Winford Burials


Transcribed by Mary Mason.



Many of the dates were unclear in this transcription as the end of the page was either badly filmed or lost in the binding.



Jun 18 Elizabeth Hiskock.

Jun 24 Joseph Baber son of William Baber.

Nov 10 John Weekeham son of Francis Weekeham.

Dec 6 Cristian Smith.

Mar 2 Arter Smith.



Mar 25 Sara Filar daughter of George Filar.

May 7 Mary Line daughter of Henry Line.

May 9 John Hannam.

Jun 2 Roger Ererle.

Jun 13 Daniell Woodward.

13 Jun Mary Haiden daughter of James Haiden.

Jun 14 Elizabeth Haiden daughter of James Haiden.

Aug 13 John Roe.

Sep 18 Elizabeth Norcott wife of William Norrott.

Oct 24 Elizabeth Norcott wife of Thomas Norrott.

Oct 27 William Griffin.

Mar 2 Welthen Hunt widow.

Mar 2 Jane Willis wife of William Willis.

Mar 13 Mary Bush widow.



Apr 11 Samuell Hues son of  John Hues.

Apr 13 Adams daughter of Abraham Adams.

Sep 26 Joane Batt wife of Tobias Batt.

Oct 18 Richard Brookman.

Nov 30 William Norcott.

Feb 4 Frizwell Brodey.

Mar 6 Agnis Horte widow.

Mar 12 Martha Childe wife of William Childe.

Mar 15 John Greene son of John Greene.

Mar 20 Elinor Loscombe wife of John Loscombe.



Apr 2 Elizabeth Rider wife of Nicholas Rider.

May 18 John English.

Jun 10 Abraham Line son of Henry Line.

Jul 15 Margaret ..ey widow. (smudged)

Jul 29 John Lane son of John Lane.

Sep 3 John Voules.

Sep 22 Elinor Chambers wife of John Chambers.

Sep 27 Henry Baily.

Nov 10 Mary Roe widow.

Nov 11 Elizabeth Kinge wife of James Kinge.

Dec 3 Mary Bullurk widow.

Dec 28 James Woodward  son of Henry Woodward.

Jan 5 Mary Woodward daughter of Henry Woodward.

Jan 30 Thomas House.

Feb 3 Mary Griffin widow.



Apr 12 Mary Tovie widow.

Apr 7 Christopher Woodward son of Henry Woodward.

May 29 Anne Binson wife of Phillip Binson.

Jul 7 Elizer Yorke widow.

Aug 13 Elizabeth Collins wife of Thomas Collens.

Oct 27 John Batt.

Dec 4 Mary Briton widow.

Feb 27 Joane Horte daughter of John Horte.

Mar 11 John Purnell son of William Purnell.



Apr 16 Grace Lane wife of Edward Lane.

Apr 19 Joane Spence wife of John Spence.

Jun 15 Mary Hunte daughter of John Hunte.

Mar 1 Mary Greene wife of William Greene.



16 Aug Mary wife of William Smith departed the same day.

Sep 12 Walter Bush departed 9 Sep.



Jun 21 James Allen son of George Allen.

Jun 22 Mary Tovy daughter of William Tovy departed 19 Jun.

Jul 7 Thomas Latch of Felton departed Jul 3.

Aug 17 James Wallis.

Sep 26 Joane wife of John Marchant.

Nov 19 Mary wife of Robert Batt.

Dec 19 Martha daughter of George Stokes.

Dec 30 Francis son of John Court of Marksbury.



Mar 31 Charles son of John Smith.

Apr 1 Joane wife of John Greene.

Apr 4 Judeth Whidler widow.

Apr 9 Ann daughter of Benjamin Griffin.

May 9 Thomas Cruyer?

Jul 7 Joan daughter of John Blanchard.

Jul 12 Joan wife of Richard Harris.

Jul 17 Jane daughter of Richard Harris.

Nov 5 John son of Martha Wallis.

Jan 6 ye son of Jos Brock.

Jan 17 Edward Lane.

Mar 17 John Tovy.



May 22 John Allen son of George Allen.

Oct 7 Thomas Norcott.

Oct 13 Elizabeth Everly.

Oct 27 Joseph Brock.

Jan 6 Sara Griffin.

Jan 10 Grace daughter of Aaron Page.

Jan 13 Frances Wickham



Sep 23 Joan wife of Joseph Pool.

Nov 27 William Barrett.



Apr 12 John King sen.

Jun 19 Hen. Collyer.



Apr 15 Mary wife of Joseph Griffin.

May 2 George Allen sen.

May 9 William Yorke jun.

May 24 John Page sen.

Jul 29 Agnes Page wife of John Page.

Sep 22 James Hunt.

Oct 9 Eliz Allen wife of James Allen.

Oct 10 Ann Hall a vagrant.

Oct 25 Elizabeth Sage widow.

Oct 28 Mary Lyne.

Feb 21 Agnes Griffin widow.

Feb 21 Jonas Wilcox.



May 4 James Allen.

May 4 Mary Batt.

May 5 Wm York sen.

May 16 Moses Wallis son of  Jeffery Wallis.

Dec 1 Mary Adams.

Jan 6 Wm Lukins.

Mar 1 Hen Woodward.



May 9 Ruth Peaw.

May 29 Martha daughter of John Allen deceased.

Sep 26 John Page sen.

Nov 7 Thomas Deacon.

Dec 7 William Crace?Grace.

Jan 6 Samuel Binson.

Jan 27 James Tovy of Regill.

Mar 7 Richard Bush.

Aug 24 Sara daughter of Joseph Griffin and with his wife was buried.



Apr 12 Elizabeth ye relick (widow)of Richard Bush dec.

Apr 17 Philip Binson.

May 4 …………wife of John Hort.

Jun 15 Ruth daughter of Thomas Poole.

Jun 20 Bethia daughter of George Brock.

Jun 23 Ruth wife of Thomas Poole.

Jul 15 John son of Wm Fisher.

Aug 4 Joseph Simmons.

Aug 6 Elizabeth wife of Samuel Tilly.

Oct 6 John Young sen.

Oct 16 Thomasin wife of John Wilcox.

