Clapton in Gordano Marriages


Transcribed by Mary Mason.




Parts of this church record were very faint and therefore not legible.


1625 Feb 6th  Richard Porter and Elizabeth Thorne.

1626 May 1st  Joseph Crossman and Elizabeth Mariman.

        Jul 11th Mr George Jury and Mrs Elizabeth Wynter.

1628 May 15th Thomas Pruens and Jane C/Outmore.

         May 17th John Westlake and Dorothy James.

        Feb 14th Edmund Beakes and Jane Maie. (May)

1629 Nov 24th Mr Derrick Popley and Mrs Mary Winter.

        Feb 11th George Thorne and Ales Mattocks.

1630 Jul 1st William Hortt and Isabell James.

1631 Jul 2nd Phillip Evans and Alice Durban.

         Sep 8th  John Thorne and Francis Chambers.

1633 Nov 25th  Richard George and   Dorthier  Cotterell. 

1634                Edward Kuoyle and Jane Winter.

1636 Jul 21st John Nethway and Elizabeth Sutton.

         Jul 28th John Whitmore and Grace Spoore.

        Feb 2nd  Thomas Blanch and Grace Hames.

1637 Apr 20th Thomas Hobbs and Mary Porter.

        Apr 26th John……..and Ann……..

        Nov 2nd  Giles Dogget and Joane Hartford.

        Aug 17th Edmund Wallis and Joane Porter.

        Aug 18th William Durban and …….George.

        Nov 5th John Case and Margaret James.

        Jul 15th Edmund Higgins and Sara Hodges.

1640 Jun 8th Thomas Badman and Jone Batten.

         Sep 4th Matthew Cable and Jane Warden.

        Oct 1st  Richard Richards and Julian Spratly.

        Oct 15th Chris Batten and Margaret Sulie

        Oct 20th John Elbrough and Ann Morgan

        May 13th John Floodyeat and Mary Dagford.

        Dec 27th John Douting and Margery Hedges.                                                               

1653 Sep 22nd Mr Edward George son of Samuel George of Charlton and Mrs Jane

                       Winter daughter of William Winter of Clapton.

          Sep 22nd Mr John Rowse and Mrs Dorothy  ?alswell.

1665 Aug 7th  Richard Hardwick and Alice Spoore.

1699 Apr 13th Roger Scudamore and Mary Wall.

1700 Mar 31st Henry Morgan and Sarah Broom.

          ?     25th Mr. William Hinkes and Mrs Ann Downing.

1702 Apr 6th Richard Hardwick jun and Ann Yeals.

1703 Sep 8th William Bound and Mary Cullimore.

         Feb 10th William Wilmot of Portishead and Ann Jenniongs of Portbury. Lic.

1704 Dec 25th Sir John Tynt, Baronet and Madam Jane Kemeys daughter of Sir Charles Kemeys, Baronet lately deceased. Lic.

1705 Jan 19th John Ireton and Anne Foskett.

         Mar 31st Edmund Barrett and Judith Clark both of Wick in Portbury. Lic.

         Apr 4th    John Prigg and Mary Fowles.

         Apr 15th  Mr. Richard Day of Worle and Elizabeth Rumney of Kenn. Lic.

         Sep 4th   William Jennings and Elizabeth Arnold of Portbury. Lic.

1707 May 1st Nicholas Turk and Mary Baldwin both of Chedworth, Glou. 

         Nov 23rd Peter Alvis and Judith West. Lic.

         Feb 9th  William Nicholas and Elizabeth Neal.

               16th John Foskett rector of this parish and Mrs Susanna Day of Bristol, were 

                married at St. Nicolas Church, Bristol.

1708 Apr 8th  Joseph Harris and Elizabeth Wallis.

               18th William Brookman and Mary Cottle.

        Sep 30th Robert Cullimore and Mary Hipsley of Portishead. Lic.

        Dec 13th Robert More and Mary Brown both of Nailsea. Lic.

        Feb 27th Thomas Hardwick and Elizabeth West both of Clapton. Lic.

1709 Jan 10th John Simmonds, Gent of Hutton and Jane Long of Portbury. Lic.

1710 Apr 25th Jonathon Welsh and Elizabeth Robbins.

         May 10th John Godwin and Sarah Weeks of Bedminster. Lic.

         Dec 27th Edward Sperring and Rachel Derrick. (married at Wraxall)

1711 Apr 3rd  James Thorne of Weston in Gordano and Elizabeth Lutterell of

         Clevedon. Lic.

         Nov 6th  Joseph Purnel and Anne Long both of Portbury. Lic.

1712 Jun 5th  John Baker and Martha Butcher of Wraxall. Lic.

               30th Samuel Sharp of Nailsea and Betty Russel. Lic.

1713 Apr 14th William Hill and Hannah Cullimore.

         Feb 9th  Joseph Purnell and Mary Gooden both of Portbury. Lic.

1714 Apr 1st  John Gregory of St. George and Sarah Hardwick.

         Apr 1st  Samuel Cullimore and Elizabeth Tomkins.

