Parish of Clapton in Gordano


Early marriages recorded in Latin

1559 - 1624


Art Lawton, Trenton, NJ


The first set of marriage records in Clapton in Gordano parish extend from the year 1559 through the year 1754.  There are fourteen pages in all.  The earliest are completely in Latin up to the year 1616 and then in partial Latin up to and including 1624, after which they are recorded in English.  Consequently, this transcription is divided into two sections, Latin and then English, each with approximately the same format. 

The marriage entries from 1559 through 1597 appear to have been re-copied by the rector who made the first original contemporaneous entry in 1601.  This resulted in several entries being made out of chronological order and, of course, the apparent recopying introduced the potential for scribal error, an obvious example of which can be seen in the seventh entry.  Consequently, for these early entries the potential for error exists not only from this current transcription, but also from the 16th century recopying.


The first line for each entry in this transcription provides normalized spellings.  This was done to facilitate Internet searches.  Occasionally a variant spelling of the normalized name is also provided in brackets.  This was done when, in the transcriber=s opinion, that name was more likely intended.  The second line is the exact transcription of names and other verbiage of genealogical value.  The original spellings of each entry has been retained as closely as possible, given the faded ink.  If the majority of the word was legible an attempt was made to provide a reasonable guess as to the name by reviewing names common to this parish.  However, any difficulties in deciphering a name/word are noted by a bracketed [?] after the name/word in question.


Conventions used in this transcription:

poss = possibly; alternative spellings or interpretations

var = variant; another more likely form of the name.

bapt = spelling confirmed by a baptismal entry in year stated

p~ = represents the p-like symbol which is a contraction for either per or pro.

a = a double underscore is used to represent a tittle or macron, which is a short straight, wavy or looped line over a letter indicating an m or n should follow; when over several letters it indicates a general contraction.



Page 1


1559 Nov 22, Edmund Arthur & Elizabeth James

Edmund Arthur et Elizabetha James vicessimo quinto novembris 1559


1560 May 16, Thomas Yate & Elizabeth Weaver  [var: Yates / Yeates]

Thos Yayte et Elizabetha wever decimo Sexto Maij 15601 [sic]*


1560 Jun 4, William King & Agnes Gardiner  [var: Gardner]

Willm king et Agneta Gardyner Quarto Junij 15601*


1564 Apr 19, Richard Cottrell & Joan Hosyer

Ricardus Cottrell et Joan Hosyer decimo nona Aprillis 1564


1564 Jun 7, John Burnett & Isabella Richard

Johes Burnett et Izabella Ricard Septimo Junij 1564


1566 Oct 23, John King & Joan Rubius  [var: Robius]

Johes king et Joan Rubyus vicessimo tercio octobris 1566


157_ Oct 8, Richard Hilsey & Joan Cottrell

Ric Hilsey et Joan Cottrell octavo octobris 157_ [sic]


1568 May 6, Richard Wolsey & Mary Johnson

Ric Wolse et Maria Johnson Sexto Maij 1568


1569 Jun 11, Walter Russell & Elizabeth Whitwood

Walterus Russel et Elizabetha Wytwod undecimo Junij 1569


1579 Feb 18, John Hobbes & Joan Cottrell

Johes Hobbes et Joan Cottrell decimo octavo februarij 1579 [sic]**


1579 Mar 24, Edward Millard & Agnes Cottrell

Edwardus Millard et Agneta Cottrell 24 Marcij 1579


1579 Jan 9, William Prite & Joan

Willm Pryte et Joan [  no surname  ] nono Januarij 1579


1579 Feb 10, Edward Cottrell & Elizabeth

Edwardus Cottrell et Elizabetha [  no surname  ] decimo Febraris [sic] 1579


*   The date was written as shown, almost as if the recorder was unsure if the date was 1560 or 1561.