Oct 18 George Bush.



Apr 24 William son of Henry Wilcox.

Jul 18 …… wife of Nicolas Kitchen.

Jul 27 Fra. Collins.

Dec Nickles son of George Whidler baptised.



Apr 30 Margaret Deacon.

Jul 5 Mary daughter of Jos Belly.



Apr 2 Fra. Griffin widow.

May 10 …… wife of Samuel Cole.

May 14 William Young of Bristol.

Jun 1 …… son of John Hooke.



Oct 13 William Hunt of Barrow Gurney.

Oct 14 Robert Kencott son of Agnis Bish.

Dec 29 Elizabeth wife of Henery Guy.

Feb 3 Henery Wilcox.


New  register.

John Bauler and Robert Tovey, Church Wardens & William King & John Poole Overseers of the Poore.


Aug 22 Francis wife of Robert Poole.

Aug 26 Nicholas Kitchin.


Thomas Nicholls and George Hill, of ye parish of Winford in the County of Somerset, labourers made oath that Nicholas Kitchen of Winford, aforesaid lately deceased was not put in wrapped or wound up in or buried in an shirt shift, sheet or shroud made or mingled with flax, hempe, silke, hayre, gold or silver or other than what is made of sheer wool only: nor may coffin lined or faced with any cloth stuff or any thing whatsoever made or weight with flax, hempe, silk, hayre, gold or silver or any other material but sheeps wool only. Dated ye nine and twentieth day of Aug: in ye 30th yeare of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord Charles ye second, Kinge of England, Scotland, France and Ireland. Anno Dom: 1678.

Sealed and Subscribed by us who were present and witnesses to the swearing of the above affidavit.                                Thomas Nicholls & George Hill.


Witnessed. Sir John Churchill, Knight, Edward Gorge esq. Two of ye Kings Majesties Justices of the Peace for ye County of Somerset do hereby certified that ye day & yeare above ye said Nicolas and George Hill came before us and made such affidavit as ye specified according to a late Act of Parliament intended an Act for Burying in Woollen. Witnessed our hands ye day and yeare first above written.

                                                                                    Jo. Churchill

                                                                                    Ed. Gorges.


Oct 13 William Hunt of Barrow.  Affidavit & Certificate from …. Smyth. Oct 20.

Oct 14 Robert Norcott. A& C from Ann Pigott.  Oct 23.

Oct 16 John Hort.


….. Fowles & Joseph Collins Church Wardens & George Kinge and Thomas Sanders Overseers of ye Poore.


Jun 1 Penelope Brookman.  Sworne Affidavit Mary Batt & Mary Filer.

Jun 15 Anne  Hughes. Sworne Francis Gibbs & Alice Hooke. Jun 25.

Jun 25 Prudence Davis. Sworne Francis Gibbs & Jane Hooke. Jun 28.

Jun 27 Mary Page. Sworne Robert Page & Alice Hooke.Jun 30.

Jun 28 Sarah Berrat. Sworne   Francis Gibbs & Jane Hooke. Jul 3.

Jul 9 Jeffery Wallis. Sworne Jane Smith & Jane Hook. Jul 10.

Jul 12 Abel Hooke. Sworne Alice Hooke & Elizabeth Hooke. Jul 17.

Jul 20 Mary Davis. Sworne Francis Gibbs & Jane Hooke. Jul 26.

Aug 29 Joseph Biggs. Sworne ………

Sep 11 Marie daughter of Rich: Harries. Sworne Nath: Brock & Mary Fisher. Oct 4.

Sep 21 Law; Holbrook son of Ben: Holbrook. S: Jane Nash & Fran; Brock. Oct 13.

Oct 24 Marie Crase. Sworne Marie Hasell & Dor: Stokes.

Dec 27 Grace Child. Sworne Samuel Child & Mary Child. Dec 30.

Jan 1 Grace Bath. Sworne Robert Page & Jane Gise. Jan 7.

Feb 22 Richard Stokes. Sworne Jonas Stokes & Hen: Wilcox.Feb 25.

Mar 22 James Griffin. Sworne Agnes Nurse & Fra: Gibbs. Mar 25.

Jan 27 Joyce Tovey. Sworne Robert Tovey and Mary Tovey.



Abr: Adams & John Young Churchwardens. Sam: Nichols & John Griffin. Overseers.


May 8 James Kinge. Sworne Sam: Nicholls & Ma: Philips. May 12.

Jun 14 Mary Woodward. Sworne Jane Hook & Francis Gibbs. Jun 17.

Jul 9 Alice Cox. Sworne Joan Allen.

Jul 14 Mary Collins. Sworne Charity Holbrook. Jul 19.

Oct 10 Mary Griffin. Sworne Martha Griffin. Oct 15.

Oct 11 William Shepherd. Sworne Samuel Nicholls. Oct 21

Oct 18 John King. Sworne Jane Beacham.

Oct 21 Dorothy Pearce. Sworne Sarah Beake. Oct 22.

Nov 17 Nicholas Gulloch. Sworne Mary Hicks & Mary Cole. Nov 19.

Nov 20 George King. Sworne Mary Barrow. Nov 26.

Jan 7 Benjamin Griffin. Sworne Martha Griffin. Jan 17.

Jan 11 Bridgett Biggs. Sworne

Jan 28 Elizabeth Ducy. Sworne Mary Ducy. Jan 31.

Feb 14 John Tovey. Sworne. Alice Hook. Feb 19.

Feb 20 Robert York jun. Sworne Martha Cook. Feb 21.

Mar 14 Wm/Wid? Collins. Sworne Martha Cook. Mar 7.

Mar 14 Grace Lane. Sworne Francis Brock. Mar 19.



Robert York & Rich: King, Church wardens. Thos: Davis & Joh: Baller. Overseers.


Apr 4 Mary Hodge. Sworne Martha Hill.

Apr 13 William Allen. Sworne Jane Green.

May 1 Hanah Nichols. Sworne Anne Dowline.

May 10 Eliner Yoeke. Sworne Jane Griffin.

May 14 Eliner Green. Sworne Jane Bond.

Jun 26 Joane Brookman. Sworne Mary Redman & Jane Green.

