Transcribed by Mary Mason.


Christ Church Marriages




Dec 26 John Henry Sibley 20 bachelor, butcher of 38 George St. Father Henry Sibley. Baker.

Emily Dibble 21 spinster, domestic servant of Great George St. Father Oliver Dibble. Labourer.

Witness Wm James Sobey and Lillie Pardy.



Feb 10 Thomas Thomas 38 bachelor, signalman of Gloucester. Father Edward Thomas dec. Quarryman.

Emily Fear 35 spinster ……………of Alfred St. Father James Fear dec. Railway guard.

Witness Wm Fear and Eliza Ann Fear.


Apr 7 Friedrich Wilhelm Ewald Pfaff 45 widower, musician of Great George St. Father Jacob Wilhelm Pfaff. Farmer.

Lina Louise Krais 32 spinster, domestic servant of The Shrubbery. Father Emiel Heinrich Krais. Captain merchant service.

Witness I W Reinhold Pfaff and Christine Louise Pfaff.


Apr 10 Henry John Spear 32 bachelor, accountant of 4 Apsley Villas Kingsdown, Bristol. Father John Spear Gent.

Isabel Barrell 26 spinster……….. of Locking Rd. Father Henry Barrell dec. Accountant.

Witness Charles E Barrell and Matilda Ann Barrell.


Apr 11 Thomas William Upham 24 bachelor, painter of 6 Meadow Villas. Father Thomas Upham. Painter.

Mary Ann Pollington Pascoe 30 spinster …………of Clarendon Rd. FatherThomas Pollington Pascoe dec. Plasterer.

Witness William Minifie and Harriett Eliza Pascoe.


Apr 12 Henry Heynes 44 widower, brassfounder of 13 Orchard St. Father Thomas Heynes dec.

Mary Elizabeth Tottle 37 spinster …………of Waterloo Rd. Father JosephTottle dec.

Witness Frederick John Tottle and Ellen Tottle?


Apr 24 Charles Arthur Reading 21 bachelor, gardener of Bristol Rd. Father Moses Reading. Gardener.

Louisa Edwards 22 spinster ………….of Orchard St. Father Silvester Edwards. Coal merchant.

Witness Silvester Edwards and Ellen House.


May 2 William John Whitehead 24 bachelor, labourer of Alma St. Father Samuel Whitehead. Labourer.

Sarah Tucker Parffrey 24 spinster, dressmaker of Alma St. Father Richard Parffrey. Sawyer.

Witness John Parffrey and Mary Eliza Parffrey.


May 30 Harry Davis Haberfield 20 bachelor, porter of 9 Hill Rd. Father George Haberfield dec.

Mary Ann Richard 21 spinster, domestic servant of Burlington St. Father Charles Richards. General dealer.

Witness Oliver Richards and Emily Davis Stock.


Jun 25 Richard Standard Fowler 48 bachelor, baker of Cullompton. Father Samuel Fowler. Baker.

Ellen Goodhind 42 spinster……….of The Lodge. Father Samuel Goodhind. Farmer.

Witness George Cook and Emma M Cook.


Jul 26 Alfred Foat 32 widower, school keeper of 32 Clareville Grove S. Kensington, London. Father Wm Foat. Bricklayer.

Caroline Smith 38 spinster,……………..of Bristol Rd. Father Isaac Smith. Farm labourer.


Aug 7 Leonard Probert Smary 23 bachelor, mariner of James St. Farther George Smart. Mariner.

Mary Treble 22 spinster, laundressof Holland St. Father William Treble.Gardener.

WitnessFrancis Henry Rice? and Fanny Smart.


Aug 28 James Burge 25 bachelor, painter of 20 AlmaSt. Father Henry Burge. Carpenter.

Martha Louisa Gill 25 spinster, dress maker of Alma St. Father Joseph Gill. Butcher.

Witness Henry James Burge and Kate Burge.


Sep 1 Thomas Saunders 26 bachelor, porter of Walpole St. Weymouth. Father William Saunders. Mason.

Mary Elizabeth Barnes 20 spinster………….of Meadow St. Father Robert Barnes. Carter.

Witness George Egastmore Barnes and Emma Barnes.


Sep 4 Albert James Hunt 21 bachelor, labourer of Great George St. FatherCharles Hunt dec. Hawker.

Elizabeth Harper 24 spinster, laundress of Great George St. Father John Harper. Stoker.

Witness Joseph Fear and Sarah Hedges.


Sep 10 William John Burge 22 bachelor, wheelwright of Albert Cott, Orchard St. Father John Burge. Labourer.

Henrietta Webb 28 spinster, domestic servant of Moutpelier. Father Walter Webb. Coachman.

Witness Joseph Walter Morris and Mary Jane Morris.