** These 1579 entries are out of order by month also.




Page 2


1571 Nov 11, William Thomas & Alice King

Willm Thomas et Alicia king decimo octavo novembris 1571


1571 Aug 2, Thomas Morris & Joan Willmott

Thmas [sic] Morris et Joan willmott Secundo Augusti 1571


1571 Nov 8, Henry Nashe & Margaret William

Henricus Nashe et margareta Willm octo novembris 1571


1571 Jan 7, Richard Baker & Grace Brock

Ric Baker et Grace brocke Septimo Januarij 1571


1571 Jan 31, John Hilsey & Frideswide Hosyer

Johes Hilsey et fryswith hosyer ultimo Januarij 1571


1572 Apr 17, Richard Romsey & Isabella Hobbs

Ric Romsey et Izabella hobbs decimo Septimo Aprillis 1572


1572 Nov 20, Robert Griffen & Joan kinge

Robertus Griffen et Joan kinge vicesimo novembris 1572


1572 Jan 18, William Price & Joan Colman

Willim Price et Joan Colman decimo octavo Januariij 1572


1574 Oct 16, Humphrey Bailey & Elizabeth Thomas

Humphrieus Bayle et Elizabetha Thomas decimo Septo octobris 1574


1574 Nov 4, Lawrence Swetnam & Agnes Arthur  [var: Swetnum]

Lawrencus Swetnam et Agneta Arthur Quarto novembris 1574


1575 Apr 28, John Chaunt & Joan Thomas

Johes Chaunt [?] et Joan Thomas vicesimo octavo Aprillis 1575  [var: ?haunt, ?hanut, ?hannt]




Page 3


1577 Jan 15, John Hilsey & Joan Spering

Jhes Hilsey et Joan Spering decimo quinto Januarij 1577


1585 Feb 4, George Bailey & Margaret Harrison

Georgem Baylie et Margareta harison Quarto Februarij 1585 [sic]


1584 Dec 4, Robert Swate & Margaret, wife

Robertus Swate et Margareta ux quarto decembris 1584


1581 Apr 7, Robert James & Edly, wife

Robertus Jemes et Edly ux Septimo Aprillis 1581 [sic]


1587 May 28, Dennis Porter & Margaret, wife

Deneta Porter et Margareta ux 28 Maij 1587


1588 Feb 20, Richard Wolsey & Margaret Bartlett

Ric Wolse et Margareta Bartlet vicesimo Februarij 1588


1589 Nov 7, John Byfield & Agnes King

Jhes Byfeld et Agneta kinge Septimo Novembris 1589


1589 Feb 9, Christopher Wilcoke & Margaret Porter   [var: Wilcock]

Christopherus wilcoke et margareta Porter nono Februarij 1589


1592 August 9, Henry Blanch & Juliana Butler

Henricus Blanch et Juliana Buttler nono August 1592


1592 May 7, William Edyell & Agnes Oke  [var: Oak, Okey]

Willm Edyell et Agneta Oke Septo Maij 1592


1592 Jun 8, Henry Jones & Isabella Reed

Henricus Jones [?] et Izabella Reed ucto Jul Junij 1592  [poss: Jemes; var: James]


1592 Sep 11, John Burnett & Isabella Kemp

Jhes Burnett [?] et Izabella Kempe undecimo Septembris 1592  [poss: Burett]