Jul 24 Martha Cook. Sworne Margery Lane.

Aug 14 James Wallis.

Aug 20 Mary Griffin. Sworne Martha Hook.

Jul 7 John Page. Sworne Robert Page.

Oct 30 Robert Tovie. Sworne alice Hook.

Nov 15 Wm: Tovie. Sworne Robert Tovie.

Nov 20 Ann Druery. Sworne Dorothy Stokes.



George King & Wm King, Church wardens. Joseph Collins & Wm Parnill Overseers.


May 29 Jane Griffin. Sworne Anne Dowlin.

Jun 11 Robert Stokes. Sworne Dorothy Stokes.

Jun 21 Ann King. Sworne Ann Philipps.

Jun 21 Sarah Fowles. Sworne

Aug 2 Joane Allen. Sworne Wm Allen, Sarah Allen.

Aug 3 Martha Page. Sworne Elizabeth Markman &Mary Young.

Aug 5 Jeremiah Merryweather. Sworne. Joseph Poole.

Jan 19 Mary Wallis. Sworne Ann Dowlin.

Feb 18 John Wallis. Sworne. Ann Dowlin.

Feb 19 Joan Tovie. Sworne Mary Perring.



Richard Webb & John Vowles. Church wardens. Robert Yorke & John Norcott. Overseers.


Apr 24 Samuell Baker. Sworne May 7. Certified to ye Church Warden May 13.


May 17 John Pool son of Robert Pool. Sworne. Alice Prattert.

Jun 17 Robert Tovie. Sworne. Frances Gibbes.

Jun 30 Mary King daughter of George King. Sworne.Ann Spratte.

Nov 28 Grace Blackman. Sworne. Richard Blackman.

Dec 7 Rob: son Hugh: Tovy. Sworne Hugh Tovy.

Dec 28 Wm Hedges son of Thos: Hedges. Sworne. Thos: Hedges.

Jan 11 Joan Goodwin. Sworne. Dorothy Stokes.

Jan 13 Thos: Davis. Sworne Wm. King.

Mar 2 Anne Green. Sworne. Mary Green.

Mar 7 Jonas Stokes. Sworne. Jane Smith.

Mar 10 Elizabeth Brookman. Sworne. Jane Smith.



Richard Webb & John? Vowles. Church wardens. Parn: Page & James Peaw. Overseers.

Apr 7 Praxie Miller fil Job: Miller. Sworne. Praxie Miller.

Jun 6 Rob Norcot. Buried in Linen.

Jul 20 Mary Peaw daughter of James Peaw. Sworne Anna Baller.

Elizabeth Wood wife of Henry Wood of Yatton.

Anna Pratten. Sworne. Sarah Batt.

Dec 18 James Wallis was buried in woollen.

Dec 25 Alice Brock buried in woollen.

Jan 1 Francis Gibbs. Certified Jane Hook.

Jan 30 Martha Griffin. Certified Coram Dancey

Praxie wife of J? Miller. Certified Cor Dancey & Sarah Davis.



John Griffin & James Pew. Church wardens.


Richard Webb jun of Felton. Certified S? Bush. May 1.

Robert Lane of Regill. Certificate. Mrs Paine. May 17.

John Barber son of John Barber. Certificate. Mrs Smyth. Jun 1.

May 29 Jane Young infant daughter of John Young. Cert. M Dauncey. Jun 4.

Jul 13 Judith Pool wife of Robert Pool of Regil.  Cert. Mrs Symes.

Aug 6 Anne Griffin widow.

Nov 21 Thomas Ivie.

Jan 25 Mary Binson widow.

Mar 14 Mary Fisher.



Mar 28 Jacob Allen son of Thomas Allen of Felton.

Mar 31 Rachel Howes widow.

Apr 14 Abraham Adams sen.

Apr 19 Hannah Adams daughter of Abraham Adams jun.

May 16 George Hippersly of Felton.

Jun 5 John Brickeridge of Bristol infant.

Jun John Parker of the same, infant.

Jun 20 Mary Wilcox wife of Henry Wilcox.

Jul 4 William Loxton Emborow, miner.

Aug 23 John Lukins.

Aug 28 John Griffin son of John Griffin.

Aug 29 George Stokes sen.

Sep 12 Martha Hill wife of George Hill.

Sep 24 Joane Stoakes wife of William Stokes.

Sep 28 Elizabeth Stokes wife of George Stokes.

Oct 13 Sarah Stokes daughter of George Stokes.

Oct 18 Sarah Wood daughter of Henry Wood of Cleve:

Oct 23 George Hill of Felton.

Dec 2 Martha Page daughter of Thomas Page jun.

Jan 10 Martha Brock daughter of Samuel Broack.

Feb 13 Francis Wilcox daughter of William Wilcox.

Mar 17 Samuel Brock of Nempnet.



Jun 8 Edward Child son of Wm Child.

Oct 20 Joane Poole wife of William Poole of Felton.

Nov 13 Elizabeth Lockyer wife of James Lockyer.

Nov 19 Edward Sanders jun son of Edward Sanders sen.

Jan 20 James Greene of Felton.

Mar 11 Richard Webb of Felton.



Apr 1 John Nicholos of Winford.

Apr 10 William Hunt.

May 20 Joseph Wallis son of Joseph Wallis and hester.

Jun 1 Jinnet White servant maid to Mr. George King.

Jun 4 Robert Page jun son of Robert Page of Felton.

Jul 2 John Brookman.

Sep 9 William Filer son of Wm Filer of Backwell.

Oct 28 Mary Baker daughter of James and Joane Baker.

Jan ? 1 Susanna Hitchins daughter of Henry and Edith Hitchins.

Feb 10 William Allen of Felton.

Mar 23 Elizabeth Hort daughter of John and Martha Hort.



Apr 24 John Bawler.

Apr 28 Jonah Stokes son of George and Mary Stokes.

Jul 14 Samuel Page son of Samuel Page late of Felton.

Jul 19 Nicholas Pool .

Nov 24 Francis Hort sob of John Hort & brother of John.

Dec 15 Thomas Griffin of Regil.

