Quarter Sessions


1627 Certificate signed by the parishioners of Lockinge at the request of Robert Tucker who was ordered at the last Ilchester Sessions to procure such certificate of his honest and good behaviour and carriage, that he hath behaved himself well, honestly and as it becometh a good subject.


1630 An order made by Sir Edward Rodney. Knight and William Capell. Esquire the 21 of September, concerning a child born in the parish of Lockinge.


1631 A Woman and her child to be settled at Lockinge.


1671 Wells Sessions.

1671 On a petition by Edward Stivard of Locking showing that, through his infirmities (especially of sight) and inability to travel, he is unfit to execute the office of constable of the hundred of Winterstoke to which he was elected at a court leet held at Banwell about Michaelmas last; the Court orders that he be removed from the office, and that Thomas Porter of Hutton be sworn in his place before Francis Vaughan, Esq; justice, who is desires to bind the Porter over to the next General Sessions if he refuses to take the oath.