Tickenham Marriages


Transcribed by Mary Mason.




P.= Presence of:  otp=of this parish



Apr 28 John Fowles of Backwell to Lovell Webb of Tickenham.

P. Robert Baker & William Thomas.


Oct 18 James Bayly otp to Elizabeth Knight otp.

P. Robert Baker & Samuel Barber.



Banns between James King bachelor otp & Sarah White spinster of Nailsea.

1756 Mar 28 Apr 4 & 11.


Jun 20 John Carpenter widower of Clevedon to Sarah Haskins spinster otp.

P. Hugh Giblett & William Thomas.


May 29 Thomas Bilby bachelor otp to Sarah Butt spinster otp.

P. Samuel Barber & William Thomas. (1746 written but should be 1756)


Nov 21 Thomas Baker of Tickenham to Mary Higgins of Tickenham. License.

P. Robert Baker & William Thomas.



Apr 6 George Spear otp Carpenter to Mary Pedder spinster otp.

P. William Thomas & Sarah Tutton.



Nov 8 James Hawkins of Tickenham to Susannah Cole otp. License.

P. Thomas Baker & John Knight.



Aug 18 Edmund Westlock bachelor otp to Flower Chancellor singlewoman otp. P. Samuel Hollyman & Paul Baily. License.



Jun 22 Roger Bayly bachelor otp to Betty Stoms/Stone? of Worle.

P. Paul Bailey & William Thomas.



Apr 18 James Parsons of Kingston Semore, yeoman to Elizabeth Bryant spinster otp.

P. Richard Hazell & William Thomas.



Feb 27 Robert Baker bachelor otp to Hester Tinckling otp. License.

P. Samuel Hollyman & John Tinklin.



Aug 6 John Thorn otp husbandman to Susan Barret otp spinster.

P. George Thorne & William Thomas.


Oct 7 James Smith otp hisbandman to Susanna Stebbings otp spinster.

P. George Gill & William Thomas.



Feb 19 Samuel Ware otp husbandman to Elizabeth Lewis otp spinster.

P. William Baker & John Knight.



Sep 10 James Turner otp Writing Master to Ann Kencoat widow otp.

P. John Knight.



Mar 25 Thomas Hedges farmer of Walton to Rachel Phillips widow otp. License.

P. William Battman & John Phillips.


Apr 22 William Baker farmer otp to Ann Badmel spinster otp. License.

P. John Knight & Robert Baker.


Jun 30 William Tincklin husbandman otp to Ann (Nancy) Knight spinster otp.

P. James Turner & John Knight.



Feb 23 William Sheppard of Locking to Elizabeth Gill of Tickenham. License & Consent.

P. Thomas Simmons & John Knight.



Feb 6 Richard Williams of Wraxall to Elizabeth Vowles of Tickenham.

P. Mary Vowles & John Yought.


Feb 19 John Brimble otp to Hannah Newtonof Nailsey.

P John Knight & George Burnett.


May 8 George Crane otp labourer to Mary Hartree of Banwel spinster.

P. John Knight & James Hartree.


Sep 12 Richard Hewlet of Clevedon labourer to Ann Thorn otp spinster.

P. William Thorne & John Knight.


Sep 12 Edward Bacon otp labourer to Ann Hains spinster otp.

P. John Knight & George Spear.



Nov 1 Esan Weare cordwainer of Nailsea to Rachel Godfrey of Tickenham. License.

P. John Knight & Thomas Baker.



May 26 Thomas Lewis labourer of Wraxall to Rebecca Williams spinster otp.

P. Elizabeth Dean & John Knight.


Sep 1 Henry Edgel husbandman otp to Ann Willis spinster otp. License.

P. John Savidge & John Knight.



Jan 10 Samuel Thomas bachelor otp to Mary Newton spinster of Wraxall.

P. John Knight & Samuel Russel.



Sep 4 William Dearham bachelor otp to Mary Spear widow otp. License.

P. W Hoore, John Hunt & John Knight.



Apr 14 John Wride yeoman of Nailsea to Hannah Baker spinster otp. License.

