Easton in Gordano

Transcribed by Mary Mason.

Births 1710-1716

Burials 1708-1716

Marriages 1701-1716.




Sarah daug of Abraham Cook bapt Apr.

Richard son of Richard Dowling bapt Apr.

             Daug of John Davis bapt Jun 18.

Esther daugh of Daniel Welsted bapt Jun 18.

Mary daug of Richard Morgan Esq and Mary his wife bapt Jun 23.

Thomas son of Matthew Gilmore bapt July.

Sarah daug of Richard Hopkins bapt July.

Scripio son of Robert Paul bapt Sep 21.

Elizabeth daug of George and Rebecca Willis bapt Nov 30.

Ann daug of Thomas Nicholas bapt this year.


Ann daug of Philip Coape bapt Mar 27.

A Stranger child from Ireland name of Charles bapt Apr 9.

Base child name of William sworne May 3.

Thomas son of Thomas Howil? bapt Jul 25.

John son of Abraham and Mary Davis bapt Aug 26.

John base child sworne on William Davis? bapt.

Mary daughter of William Davis bapt Sep 23.

Samuel son of ……..Cooksley and Barbara his wife bapt Sep.

William son of William Sox (Cox) and Jane his wife bapt Sep.

Gravvas son of Mary Purdue bapt Oct.

Marget daug of Richard and Mary Dowling bapt Oct.

John son of Philip and Ann Adams bapt Oct.

Rachel daug of James and Martha Willis Nov.

Sarah daug of William Hooks and his wife bapt Nov.

Ann daug of William And Ann Harvey bapt Dec.

Mary daug of Hugh and Martha Hardy bapt Dec.

Richard son of Richard and Ann Cullymore bapt Jan.


Elizabeth daug of Abraham and Dorothy……bapt Apr 12.

William son of William Hunt and Elizabeth

Joanna daug of Edward Biss bapt Jun 2.

William Hazel son of William Hazel and Rachel bapt Jun 12.

Thomas son of John Coap bapt Aug 10.

Sarah daug of Thomas Nicholas and Elizabeth bapt Oct 8.

Ann daugh of Elizabeth Gilmore bapt Nov 2.

Thomas son of Thomas Griffen and Hannah bapt Dec 21.

Sarah base daug of Sarah Davis Sworne on Wm Jefreys bapt Feb 8.

John son of George and Martha Willis bapt Mar.

Samuel son of Richard Lonsdown and Elizabeth bapt Mar 18.


William son of Samuel and Mary Ware.

Elizabeth daug of Joseph and Patience Sevill bapt Mar.

Sarah daug of John and Elizabeth Brown bapt Apr.

Sarah daug of Henry Badman and Mary bapt May.

Margrt daug of Richard and Mary Dowling bapt.

Samuel son of Samuel Evans and Mary bapt.

William son of William Bromfield bapt .

Martha daug of Roger James bapt Sep.

William ? son of Robert Parnel and Mary bapt Sep 20.

Thomas son of John Rigby bapt Sep 27.

Sarah daug of John Robens bapt Oct 11.

Sarah daug of George Willis and Rebecca bapt Oct 28.

E of Edward Bisse bapt Nov 4.

William son of John Losom and Anne bapt Nov 15.

William son of William Hunt bapt Dec 25.

Jeffrey son of William Hazel bapt Jan 13.

Ann daug of Robert Bradford bapt Feb 2.

Jone daugh of Richard Cooksley bapt Feb 2.


Sarah daug of John Lockier bapt Mar 28.

Jone daug of Mark Fudge bapt May 2.

Sarah daug of Richard Cullyford bapt July.

Joanna daug of Grace Cullyford bapt July 22.

Betty daug of Thomas Nicholas bapt Aug 12.

Joseph son of Thomas Thring bapt Sep 19.

Richard son of Richard Phipps bapt oct 10.

Mary daug of Richard Gould bapt Oct 10.

George son of Hugh Hardy bapt Oct 10.

Charles son of William Fl…..and Sarah bapt Oct 17.

Mary daug of John Blake and Mary bapt Jan 30.

Sarah daug of Joseph Barry bapt Jan 31.

Sarah daug of George Marshall bapt Mar 6.

Sarah daug of Richard Horwood bapt Mar 13.


Abraham and Isaack twin sons of John Lockier and Judith bapt.

Sarah daug of William Broomfield bapt May 1.

Jane daug of Samuel and Mary Evans bapt Jul 10.

John son of James and Ann Porter bapt Jul 17.

Richard son of Robert and Mary ………bapt Jul 24.

Sarah daug of Thomas and Ann Brown bapt Jul 24.

Jacobina daug of Edward and Joanna Biss bapt Jul 24.

Betty daug of John and Mary Ridley bapt Jul.

Rachel daug of Guy and Rachel Harford bapt Oct 7.

George son of Mark and Mary Fudge bapt Nov 7.