Sep 24 Arthur Passmore 27 bachelor, plasterer of Alfred St. Father William Passmore. Plasterer.

Lucy Jeanes 27 spinster, dress maker of Alfred St. Father Henry Jeanes. Labourer.

Witness Joseph Fear and Alice Stacy.


Dec 5 John Henry Few 25 bachelor, butcher of Swindon. Father Robert Few. Game dealer.

Kate Bastable 22 spinster, shop assistant of 41 Alfred St. Father Charles Bastable. Gardener.

Witness Charles Bastable and Annie Ruth Harse.


Dec 18 Frederick Hallett 23 bachelor, picture frame maker of Orchard St. Father James Hallett. Painter and Plumber.

Ada Elizabeth Penney Jones 25 spinster, upholsterer of Orchard St. Father Henry Jones dec. Auctioneer.

Witness Joseph Fear and Alice Maud Williams.


Dec 25 Herbert James Trapnell 20 bachelor, cook of Great George St. Father James Trapnell. Potter.

Ada Louisa Payne 21 spinster…………of Alfred St. Father John Payne. Confectioner.

Witness Charles John Trapnell and Mary Eliza Payne.


Dec 25 Francis Edwin Chapman Stokes 22 bachelor, labourer of Little George St. Father Wm Chapman Stokes.Cutler.

Elizabeth Bennett 21 spinster, ………….of Little George St. Father Luke Bennett. Labourer.

Witness Luke Bennett and Susan Parish.



Feb 1 Edward Herbert Drake 26 bachelor, solicitor of St George Bloomsbury. Father John Drake. Gent.

Eileen Mary Fawcett 24 spinster,………….of Eastfield Park. Father Benjamin Faecett dec. Gent.

Witness Sydney C Smith and Minnie Clark.


Feb 11 Frank Hewlett 21 bachelor, tile maker of Locking Rd. Father William Hewlett. Labourer.

Ellen Trace 32 spinster…………..of Great George St. Father William Trace. Drayman

Witness George Fear and Thurya Ryder.


Feb 12 Ernest Henry Wallace 21 bachelor, clerk of George St. Father Thomas William Wallace. Carpenter.

Laura Elizabeth Priscott 21 spinster, dress maker of Swiss Rd. Father Thomas Priscott.

Witness Frank Mines, Frances Priscott and Rosina Priscott.


Mar 5 Edwin Scourse 22 bachelor, gardener of Jubilee Rd. Father William Scourse. Labourer.

Letta Thomas 17 spinster, domestic servant of Jubilee Rd. Father James Thomas. Farmer.

Witness J W Edward Pfaff and Elizabeth Pfaff.


Mar 20 George Haughton Ayerst 24 bachelor, clerk in holy order of Cambridge. Father William Ayerst. Clerk in holy orders.

Louisa Caroline Price 24 spinster,………….of Tyu-y-Coed, Hill Rd. Father Hans Fowler Price. Architect.

Witness Hans Ogilvy Price and Mary Gunsley Ayerst.


Mar 22 James Purnell Popham 20 bachelor, mason of Hopkins St. Father Henry Popham. Carpenter.

Esther Madge 18 spinster, laundress of Holland St. Father John Madge. Mason.

Witness John Madge and Sarah Madge.


Apr 24 John Francis Cox 44 bachelor, schoolmaster of Axminster, Devon. Father John Cox. Schoolmaster.

Lucy Davis 31 spinster,………….of Ashcombe Rd. Father George Cornish Davis. Gent.

Witness George Walter Davis and Mabel Cecilia Grey.


Apr 24 Richard James 26 bachelor, gardener of Bradwich, Devon. Father James James. Paper maker.

Rose Baker 23 spinster, domestic servant of Montpelier. Father Joseph Baker . Labourer.

Witness Joseph Baker and Mary Ann Bell.


Apr 28 Francis James Bastable 24 bachelor, painter of Great Alfred St. Father James Bastable. Gardener.

Caroline Blanche Adams 21 spinster,…………of Ashcombe Park Rd. Father George Adams. Gardener.


May 12 Thomas Chales Bonner 35 widower, plasterer of Alfred St. Father Thomas Bonner. Baker.

Jemima Burt Cooke 32 spinster, domestic servant of Alfred St.

Witness Thomas Gagg and Annie Louisa Brooks.


May 19 Edwin Hayball 36 widower, warehouseman of Alfred Place, Kingsdown, Bristol. Father William Hayball dec. Engineer

Alice Mary Bailey 21 spinster,…….86 Alfred St. Father Henry Bailey dec.

Witness William Lever and Mary Bailey.


May 21 Henry Barnett 24 bachelor, labourer of Jubilee Rd. Father John Barnett dec.

Amelia Jane Millar 21 spinster, domestic servant of Jubilee Rd. Father Edwin Millar. Labourer.

