Kenn Wills


Collated by Mary Mason.


1580 Nov 11 John Appirry of Kenn, Yeoman.

To the overseers the son Christopher being a minor. (Will proved in 1587)

To be buried at Kenn by my daughter Elizabeth, to which church 12d. To the mother church of St. Andrews, Wells18d. To Sir William Gorges, Knight, my good master and great friend, to be friendable to my son Christopher Apyrry, a nagge worth, 40s or in money 40s. at his election and choice. My wife Jone. My son in law John Slyver and Jone his wife , anf their children, Edmund and Elizabeth Slyver. Bequests to the poor of Kenn, Clevedon, Kingston Seymour and Walton. Annis Weste my sister`s daughter . Children of my brother William Appirry. Children of my brother Cotterell, of Dundry. The worshipful Mr Christopher Kenn esq, My brother Wm; Apirry, My son in law John Slyther and my son in law John Nethwaie, Overseers. My son Christopher Apirry Exor.


1619 Apr 21 Christopher Perrie of Keene, Gent.

To be buried at Keene near my father and mother. Tenements in Clapton Wick and land at Clapton to my daughter Frances Perrie, she to pay my daughters Jane, Mary and Bridjet, 100 each. Lease of ground in Kingston Seymour which I took of Dame Florence Stalling, John Palett esq and Elizabeth his wife. To my daughter Dorothy, land in Clevedon, purchased of John Wake esq. Lands to my daughters Jane and Mary. My wife Eleanor Exix. My son in law Richard Newman. William Guyse of Elmore, William Guyse of Lincoln`s Inn. Robert Haviland of Bristol, merchant and Richard Newman of Fifield Magdalen, Dorset, Overseers. My sister Haviland 40s.

Proved 1619 Jun 16 by Luke Hodges, husband of Florence Hodges, alias Perrye, Eleanor Perrie being dead.