Rachel daug of Robert and Mary Powell bapt Dec.

Mary daug of John and Mary Robins bapt Jan.

Grace base of Mary Hogge bapt Jan 25.

Mary daug of George and Mary Willis bapt Feb 2.

Samuel son of Samuel and Mary Parsons bapt Feb2.

Ann daug of James and Ann Charles bapt Feb 15.

Ann daug of James and Elizabeth Clarkson bapt Feb.

Thomas son of Thomas and Penninah Griffin bapt Mar.

Elizabeth daug of Richard and Barbara Cooksley bapt Mar.

Hannah daug of Isaac and Hannah Wenbow bapt Mar.

Mary daug of Abraham and Mary Davis bapt Mar 18.

Mary daug of Charles and Judith Swinney bapt Mar 18.


Jane daug of Henry and Jane Hart bapt May 13.

Ann daug of Philip and Ann Powell bapt Jun 20.

John son of John and Elizabeth Blake, strangers, bapt Nov 30.

Ann daug of David and Edith Evans bapt Jan 1.

Daniel son of Isaac and Elizabeth Charles bapt Jan 1.

George son of George and Mary Willis bapt Jan 20.

John son of John Jerman and his wife bapt Jan 20.

Betty daug of John and Mary Edmunds bapt Jan 30.




Jane Jones a servant with Henry Hurt buried May 13.

Thomas son of Mathew Wasborrow and Mary his wife buried May 30.

Mrs Lutterell an Ancient woman buried Jun 6.

Mrs Mary Purdue a middle aged woman buried Jun 17.

Roger Spear an housecarpenter buried jun 20.

Hester Burnfield wife of William Burnfield buried Jun 22.

Hester Burnfield infant buried Jun 22.

Stanford a Stranger buried Jul 14.

Richard Bliss son of John Bliss buried Aug 14.

John Nethry son of John and Ann Nithy buried Jul 8.

John Bullock of Portishead buried Oct 4.

Joseph Purches of this parish buried Oct 12.

………Pugh an Ancient woman buried Oct 19.

Mary ? Covey a servant maid buried Oct 31.

Sarah daug of Richard and Mary Horrwood buried Dec 22.

Mary daug of Mathew and Sarah Gilmore buried Sunday ye 23 of Jan.

…….daug of William and Rachel Hasell buried Jan 14.

…….Durbin wife of Joseph Durbin buried Feb 20.


Joseph son of Thomas and Ann Willing buried.

Ann ? Champion a girl buried May.

Roger Spear son of Roger Spear buried Jun.

Mary Powel an Ancient woman buried Jul.

Sarah daug of George and Elizabeth Hooky buried.

John Baker of this parish buried Oct.

Susanna base daug of Susan Thomas …….? to Capt Wm. Jeffreys with whom Susan Thomas was a Servant buried Nov.

Elizabeth Shark widow of Thomas Shark buried Nov.

Ann daug of Michael Thomas buried Jan.

Elizabeth Pearce daug of Thomas Pearce buried Jan.

Isaak son of Michael and Ann Thomas buried Jan.

Philip Pearce an old man buried Mar.

John Millard and Ann Parnel buried Mar.


Richard Dowling buried Apr.

A Stranger buried.

Ann Fudge an Ancient woman, a widow was buried Jun.

A Drowned person supposed a Pembrokeshire man by the Coroners Leave was buried Jun.

Mary Morgan daug of Richard Morgan Esq and Mary his wife was buried Jun 26 this year.

Mary Morgan also mother of the Aforesaid Mary Morgan infant and wife to the Aforesaid Mr Richard Morgan jun was buried Jul.

Honor Willis buried about this time.

Elizabeth Horwood was buried the 4 Aug.

Capt Carter buried Aug 13 Also had a base child sworne on one Davis belonging to ye Hastings Frigot buried Sep 3.

Sarah Bliss buried Sep 5.

John Jones buried Sep 6.

A man buried Sep.

John Marshall of this parish buried Oct 3.

…..is Griffiths a wild man buried Dec 5.

Sarah Harell buried Dec 7.

John Thomas buried Jan 3.


Robert Davis of Portbury an old man was buried Apr 20.

John Fudge buried May 10.

…….Love buried May.

Hugh Williams buried Jun 7.

*                                  Jun.

Richard Knight buried Jul 12.

William……….buried Jul 25.

Sarah Bliss buried Jul 25.

Jane daughter of Thomas Nicholas buried.   

*The fifth line was a muddle therefore scrapped. Edward Bisse, vicar.


A Stranger buried Mar 27.

John Walker buried Jun 14.

Ann Jones buried Jun 17.

Old Mr Jones buried Aug 3.

Welshman buried Dec 21.

W Charity boaman of Limerick buried Feb 27.

Esther Paul buried Mar 18.


Stranger from Brislington his name John White buried Apr 24.

Sarah base child Sworne on William buried May 4.