Witness Charles Millar and Kate Millar.


May 21 Andrew Henry Webber 21 bachelor, labourer of the Potteries Locking Rd. Father Henry Webber. Labourer.

Elizabeth Palmer Cowley 21 spinster,…..of Holland St. Father William Robert Cowley. Gardener.

Witness William Reasons and Ann Webber.


Jun 4 William Hodges Bligh 29 bachelor, Printer and Publisher of St Georges Ramsgate. Father Edwind Bligh. Printer and Publisher.

Edith Ellen Cooke 21 spinster,…………of Ashcombe Park. Father James Cooke. Farmer.

Witness Joseph Fear and Phoebe Cooke.


Jun 9 Frank Hole 24 bachelor, smith of Alma St. Father George Hole. Carpenter.

Rose Wride 20 spinster,…………of 51 Meadow St. Father Robert Wride dec. Coachman.

Witness George Hole and Ellen Hole.


Jun 26 Frank Hayes 23 bachelor, licensed victualler, of Burnham. Father James Hayes. Retired Licensed Victualler.

Clare Harriet Woolmington 25 spinster,……….of Baker St. Father Esau Woolmington dec. Builder.

Witness Charles Kernmens and Emma Cooke.


Jul 21 George Millard 22 bachelor, plasterer of 16 Burlington St. Father William Millard. Labourer.

Eliza Jane Fisher 20 spinster,…………..of 39 Great George St. Father James Fisher. Costermonger.

Witness John James and Lucy Burnell.


Sep 1 Arthur Thomas Willcocks 29 bachelor, painter of Alfred St. Father Isaac Willcocks. Printer.

Sarah Ann Burges 33 widow,………of Alfred St. Father Robert Elver. Shoemaker.

Witness Francis J K Palmer and Ada Lacock.


Sep 10 Hubert Henry Morse 32 bachelor, miller of Whitecroft Mills, Lydney. Father Thomas Morse. Miller.

Elizabeth Esther Phipps 32 spinster,……………of Burlington St. Father Henry Phipps dec. Colliery Proprietor.

Witness Richard Jones and Maude Annie Phipps.


Sep 11 Herbert Shorney 24 bachelor, carpenter of Locking Rd. Father Jesse Shorney. Gent.

Lucy Annie Pole 23 spinster,………….of Great George St. Father John Henry Pole. Joiner.

Witness John Henry Pole and Lydia Rhoda Shorney.


Sep 18 Thomas Bassett Morgan 30 bachelor, electrician of Railway Parade. Father Lewis Morgan dec. Miller.

Amelia Sarah Osborn 33 spinster,………….of Railway Parade. Father George Osborne dec. Gent.

Witness James Allen and Priscilla Osborne.


Sep 29 Walter George Handy 28 bachelor, printer of Clevedon Rd. Father Stephen Handy. Bill poster.

Elizabeth Ann James 25 spinster, dressmaker of Railway parade. Father Alfred James. Acting sergeant of police.

Witness Alfred James and Elizabeth Handy.


Oct 16 Henry Charles Davis 29 bachelor, contractor of Alfred St. Father Octavius Davis. Labourer.

Anne Hillier 33 spinster, mantle maker of East Rd. Father (Selina Hillier.)

Witness James Chivers and Kate Savire?


Oct 31 Phillip Orchard 21 bachelor, labourer of Orchard St. Father Joseph Orchard. Labourer.

Eliza Humphries 20 spinster, Laundress of Orchard St. Father Edward Humpries. Labourer.

Witness Edward Humpries and Sarah Orchard.


Nov 18 James George Watts 33 bachelor, fisherman ofProspect Place. Father John Watts. Inn Keeper.

Emma Laugdon 23 spinster, servant of Victoria Quadrant.Father John Langdon. Bailiff.

Witness Wm Langdon and Annie Langdon.


Dec 1 Walter Charles Tucker 25 bachelor, decorator of Alfred St. Father William Huntley Tucker. Clerk.

Agnes Elizabeth Luise Pfaff 20 spinster, dressmaker of George St. Father Friedrick Wilhelm Ewald Pfaff.

Witness Friedrich W Ewald Pfaff and Ellen Hiscocks.


Dec 10 George Kinch 31 bachelor, farmer of Meadow St. Father Wm James Kinch. Farmer.

Fanny Maria Kennett 25 spinster, servant of 36 Meadow St. Father John Kennett. Farmer.

Witness Alfred Edward Kinch and Annie Grimer?


Dec 12 Robert Dorning 72 widower, gentleman of Dorset House Graham Rd. Father Robert Dorning dec.

Maria Catherine Wickenden 36 spinster,……………of Locking Rd. Father Benjamin Burt Wickenden dec. Gent.

Witness Wm Henry Wickenden and Annie Newberry.