Jan 19 Francis Saunders wife of Edward Saunders.

Jan 22 John Lane of Regil sen.

Katherine Baller widow of John Baller.

Feb 3 Thomas Wilcox, carpenter.

Feb 9 Frances Pool daughter of Robert and Bridget.

Feb 9 Ruth Baker daughter of James Baker.



Apr 1 Mary Pool wife of John Pool of Felton.

Apr 13 James Lane son of John and Margery Lane.

Apr 13 Mary Lane daughter of John Lane.

Jun 29 John Smyth .

Sep 5 Elizabeth Griffin wife of Benjamin Griffin was buried in Linen.

Oct 26 Anne Stokes widow of Jonah Stokes.

Oct 26 Sarah Cook daughter of James and Sarah Cooke.

Nov 1 John Miller of Butcombe.

Dec 18 Joyce ….. Purnel mother of William Purnell.

Dec 27 William Filer of Backwell.

Jan 18 Margery Lane wife of John Lane.

Jan 28 John Wood son of Charles and Elizabeth.

Feb 4 Frizwell Cook widow of Regil.



Apr 15 Sarah Hook daughter of Sam: and Mary Hook.

Apr 19 Mary Guy wife of Abraham guy.

May 20 William Cox son of John and Mary Cox.

Jun 7 Edith Allen daughter of Joane Allen widow.

Jun 9 Anne White (kinswoman of Wm. Haskins.)

Jun 17 Hester Wilcox daughter of John and Hester.

Aug 30 Joseph Cox son of Rowland Cox.

Nov 8 John Wilcox sen.

Nov 28 Dinah Whillier wife of Richard Whillier.

Dec 6 Mary Whillier daughter of Rich: and Dinah.

Dec 13 Samuel Cole of Felton.

Feb 1 James King sen of Kingsdown.

Feb 11 John Lane of Regil, victualler.



Jun 23 William Hiscox.

Jul 31 James Wallis son of Moses and Hester.

Nov 24 John Murrey of Felton.

Dec 1 Martha Stokes daughter of George and Mary.

Apr 9 Richard Allen.



Apr 16 Sarah Stokes daughter of William Stokes.

Apr 23 William Guy son of Abraham Guy and Mary.

Apr 30 Henry Guy sen.

May 30 John Allen of Hounslow.

Jun 1 Elizabeth Page daughter of Robert Page of Stroud.

Jun Anne Wallis widow of Jeffry Wallis.

Jul 1 Mary Murry widow of John Murry.

Jul 30 Jane Bond widow of Felton.

Aug 23 Henry Wilcox.

Oct 1 Alice Pratten.

Oct 26 Mr. George King.

Dec 4 Thomas Page jun of Butcombe.

Jan 21 Mary Adams widow.



May 20 Elizabeth Wheeler daughter of Richard Wheeler.

Jul 10 John Batten of Felton.

Jul 18 Abraham Guy.

Aug 10 William King son of Richard King and Hester.

Sep 30 John Murrey son of James Murrey.

Dec 27 George Allen jun son of Richard Allen.

Dec 29 Susanna Haskins wife of William Haskins.



Mar 28 Alexander Griffin son of John and Anne.

Jun  2 William Batten of Felton.

Sep 13 James Ivvie son of Stephen and Sarah.

Sep 15 Elizabeth Brock wife of Nathaniel.

Sep 25 James Cook of Felton.

Oct 4 Jane Bigges daughter of Mark and Ann.

Oct 23 Hannah Adams wife of Abraham Adams.

Jan 20 Hannah Wilcox daughter of Henry and Mary.



Apr 14 Hannah Allen daughter of Richard Allen.

May 18 Aaron Page son of Robert and Jane.

Jun 14 Margaret Davies.

Jul 26 Abraham Nash of Shroud.

Jul 26 Thomas Drew of Regil.

Sep 6 Robert York of Regil.

Oct 4 John Hook of Regill.

Oct 11 Richard King jun of Hounslow.

Nov 29 Martha Baker daughter of James and Joan.

Dec 3 William Pratt (at Langley) of Felton.

Dec 31 Sarah Bendall wife of John Bendall.

Jan 3 John son of John Warden of Nempnet.

Jan 31 Susanna Batten.



Apr 3 Benjamin Griffin.

Apr 22 William Childe sen.

May 2 William Cooke of Redgill.

Jul 18 Alexander Griffin son of John and anne.

Sep 27 Richard Wheeler & his son William.

Sep 27  John Fowles son of Wm and Elizabeth.

Oct 10 Sarah Bealir wife of Joseph Bealir.

Aug 30 John Hort son of John and Martha.

Nov 11 William Tovie son of Alexander.

Dec 28 Edward Lane, bachelor of Regil.

 Feb 14 Hannah Griffin daughter of John and Anne.

Feb 13 Elizabeth Brock widow.

Feb 21 Eleanor Fisher widow of Wm Fisher.

Feb 26 Thomas Hedges.



Apr 13 Anne Baker of Felton.



Apr 23 Moses Wallis of Regil.

Jun 2 Samuel Hooke, Parish Clerk.

Jun 14 Thomas Sledge of Backwell.

Jun 28 William Hill the elder.

Aug 6 William Pool son of Wm.

Aug 25 Charles Wood.

Oct 22 Elizabeth King daughter of Wm and Jane.

Nov 12 John Page son of Aaron and Ann.

Dec 17 Dorothy Stokes wife of George Stokes.

Jan 4 Lozara Hill widow of Wm. Hill.

Jan 9 George Wallis son of Moses and Hester.

Mar 3 Joane Allen wife of Thomas Allen of Felton.



Apr 9 John Pool jun of Felton.

May 24 James King son of Wm and Jane.

Jun 2 Rachel Stevens daughter of John and Martha.

Jun 5 Richard Bkackman. Parish Clerk.

Jun 26 Robert Poole of Regil.

Jul 7 Mary Batt widow.

Sep 15 Hester Collins buried on Linen.

Jan 12 William Child son of wm and Elizabeth.

Jan 30 Mary Allen wife of George Allen.

Feb 17 Rebekah wife of Mr John Norcott.