         Nov 9th Matthew Cullimore and Anne Vinpenny.

1715 Dec 27th Thomas House and Diana Hort.

1716 Mar 3rd  Thomas Taylor and Mary Prigg.

1718 Apr 20th James Perkins and Sarah Nicolas.

         May 4th  John Hedges and Frances Plumly.

1719 Mar 31st Thomas Teast of Clapton and Isabella Hawksford of Portbury. Lic.

         Apr 2nd  Rev. Mr. William Hore, Rector of Weston and Eleanor Deyos of

        Portbury. Lic.

1720 May 11th  Joseph Wedmore of Tickenham and Mary Perry.

         Feb 9th  William Hooper and Anne Vinpenny, wid.

1724 Jun 19th Ebenezer Russell and Olive Cullimore.

         Jul 5th  John Creese and Mary Plumley.

1726 Apr 14th Edward Taylor and Jane? Vimpenny.

         Nov 13th Benjamin Handbury and Anne Godwin.

1727 Jul 24th Mr. Cann Wilkins of Weston and Mrs Mary Sparrow of St. George. Lic.

1728 Apr 23rd Thomas Roach and Jane Wallis.

1729 Jun         Henry Cooling and Grace Dun.

         Nov 17th William Dowling and Elizabeth Beary?

1733 May 12th John Milsum and Elizabeth Daves

1734                 Arthur Gregore and Phebe Hollyman. Lic.

         Jan 23rd  David Biven and Hanah  Sumbla? from Clevedon.

1736 Apr 21st John Norman and Martha Fuz fron Clevedon.

         Jul 21st John Summers and Mary Beav from Clevedon.

         Oct 4th  John Young and Ledde Barbur from Clevedon.

1737 Apr     William Andrews and An Cary.

         Jan 16th William Sperren and Elizabeth   ?. Lic.

1738 Apr 9th  Hugh Pomry and Grace Hook.

1739 Sep 27th Thomas Brown and Joan Mirks.

         Nov 1st William Plumly from nor Weston, and Mary Thorne.

1741 Apr 13th Mr. Richard Chapman of nor Weston and Mrs Mary Harris. Lic.

1742 Sep 19th Robert Harris and Bette Coles of Long Ashton. Lic.

1744                John Manfield and Jone Harris?

1747                Arthur Reed and Judith Porter from Abbots Leigh.

1750                Thomas Cullimore and Hannah Daichfield.

1753 Sep 27th William Biss Burt, marriner and Ann King spinster from Bristol. Lic.

1754 Feb 25th Joseph Harris and Mary Chapel.

1755 May 6th Thomas Taylor and Hannah Cullimore.

         Nov 30th Charles Heale and Mary Bound.

1757 Jan 17th Thomas Rackly and Mary Craddy.

         Dec 19th John Daishfield, bat and Ann Haskins, wid.

1759 Feb 6th  John Jenkins, bat and Mary Harry, spins.

1760 May 19th Thomas Redcliff and Mary Baker.

1761 Mar 28th Joseph Watts of Tickenham, farmer and Dianna Harding, spins. Lic.

1762 Feb 1st  Samuel Carter of Chewton Mendip and Sarah Watts.

1763 Sep 26th Richard Hardwick and Betty Watts.

         Dec 25th William Stephens of Portbury and Jane Hockey. Lic.

1765 Apr 10th James Stanbury and Mary Alvis.

                16th  Richard Hardwick and Patience Russell.

1766 Jun          George Meagre of Weston and Ann Symonds.

1767 Jan 5th Anthony Harris and Elizabeth Simmons.

         Aug 2nd  George Cotterell and Hester Coles.

1770 Oct 23rd Tutton Tutton and Sarah Harris.

1772 Jan 6th  Thomas Parsons and Mary Edington.

1773 Dec 5th  John Alvis and Ruth Harris.

1773? Jan 16th Daniel Bud and Rachel Manfield. (signed Bodd)

1776 Feb 20th John Harris and Arabella Beven.

1779 Dec 13th William Burgis of Weston and Joyce Hipsley.

1777 Sep 22nd James Parsons and Elizabeth Hillman.

         Apr 7th William Leonard, bat and Sarah Bound, spin.

1779 May 3rd John Collins, bat and Hannah Bound.

1780 Jun 29th Richard Sprigg, bat and Nancy Howlet, spin.

1782 Sep 15th John Keats and Susanna Gadd.

1783 Oct 20th Edward Gayden and Margaret Courtice.

1788 Dec 22nd Nathaneal Newton. Bat and Mary Britain. Lic.

1790 May 29th Israel Maynard, bat and Sarah Davis. Lic.

1792 Nov 1st  William Wolfe, bat and Betty Britain.

1793 Mar 31st John Hardwick and Elizabeth Wedmore. Lic.

1795 Apr 5th  Robert Puddy, bat of Wraxall and Susannah Hardwick, spins. Lic.

1796 Oct 6th  James Bayley, wid of St. George and Ann Standbury, wid. Lic.

1797 Apr 16th John Derrick of Nailsea and Betty Hardwick, Lic.