Dec 30 Fred Binning 23 bachelor, Groom of Locking Rd. Father John Binning. Plasterer.

Eleanor Trego 19 spinster, servant of Alfred St. Father Wm Trego. Quarryman.

Witness Frank Binning and Jane Ann Binning.



Jan 6 William Miller 31 bachelor, butcher of Orchard St. Father Richard Miller. Labourer.

Fanny Turner 30 spinster,………….of Orchard St. Father Wm Turner. Farmer.

Witness James Hill and Mary Ann Hill.


Jan 8 Benjamin Heap 52 widower, gentleman of Ellenboro Park. Father Henry? Heap dec. Wollen manufacturer.

Charlotte Buckley 35 spinster,…………of Montpelier. Father Wm L Buckley dec. Solicitor.

Witness I Buckley and Margaret Buckley.


Feb 17 Arthur Elliot Jenkinson 22 bachelor, draper of Jubilee Rd. Father Wm Edward Jenkinson dec. Cloth Manufacturer.

Lucy Mary Maisey 29 spinster,……………..of Jubilee Rd. Father Thomas Maisey. Tailor.

Witness Wm Bruce James and Alice Mabel James.


Mar 7 John Whitehead Buckle 28 bachelor, clerk of East Brixton. Father John Walter Buckle dec. Farmer.

Charlotte Emily Evan Pocock 26 spinster,……..of Swiss Rd. Father Grey Hiles Pocock. Builder.

Witness George Hiles Pocock and Amy Elizabeth Pocock.


Mar 11 Joseph Neathway 19 bachelor, labourer of Swiss Rd. Father Charles Neathway dec. Potter.

Rosetta Annie Arabella Alexandria Reading 19 spinster,………..of Locking Rd. Father Joshua Reading. Gardener.

Witness Joshua Reading and Claren Lake.


Mar 31 William Frost 24 bachelor, railway porter of Jubilee Rd. Father James Frost. Labourer.

 Elizabeth Churchill 23 spinster,………..of Cheltenham. Farther Arthur Churchill. Tailor.

Witness Wm Henry Cross and Elizabeth Cross.


Apr 7 Edward Day 23 widower, labourer of Holland St. Father James Day. Quarryman.

Amelia Wetherall 21 spinster, domestic servant of Holland St. Father Wm Wetherall dec. Labourer.

Witness Joseph Fear and Eliza Parsons.


Apr 27 Charles Young 25 bachelor, carpenter of Swiss Rd. Father James Young. Lamplighter.

Mary Jane Godwin 29 spinster, dressmaker of Swiss Rd. Father Henry Godwin. Haulier.


May 5 Robert Parkman 26 bachelor, gardener of South Rd. Father Wm Parkman. Labourer.

Mary Jane Gibney 25 spinster, domestic servant of South side. Father John Gibney. Foreman cutter.

Witness Wm Cording, Emily Penny and Annie Penny.


May 13 Esan Benjamin Knight 23 bachelor, carpenter of Furland. Father Samuel Knight. Labourer.

 Ellen White 23 spinster,……………of 25 Great George St. Father George White dec. Labourer.

Witness Harry Hadman and Emily White.


May 19 Edgar Wm Goddard 21 bachelor, butcher of Glebe Rd. Father John Goddard dec. Clerk.

Emily Elizabeth Prew 22 spinster, domestic servant of South rd. Father James Prew. Tile maker.

Witness James Pres and Hetty Stone.


Jun 10 Wm Frazer Fergusson 23 bachelor, draper of St Thomas Spephers Bush. Father Isaac Fergusson dec. draper.

Alice Main 23 spinster, dressmaker of George St. Father John Main. Labourer.

Witness John Maine and Jane Maria Ferguson.


Jun 30 Alfred Francis Milkins 27 bachelor,mason of George St. Father Wm Milkins. Plasterer.

Ellen Crocker 22 spinster, laundress of Clarendon Rd. Father Wm Crocker. Mason.

Witness Wm Crocker and Rose Crocker.


Jul 7 Wm Frederick Wilkins 20 bachelor, cab driver of Great George St. Father Wm Wilkins. Cab driver.

Eliza Jane Baker 19 spinster, domestic servant of Great George St. Father Charles Baker. Labourer.

Witness Charles John Trapnell and Bessie Wilkins.


Jul 8 Joseph Walter Robbins 37 bachelor, labourer of Great George St. Father Thomas Robbins dec. Fly Proprietor.

Elizabeth Fudge 35 spinster, domestic servant of Great George St. Father Henry Fudge dec.

Witness Joseph Fear and Fanny Painter.


Sep 8 Frank Wm Mines 24 bachelor, farrier of 83 Great George St. Father Emmanel Mines. Gardener.

Rosina Priscott 21 spinster,…………….of Cherry Grove, Swiss Rd. Father Thomas Priscott. Carpenter.

