Hutton Burials

Transcribed by Mary Mason.



Jul 15 Son of Thomas Winne.

Aug 23 Benjamin Broadway.



Apr 7 Mary wife of David Woodroffe.



Mar 27 John Adams base child.

May 9 Masters Gane s to Wm and Susan.

Jan 5 Thomas Demack.



May 3 Joan Taylor.

May 24 Jno Harvey.

Nov 23 Mary Day.

Dec 12 Jane d of Mary Broadway.

Jan 27 Lydia Cole.

Feb 28 James Walter of Compton Bishop.



May 22 Martha d of Wm and Ann Amesbury of Loxton.

Dec 5 Jane Hearse, widow.



Aug 25 Susannah of  Isaac and Jane Partridge of Compton.

Sep 18 John Morse, parish clerk.

Dec 15 Sarah White, widow.



Apr 19 Samuel Harvey of Banwell.

Sep 13 Love of Samuel and Love Hearse.

Sep 16 Jane wife of George Day.

Sep 16 James s of James and Elizabeth Pressy.

Oct 7 James of Robert and Elizabeth Pinn.

Dec 18 James Partridge.

Sep 17 Samuel Day of Worle.



Feb 9 Nancy of Samuel and Love Hearse.

Mar 21 Thomas Hawkins.

Apr 10 Ann Davies.

Nov 5 Mary Gill, widow.


Feb 20 Henry of Henry and Margaret Edwards.

May 12 Jane of Thos and Rebecca Jones.

May 19 Wm Amesbury of Loxton.

Jul 21 Jane Day, widow.

Dec 2 Theodore Sparks.



Apr 10 Jane wife of George Day of Worle.

May 11 Sarah wife of Wm Maine.

May 19 Susan Roadway, widow.



Jan 3 Wm son of the widow Amesbury of Loxton.

Jan 10 Edward of Arthur and Charity Rowley of Banwell.

Feb 12 Betty of John and Mary Kington.

Apr 8 Elizabeth wife of John Fisher of Weston super Mare.

Sep 28 Martha Hawkins, widow.



Sep 9 Elizabeth daughter of George Day of Worle.

Nov 13 Samuel son of Samuel and Mary White.



Feb 23 Prudence daughter of John Fisher of Weston super Mare.

May 1 James Partridge.

May 11 Jacob son of Isaac and Ann Kington.

Oct 3 Joan Morse wife of James Morse of Churchill.

Dec 26 William White jun.



Feb 27 Humphry Brent Esq, deceased Dec 18 1758.

Apr 12 Hannah White daughter of Wm White.

Jul 14 Rebecca daughter of Charles and Jane Greenwood.

Jul 25 A  wife of Jno Amesbury of Weston super Mare.



Jan 8 Betty House.

Jan 13 Martha daughter of Wm and Martha Hayns.

Jan 17 Sarah Sheppard wife of Jno Sheppard of Kewstoke.

Feb 20 Wm Mayn.



Apr 12 Sarah daughter of Thomas and Mary Hurly.



Jan 11 Elizabeth wife of Thomas Wynn.

Jan 15 Michael Partridge, Christon.

Feb 24 Wm Hayns.

Mar 20 Frances Sparks, widow.



Apr 2 Thomas Jones.

May 7 James House.

Oct 2 Anthony Moss of Churchill.

Nov 3 Michael son of Wm and Elizabeth Cook of Kewstoke.



Apr 4 William Harvey.

Apr 10 Frances daughter of Charles and Janes Greenwood.

Nov 5 George Catcott.

Dec 2 Mary wife of Samuel White.

Dec 23 Mary wife of James House.



Nov 13 William White.

Dec 11 Charles Greenwood.



Mar 2 Mary Broadway.

Mar 4 Mary Hill wife of Mr Hill of Bristol.

Aug 25 Elizabeth Norvill of Puxton.

Nov 18 Daniel Day.



Jan 19 Samuel White.

Jun 3 William son of Wm and Hannah Loveridge.

Aug 7 Jane wife of Edward Hicks.

Aug 13 Wm Chin of Wyke St. Lawrence.

Nov 10 Samuel White, base son of Hester White by John Pines? (smudged) .



Jan 25 Martha Haines, widow.

Feb 9 James Baily.

Apr 9 Chrysogon Lewis.

Oct 11 Edmund Harse.

Nov 24 Mary relic of Joseph Demack.



Feb 23 James Smithfield.

Apr 7 Hannah wife of George Jones.

Aug 27 John Brent, Doctor of Physic.

Nov 21 Mary Chin, widow of Wyke, St. Lawrence.



Jan 20 Robert White.

May 27 Ann, wife of John Kington.

Jun 6 Sarah Ockford, wife of William.

Dec 3 Isaac son of John and Mary Kington.



Apr 4 Samuel Hearse.

Apr 27 Robert Pinn the elder.

Oct 10 The Rev Mr William Dark, rector of Weston super Mare.



Oct 8 Isaac Kington.



Oct 12 Wm Oakford.



Apr 27 Walter Partridge of Compton Bishop.

May 20 Hannah Horle.

Jul 27 Mary Adams.



Apr 28 Jane Amesbury of Locking.

Jun 27 Eleanor Taylor.



Sarah daughter of John and Ann………… (too faded)

Sep 22 Mary Dorchester of Uphill aged 77 years.



Apr 5 John Hancoke (faded)

Apr 15 George Hary of …………(faded)

May 4 Edmund Mathews of Winscombe.

Oct 8 Richard Cox.

Dec 7 Ann daughter of Anthony ……………..(faded)

Dec 26 Ruth wife of John Baily, mason.



Jul 28 Betty Pin sen.

Nov 12 Edward White.