Easton in Gordano Wills


Collated by Mary Mason.


1589 Oct 13 Francis Stradling of Easton in Gordano, Somerset. Esq.

To be buried at Easton asforesaid where my second wife lieth. My sons Edmund and Percival. My daughters Grace and Joan, Extrices. My sons Henry, Hugh, John, Percival and Thomas. To Henry my son my lease of the Prebend of Yatton. My son Percival is beyond seas. My cousin Margaret Butler. My good brother Sir Henry Portman and my kinsman Gabriel Hawley, Esqr: Overseers.

Proved 28 Jan 1589/90.


1598 Hugh Stradling late of Easton in Gordano, Somerset.

Admon 14 Apr 1598 to his brother Edmund Stradling.


1606 Mar 3 Edmund Stradling of Easton in Gordano, Somerset, Esq.

To be buried at Easton. My brother in law Thomas James, Merchant of Bristol. Matthew, Ann and John Gough three children of my wife by her first husband. My manor house at Easton and lands there and in Portishead to my wife Mary for her life, then to Mary Stradling my daughter, then to Dorothy Stradling, in succession to my brothers John, Henry and Thomas Stradling, Manors of Newton and Dixon co Monmouth, to my daughter Dorothy, with remainders in succession as above. My friends Sir Edward Gorge, Knight, John Maye Esq. John Strwde Esq. And Robert Hopton. Esq. Overseers.

Proved 25 Mar 1608 by Mary Stradling the relict.


1616 Sep 7 Willian Moseley, prebendary of Easton in Gordano, Somerset.

My wife Ann. My children Priscilla, Mary, Benjamin and Joseph, 80 among them. My son in law, Nicolas Matthew, 30, and my daughter Ruth. He to be Exor.

Proved 17 Feb 1616/17.


1625 Hugh Hannam of Happerton in Easton in Gordano, Somerset, Yeoman.

James son of George Hannam, my brother. Residue to Joan my wife.

Proved 3 May 1625 by Joan the relic.


1709 16 Nov Richard Morgan the elder late of Easton in Gordano alias St. George, Somerset now of Bristol, esq.

To be buried in the parish church of Weston in Gordano privately between 10 and 11 o`clock at night. Bell to be tolled two hours before and after with the prayers of the church of England and to be read at my funeral. Poor of St. George`s 100 at 5 per cent, for those who come to Church and receive the Sacrament and 10 to the needy poor on the first Sacrament day after my burial. Poor of Lancarven, Co Glamorgan, 5 of Weston and Wraxall 20s and Nailsey 40s. To my eldest son Richard Morgan and his wife 20 for mourning and all my plate. To my daughter Ann Morgan 2000 on the day of her marriage and interest on the same till then and 10 for morning. My eldest daughter Joane wife of Edward Blisse of St. George, clerk, 40 per annum and 800 also 10 for mourning. My youngest son 50 per annum and 10 for morning he to live and to be cared for by my eldest son. My housekeeper Mrs Ann Bisby and George Freeman, Gent 5.

Proved 9 Dec 1709 by his son Richard Morgan, junior.