Witness Ernest Wallace and Laura Elizabeth Wallace.


Sep 11 George Ollis 41 widower, tailor of Bitton, Gloucestershire. Father Stephen C Ollis. Tailor.

Elizabeth Anne Glossop 33 widow,……….of Christ Church, Weston super Mare. Father Wm Hampton. Publican.

Witness Charlie Penny Joseph Coopey and Lillie H?


Sep 11 Benjamin Hucker 48 widower, iron worker of Whitchurch, Glam. Father George Hucker. Miller.

Mary Thrasher 45 spinster,………..of Hope Villas. Father John Thrasher. Labourer.

Witness John Thrasher and Blanche Caroline Bailey.


Sep 15 George Robert Flage 22 bachelor, labourer of Alma St. Father Wm Henry Flage. Musician.

Elizabeth Eleanor Gregory 22 spinster, domestic servant of Alma St. Father George Gregory. Custom House Officer.

Witness Wm Henry Flage and Sarah Mary Gregory.


Sep 21 Walter Harvey 20 bachelor, labourer of Prospect Place. Father George Harvey. Plate layer.

Clara Porter 19 spinster, domestic servant of Prospect Place. Father John Porter, dec. Mason.

Witness Charles Edwin Porter and Alice Porter.


Oct 20 John Thomas Collard 29 bachelor, carpenter of Great George St. Father Wm Collard. Labourer.

Kate Lavinia Prankerd Lloyd 21 spinster, teacher of 8 Wellington Place. Father John Lloyd. Tailor.

Witness John Lloyd and Alice Puddy.


Oct 26 Chales Gooding 42 widower, carpenter of Great George St. Father John Gooding dec. Labourer.

Jane Tanner 33 spinster,……………..of Alfred St. Father Wm Tanner dec. Gardener.

Witness Thomas Tanner and Emily Tanner.


Dec 21 Walter Lovell March 25 bachelor, carpenter of Clarendon Rd. Father Walter March. Carpenter.

Eliza Hodges 24 spinster, dressmaker of Manor Rd. Father James Hodges dec. Mason.

Witness James Hodges and Lillie Hodges.


Dec 24 Wm John Farthing 24 bachelor, tailor of Baker St. Father Wm John Farthing dec. Horse proprietor.

Emma Addicott 21 spinster, tailoress of Baker St. Father Vincent Addicott. Haulier.

Witness John Addicott, Flora Addicott and Emma Matilda Taylor.


Dec 25 Harry Councell 21 bachelor, boatman of Union St. Father Wm Councell. Boatman.

Elizabeth Hucker 18 spinster, laundress of Alfred St. Father Benjamin Hucker, Labourer.

Witness Frank Councell and Alice Ann Councell.


Dec 25 Wm Charles Morris 21 bachelor, confectioner of Clarendon Rd. Father Thomas Morris. Shoemaker.

Kate Harris 21 spinster, dressmaker of Clarendon Rd. Father Joseph Harris. Postman.

Witness Joseph Harris and Ellen Jane Harris.


Dec 26 Francis Samuel Henderson 25 bachelor, schoolmaster of Yorktown, Surrey. Father Wm Henderson. Gardener.

Ellen Williams 24 spinster,………………….of Austice Terrace. Father Robert Williams dec. Carpenter.

Witness Charles Williams and Blanche Waif.



Jan 1 Robert Pett Hosken 65 widower, gardener of Alms St. Father Wm Hosken. Carpenter.

Sarah Ann Sutton 33 spinster,……………of Alms St. Father Mark Sutton. Coalman.

Witness John Sutton and Annie Brown.


Jan 5 Wm Twitt 54 widower, shoemaker of 40 Meadow St. Father Wm Twitt dec. Labourer.

Ann Painter 56 widow,……………….of Meadow St. Father Wm Brain dec. Collier.

Witness Joseph Fear and Margaret Fletcher.


Jan 11 John Ashley 26 bachelor, carrier of Wick, Gloucestershire. Father James Ashley. Roadman.

Alice Jane Reading 21 spinster, dressmaker of Bristol Rd. Father Moses Reading. Caretaker.

Witness Moses Reading and Nellie Reading.


Feb 15 Ernest Caleb Reading 20 bachelor, foreman of Bristol Rd. Father Moses Reading. Caretaker.

Emma Cudmore 23 spinster, domastic servant of Eastfield Park. Father Wm Cudmore. Gardener.

Witness George Alorp and Mary Cudmore.


Mar 26 George Burgess 19 bachelor, labourer of Prospect Place. Father Frederick Burgess. Labourer.

Mary Dyer 21 spinster, laundress of Holland St. Father Charles Dyer. Labourer.

Witness Wm Burgess and Louisa Dyer.