Mar Bridget Poole widow of Robert.



May 2 Susanna Webb widow of Richard Webb.

May 18 William Pool son of Wm and Mary.

Jun 16 Alice Hook widow of Jno: Hook of Regil.

Jun 28 Mary Tovie widow of Robert.

Aug 20 Betty Wilcox daughter of John and Fortune.

Aug 20 John Pool son of Robert and Bridget.

Aug 31 Martha base child of Christopher Bourke and Rachel Cox.

Nov 16 Mary Braly daughter of Joseph and Hannah.

Dec 17 Anne Pratten of Regil.

Mar 20 Anne Wheeler wife of Roger.

Mar 20 Sarah Stokes daughter of George and Mary.

Mar 22 Thomas son of Thomas and Mary Hill.



Jun 9 John Kitchen son of John Kitchen of Congresbury.

Jun 23 Wm Kitchen jun son of Wm and Sarah.

Jun 28 Wm Pool son of Robert and Bridget.

Jul 17 Mary and Henry Line children of Jno: and Denis.

Jul 26 Joane York widow of Robert.

Aug 11 Joane wife of Mr John Norcott.

Sep 17 John son of Mr. John Norcott.

Oct 9 Mary Cook wife of John of Nempent.

Oct 29 Grace Hiscocks widow of Wm.

Nov 22 Mary Vaughan widow.

Dec 8 William Hook.

Mar 21 Anne Stokes daughter of George.

Mar 24 Martha Whitwood wife of Stephen.



Apr 21 William Kitchen sen.

Sep 23 Isabella Cox wife of Wm.

Oct 31 Mary Hill daughter of wm and Mary.

Nov 6 James Allen son of Sarah Allen widow.

Nov 18 James Allen son of John and Elizabeth.

Dec 3 Elizabeth Holder wife of James.

Dec 8 Joseph Brock of Regil.

Dec 26 Thomas Warden son of Jno: and Mary.

Feb 7 Sarah Tovie wife of Stephen.

Mar 19 Sarah House.



May 7 John Barber sen.

May 21 Rebekah Stokes wife of Robert.

Jun 1 Jane Smyth widow.

Jun 15 Martha Hort wife of Jo: Hort jun.

Jun 30 Mary Tovy widow of Regil.

Sep 10 Rebekah Sprud wife of Thomas.

Oct 5 Hester King widow of George.

Oct 19 Mary King wife of Wm King.

Jan 30 …… Tucker widow of Backwell.

James Lane son of John and Anne.

Mar 18 John Allen son of John and Elizabeth of Felton.



Jul 29 John Capell of Dewdon.

Aug 2 Thomas Walter.

Sep 20 Eadith Read wife of Wm Read.

Jan 17 Wm Dowling son of Elias and Joyce.

Feb 5 James Stokes son of George and Mary.

Mar 14 Samuel Childe ye elder.



Apr 5 Grace wife of John Kitchen.

Apr 8 Hester wife of Wm Cox.

Jun 27 John Pool ye elder of Felton.

Sep 19 Elizabeth Fowles widow.

Oct 16 Hester Peaw.



May 5 Roger Morgan of Blagdon.

May 11 Thomas Brock son of Nathaniel and Jane.

Aug 3 Anne Lukins daughter of Wm and Frances.

Sep 10 Katherine Batt wife of Wm Batt sen.

Nov 12 Wm Batt sen of Felton.

Dec 7 Hannah Murry daughter of James and Hannah.

Jan 29 Abraham Adams.

Feb 11 Dorothy Brock widow of Sam.



Apr 30 Joseph Fowles son of Joseph and anne.

Jun 30 William Butt son of Wm Batt blacksmith.

Jul 27 Elizabeth Brock daughter of Nathaniel.

Sep 12 Wm Read son of Wm and Sarah.

Sep 26 John Page son of  Samuel of Felton.

Oct 10 Esther Poole wife of Marmaduke.

Feb 7 John Worm kinsman of John Snook.



May 18 Anne Adams daughter of Abraham and Hannah.

Jul 5 Grace Barber sister of John Barber.

Jul 17 James Peaw ye elder.

Sep 22 James Allen son of Edwd: and Elizabeth.

Dec 7 Mary Tovie daughter of James and Mary.

Jan 25 William Wilcox sen.

Feb 5 Mary Wilcox daughter of John and Fortune.

Feb 26 James Tovie of Winford.

Mar 19 Charles Hill son of Wm and Mary.



Apr 19 Wm Haskins.

May 7 William Brock.

Jun 20 Joyce Dowling wife of Elias.

Jun 28 John Wilcox son of Thomas and Jane.

Sarah Fowles daughter of Samuel and Hannah.

Oct 15 Anne Brock daughter of Joseph and Mary.

Nov 25 Richard Harris of Stroud.

Dec 27 Mary Pool wife of Wm of Felton.

Jan 28 John Wilcox infant son of John and Fortune.

Feb 23 Marmaduke Poole of Felton.

Mar 18 John Saunders infant son of Thos: and Mary.



Apr 15 George Whidler sen.

May 21 James Tovie of Felton.

Jun 12 Bartholomew Weekes.

Jun 13 Joane Cottle wife of William of Wraxall.

Jul 3 Mary Hill wife of John Hill.

Jul 11 Mary Harris widow of Richard Harris.

Jul 26 Margaret Sadler wife of Robt: Sadler, Rector.

Jul 27 Robert Rutt/Riett of Nempnet.

Aug 16 Henry Hitchins.

Aug 19 Sarah Wilcox daughter of John and Fortune.

Sep 11 Mary Cox daughter of William and Ruth.

Oct 29 Hester Wilcox widow of John of Winford.

Nov 1 George Allen jun son of William.

Nov 14 Joane Allen mother of said George.

Nov 19 John Barber the younger.

Nov 20 Abel Hook son of Samuel and Mary.

Nov 29 Alexander Tovie the elder.

Dec 4 Elizabeth Morgan daughter of Roger and Mary.

Dec 13 William Sprud son of Thos: and Rebekah.

Dec 15 John Tovey of Winford son of Rob and Mary.

Dec 17 Jonas Wilcox son of Jonas and Mary.