P. John Kiddell & Robert Baker.


Sep 15 James Cook bachelor of Nailsea to Anne Hunt spinster otp. License.

P. James Hunt & John Knight.



Apr 26 William Wait bachelor otp to Anne Tikins spinster otp.

P. William Derham & John Knight.


Aug 26 Isaac White bachelor of Nailsey to Sarah Higgins widow otp. License.

P. Thomas Smith & Mary Govier.


Oct 21 William Baker otp to Ann Baker otp. License.

P. Robert Baker, Joseph Ball, Hannah Wride & Robert Baker. (different writing from the other Robert Baker)


Oct 28 James Moon bachelor of this parish to Hester Turner spinster otp.

P. Sarah Turner & John Knight.



May 29 Richard Windsor otp to Nancy Woodroffe otp.

P. Mary Wynne & John Knight.



Jan 1 Robert Jones bachelor of Walton in Gordano to Betty Fry spinster otp.

P. William Curry & John Knight.



Jan 13 Thomas Gale otp to Betty White of Kenne. License.

P. John…….? Robert Jakeman & John Knight.


Jan 19 Moses Baily bachelor otp to Jane Ogbourne spinster otp.

P. William Baker & John Knight.


Jan 26 Charles Thorne bachelor otp to Jane Westbury spinster otp.

P. Abraham Pritchard, Elizabeth Baker & John Porigt?


Apr 13 William Plumbly bachelor of Nailsea to Ann Baily spinster otp.

P. William Baker & Samuel Plumly.



Nov 23 Cornelius Eyers otp to Hannah Baker otp. License.

P. William Baker & John Knight.



Mar 22 Thomas Westcott otp to Sarah Edghill spinster otp.

P. Jeramiah Edghill & Paul Thomas.



1790 Jun 22 Thomas Escott otp to Sarah Dean otp.

P. Hannah Dean, Michael Rudge & John Knight.



Feb 6 John Wolfe bachelor of Backwell to Hester Baker spinster otp. License.

P. John Parnell, Benjamin Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Sarah Wickwick & John Knight.


Apr 18 William Day bachelor otp to Florence Cambridge spinster otp.

P. Elizabeth Baker, John Day & John Knight.


Aug 15 Benjamin Lilly bachelor otp to Sarah Barber widow otp.

P. Arnold Johnson & William Baker.



Apr 30 Isaac Elmes bachelor of Nailsea to Jane Hilman spinster otp.

P. George Alvis, John Knight, Samuel Alvis & Sarah Alvis.



May 13 Samuel White bachelor otp to Sarah Tinklin spinster otp.

P. Charles Thorne, John Knight & Elizabeth Baker.


May 21 Paul Bayley bachelor otp to Eleanor Hughes spinster otp. License.

P. George Alvis, Hannah Hughes & Elizabeth Baker.


Oct 1 James Groves otp to Mary Tucker otp.

P. John Knight & James Groves.



Jul 2 John Reade otp to Mary Thorne otp.

P. William Baker, Richard Lovell & John Knigt.


Dec 7 John Williams of Portbury to Jane Badrick otp.

P. Robert Phippin & John Knight.



Apr 10 John Reed of Walton to Elizabeth Rogers otp. License.

P. John Parnell, John Kidwell & John Knight.



Apr 30 Samuel Alvis of Tickenham to Elizabeth Baker of the same. License.

P. George Alvis & Samuel Baker.



Feb 19 Thomas Cook of Tickenham to Hannah Simmons of the same.

P. Thomas Harding & William Simmons.


Apr 7 Benjamin Baker bachelor otp to Sarah Alvis otp. License.

P. George Alvis & Ann Alvis.


Sep 24 Benjamin Powell bachelor of Timsbury to Ann Horler otp. License.

P. John Parnell & John Kiddell.



Apr 15 Samuel Baker bachelor otp to Ann Alvis otp. License.

P. George Alvis, Hannah Hughes & William Hughes.


Dec 8 Samuel Stone otp to Hannah Ware otp.

P. Moses Baily & Richard Rogers.



Apr 21 Robert Baker widower otp to Mary Smith spinster otp. License.