Apr 5 Albert Edward Underwood 24 bachelor, farmer of Eastington. Father Ephrain Underwood. Farmer.

Flora Annie Elliott 24 spinster,……………of Waterloo Crescent. Father George Elliott. Printers overseer.

Witness George Elliott and Elya Elliott.


Apr 6 Charles John Trapnell 21 bachelor, potter of Great George St. Father James Trapnell. Potter.

Ada Caroline Western 19 spinster, domestic servant of Great George St. Father Wm Western. Plasterer.

Witness Arthur Henry Trapnell and Eliza Edith Trapnell.


Apr 6 William James Sobey 21 bachelor, porter of Great George St. Father James Sobey. Labourer.

Elizabeth Hembrow 22 spinster, domestic servant of Great George St. Father Richard Hembrow. Labourer.

Witness Robert Yarde and Lillie Pardy.


Apr 7 Thomas Govier 22 bachelor, fishmonger of Great George St. Father Walter Govier. Fish Merchant.

Alice Louisa Porter 21 spinster,…………..of Great George St. Father John Porter. Mason.

Witness John Porter and Sarah Ann Govier.


Apr 30 Robert Henry Sheppard 31 bachelor, engine fitter of 1 Clarendon Villas. Father John Sheppard. Engineer.

Harriet Eliza Pascoe 29 spinster,……………of 1 Clarendon Villas. Father Thomas Pollington Pascoe. Plasterer.

Witness Wm Minifie and Kate Pascoe.


May 26 James Hooke 30 bachelor, painter of Wooler Rd. Father Henry Joseph Hooke. Farmer.

Ellen Collard 27 spinster,…………….of Wooler Rd. Father Benjamin Collard. Inn Keeper.

Witness John Wm Hayman and Elizabeth Hayman.


May 26 Thomas Purnell 22 bachelor, plasterer of 20 Orchard St. Father Thos Purnell dec. Plasterer.

Mary Ann Price 22 spinster,………………..of 20 Orchard St. Father Benjamin Price. Labourer.

Witness Samuel Payne and Catherine Price.


Jun 1 Frank Charles Brent 22 bachelor, decorator of Wooler Rd. Father Wm Brent dec.

Alice Maude Mary Gibbs 24 spinster,………….of Wooler Rd. Father Henry Gibbs. Mason.

Witness Wm Henry Gibbs and Alice Radford.


Jun 17 Albert Wm Baker 22 bachelor, mason of Baker St. Father George Baker. Gardener.

Harriet Kenny 24 spinster,……………..of Baker St. Father Wm Penny dec. Sailor.

Witness Wm White and Kate Baker.


Jul 1 Charles Golding Hamley 32 bachelor, gentleman of 20 Colebrook Row Islington. Father Osbertus Shipton Hamley. Commercial Trader.

Elizabeth Jane Smith 33 spinster,……………..of Ashcombe Rd. Father Robert Smith. Farmer.

Witness Charles Hathaway and Jamie Hamley.


Jul 22 Ernest Henry Phillips 21 bachelor, labourer of Great George St. Father Hanry Phillips. Labourer.

Hannah Eliza Sealey 20 spinster, domestic servant of Great George St. Father Wm Sealey. Labourer.

Witness Wm Sealey and Rose Phillips.


Jul 23 Clements David Grierson Hailes full age bachelor, M.D. of Clifton. Father John Clements Hailes. Major Gen: R.A.

Edith Elizabeth Taylor full age spinster,……………of Bournedale, Weston super Mare. Father Thomas Taylor. Gent.

Witness Emma Martha Taylor and Alice Winifred Taylor.


Sep 9 Wm Denbury Harding 24 bachelor, telegraph lineman of Swansea. Father Henry Harding. Sweep.

Laura Matilda Dovaston 24 spinster,………………of Meadow St. Father John Dovaston. Tailor.

Witness Henry John Harding and Elizabeth Harding.


Sep 28 James Denny Rossiter 25 bachelor, groom of W-s-M. Father John Denny Rossiter Coachman.

Ethel Georgiana Vowles 25 spinster,………………of W-s-M. Father George Vowles.Coachbuilder.

Witness Wm Webber and Teresa Vowles.


Oct 19 James Perry 30 widower, railway servant of Jubilee Rd. Father Henry Perry. Labourer.

Jane Truscott 31 spinster, domestic servant of Jubilee Rd. Father Wm Truscott dec. Labourer.

Witness Wm Perry and Charlotte Truscott.


Nov 4 Edward Dunston 23 bachelor, groom of Kewstoke. Father John Dunston. Labourer.

Mary Weeks 23 spinster, domestic servant of George St. Father Samuel Weeks. Railway Porter.

Witness Francis Julia Weeks and Samuel Weeks.


