Congresbury Wills


Collated by Mary Mason.


1646 John Allott of Congresbury, Somerset.

Admon 16 Jul 1646 to his relict Catherine Allott.


1647 John Arllott of Congresbury, Somerset.

Admon 15 Mar 1647/8 to Catherine Allott mother of John and Catherine Allott, grandchildren. Another admon 1673.


1650 Apr 3 James Irish of Congresbury, Somerset, Gent.

My son Henry. My daughters Sarah and Elizabeth. Jointure of my wife Elizabeth. My son John Irish farmhouse and 52 acres. My son and heir Matthes Irish. My brother Arthur Irish and my two sisters 2/6d each. Residue to my wife Elizabeth, Exix.

Proved 41 Feb 1651/2 by Elizabeth the relict.

1699 Jun 26 George Webb of Congersbury Somerset, Gent.

My wife Mary. My son Obadiah. My daughters Mary and Ann.

Proved. 2 Jul 1700 by Mary Webb, mother.