Dec 22 John Hort.

Dec 22 Robert Tovey son of Stephen.

Dec 25 Sarah Griffin wife of William.

Dec 25 Elizabeth Child wife of William.

Dec 30 George House.

Jan 3 Mary Hill wife of Thomas Hill.

Jan 8 William Poole of Felton.

Jan 10 William Griffin the elder.

Jan 18 Samuel Wood son of Charles and Elizabeth.

Jan 20 Clement? Green servant of Jno: Snook.

Jan 30 Wilsey Nicholas widow.

Feb 5 John Lane of Felton, Miner.



May 7 George Cox son of William and Isabella.

Jun 2 Elizabeth Allen daughter of George.

Jun 13 Thomas Fisher servant of Robt: Page.

Jul 31 William Adams infant son of Wm and Hanah.

Jul 24 George Allen ye elder of Felton.

Aug 7 Sarah Pool daughter of Robt: and Bridget.

Dec 18 John Page infant son of Jno: and Mary.

Feb 22 Mary Dowling wife of John.

Mar 5 Peter York son of Robt: and Mary.



Apr 30 John Hill son of Wm and Mary.

May 22 Joseph Bealy ye elder.

Aug 9 Margaret Peaw wife of James Peaw.

Oct 1 Robert York jun.

Jan 17 Edward Williams son of Edward and Frances.

Jan 30 Jonas Wilcox son of Jonas and Mary.

Jan 30 Benjamin Hill son of Wm and Mary.

Feb 2 Anne Adams widow of Abraham Adams.

Feb 5 Moses Tovey of Heathhill.

Feb 16 William Wilcox son of William and Gane/Jane.

Mar 21 Edith Hitchins widow of Henry Hitchins.



Feb 6 Moses Tovey sen.

Apr 19 Margaret Trueman.

Elizabeth Fowles widow of Wm Fowles.

May 18 Robt: Sadler, rector.

Apr 16 William Adams.

Robt: Read son of Wm and Sarah.

Jun 23 Anne wife of Mr. Jno: Griffin.

Jun 20 Mary Stokes wife of Robt:

Hester daughter of Jno: Godwin and Rebeckah.



Sep 9 Jane Barber.

Oct 26 Nathaniel Brock.

Nov 6 Elean: Lines wife of Samuel.

Jul 22 Joseph Poole.

Jan 26 Jonas Wilcox son of Jonas and Mary.

Jan 31 Thomas Walter son of Thomas Walter.

Feb 1 Dianah Morgan.



Apr 15 John York son of Robt: and Mary.

Jun 19 John Young.

Dec 20 Robert Stokes.

Jan 13 Mary Pedar?




May 2 Betty Wood.

Jun 2? William Sprod.

Aug 20 Mary Cox wife of John Cox.

Oct 17 Mary Allen daughter of Wm Allen.

Dec 3 Jane Edwards daughter of John and Sarah.

Mar 16 Hester Fisher widow.

Mar 23 Jane Hack widow.



Jun 11 John Ball son of William and Mary.

Jun 17 Roger Morgan son of Henry and Grace.

Jul 6 Elizabeth Willcox widow.

Sep 2 Elizabeth Smith widow.

Sep 11 Mr John Griffin.

Sep 18 Richard Merry.

Oct 8 Mary Lane wife of John Lane.

Elizabeth Sanders.

Nov 9 Mary Morry daughter of Richard and Elizabeth.

Nov 3 Elizabeth wife of William Purnel.

Feb Richard King.

Mar Thomas Read son of Wm and Sarah.



Mar 25 Ann wife of Joseph Vowles.

Jul 23 Mark Biggs.

Jul 24 Ann Pew wife of John Pew.

Aug 16 Mary Willcox daughter of John and Anne.

Sep 10 Mary Morgan daughter of Henry and Grace.

Sep 26 Elizabeth Vowles.

Oct 18 William Batt.

Nov Anne Holbrook daughter of Thomas and Martha.

Dec Frances wife of Wm Lukins.

Feb Barnaby Willcox of the parish of Bedminster.

Feb Elizabeth wife of Robert Page.



Apr 1? Hannah Lane daughter of John Lane.

Apr 2? Margery Chapman.

Sep 1? James Pew of Stroud.

Sep 23 Ezekiel Brock son of Nathaniel and Jane.

Sep 1? Robert Stokes son of Robt: and Rebekah.

Oct 6 Judith Allen of Hounsly.

Oct 16 Thomas Hoock.

Oct 16 John Cox.

Oct 26 Elizabeth wife of Edward Allin.

Oct Sarah Allin daughter of Edward and Elizabeth.

Dec Anne Hamsmore.

Jan 21 Robert Paige.

Feb 5 Thomas Allin.

Mar Mary wife of Samuel Young.

Mar Sarah wife of Thomas Allin.



Jun 11 Anne Haskins.

Jul 5 Mary wife of Thomas Thomas of Butcombe.

Jul 7 Anne wife of John Willson.

Sep 3 Mary wife of William Hill.

Nov 13 John Griggin.

Dec 27 Anne wife of John Stephens.

Jan 3 Joseph Brock of Regil.

Jan 30 William child.

Feb 25 Hester daughter of John Stephens and Anne.

Mar 15 James York.



May 4 John Allin son of Thomas and Sarah.

May 22 William Hill.

May 24 George Willcox.

Jul 11 Anne Vowls daughter of Joseph and Anne.

Jul 29 Robert Sommors of Tantown. (Taunton?)

Mar John Watkins.



Mar Mary daughter of Mr. Peter Webb rector and Mary.

Apr 21 John Brock son of Joseph and Mary. (This could be a baptism)

May 29 Martha Belly.

Jul 26 John Brock son of Joseph and Mary buried.

Oct 13 Sarah Cox daughter of Wm and Ruth.

Oct 27 Anne wife of Mordicai Stokes.

Nov 3 Agnes wife of James Biggs.

Jan 12 Joseph Cox son of Wm and Ruth.

Jan 16 Sarah wife of John Tovey.

Feb Mr. Peter Webb, rector.

            not so quite nine years



Sep 24 Mary Tovey widow.