Nov 13 George Priddle 24 bachelor, groom of Great George St. Father James Priddle. Carter.

Alice Marsden 20 spinster, domestic servant of Meadow St. Father Wm Marsden. Labourer.

Witness Henry Harding and Alice Priddle.


Dec 21 Arthur Charles Stock 22 bachelor, carter of Alma St. Father Wm Stock. Omnibus Driver.

Mary Jane Palmer 25 spinster, domestic servant of Alma St. Father Thomas? Palmer. Labourer.

Witness John Wills Reece and Florence Agnes Stock.


Dec 25 Francis Henry Staples 22 bachelor, painter of Great George St. Father Wm Staples. Painter.

Blanche Addicott 23 spinster, domestic servant of Clarendon Rd. Father Abraham Addicott. Builder and Contractor.

Witness Cecil Addicott and Rhoda Addicott.


Dec 25 Walter Curtis 28 bachelor, tailor of Ditchmore Row, Paddington. Father Charles Curtis. Butler.

Emily Hiscocks 25 spinster, dressmaker of Austice Terrace. Father Simon Hiscocks. Plasterer.

Witness Levi Curtis and Charlotte Besly.



Feb 2 Joseph Hodges 29 bachelor, bricklayer of Ashcombe. Father James Hodges. Mason.

Eva Payne 27 spinster,………….. of Coombe Rd. Father George Payne. Labourer.

Witness Frank Hodges and Lillie Hodges.


Mar 17 Wm Henry Witridge 23 bachelor, brickmaker of Beauford Rd. Father Tom Witridge. Gas Stoker.

Ellen Norah Jones 23 spinster, ……………..of Stafford Place. Father Isaac Jones. Farmer.

Witness Ernest Brewer and Christie Jones.


Mar 28 Wm Searle 27 bachelor, shorthand writer of Stafford Rd. Father Joshua Searle. Upholsterer.

Emma Maria Cook 26 spinster,………………..of The Lodge. Father George Cook. Gardener.

Witness George Cook and Ada Ellen Cook.


Apr 10 Frederick Wm Pocock 26 bachelor, carpenter of Knowle, Bristol. Father George Hiles Pocock. Builder.

Julia Mayne 21 spinster,……………….of George St. Father John Mayne. Horse keeper to Town Commissioners.

Witness George Mayne and Ada Mayne.


Apr 13 John Latcham 30 bachelor, wheelchairman of George St. Father Benjamin Latcham, Labourer.

Dinah Slocombe 31 spinster,…………………of Stafford Rd. Father Edwin Slocombe. Labourer.

Witness Gabriel Slocombe and Elizabeth Ann Slocombe.


Apr 23 Charles Bernard Jones, bachelor, saddler of Ashcombe Rd. Father Charles Jones. Clerk.

Rosina Mary Brake, spinster,………………..of 10 High St. Father Charles Brake dec. Land Surveyor.

Witness Edward Daniel Martin, Mary Eliza Huish and Lilly Emma Brake.


May 4 Percy George Wolfe Vincent Fosbery 31 bachelor, gentleman of Pipley, Bilton. Father George Vincent Fosbery. Colonel.

Marianne Stockdale Chamberlain 21 spinster,……….. of W S M. Father Henry Taylor Chamberlain. Merchant.

Witness Washington Chamberlain and Emmaline Georgiana Fosbery.


May 6 Cherles Edward Strong, full age widower, of Withycombe Raleigh, Devon. Father Charles Strong. Clerk in Holy Orders.

Georgina Herbert Capell full age spinster,……………..of W s M. Father James Capell. Gent.

Witness James Capell and Anne Catherine Capell.


May 30 Joseph Mutter 45 widower,gardener of Grove Lodge. Father Richard Mutter. Blacksmith.

Amelia Urch 35 widow,……………of 23 Alfred St. Father John Latcham. Carpenter.

Witness Joseph Fear and Sarah Ann Grown.


Jun 2 Frederick Prowse 55 widower, chemist of 418 Ladypool Rd Birmingham. Father James Barnington Prowse. Doctor.

Hester Ellen Williams 43 widow,………………..of ? Villa Arundal Rd. Father Charles Edward Watts. Farmer.

Witness Cornelius Hancock Poole and Lilian ? Alway.


Jun 10 Charles Albert Lye 28 bachelor, joiner of 7 Alma St. Father Thomas Lye. Builder.

Kate Pascoe 24 spinster,…………of Belk View, Clarendon Rd. Father Thomas Pollington Pascoe. Plasterer.

Witness Eliza Nantin and Mary Jane Pascoe.


Jun 24 Charlie Perry 20 bachelor, joiner of Anstic Terrace. Father Edmund Charles Perry. Joiner.

Emma Kitchen 22 spinster,……………….of Ashcombe Rd. Father Benjamin Kitchen. ?

