Kingston Seymour Marriages

Transcribed by Mary Mason.




Apr 29 John Fry of Winscombe and Anne Wall of ye same. Licence.



May 26 John Andrews of Froom and Susannah Simes of Axbridge. Licence.

Jun 12 James Knowles and Mary Brookman. Banns.



Jun 2 William Fry Brookman of ye parish of Burrington and Mary Royal of Compton Bishop. Banns.

Memorand Feb 10 William Merrivil and Grace Dowlis otp were married at Axbridge by J Tuthill rector of Kingston. Banns.



Mar 25 Edward Long and Martha Trivet. Banns.

Dec 11 Richard Peace of ye parish of Clevedon and Mary Cleague otp. Licence.

Jan 2 John Rogers and Judith Fry both of ye parish of Compton Bishop. Banns.



Jun 15 Samuel Spear and Hester Backwell.



May 19 John Barber and Mary Crady otp by Mr Markham at Yatton. Banns.

Dec 19 John Hayman and Hannah Briant. Banns.



Apr 3 William Phelps and Ruth Jacob. Licence.



Henry Bolting and Joan Shepherd.



Thomas Dowlis and Elizabeth Yeels.



Apr 4 James Brown of Congresbury and Ann Ellis of Kingston.



Jun 23 Robert Whiting and Betty Wild.

Jul 20 Thomas Facy and Eliz: Johnson.

Aug 24 Mr William Roscoe of ye City of Bristol and Mrs Anne Cheynsey of ye parish of Banwell. Licence.



Aug 2 Henry Parsons and Elizabeth Symonds both of Axbridge. Licence.



Mar 28 William Noble and Susannah Isgar. Banns.



Apr 23 William Smith and Anne Merks. Banns.



Jul 6 Robert Child and Mary Flower. Banns.

Aug 10 William Earl and Anne Brown. Banns.

Dec 1 John Roe of street and Sarah Biss of Kingston. Licence.



Mar 28 James Hayman and Anne Rogers.

Sep 5 William Walker and Mary Day of Axbridge.

Sep 20 Philip John and Mary Roberts, sojourner in ye parish of Ken. Licence.



Apr 20 Spoore Perratt and Hannah Bayly. Licence.

Richard Howlet and Christian Mugleworth at Axbridge.

William Hazel and Dorothy Bustin at Axbridge.

Feb 26 William Fry and Elizabeth Fox both of Winscomb Parish.

Philip John and Mary Roberts.



Apr 16 Daniel Perratt and Martha Collins.



Mar 25 John Ridler and Rebecca Cavil from Puxton.



Also in the register these two recipes for dog bites:


To cure ye Bite of a Mad Dog.


Take of Rue plucke from ye Stalk… 6 ounces

Of Garlik a little bruised

Of Venice or common Treacle

& Shrid`ed Tin…..of each a Quarter of a pound.


Boyle all these in 2 Quarts of Ale, till it`s shrunk a Pint.


To a man or woman give 9 spoonfuls

Every morning for 7 mornings.

To a Boy or Girl 6.

To an infant 3.

To other Creatures 3 spoonfuls a morning

For 7 Mornings.


Another Receipt. Bath Journal Feb 22 1747/8.


Brought from Tonquin in ye East Indies by St. George Cobb who has seen it effect ye Cure several times after ye symptoms of madness have appeared in Persons ye have been bit. Take one penny weight of native Cinnabar, One penny weight of fictitious Cinnabar, & fifteen grains of musk.

Let em all be ground into a very fine powder & taken in a small glass of Brandy, Arrack, or Rum, as soon as possible after ye Bite.

Repeat ye same thirty days after & ye same again may be repeated thirty days after that.

But if Symptons of madness appear on ye Patient, let him take two doses of ye above doses in an Hour, & a half, & also another ye next morning.