chew Magna.

11.  Wm. Banfield. Servant.--- Felton,  discharged  having a rupture.



       John Murfy. Shoemaker. Portbury--- sworne himself.

       John Atherton. Yeoman.---Ditto. Wick Tything. Isaac Combs, Kilmersdon.

       John Butcher. Tyler--------St. Georges a Seaman.

Sworne himself---Wm Moore. Cordwainer.---St. George.

       Mark Harford. Gardener. Ditto. John Grimes of St. Phillip & Jacob. Bristol.

       Richard Godwin. Farmers son. Nailsea. Joel Horses of Kingston.

       Tho. Wedmore. Farmer. ------- Ditto.  Richard Curl of Tolland.

Wm. Vincent of Mark substitute for Sam. Bale. Servant. Walton. Capt. Cox to find a substitute.

                                    Wm. Pierce.     Servant. Clevedon---Jn. England of Collumbton. (Cullompton)


Substitutes were allowed if individuals selected for the Militia could find a suitable replacement, usually a cash payment was necessary.  Mary Mason.