P. Hannah Watts & Samuel Ware.



Feb 15 John Dudding yeoman otp to Phebe Baker spinster otp. License.

P. William Withey & Thomas Baker.


1803 Apr 1 Joseph Hopknis otp to Anne Atwell otp.

P. James Moon & Moses Baily.



Feb 9 Edward Doggett yeoman of Clevedon to Sarah Baker widow otp. License.

P. George Alvis, Samuel Baker & Ann Baker.


Apr 23 Thomas Baker yeoman of Tickenham to Sarah Hedges spinster of Clevedon. License.

P. Thomas Baker & Charles Hodges.


1806 Aug 24 William Mitchell bachelor otp to Ann Nickless spinster of Clapton.

P. Robert Baker & John Denling.



Jun 7 William Parnell yeoman otp to Mary Kiddell spinster otp. License.

P. Robert Kiddell & William Kiddell.



Dec 26 Samuel Stone widower otp to Elizabeth Jennings spinster otp.

P. ? Erdington.



Mar 26 Thomas Evans bachelor of Chew Magna to Rachel Kiddell spinster otp. License.

P. William Evans, Mary Evans, William Kiddell, Mary Parnell & William Parnell.


May 14 Henry Sleep bachelor otp to Mary Ogbourn spinster otp.

P. Thomas Morgan & George Saunders.



Nov 27 John Ball bachelor otp to Mary Anne Lilly spinster otp.

P. …..Buller & Ann Bailey.



Apr 1 Charles Sandy of ..hon, Somerset to Mary Hurditch otp.

P. Moses Bailey & Rebecca Wait.



Aug 31 Richard Coleman otp to Mary Crane widow otp.

P. Edward Doggett & Moses Bailey. 


Dec 8 John Humphries otp to Hannah Winsor otp.

P. Moses Bailey & Samuel Winsor.



Aug 30 William White of Nailsea to Isabella Reed otp. License.

P. Elizabeth Reed & James White.



Nov 24 John Hamlin bachelor otp to Ann Bailey spinster otp.

P. Edward Doggett & Sophia Doggett.



May 5 Thomas Price bachelor of Wraxall to Betsy Alvis spinster otp.

P. Samuel Alvis & Ruth Alvis.



Mar 28 James Brooks bachelor of Nailsea to Hannah Brimble spinster otp.

P. Ruben Brooks & Moses Bailey.


May 3 William Gellet bachelor otp to Charlotte Moon spinster otp.

P. Matilda Brimble & Moses Bailey.


Jun 24 Charles Palmer bachelor of St. Philip & Jacob, Bristol to Ann Emery spinster otp. License.

P. William Kiddell & Charles Doggett.



Jul 11 George Nichols bachelor of Puritan, Somerset to Ann Hollyman otp.

P. Mary Nichols, William Liddell, Thomas Nichols & Temperance Griffin.



Apr 24 Thomas Tucker of Tickenham to Mary Hopkins spinster otp.

P. Moses Bailey & Joseph Bryant.



Oct 6 James Lilley labourer of Tickenham to Sarah Needs spinster of Tickenham.

P. Sarah White & Moses Bailey.



Mar 17 James King widower of Tickenham to Ann Coleman Rumbold widow of Wraxall. License.

P. Thomas Rumbold & Moses Bailey.



Mar 27 Charles Plumley labourer otp to Mary King spinster otp.

P. George King, Hannah King & Moses Bailey.


……..10 Samuel Davis yeoman of Clapton to Hannah Puddy spinster otp. License.

P. Charles Puddy & James Davis.



Apr 9 James Selley bachelor of Clevedon to Ann Winsley spinster otp.

P. John Cox & Jane brent.


Apr 11 William Coombs bachelor of Nailsea to Ann Puddy spinster otp. License.

P. Richard Puddy & Sarah Coombs.


Aug 13 James Hunt bachelor otp to Harriett Capell spinster otp.

P. Edward Sainsbury & Elizabeth Capell.



Dec 22 Moses Bailey otp to Amy Wilcox of Nailsea.

P. James Milliar & Thomas Churchouse.