Clapton in Gordano Wills.


Collated by Mary Mason.


1540 Feb 26 John Hardyng.

To be buried in the churchyard of Clapton.

Church of Wells 4d: Church of Clapton 2 bushels of Barley: Church of Portyshed (Portishead)1 bushel of barley: Church of Weston 1 bushel of Barley:

 My daughter Elizabeth 20s: My daughter Elizabeth Kempe a cow: and a twyllng shete: my daughter Jone a heffer: my son Jamys my best cote: my son Thomas 3 yewys:


Residue: Ededy, my wife.

Witnesses: Sir Rychard Carey, curat, John Horte, John Kyng, John Preston.

Summa £5 9s 4d.


1542 October 7. Thomas Arthur of Clapton.

Thomas Arthur of Clopton, Somerset, esquire. My body to be buried in the chancel of the parish church of Porteshed to which church 6s 8d. To the parish church of Clopton 6s 8d.

To Anne my wife 100 marks which is in the hands of her mother so long that she brings my body honestly to earth according to my degree and keep my month and twelvemonth mind

and pay all other funeral expences. To Thomas Arthur my second son £40. To George Arthure my third son £40, which sums of money are in the hands of Thomas Launsden my brother and he to pay them when

they come to 21 years of age. To Anne Arthure my daughter to her marriage £50, levied of my manor of Clopton. I will that John Bulbecke and Giles Dodyngton gentlemen receive £10 yearly of the said manor

until they have fully received the said £50. If any of my said two younger sons or my daughter die before the age of 21 years his or her bequest to remain to the survivors. And if they all die, as God defend, their

legacies to remain to Edmunde Arthure my brother and to his heirs forever.

I will that the said John Bulbecke and Giles Dodyngton shall take £6 yearly of my manor of North Weston, Somerset to the finding of my said two sons and daughter until they come to the age of 21 years or marry.

To my said brother Edmund Arthur £6 13s 4d. To the said John Bulbecke, Giles Dodyngton and my brother Thomas Launsdon 40s each. To John Launsden, Thomas Hopkynes, Roger Lowle, John Everode and

William Redhedd my servants 40s each, which legacies I will be paid at my month’s mind. To the said William Redhedd the reversion of William Stalpde his house and of all lands that he holdeth of me. I will that John

Arthure my son and heir apparent when he come to the age of 21 years shall make him a good deed of the said grant for the term of his life, yielding to the said John Arthure like rent and service as the said William

Stalparde now beareth. To the parson of Weston my ghostly father 6s 8d. The residue to Anne my wife.

Exectors John Bulbecke and Giles Dodingtone. Overseer Thomas Lainsden.

Witness: Edward Gorges, knight, Edmunde Percyvall, esquire, Richard Bythemore, William Oldmixe, Leonard Borne, Edmund Bithemore, gentlemen, Sir William Adams, parson of Weston, John Launsden, John Polle and Richard Feylond.

Proved 7 July 1544.


1594 Mar 13 Edward Arthur of Clapton, Somerset, Gent.

To be buried in Clapton Church. My eldest daughter, Mary Arthur, the Manor of West Weston, she to pay her sisters Dorothy and Margaret £200 each, at the Tolsey, Bristol. Mary Arthur to bestowe herself in marriage, with consent of my now wife Mary, Amyas Bamfield, of Potimore, and William Pyme of Woolavington, Somerset, gent. Manor then (in default) to Dorothy, my second daughter, then to Margaret my third daughter. My wife Mary, Extrix. My brother Thomas Arthur.

Proved 26 May 1595.

(Notes Mary his wife was daughter of Erasmus Pym.)


1631 Feb 26 William Winter of Clapton, Somerset.

To be buried at Clapton. Whereas Mary Weekes, my late deceased mother in law gave £5 to the poor of Clapton. I give another £5 to remain as stock of £10 for the use of the poor, the interest to be distributed at Xmas, at the discretion of the Overseers and in default of such payment, William Winter my son and heir, shall assure to the said poor 16s to be paid for ever out of my lands. Mary Winter my wifehath a jointure in the Manor house and demesne of Clapton and certain lands in North and West Weston, alias Weston super Mare. My youngest son, Arthur Winter. My daughter Bridget to have £100 or £16 yearly in default of such bequeast. The same to my daughter Jane. To William Winter my son, all my interesting my lands etc and all my goods and chattels etc.

Proved 22 Jun 1632.

Notes (Mary Winter his wife was daughter of Edward Arthur. She and her husband have a tomb in Clapton Church.)


1644 Feb 1 William Winter of Clapton, Somerset.

My nephew William Ivie. My niece Ellinor Ivie. My daughter Grace Winter. My son and heir Henry Winter. My sister Jane Knowell a messuage bought of Sir George Winter in the parish of St. Philips, near Lawford Gate, Bristol. My mother in law Mrs Grace Halswell to lay out £20 in a monument in Clapton Chuch for myself and my deceased wife, her daughter. My sister Mrs Mary John, my uncle Hugh Halswell, clerk and Samuel Gorges of Wraxall to be tutors of Grace my daughter and to compound for the wardship of my heir Henry Winter.

Proved 28 Nov 1654.