Sep 29 Mary Binson.

Nov 8 Mary Morry daughter of James Morry.

Nov Jane wife of John Sprud.

Nov 19 Rose daughter of John Sprod.

Nov 24 Anne Binson.

Dec 4 Mary wife of John Hont.

Dec 6 Mary wife of Joseph Brock.

Dec 8 Mordecca Stokes.

Dec 14 James Tocker.

Jan 12 Edeth Tovey widow.

Jan 24 Elizabeth wife of John Allin.

Jan John Allin.

Mar 7 James Biggs son of James and Agnes.

Mar 2? John Speod.



Apr 30 Mr John Norcott.

May Joseph Cox son of Wm and Ruth.

Jun 2? John Page.

Jun 29 Elizabeth Pool widow.

Aug 2 Anne Snoock wife of John.

Jun Anne Allen daughter of Thomas and Jane.

Jan Richard Morgan son of Henry and Grace.



Apr Hester wife of George   anmen.

Apr Bety Young daughter of John and Francis.

Apr Mr. William King.

May 18 William Wilcox.

May 2? Edward Owen.

Jul 7 Mary wife of George Morgan.

Sep 11 Hester daughter of Thomas Allin.

Sep Sarah Tovey widow.

Oct John Godwin son od John and Rebecah.

Nov Hester Godwin daughter of John and Rebeca.

Dec Martha Bakear wife of Edward Balear.

Jan Edward Williams.

Mar William son of John and Mary.

Mar Joseph Cox son of Wm and Ruth.

Mar William Hannam son of John and Mary.



Jul 2 Rebeccah wife of Mr. John Godwin.

Aug 9 Mr. Charles Plomer.

Aug 21 William Joans.

Sep 13 Jane wife of Wm King.

Oct 12 Jane wife of Wm Lukins.

Oct 7 Mary wife of John Willson.

Oct 24 Grace wife of John Blinman.

Nov 2 John Wilson.

Nov 30 Sarah Kitching widow.

Dec 1? John Hannam son of John and Mary.

Dec2? John son of George Broock and Margery.

Feb 7 Thomas Allin.

Feb 14 John Allin.

Mar 19 George Stokes.



May 26 James Smyth.

May 26 Ruth Cox.

Jun 13 James Morry.

Jul 25 Edeth Coock.

Jul 28 The man that died at Feltons Inn was buryed.

Aug 16 Mary Young daughter of John and Francis.

Aug 22 Elizabeth Tovey daughter of John and Mary.

Aug 25 George King of Stroud.

Sep 10 Sarah wife of John Edwards.

Sep Susannah daughter of Wm and Gartre Stoks.

Oct Martha Lukens daughter of Henry and Sarah.

Oct Thomas York.

Nov 24 George York son of Thomas and Hannah.

Dec Samuel Watkins.

Dec Martha Hoock.

Dec Hester King.

Dec Anne Sargent.

Feb William York son of Thomas and Hannah.

Mar Joseph Young son of John and Francis.

Mar George Juman/Inman.



Mar 31 George Junman/Inman.

Apr John Dowling.

May 13 Hester Williams.

Sep 25 William Cox.

Oct 7 William Purnell.

Jan 2 Jane King daughter of Robert and Sarah.

Jan 6 Anne Philips.

Mar 15 Hester Weeb.



May 16 John Griffin son of Benjamin and Deborah.

Jun 7 George Watkins son of Samuel and Susanna.

Jun 10 John Young son of John and Francis.

Sep 13 John Hannam.

Nov 4 Francis Williams.

Nov 17 Mary Brock widow.

Dec 24 William Lukens.



Apr Jane Baker.

Apr James Baker.

Apr Joyce? Maishel.

Apr George Godwin.

Jun Mary York daughter of James Hannah.

Jul 11 Ruth Cox daughter of Wm and Deborah.

Oct 21 Sarah wife of Wm Read.

Nov 14 Charles Hoock son of Thomas and Anne.

Dec 21 John Lane.

Jan Sarah Holbrock.

Feb 17 William Celley?



Apr 9 Hester Willcox daughter of Edward and Mary.

May 7 Sarah wife of Robert King.

Jul 28 Mary wife of James Tocker.

Jul 28 Jonas Willcox.

Sep 20 Edward Willcox.

Oct 18 John Brock son of Robert and Elizabeth.

Jan 2 Richard Allin.

Jan 28 Susannah Stokes daughter of Wm and Gartery.

Feb 11 Thomas Maisel son of Ambros and Mary.



Apr 1 Nathaniel Block.

Apr 10 Sarah Young.

May 15 Margret Weeks.

May 24 Betty Peres daughter of Joseph and Edith.

Sep Anne Hoock.

Jan John Willson.

Feb 8 Mary wife of Richard Allin.

Feb 9 James Biggs.

Mar Mary Page widow.



Nov 24 Elizabeth wife of William Aades.

Dec 14 Joseph Vowls.

Dec 18 Jane Hill daughter of John and Sarah.

Jan 5 William Owen son of John and Elizabeth.

Jan 13 Jane Brock widow.

Feb 17 Elizabeth wife of Samuel Child.

Feb 23 Thomas Hill.



May Rebecca King.

Aug 10 Grace wife of Henry Morgan.

Aug 28 Ann Hill daughter of William and Mary.

Oct 2? Hester wife of John Vowls.

Nov 9 William King.

Dec 7 Joseph Brock son of Josepg and Mary.

Feb 8 Mary Lane.



Mar 28 James Tovey.

May 23 Grace Smart daughter of Danel and Mary.

Jul 22 Elizabeth wife of Thomas Griffin.

Nov 4 William Hont.

Jan 30 Sarah Allin widow.

Jan 30 Sarah Hains daughter of Tho: and Sarah.



Apr 20 John Hiscox.

May 24 John Smart son of Danel and Mary.

May 30 Mary Plomer.

Jun 20 Martha Ball daughter of William and Mary.

Aug Frances Pool.

Aug Leah Page.

Oct Betty Stokes.

Oct Hester Williams

Oct Mary Helear.

Oct 25 Mary Brock.

Dec 11 Dennes Line widow.

