Locking Wills


Thomas Long of Locking.

To be buried in the churchyard of Locking. To St. Andrew ij.d. To my parish church half a bushel of wheat. To John my son, a mare. To Dorothee my daughter an heifer. The rest of my goods to Margaret my wife whom I make my executrix.

Witness: Sir Thomas Day, vicar, John Banwyll, Richard Came with others.

Dated 1 January 1543. Proved at Axbridge 29 April 1544.



Joane Hacker of Locking.

To be buried in the churchyard of Locking. To St. Andrew ij.d. To the high alter vii.j. To the church of Locking a crock. To Joan my daughter a latten basin. To my daughter Joanne’s eldest son i.j. plattersi.j.pottingers and two saucers. To Margaret Long my black kirtle. The rest of my goods to John Banwyll whom I make my executor.

Witness: Thomas Day, vicar, Richard Came, Thomas Came with others.

Dated 3 September 1543. Proved at Axbridge 29 April 1544.



Thomas Smyth of Locking.

To be buried in the churchyard of Locking. To St Andrew iiij.d To the rood of Locking iiij.d.

To my wife Edithe my wain with all plough and harness and all her goods movable and unmovable which I enjoyed by her, and half the bedding I brought with me. To my son Robert an ox and a cow and my best coat. To my daughter Catherine a cow and my best pan. To my daughter Elizabeth, the eldest, a cow and a heifer of ij year old . To my daughter Elizabeth the younger a cow a yearling. Also to my said daughters half a dozen pewter platters. To John Stevens my best doublet. To Richard Gull a brass pan of a bushel. The rest of my goods to my two sons John and Thomas Smyth, whom I make executors. I make William Smyth my brother and John Sowter my cousin my overseers, to receive and pay my goods and debts, and to dispose the rest for the increase of my said sons, and if either of them die before marriage the goods to remain with the other, and if both so die, then to remain to my other children.

Witness: Robert Sheperde, Richard Parsons, John Howlett, with others.

Dated 25 March 1544. Proved at Axbridge 29 April 1544. 



Nicolas Avere of Locking. (Avery)

To buried in the churchyard of Locking. To St. Andros church of Wells ij.d To my parish church a bushel of wheat. To my daughter Elizabeth a red heifer. To my daughter Alice a cow. The residue to Margaret my wife, whom I made executrix.

Witness: Henry Carpenter, clerk, John Tucker, John Sheperd with others.

Dated 7 February 1545. Proved 15 April 1546.



Thomas Castell of Locking.

To be buried in the churchyard of St. Austen (Augustine) in Locking. To Thomas and Davis Castell my sons to be paid yearly out of my lands for xxj years. To Julian my daughter x.s during the same term; also all my bedding, pewter and brass, and if she die before marriage then to remain to the said Thomas and David equally.  My debts to be paid  to John Hyll. Various amounts of money to be given to Walter Blandon, John Tyrell, Julian Symons. Thomas Penye, John Cray, Richard Whyeainge and George Terill.  To the vicar of Worle xij.d To the vicar of Kewstoke viij.d  To the vicar of Locking xij.d These be my debts paid.The residue to Thomas Castell, Davye Castell and Julian Castell whom I make my executors. John Offer and John Howlett to be overseers.

Witness: My ghostly father Sir Nicolas Ballard, vicar, Roberte Shepard, John Tucker, John Offer, John Howlett with others.

Dated 6 September 1555. Administrated granted to John Offer and John Howlett, supervisors, to the use of the said Thomas, David and Julian, children of deceased, during minority. The last day of November 1555.


1653 Aug 5.

Mary Long of Locking, widow.

Late wife of William Long of Wraxall. Poor of Locking. Poor of Avon, Wilts, 5 for a stock. My sister in law Hester Long, £10 for mourning. My cousin Mary Plumley and her brother Mr Francis Plumley at ages of 21 children of my brother in law, Mr William Plumley. William Plumley son of the said Mr William Plumley, Ann Hoskins eldest daughter of my sister Ann Powell, dec £10. Her youngest daughters Joane and Frances Powell under 21. My kinsman Robert Powell now in Barbados, £10. My cousin Mary Shaa £10 at age 21. My two cousins Walter and Barbara, son and daughter of my brother in law Walter Long £5 at 21. My aunt Stoakes an annuity of 20s. My brother Mr Robert Shaa a ring of 20s. Rings to Mr John and Henry Plumley, Elizabeth wife of Samuel Manship, Mr Gratious Franklin, Minister of Doulting. Mr Humphrey Chambers. Lands etc at Locking to my sister Frances wife of Mr William Plumley.

Proved 1665 Feb 5 by William Plumley father of Hester and Elizabeth Plumley.



William Hodges of Locking, Somerset. Gent.

To the poor of Huntspill, £3. To my sister Bridget Newman. To my lawful mother Elinor Plumley.

Will dated 5 January 1686. Proved 8 February 1687/8.