Portbury Hundred

Collated by Mary Mason.

Marriages Licenses.


agricola = farmer, husbandman. generous = noble birth. Bourton= Flax Bourton.


1584 Jun 25 William Spencer husbandman of Wrington to Elizabeth Sellye of Easton in Gordano puella of Thomas. (girl about 5-12)

1584 Dec 12 Thomas Russell husbandman of Tickenham to Westhian Lewis.


1591 Nov 29 Edmund Neathwaye husbandman of Portbury to Margaret Thringe wid of Portbury.

1591 Sep 11 John Powell of Worle to Elizabeth Parsifall alias Camplyn of Tickenham.

1591 Jan 17 John Cotterell yeoman of Weston in Gordano to Cicilia Merrie virgin of the same.


1592 Mar 7 William Barber of Chewstoke to Mary Ede wid of Tickenham.

1592 Apr 11 John Davies of Nailsea to Alice Winbold of the same.

1592 Jul 23 William Godwin generousus of Portbury to Elizabeth Hallswell wid of Blackford.

1592 Jul 26 Thomas Clapham vicar of Yatton to Susanna Woolfall virgin of the same.


1593 Feb 5 John Hardinge agricola of Portbury to Susanna Powell.


1594 Jun 1 John Byfin carpenter of Clapton in Gordano to Joan Cobbe virgin of Huntspill at Clapton.

1594 Jun 3 William Buck of Tickenham to Margaret Buck virgin of Loxton.


1596 Jul 25 Richard James yeoman of Portishead to Elizabeth Veringe of the same, ancilla. (servant maid)

1596 Nov 30 Thomas Horte sayler of Portishead to Egidia (Giles ) Deane wid of Weston in Gordano, at either.

1596 Dec 13 Hugh Powell yeoman of Portbury to Margaret Blanche of Wraxall.


1597 Aug 24 Francis Dyer generosus of Wincanton to Elizabeth Halse wid of Tickenham.

1597 Sep 16 William Vouker yeoman of Tickenham to Silvestra Rowswell virgin of Long Ashton.

1597 Nov 3 John Gaynerde agricola of Walton in Gordano to Joan Marne wid of the same.

1597 Feb 3 William Godwin yeoman of Nailsea to Edith Cox vigin of the same, at Tickenham.


1598 Nov 18 Mr. John Aishe generosus of Tickenham to Margaret Dyer of Wincanton.

1598 Dec 19 William Oliver agricola of Nailsea to Mary Voker virgin of Tickenham.

1598 Jan 12 Richard Wilkes alias Wheeler yeoman of Bedminster to Agnes Phelpes of the same virgin.

1598 Feb 9 Richard Tomlins of Bedminster to Joan Dabbes of the same.


1599 Apr 13 John Harder yeoman of Portbury to Alice Atkins virgin of the same.


1603 Jul 2 William Easton mercator of Bristol to Mary Dyer spinster of Pilton. Oath by Thomas Lowle gent of Walton in Gordano husband of Mary`s sister.