Jan 8 John Tovey.

Jan 16 Henry Morgan.

Feb 19 Mary Stokes widow.



Apr 9 John Willcox.

Apr 23 Margret Haskens widow.

Apr 25 Martha Hodges widow.

Apr 27 Anne wife of William Haskens.

May 8 Mary Willcox widow.

Jun 12 Thomas Tovey.

Aug 19 Edward Allin.

Aug 22 Sarah Walker daughter of Benjamin and Joyce.

Aug 2 7 Thomas Sprod.

Sep 25 Nathaniel Pew.

Oct 6 Sarah wife of Andrew Keen.

Dec 14 Mary Morgan widow.

Jan 26 James Willcox son of Jonas and Mary.

Feb 11 Anne Wilson daughter of John and Catren.



Apr Olive daughter of Joseph and Olive Williams.

May Peter York son of Tho and Hannah.

Oct Sarah Allin daughter of Edward and Honour.

Nov 8 James Willcox son of John and Jane.

Nov 14 Roger Morgan son of Henry and Grace.

Dec Hester wife of Charles Wood.

Jan 2 John Pool son of William and Dinanah.

Jan 2? Mary Hill daughter Thomas and Mary.

Feb 7 Jone York daughter George and Grace.

Feb 10 John Stokes.

Feb 10 Martha Haskens daughter of William and Elizabeth.

Mar Grace Morgan daughter of Henry and Grace.

Mar Gabriel Willson.

Mar Richard Joans.



Mar 28 Richard Joans son of William and Mary.

Apr 4 James King son of Robert and Sarah.

Apr 11 Hannah Murrey.

Apr 18 Mary Tovey daughter of John and Edeth.

May 28 Sarah Tovey daughter of Joseph? And Sarah.

Jun 24 Hester Williams daughter of Joseph and Olive.

Sep 1 John Pew.

Sep 13 William child son of Samuel and Elizabeth.

Oct 2 Martha wife of John Hoock.

Oct 2 John Snoock.

Nov 16 William Hill.

Nov 17 George Brock.

Nov 28 Anne Hill daughter of William and Mary.

Dec 9 Betty Brock daughter of George and Margery.

Dec 7 Jone Owen widow.

Dec 9 Mary Hill daughter of Wm and Mary.

Dec 11 Harels Hill son of William and Mary.

Dec 16 William Hill son of William and Mary.

Dec 27 Deborah York daughter of Tho: and Hannah.



Apr 3 Sarah Williams daughter of Joseph and Olive.

Jun 24 Sarah Willson widow.

Jun 25 James Davies the welsh man.

Aug 3 Anne Tovey daughter of Wm and Anne.

Sep Anne wife William Bowls.

Sep Samuel Young.

Sep Hester Clother daughter of Wm and Martha.

Sep Elizabeth Morry daughter of Sarah.

Sep Mary wife of William Coll.

Oct 4 Debrah daughter of Gabriel and Sarah Willson.

Oct 11 Sarah Willson daughter Gabriel and Sarah.

Oct 28 Anne King wife of William King.

Nov 4 William Bull.

Nov Mary Hill daughter of William and Mary.

Dec 14 Jane wife of John Morgan.

Jan 5 Thomas Willcox son of William and Mary.

Jan 29 Mary Brock wife of George Brock.

Feb 5 Jone wife of James Barons.

Feb Anne Biggs widow.

Mar 3 Joseph Williams of Redghill.



Jun Hannah wife of Joseph Bealy.

Aug William York son of Obed.

Sep 14 Hannah Smyth widow.

Oct Hester Griffin daughter of Tho:

Dec James Canterbery son of Samuel and Betty.

Feb 23 Debra Arther daughter of William and Mary.



Mar 25 Anne Lane widow.

Apr 19 John Edwards.

Sep 11 John King son of Richard King.

Nov 11 Susanna Parker wife of William Parker.

Nov 13 Sarah Young daughter of John Young.

Nov 22 Martha Gifard.

Mar 18 Elizabeth Child daughter of John and Mary.

Mar 19 Benjamin Pearce son of Joseph and Edith.



Aug 14 Mary Yoark daughter of Thomas and Hannah.

Oct 11Aron Clothier son of William and Martha.

Oct 16 Mary Haskins daughter of William.

Jan 13 Bety Clark daughter of Timothy and Mary.

Jan 30 William Read.

Febv 17 Mary Tovey daughter of John Tovey.

Feb 18 William King.



Apr 12 Andrew Keen.

May 19 William Clothier.

Sep 9 Edward Ball son of Edward Ball.

Jan 12 Mary Wallis wife of Aron.



Jun 12 John Allen.

Jul 3 John King?

Jul 9 John Owing.

Jul 10 Richard King.

Jul 25 Elizabeth Hamore wife of William.

Sep 20 Mary Yoork daughter of  Obed.

Oct 27 William Yoark son of Obed.

Nov 23 John Walter son of Benjamin.

Nov 27 Jane Coley wife of Joseph.

Feb 8 Ann Ball wife of Edward.

Mar 5 Mary Child daughter of John and Mary.



Mar 25 Ann Peder daughter of William and Mary.

Jun 19 Martha Clothier wife of William.

Jul7 John Hook.

Oct 7 Matha Ball daughter of Edward and ann.

Oct 15 Macey Ball daughter of Edward.

Jan 7 John Young.

Feb 14 William York son of George and Grace.

Feb 28 Ann Whlilor (Wheeler) wife of George.



Jul 19 James Stocks son of Jonas and Elnez.

Oct 16 George Brock.

Dec 22 Debro Cox wife of William.

Dec 27 Joab Williams son of Racheil.

Jan 22 Sarah Archer daughter of William and Mary.

Feb 12 Joseph York son of George and Grace.


1749 Apr 2? Mary Clark daughter of Timothy and Mary.

Apr 27 Elizabeth Morgan daughter of George and Ann.

Sep 7 Ann Barber daughter of Edward and Mary.

Nov 14 Jane Urch.

Dec 3 Joseph Tucker.

Jan 14 Elizabeth Chiles daughter of John and Mary.

Jan 29 Mary King wife of Richard King.