Witness Benjamin Kitchen and Florence Kitchen.


Jun 28 Joseph Lewis Jenkins 27 bachelor, signalman of 18 Alma St. Father Joseph Jenkins. Carpenter.

Alice Mary Woodman 27 spinster, ………..of Hill Rd. Father James Woodman. Shoemaker.

Witness Samuel George Jenkins and Catherine Louisa Jenkins.


Jul 6 William Jones 52 widower, labourer of Alfred St. Father Frederick Jones dec. Labourer.

Amelia Clark 54 widow,……………..of Alfred St. Father Thomas Mitchell dec. Labourer.

Witness Edward Harding and Susan ?


Jul 26 Walter Urch 22 bachelor, painter of Alma St. Father James Urch. Gent.

Fanny Trapnell 26 spinster,…………….of 48 George St. Father Peter Trapnell.

Witness Frerich Sibley and Annie Sibley.


Sep 5 Elon Alfred King 32 bachelor, plunber of 16 Burlington St. Father Elou King. Gas Fitter.

Albenia Elizabeth Eujenie Bown 23 spinster,……………..of 16 Burlington St. Father Richard John Bown. Army Pensioner.

Witness Robert Weare and Ellen Weare.


Sep 8 George Wm Ballard 25 bachelor, clerk of Wneelesham, Surrey. Father Henry Ballard. Railway Employer.

Alice Hill 27 spinster,………………..of Hanover Villa, Swiss Rd. Father Wm Hill. Chairman.

Witness Wm Hill and Priscilla Hill.


Sep 9 John Thresher 35 bachelor, carpenter of 41 Orchard St. Father (Emma Thresher).

Blanche Caroline Bailey 34 spinster,……………of Beaumont House, Llandaff. Father Charles Bailey. Mason.

Witness Joseph Fear and Fanny Porter.


Sep 27 Richard Emery 21 bachelor, carrier of 38 Alma St. Father Wm Emery. Labourer.

Sarah Jane Haskins 21 spinster,………….of……….Father George Haskins. Plasterer.

Witness Walter Horne and Alice Stone.


Oct 4 Henry John Courtney 42 bachelor, sailor of 10 Parkfold Place Mundy Nr. Cardiff. Father George Daniel Courtney. Compositer.

Sareh Pomhrey 46 widow,………..of 16 Alma St. Father Henry Tripp. Labourer.

Witness Edward Tipp and Harriet Tripp.


Dec 6 Antonio Petro Gornes 24 bachelor, hotel waiter of Atlantic Hotel. Father Mejch Pedro Gornes. Of no profession.

Alice Plaster 24 spinster,…………………of Anstice Terrace. Father Wm Plaster.Painter.

Witness Nyllin Ethrop and Ada Selina P ?



Jan 31 Walter John Groves 25 bachelor, labourer of Ferndale Villa Glebe Rd. Father John Groves. Labourer.

Elizabeth Adams 22 spinster,……………of Montpelier. Father Wm Adams. Labourer.

Witness George James Adams and Bessie Ellen Grove.


Feb 3 Sidney Hill 25 bachelor, coachman of Holmcroft, Stor? Bishop. Father James Hill. Mason.

Catherine Cole 29 spinster,……………of The Lodge, W s M. Father John Cole. Labourer.

Witness George Cook and Amy Isabel Hill.


Feb 21 Harry Millar 27 bachelor, wheel chairman of Bratree Villa, Baker St. Father Edwin Millar. Labourer.

Rosina Holtham 20 spinster,……………..of Trewartha, Montpelier. Father George Holtham. Mason.

Witness Charles Millar and Florence Holtham.


Mar 6 Edgar James Holman Browning 29 bachelor, builder of 39 Old Town St. Plymouth. Father Wm Browning. Tailor.

Ellen Hiscocks 24 spinster,……………of 14 Anstice Terrace. Father Simon Hiscocks. Builder.

Witness Edward Hiscocks and Thomas Browning.


Mar 26 Wm Alfred Marsden 36 bachelor, labourer of 18 Alfred St. Father Jediah Marsden. Porter.

Fanny Harvey 35 spinster,…………….of 23 Alfred St. Wm Henry Harvey. Shoemaker.

Witness Alfred Baker and Mary Louisa Sims.


Apr 2 Joseph James Mildon 25 bachelor, labourer of Jubilee Rd. Father George Mildon. Shoemaker.

Caroline Emma Godwin 26 spinster,…………….of Jubilee Rd. Father Henry Godwin. Gent.

Witness Charles Young and Alice Marion Day.


 Apr 17 Frank Taylor 25 bachelor, mason of Stafford Rd. Father Charles Taylor. Builder.

Ada Kate White 23 spinster,………………of Morland Rd. Father Philip White. Mason.

Witness Philip White and Amelia White.