William Hoggeton buried May 5.

………Cook buried Jul 13.

Elizabeth Nicholas buried Jul.

John Brown buried Oct 7.

John King buried Oct 11.

Mary Elliott buried Nov 3.

Samuel Love buried Dec.

Mary Stoaks buried Dec 13.

Sarah Robbins buried.

Richard Morgan Esq buried Feb.

William Thurston buried Mar.


Sarah Fudge buried May 2.

Ann Gilmore buried Jun 6.

Mary Grifin buried Jul 15.

Elizabeth Arnel buried Aug 30.

Margaret Arnel buried Sep 8.

John Davis buried Oct 1.

Thomas Grifin buried Mar 6.

Thomas Jones buried Mar 8.

Willim Brookman buried Mar 13.

Mary May buried Mar 13.

Jenkin Griffin buried Mar 22.


Mary Rumny buried Mar 29.

Thomas Horrod buried Apr 3.

Mary Millard buried Apr 8.

Elizabeth Clerkson buried May 23.

Abraham and Isaack Lockier buried May 29.

Margrt Floyd a Stranger buried Jun 6.

Densel ? Wellstead buried Jun 25.

Joseph Maynard buried Jul 5.

Thomas Coap buried Jul 7.

Ambros Pedder buried Jul 9.

Hester Welstead buried Jul 13.

James Champion buried Oct 17.

Jacobina Bisse buried Nov 3.

Mr John Timms buried Dec 17.

Francis Hoggis buried Jan 4.

Elizabeth P…….buried Jan 9.

Thomas Griffin buried Jan 24.

William Earl buried Jan 24.

Richard Whiting buried feb 4.

Prina Hoggison buried Feb 11.

Ann Adams buried Feb 15.

Henry Hurl snr buried Mar 7.

Hester Godfree buried Mar 19.


Elizabeth Nicholas buried Mar 25.

Edward Tage buried Apr 27.

Soloman Heke buried May 25.

Samuel Durbin buried Jun 19.

Ann Evans buried Jan 18.

John Jerman an infant buried Jan 29.




William Hazael and Rachel Millard Jun 5.

William Sparrow and Ann Hort Mar.

Jenkin Bragge and Eleanor Peirce.


Thomas Crew and Elizabeth Stark buried May 26.

John Gorman and Jane his wife Mar.

John Gregory and Xtian his wife Apr 22.


John Stares and Sarah his wife Apr 19.


Richard Hopkins and his wife Apr 19.

Joseph Durban and Rebecca Adams.


Mark Fudge and Mary Griffiths Oct 11.

Henry Hurle and Jane Hallett Jan 6.

Benjamin Membury and Sarah Knight Jan 6.

Samuel Ware and Mary Hill Jan 13.

Thomas Starke and Elizabeth Farewell Feb 5.

Richard Walters and Ann Sturge Apr 8.

James Lyllywhite and Rachel Cooke Apr 17.


George Cooke and Francis N?pcott 27 Oct.


John Robins and Mary Dony Apr 15.

John Coape and Grace Pugh.

John Cullyford and Grace Smith Nov 17.

Robert Paul and Hester Powell Nov 23.

Richard Bliss and Mary Philips Dec 26.


William Harvey and Ann Adams Apr 29.

James Hazell and Elizabeth Scudamore Jun 24.

Edward Bisse vicar of St. George and Mrs Joanna Morgan daug of Richard Morgan Aug 4.

William Hunter and Elizabeth Tovey Nov 21.


William Burnfield and Mary Bliss Aug 18.

Mr Richard Willing of this parish and Mrs Mary Syms of Portbury Feb 2.

James Goodwin and Mary Gilmore Feb.


Charles Swinney and Judeth Hopkins May.

Richard Cooksley and Barbara Reed Jun.


William Morgan of Portbury and Jane Apr 9.

John Lowscom and Ann Garland Sep.


Thomas Page and Mary Jones Oct 7.

Mr Flower and Sarah Walker Xmas day.


John and Joan Blis  (Very faint)

………….Ann Wood. (smudged)

Simon Morshend and Rachel Monday? Sep 29

John Brown and Elizabeth Jellygore.

William Fletcher and Sarah ……..

Thomas Thring and Sarah Powel Dec 3.

Thomas Meredith and Susannah Gould Dec.


Joseph Barn and Sarah Apr 15.

Benjamin Parr and Mrs Ann Brisoll.

Thomas Jones and Elizabeth ………Feb 28.

Daniel Charles and Ann ……..Mar.


Francis Cowles and Grace Mills May.

……….Groom and Margrt………Jul 15.

Mr Owen and Mrs Susanna Long Sep 4.

Thomas Grifin and Ann.


David Evans and Edith Perkins May 20.

…..man Thomas and Jane Sermons Sep 19.

Robert London and Elizabeth Wibourne Sep 20.

William Jeffery and Mrs Ann Porter Feb 19.