1592 Nov 22, Arthus Chock & Anna King  [var: Chuck]

Arthus Chock et Anna king vicesimo secundo novebris [sic] 1592


1593 Oct 1, William Cottrell & Joanna Chappell

Willm Cottrell et Joanna Chappell primo die uctobris 1593


1594 Oct 28, John Thayer & Joanna Cottrell

Jhes Thayer et Joanna Cottrell 28 uctobris 1594




Page 4


1595 July 17, John Bullock & Margery King

Johes Bullocke et Margeria kinge decimo Septimo Julij 1595


1595 Jan 27, Richard Cook & Rachel Alexander

Ric Cooke et Rachella Alexander vicesimo Septo Januarij 1595


1595 Feb 2, John Fisher & Margaret Porter

Johes Fisher et Margareta Porter secundo februarij 1595


1596 Nov 8, Henry Cook & Mary Morse

Henricus Cooke et Maria Morse octavo novembris 1596


1597 Nov 8, John Wilmott & Joanna Russell

Johes Wilmott et Joanna Russell octavo novembris 1597


1597 Oct 23, William Prist & Agnes Powell

Willm Prist et Agneta Powell 23 octobris 1597


1601 Nov 15, Edward Willet & Elizabeth Phelps

Edwardus Willet et Elizabeth Phelps decimo quinto die novembris 1601


1602 May 7, Edward Spur & Margaret Hobbes,  [var: Spoor, Spore]

Edwarde Spur & margaret hobs Septo die maij 1602


1602 May 7, John Rickets & Mary Hobbes

John Rickets & marye hobs Septo die maij 1602


1603 Oct 7, John Talway & Mary Paine of Clapton

John Talwaye & marie Paine of Clapton Septo die Octobris 1603


1603 Jan 2, John Collins & Joan Outmoore

John Collyns & Joan Outmoore Se[cun]dno [?] die Januarij 1603


1604 Jan 15, Richard Nobel & Susanna Ramey  [var: Romey]

Richard Nobell et Susanna Ramey Decimo quinto die Januarij 1604


1605 Oct 31, John Humphrey & Elizabeth Elborough

John Humferie et Elizabeth Elborowe ultimo die Octobris 1605




Page 5


1608 Jun 21, John Hety & Sara Byfield

Johanne H[et]y [?] et Sara Byfeyld vicesimo primo Junij 1608


1609 Feb 6, William Degget & Joanna Hilsey

Gulielmus Degget et Joanna hilzey sexto die februarij 1609


1612 Oct 29, Richard James & Dorothy Cottrell, widow

Richardus James et Dorothea Cottrell Vidua vicesimo nono dei Octobris 1612


1613 Feb 7, Thomas Brock & Margaret Wilmott

Thomas Brocke et Margareta Wilmott septimo die Februarij 1613


1615 May 11, Richard Payne & Edith Mandrew

Richardus Payne et Editha Maundrew [?] undecimo die Maij 1615  [poss: Maundrea]


1616 May 4, James Edwards & Mary Smith

Jacobus Edwardes et Maria Smith quarto die Maij 1616


1616 Jan 16, Richard Hedges & Alicia George

Richardus Hedges et Alicia George decimo sexto die Januarij 1616


1617 Jul 27, Richard Hobbes the younger & Mary Rickets widow

Richard Hobbs the younger and Mary Rickets widdow Juli xxviith 1617


1617 August 21, Edward Millard & Joan James

Edward Millard and Joane James August xxjth 1617


1619 Jul 4, John Hobbes & Elizabeth King

John Hobbs and Elizabeth King Julij quarto die 1619


1619 Nov 4, Thomas Cook & Susan Kemp

Thomas Cooke and Susan Kemp November fourth 1619


1619 Feb 28, John Elborough & Dorothy Hobbes

John Elborow and Dorothie Hobbes febr: xxviijd 1619


1620 Nov 9, John West & Mary Byfield

John West and Mary Bifield November xiiijth 1620


1624 May 22, Richard George & Eleanor Catell

Richardus George et Elianor Catell [?] Maij xxijth 1624  [poss: Cabell]


1624 Jun 10, William Dogget & Mary Spore

Willm Dogget et Maria Spore Junij xth 1624




Page 6


1624 Jul 5, Israel Pownell & Theophila Young

Israell Pownell et Theophila Young quinto die Julij 1624


1624 Oct 9, John Byfield & Elizabeth Chambers

John Bifield and Elizabeth Chambers the xiiijth of October 1624


1624 Nov 25, Richard George & Alice Hedges

Richard George and Alice Hedges the xxvth of November 1624


1624 Feb 10, Robert Willis & Eleanor Wade

Robert Willis and Elianor Wade the xth of February 1624