1603 Oct 21 Thomas Burnell gent of Yate to Mary Hals of Tickenham.

1603 Dec 9 Richard Williams gent of Yatton to Alice Wylley spinster of Yatton.

1603 Feb 18 Richard Evans yeoman of Wraxall to Katherine Filer spinster of Ubly.


1604 Jul 7 Robert Haveland merchant of Bristol to Elizabeth Guise spinster of Kenn.

1604 Aug 12 Richard Webb sayler of Bedminster to Dorothy Cox spinster of Flax Bourton.

1604 Sep Mr. Cadwalader Hughes rector of Heathfield and Sara Dawes spinster of Kenn.

1604 Oct 29 Thomas Allen jur of Wraxall to Agnes Allen spinster of Wrington.


1605 Feb 8 Mr Edmund Holcombe rector of Walton in Gordano to Florence Halse spinster of Wraxall.

1605 Feb 15 William Lyne agricola of Tickenham to Elizabeth Foord spinster of Brislington.


1606 Sep 28 William Whiting yeoman of Nailsea to Joan Perrie spinster of Clevedon at Clevedon.

1606 Feb 8 John Harris yeoman to Agnes Baker spinster of Clevedon.

1606 Feb 10 Edmund Morgan husbandman of Portbury to Joane Cooke spinster of Portbury.

1606 Jan 7 Frances Trenchard esquire of Wraxall to Elizabeth of Wraxall.

1606 Mar 18 William Beakes husbandman of Kingston Seymour to Agnes Hayman wid of the same at St Cuthbert, Wells.


1607 Dec 21 Mark Luker of Overstowey and Elizabeth Cotterell spinster of Tickenham.


1608 Feb 10 Edward Jenkins juvenis of Backwell to Joan Salter wid of Flax Bourton.

1608 Feb 20 John Dowlting juvenis of Tickenham to Edith Eaton of Bristol.

1608 Feb 27 John Higgins wid of Clevedon to Elizabeth Patche wid of Kenn.

1608 Mar 6 William Tilladams juvenis of Bristol to Mary Merifield of Easton in Gordano.


1609 May 6 John Griffin wid of Bourton to Elizabeth Gregorie wid of Barrow Gurney.

1609 Aug 26 George Turervile gent of Clapton to Judith Dabnie spinster of Wayford.

1609 Oct 19 Francis Payton juvenis of Wraxall to Elizabeth Ayres wid of Wraxall.

1609 Feb 26 William Saunders juvenis of Keynsham to Rachel Bushe wid of Tickenham.

1609 Mar 14 William Foord juvenis of Pucklechurch, Glous to Elizabeth Clapham spinster of Yatton.


1610 Sep 30 George Hobbes gent of Stogursey to Dorothy Lang spinster of Kenn.

1610 Apr 27 Thomas Everitt juvenis of Long Ashton to Francis Norman spinster of Bedminster.

1610 Oct 8 William Coape juvenis of Portbury to Mary Baber of Portishead.

1610 Jan William Storcke juvenis of Newton St. Loo to Joan Spore wid of Long Ashton.

1610 Jan 26 Richard Stampford husbandman of Tickenham to Joan Bayley spinster of Tickenham.


1611 Apr 13 Joseph Kinge juvenis of Barckeley to Agnes Willmott spinster of Backwell.

1611 Jul 10 John Harris sen of Tickenham to Lucy Eva..e wid of Tickenham.

1611 Jul 13 Xpofer Cox juvenis of Winscombe to Elizabeth Hurditch wid of Yatton.

1611 Dec 11 George Parsons sailor of Portbury to Margery Paine wid of Portbury.

1611 Feb 11 John Saunders sailor of Long Ashton to Elizabeth Knight spinster of Long Ashton.


1618 Thomas Sherburne yeoman of Wraxall to Mary Milsham wid of Barrow Gurney at Barrow Gurney.

1618 Thomas Wade clothier of Dundry to Rose Stibbins wid of Portbury at Portbury.


1619 Dec 14 William Baylie husbandman of Naylsie to Joan Whitinge spinster of Naylsie.

1619 Feb 1 Joseph Cowle yeoman of Nailsie to Elinor Hannam spinster of Winford.


1620 Thomas Wale gent of Yatton to Mary Owen spinster of Tickenham

1620 Feb 14 Edmund Parsons yeoman of Portishead to Ann Tanner wid of Portishead.

1620 Mar 2 Thomas Westburie gent of Portishead to Agnes Dando wid of Weston in Gordano.

1620 Robert Hedges husbandman of Brocklie to Elizabeth Higgins wid of Tickenham.


1624 Jan 21 Edmund Symons husbandman of Hutton to Grace Baker spinster of Portbury.

1624 Dec 2 Rd. Sheppard alias Richmond gent of Wraxall to Alice Scovell spinster. (Lovell)


1625 Nov 21 Rd. Payton husbandman of Wraxall to Mary Greene spinster of Wraxall.


1626 Mar 12 Nicholas Lane husbandman of Portbury to Ann Smith spinster.

1626 Jul 5 George Ivie gent of Clapton and Elizabeth Winter spinster

of Clapton.

1626 Jul 7 Silvester Davies yeoman of Portbury to Isabell Wallis spinster of Portbury.

1626 Robert Mayes sayler of Portbury to Mary Nayler spinster of Portbury.

1626 Aug 5 Richard Paine husbandman of Clapton to Florence Brock spinster of Bedminster.


1627 Apr 10 Thomas Smith armiger of Long Ashton to Florence Pawlett virgin.

1627 May 25 Henry Playce husbandman of Barrowe Gernie to Jane Roche spinster of Long Ashton at Long Ashton.

1627 Aug 1 Richard Playce husbandman of Wraxall to Dorothy Abraham wid of the same.

1627 Sep 3 Thomas Horwood victuler of Portbury to Avicia Williams wid of Easton in Gordano at St. Cuthbert, Wells.

1627 Sep 13 John Flodiate husbandman of Walton in Gordano to Agnes Horler wid of Clevedon at Clevedon.

1627 Dec 12 Robert Horwood yeoman of Tickenham to Edith King wid of the same.

1627 Jan 12 Walter Roome husbandman of Yatton to Joan Aishford spinster of Whitchurch at Whitchurch.


1628 Jul 4 Maurice Blanche of Bourton to Elizabeth Baker at Bourton or Portbury.

1628 Sep 15 John Saunders of Long Ashton to Elizabeth Beavin spinster at St. Cuthbert, Wells. 

1628 Jan 3 William Hurman of Walton yeoman to Rebecca Powell spinster of Portbury at Portbury.

1628 Feb Edmund Beekes and Jane Maye at Clapton.

1628 Nov 4 Edward Miller of Bourton to Elizabeth Atkins, spinster.


1629 May 5 Robert Thurber alias Durber wid of Easton in Gordano husbandman to Johan Miller spinster of Eastharptree at Eastharptree.


