Clevedon Wills.


Collated by Mary Mason.


1614 July 14 John Perry late of Clevedon to his relic Joan Perry.


1634 Apr 30 Richard Perry of Clevedon, Somerset.


To be buried at Clevedon. John son of my brother Henry Perry. John, Edward and Christopher sons of my brother John Perry. My wife Jane Perry.

Proved 25 Jun 1635.

1642 May 7 John Perrie of Clevedon, Somerset, Yeoman.


To be buried in Clevedon Church. My brother Edward Perrie. My sister Joane Barnes. John son of Edward Barnes. My sister Agnes Beakes. My wife Joane, Exix.

Proved 29 Nov 1642 by Joane Perrie the relict.


1655 Aug 22 Edward Perrie of Clevedon, Somerset, Yeoman.


My son Edward Perrie the younger, that I had by my wife Alice. Joan Harris, my daughter. My daughter Mary Perrie. My sons William and John Perrie.

My son Edward Perrie the elder. Alice and Mary Kincott, my last wife`s daughters. My sister Beake of Bacwell. William and Edward Perrie the younger, under 20s.

John Perrie, exor. Proved 17 Jan 1655/6.


Dated Nov 4 Francis Bulbeck of Clevedon, Somerset. Esq.


My sister Elizabeth Lane. My brother John Bulbeck and his daughters, Alice Frances and Barbara. My brother Thomas Bukbeck. Exor.

Proved 10 Nov 1585.


1684 Apr 3 Thomas Lutterell of Clevedon, Somerset, Husbandman.

My son Thomas Luttrell Exor. My daughter Mary Luttrell 30. My wife Jone to have sufficient maintenance allowed her by my Exor. My daughter Prudence Jones and her son John Jones. Inventory 401 2.

Proved Aug 1684.