1630 May 28 Thomas Haynes yeoman of Winford to Elizabeth Jenkins wid of Backwell, at Backwell.

1630 May 28 Richard Sharpe carpenter of Worle to Joan Gaie wid of Nailsea, at either.


1632 Oct 5 William Standford of Tickenham to Elizabeth Newman spinster of Portbury, at St. Cuthbert, Wells.

1632 May 22 Anthony Lullett husbandman of Tickenham to Joan Moore spinster of Congresbury at either.

1632 Jun 4 Richard Parsons chaundler of Backwell to Elizabeth Moorford wid of Batheaston at Batheaston.


1636 Aug 11 Jacob Mogg gent of Midsummer Norton to Cicillia Parsons wid of Backwell at St. Cuthbert, Wells.


1637 May 4 Edward Trencher armiger of inner temple London to Katherine Percival of Weston in Gordano at Weston in Gordano.


1663 Nov 25 William Flower wid of Portishead to Sara Parre 30 spinster of the same, at Portishead, Clapton or Walton.

1663 Dec 22 Christopher Usher armiger of Long Ashton to Martha Pygott spinster of Long Ashton.

1663 Jan 12 Abraham Dawes 24 husbandman of Walton to Honor Lane wid of Chelvie, at Walton, Chevie or St. Cuthbert, Wells.

1663 Jan 16 John Newman 24 gent of Kewstoke to Katherine Chappell 19 spinster of Portishead.

1663 Feb 1 Samuel Maynard wid yeoman of Walton to Ann Hayes wid of the same, at Walton or St. Cuthbert, Wells.

1663 Feb 8 Walter Kencott wid yeoman of Tickenham to Alice Coleman wid of Yatton, at Tickenham, Clapton or Nailsea.

1663 Feb 13 Matthew Edwards 40 of Walton husbandman to Mary Young 20 spinster of Kenn at Kenn or Yatton

1663 Feb 16 John Thorne 25 hushandman of Clapton to Mary Crook 22 spinster of the same, at Clapton or St. Cuthbert, Wells.

1663 Feb 19 William Whiting wid of Kenn, yeoman to Ann Elk at Yatton or Kenn.

1663 Feb 19 William Willmott 26 husbandman of Weston in Gordano to Rose Phillips 19 spinster of Tickenham, at Weston, Walton or Tickenham.


1664 Jul 12 Gabrial Phelpes wid winecooper of Long Ashton to Mary Howell wid of the same at Long Ashton.

1664 Sep 8 Joseph Wood 26 vintner of Backwell to Mary Hardicke wid of Bourton.

1664 Sep 19 Edward Sadbury 25 tanner of Nailsea to Sarah Tucker 22 spinster of Nailsea at Congresbury, Rowborrow or Nailsea.

1664 Sep 23 Richard Jennings 21 blacksmith of Nailsea to Gertrude Mudge 30 spinster, at Nailsea, Wraxall or Walton.

1664 Jan 10 Arthur Pickering gent of Clifton to Mary Hobson spinster of Long Ashton.

1664 Jan 11 John Willmott 32 husbandman of Weston in Gordano to Mary Phillips 21 spinster of Portishead at Weston, Walton or Portishead.

1664 Feb 3 Richard Phelpes wid gent of Bedminster to Elizabeth Whiteing 28 spinster of Long Ashton at either of Portbury.

1664 Mar 6 Thomas Ridley wid of Bristol to Joane Braye 52 spinster of Long Ashton at Bedminster, Dundry or Long Ashton.


1672 Jul 1 Joseph Willing 24 yeoman of Portbury to Elizabeth Clarke 20 spinster of Portishead at St. Cuthbert, Wells.

1672 Jul 17 Edmund Sturney mariner of Easton in Gordano to Anne Williams 23 of Portbury at Bedminster, Long Ashton or Portbury.

1672 Aug 28 William Wilmott of Nailsey to Mary Vawer wid of Wraxall.


1673 Mar 31 Frances Cox 25 gent of Bourton to Elizabeth Wade 22 of Portbury at St. Cuthbert, Wells.

1673 Apr 6 John Tucker wid on Nailsey to Mary Hicks wid of Westbury at Wedmore or Mark.


1674 Apr Robert Jaques wid of Nailsea to Sara King wid of Nailsea at St. Cuthbert Wells.


1675 Apr 15 John Bullock 20 merchant of Naylsey to Joane Stone 20 spinster of Kenn at St. Cuthberts, Wells, Naylsea or Backwell.

1675 Nov 29 John Godwin husbandman of Nailsey to Hester Twitt alias Stillman 26 of City of Bedminster  at Long Ashton, Nailsey or Wraxall.

1675 Apr 26 Edward Sperring 25 yeoman of Wraxall to Edith Tunstall 20 spinster of Sallford at St. Cuthbert, Wells.

1675 Sep 11 William Newton wid of Wraxall to Elizabeth Porter wid of Flax Bourton at Wraxall, F. Bourton or Backwell.

1675 Dec 11 James Jennings merchant of Bristol to Mary Knight 18 spinster of Bourton at Flax Bourton, Wraxall or Long Ashton.

1675 Richard White milliner of Bedminster to Frances Kersey 21 spinster of the same at Long Ashton, Whitchurch, Keynsham or Bedminster.


1676 Jul 2 John Christopher wid of Bedminster to Elizabeth Papwell 25 spinster at Bedminster, Long Ashton or Dundry.